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Lynn Mall to Blender Model

I’ve been super busy in Blender. It’s been a blast. PolyCount has been a big inspration. I feel things are starting to move forward. This post shows a scene I worked on yesterday with building stairs and a hand rail – using Concept artwork I drew in Auckland. I want to model more of my works in Blender – my skills will improve!

The digital painting I used for inspration in the 3d work. I didn’t copy it excatly but instead took the essence of it – the stairs, hand rail and pillar shapes. The scene developed as I worked on it – adding items that were not in the original scene. Creative freedom allows this! 

Overall view of the scene – this was badly modeled and when it came to texturing it was a disastore. I used this as a first draft and remodeled the scene so I was able to texture it.

Same scene. This is the ground view. I wanted to hand paint the entire scene. I enjoy digital painting and UV painting is something I need to learn. The remodeled scene. I basically split the scene up into areas, in the first scene it was all one big mesh – here it’s split into tiny meshes to work with – the floor – three walls – several cubes for the internal walls, and the stairs. I just re-added the power poles and made them a more interesting with tilting (notice right)
Ground view of the scene. On the right is the power pole - I added several more polys to it. I think a texture will be best though.

Animation of the scene. I wanted to give first person a go. It would be super cool to add limbs and such to the first person view. So you felt you were really there. I read a great post on Reddit the other day discussing Why do developers generally not like to implement feet and torso for 1st person view?. I’ll like to explore the first person view further.

Street Sign

Update on Blender works. I’ve started taking ideas from my sketches and modeling them in Blender. Since I so often draw street scenes it’s about time I work on creating them from my art. Real streets, drawn, then re-imagined in a 3d environment.

I wanted something simple that I could repeat – so I modeled a power pole and a light. Buildings were build later. I used alot of the same assest as previous works – such as the texture for the floor and continued to use the same red, yellow and blue in painting. I’ll like to keep these colors and develop a world. As you can see I have added a little water mark to the bottom right. This is something I will continue to do in all my artwork – just something small to link it back to me. Seeing it now – I shouldd drop the opacity the logo. 

On the left you can see the buildings. These are not in the animated film as they were added a later point. I’ll work these into a future cut.

The video I made. I’ve already started expanding on ideas started in this. It needs more particle effects – rain and snow would be cool. Needs detail – more polygons to make up the scene. Story is important as well – something I often struggle with.

Welly Blend

The place I was staying in Wellington didn’t have any internet. I spent my last night there working for several hours in GIMP – I modeled a new scene and worked with an older one. I want to take more of my sketchbook works into Blender.

I’ll start with the new scene I made. Inspration for this comes from the street drawings of powerpoles and trees. Digital paintings have been using to texture. I started with just basic color textures but found the paintings felt more complete.

Wireframe view. From left – camera, streetlight, spotlight, tree claw, and in the back the streetpole has been repeated several times. The ground and side are 2d planes with a painting projected onto the. I also used a standard area light to light the whole scene.

Solid view. The pole and tree are UV mapped with a santa digital work I did for SketchDaily. The background and floor are digital landscape painting

It was fun to create something completely new. I often recycle my models, without impoving on them. I’m very much interested in lighting and camera angles. 
Wireframe of a recycled scene. The four leggef creature was created sometime ago in blender. Since then I have experimented with him in several scenes.I have also started using the model as part of the enviroments. Stone, frozen in time. The chairs and desk have been used before. They make helpful props.

Side is a recent digital painting of ChCh. These common street views have  become more and more of a major project for me. I am over half way full in my landscape sketchbook. I’m certainly a huge fan of rectangle shaped paper – I would use it commonly at TLC for life drawing.
Floor is a warm up digital painting – just scribble of lines to develop my strokes.

Another view of the scene.

Video of rendered footage. Plenty of experiments with lighting and cameras. Attempts to make seamless footage.

Character Swipe Blend

Another Blender update. It’s addicting, what can I say. I worked with a model I had previously made – I just reanimated and textured. I added two walking stick objects – they turned into a weapon object.

Heres a shot of the scene. I repeated the throwing and walk cycle three times. With the 2nd model I animated it to blink around the scene.

Another view of the scene. Nothing special with lighting – just a basic sun light to light the overall scene and a spot focusing on the character walking. You can see these two lights and the direction in these two screenshots.

Finally, here’s the video of the animation. One thing I forgot to mention – I’ve been working towards creating a seamless shot that starts in the same place it leaves. Basically creating a walk cycle with the whole scene – Making the background move forward was an attempt of this. I’ll keep working on creating this.

Blender Testing Action

I decided to get back into some 3d – taking a break from the digital painting for now. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve painted. I’ve wanted for awhile to get back into 3d. Working in Blender and Source Filmmaker.

I’ll start with Blender. I opened some of my .blend files and retextured the works. The textures used are digital paintings – mostly environments. It’s refeshing to see this series of works come alive in a animated world.

All the models had been used before – I simply retextured and rearanged the scene. I used the character as part of the set – creating two large stationly characters. This helps give the scene more depth – often these blending in with the background. 

On the right is a character that moves forward during the sequence. This model has a different texture to everything else – helps with contrast.

And finally the video of the animation. I’ll make another post later highlighting some of my learning in Source Filmmaker.

In the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing.

Thursday Blender Renders

I’ve been aiming to render off more content with Blender – I have a goal of 2 mins a day when I use Blender. These last two days I’ve taken a break but on Wednesday and Thursday I managed to render off a lot of content. It’s still mostly exploring lights and camera angles. Basic stuff. I’ll like to learn more about rigging models and particle systems – youtube videos could be helpful here.

Taking this into Unity would also benefit. Wonder if I’d be able to use Python within Unity? Javascript/C# and another language are the supported ones though. I think I’m far better to use a modding or game engine for my ideas rather then try to build something from scratch.

In this work I took a old scene and created a walk cycle with a background and floor. The only thing that’s old is the ship… it was quite a empty scene. I have lots of these older scenes that I’d like to update with newer techniques that I have learnt in Blender.

The background in this is a recent digital painting. I really love the idea of taking my artwork into a 3d space – and using as 2d art assets. It gives something truly unique over using normal textures that I have found on the Internet (though I do enjoy wood workshops texture generator).

This was a strange walk cycle – I twisted the lefts around at the back. This caused some problems with the modeling – twisting within the body. I had to tone it back somewhat so I didn’t have strange movements.

The model before it was animated. Model and bone structure. Noticed I’ve gotten much quicker with this whole process. I need to aim to make a new model and cycle at least weekly. Most of my time is spent experimenting with lighting.

Here is the video:

Dark Places

I’m getting a new drawing tablet soon, I thought I would get it this week but when Mightyape tried to charge my credit card it declined as I realised they had an outdated one. I’m going to have to ring up Kiwibank, change my address and order a new card. It’s a bit frustrating… I’ve been really careful with my wallet over these last two years. So weird to lose it all of a sudden.

So my old tablet is with my sister now – so no digital painting. I may get it back off her till my new one arrives. Annoying! In the meantime I’ve been working in Blender – created a new model and animated it. It’s the most strange creature animation I’ve done so far… quite digging it though. Working on creating longer animations – rendering out between 100 and 200 frames per animation instead of 50ish. This should lead to more finished and polished looking word.

I’ve also been taking several of my digital paintings into Blender and using them as background. These create something truly unique within Blender.

I’ll keep working with Blender and animating these scenes… though I would love to develop this work further into a game engine.


Textures I’ve been using in Blender. Thanks to Wood Workshop.

And the videos:


Ra1n Particle


It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded any Blender work. Last night and this morning I worked on a new scene with new models and textures. The ideas are much of the same as previous blender works – particle and lighting tests with minimal modeling. I did model out some basic shapes in order to have something to work with. A chair, table, and two models where objects.


I’m not sure where to go with this work but I’ll keep chugging along and hopefully get somewhere.


Lighting Particle Testz

I think I better make am update on how my Blender work is going, I haven’t done much recently so hope this serves as an wakeup call to work on Blender more. Need that energy…

Normally I have photos to go along with this video footage – I’ve been quite good at taking a screenshot of my work as I’ve been using Blender and pasting this into GIMP where I can edit it down and save as a jpeg.

Next time. I need to get more complete scenes done, I’ve got so much models that I’ve been messing around with I need to go back and review and enhance.

Life Drawing Friday. This makes me happy.



Tribute. Planning to model this suit in blender. It seems easy enough and can use it as a costume for a character. I have a basic few characters that I’m happy with (still need to tweck mesh on many. More detail is whats needed more. Buildings. Streets. I need a world created. 

Planes with the drawings UV mapped onto them. I need to learn more advance texturing techniques. Need to watch more youtube

Here’s what I modeled (and textured) out of the life drawings. Again – no head was modeled. I think it works well. It certainly gives it a different look. Lighting in this cubes with colored material. I’d like to digitally paint the colors then use that as lighting. More interesting then using normal spot lights.

Here is a bunch of rendered material:

The most recent works. I’m looking forward to experiemtning with these more – opening up older blender files and editing them again with the skills I have learnt.

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