milv paint

This is the paintings I  did with children on Thursday. The paint I was using was cheap poster paint – it was cheap but did the job. It’s the surface that totally makes a difference – I used thin white card for these works – certainly better than the brown paper but it doesn’t take the layer of say - wooden board.

Most of these works are painted by me but a couple were collaboration efforts between me and children.  We can both learn from one another.

Gross. Not only do I find the composition boring – square ocean surrounding land that scales up to the bottom right. I created landmass in the center and bottom right of the ocean in order to help the composition - it’s still not enough.  To help with the scale I painted a figure into the bottom left.  Originally this was pure black – I added light highlights in order to help with scale and give more information to the left side of the piece. What could of I done better. More dark (especially on the left)
I like the blue ocean in this work. I focused on the right side of the page, and Sarah painted the left. I focused more so on grayscale well she went with more vibrant colors – purples and blues. There is some yellow which was my doing! I like the circular marks being made – they give layers to the work. This is an example of a painting gone bad. It’s gray, muddy, and generally disgusting. It lacks substance.  This was a favorite I did – so much so that the kindy ended up keeping it for their wall.

There are more paintings – need to get photos from my Mum.

I’m going away tomorrow so not sure about updates to the site – I will take my laptop with me so may just write up blog posts about older works.

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Waihi Digital Face

More digital paintovers of sketchbook pages. Also included are gif images to show the layers I’ve been working with.

Beach in Levin. Again I focused on the blue for the enviroment and added some yellow for the car,
GIF of the same image. The first layer is my pencil sketch – then white (background) – blue tone – yellow tone – black line. Opacity of brush is 80%

Protest in Waihi for Ann, There were over 20 people that showed for the protest. I spent most of the time holding a ‘It’s a health issue, not a crimr’ sign with my feet and sketching.

The GIF. Again the process is the same

Self portrait that Janelle drew for me – I took it into GIMP to do a paintover on it. 

Sketchbook auckland

Here are drawings from a protest in Waihi and Aucland.

I love my new landscape sketchbook – the pages are long! These drawings are all in my A4 visual diary.







Sketch of Janelle protesting across the street. I held my sign with my legs and just sketched, multitasking. I did several drawings of Janell in my sketchbook – and in return she drew a portrait of herself for me. 20120818-112350.jpg

A merge of the ‘Fuck the system’ badge attached to Janelles jeans and the massive hole at Waihi – Mining! The view was incredible – shame I didn’t have my normal pencils – only this yellow. The line is much heavier than pencil.

Portrait that Janelle drew in my book during the car drive up to Auckland. I always like it when someone gives me a piece of their own creative lives. 20120818-112359.jpg


Henderson drawing. This was at the train station – observing an intersection below. Aucklands been fun to explore with my sketchbook.
The drive up north with Gary. I tried to fill in perspective – by using both the view outside the car and the interal of the car. Roads were a large focus of this – attempting to capture the scale and rotation. Candles. Where I stayed with Gary. This is the view from the kitchen table- Again working with perspective – candles in foreground and shelf in background.
Where me and Gary stopped for the break on the trip. It was a beautiful view so I did a quick sketch. I included someones van for added scale.

Cafrins Mask Collaborative

I sent some of my artworks to Catherine to work on as a collaborative project. She recently made the blog post – William Mckee to show the work.

Here’s the result of her doings:

I love the story telling elements that’s in this piece. Two characters, the left one pull on the mask, when it comes out they are both wearing it. My work lacks this storytelling elements, so it’s great to see Catherine work at this. All this needs is more development – maybe color and detail – especially to those characters. Background could be developed further as well – adding them into some sort of environment.

Wonderful control over the line work, something I feel is weak in my work (normally I paint rather then draw with digital). That fine line work is something I need to work on – using my whole arm to create the line rather than just my wrist.

I wish I had my tablet with me to work on this further, but I have to wait till I’m back in Levin. Two and a bit weeks till I return.