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September Vincents Life Drawing

I’m currently sitting at a desk in Wellington library. There is drips of water on the glass in front of me. It was raining, but it’s calmed now.

The internet at the place I’m staying has been cut off but I can access free wifi at the library. It’s rather great.

Here are my drawings from Vincents on Thursday night. I had basic materials – clutch pencil (HB), and several colored pencils – all Derwent. Yellow Oche, Red, and two blues.

It had been several months since I’d been into Vincents. The model was an older Female. I never caught her name – I’ve drawn her before though. She’s an excellent model – stays still and gives a range of interesting poses.

I didn’t experiment or change my approach with these drawings. Starting with the HB pencil and creating the figure out of lines. If I had time I would go in with some basic tone – looking for those darks. Vincents isn’t the best for lighting. 
More works. I didn’t enjoy the final pose so worked though some of these earlier poses during the time – shading in areas of interest – attempting to separate the figures from the background.

10 min pose. This was my favorite pose of the night. Having a large amount of information to work from is handy, especially as I work with longer poses. I focused on the background as well – capturing the boxes and chair around her. This is a carry on of the street drawings I’ve been working towards.

Someone said to me it looks like stars and a moon in the background – and the model is looking out a window into the night sky. These were 10 min poses – focusing mostly on the portrait and upper body.

I’m not sure if I’ll return to Levin on Monday or wait stay for longer - I would love to make it to Vincents again on Tuesday. Reminds me – must sign up to Roger Figure block week next term.

ra1nz weekend life drawinz

Dan had a weekend class – Figurative Expressions. He mentioned he liked it call it this rather then drawing as people are free to explore other medians – like paint and sculpture. Knowing Dan – he won’t mind if you paint during a experimental drawing.

We had two models. On the Saturday – a male, and Sunday – a female. Both Days were a success, partially the works on Saturday and final works on Sunday. Longer poses didn’t go well surprising. 
Action poses. From Saturday. I constructed the model out of shapes. I don’t like measuring these shapes, they are always estimates.  I wanted to practice creating perspective around the model – this is why I used simple lines to contract an environment.
These are more developed – color! I stuck with yellow and blue for the negative space. On the Saturday the focus was on line so it was hard to capture tones – so I’ve just given it a flat color. Again – using lines in the negative space to construct an environment for the figures.


The drawing on the bottom right is working – torso, upper legs, and knees captured. I’ve been practicing the ‘S’ shape – in order to create a fluid line – I focus so much on straight lines – it’s important that I can produce other types of line.

These were some of the final drawings of the weekend – and some of my favorites. Dan was impressed by the scale change of the models/ I wanted to line up a character\.

And the final two from that sheet. As you can see I’m working landscape apposed to horizontal. It’s a habit I’ve picked up with all the brown paper drawings with life drawing. I enjoy it.
More pratice of the ‘s’ mark. I partically enjoy those legs that I colored around with blue, Forms really working. I’ll like to develop this further.
Need to create better lines.
I dared to use some promarkers. They just don’t do it for me.
This created an interesting perspective – leaning backwards while lying down. The few shapes I used created a basic idea of the shape of the model.
okk, im tired so this will do. overall a wonderful weekend life drawing. I’ve been rather useless on the computer lately – i think i need a break. but any computer work I do will be – Blender. Still more to learn. Need to render more material, expand particle systems further. 
gamedev. I had a blast with Hammer tonight. It’s ok, but really what I need to do is import my blender material into Hammer. I’ve had a go with Unity3d, importing a .blend file. Though, no success it’s something I could use Youtube and find tutorials. 
programming. I made a basic roguelike last week with python, I’d like to explore this further. Especially look at ideas that would allow me to create a 3d Roguelike
Maybe writting more. That could always be helpful.
I hope you like the life drawing. More will be happening this Friday. I’m not sure who the model will be. But it will be a female! I’ll be using pencil and colored pencils again – lifting off where Sunday left me.

Figurative Expressions Russel

It had been a week since I’d been into TLC. Today was Dans life drawing class. The model was Russel. The class wasn’t partially full, a decent amount of people but still enough room to move about without bumping shoulders.

I used colored pencil for the majority of the day, with a small amount of 4b pencil in the afternoon.

Here’s the work

These are the warmups. All are around 20 seconds. I’m rather happy with these. It wasn’t my most successful life drawing day but I feel I started well and ended on a good note.

Fifteen minutes were spent working on these quick works – so able to get plenty of figures down. And If it’s not the best pose – Don’t have to wait long till it changes!

The left side of the page. Photo was taken close up in order to get a decent view of the art. Lots of line!

Series of three poses in the morning. These were 10 mins each I believe. The right is my favorite., it’s got the most going for it. Others commented about it as well including Dan, Leah, and Rachel.

Turning the model into ‘basic’ shapes. A new way I’m looking at the model – this will make it easy to take the figure into blender.

Afternoon scribble. 4b pencil was used. Some tone used in the arm and such – line has been a focus in my work. 
Here I’m looking at the same pose from multipy angles in order to try to understand the 3d form better.

I said to Dan that I’ll like to paint on Friday. I havn’t painted for a long time, I strugged drawing for 6 hours today and I’d like to relax with paint for the day on Friday.

I’ll work on different angled figure poses in the Monday class and paint on Fridays.

Vincents Tuesday April

Drawings from Vincents. I went in with a a3 visual diary and pencil. And, colored pencils. Stuck with primary - yellow, red, and two blues. The yellow and red was used mostly on the model – yellow for light, red for darks. Blue for the negative space.

I hadn’t been since some point last term. It was great to see people – Phillip was there who I hadnt seen since some point last year. Freeman White also made it.

I had drawn the model before – can’t remember her name. She has a similar look to Helena Bonham Carter. Always enjoy drawing her.

These are five two minute poses. Kept with HB pencil and strong straight lines. Black colored pencil would of worked well and stood out better.

I feel I had a stronger knowledge of the 3d form after the time spent working with Blender.

The 5 min poses. Color added to the figure – yellow and red. Blue is used for negative areas. This allows for clear contrast. I started with drawing a nipple and working out from there. Helps with getting everything looking right. I guess that’s why I find drawing females easier – boobs are great reference for measuring, guys – the information isn’t there. Though guys do have some advantages – like facial hair!

All these were similar standing poses. Standing is one of my favourite as it gives me a great view of the overall model.

Onto 10 mins…

I switched colors. Gave Phillip several of my colored pencils to experiment with. He normally works just with pencil. I can’t do that – color is important for me. Especially in longer poses. Grey was used in several of these works.

In the middle pose the model posed by lying back on the chair. This causes an interesting shape – partially with creating a flat look in the breasts. Basically looking from beneath.

Final 20 mins. I’m especially happy with these and feel I’ve managed to capture the model well.

Has my life drawing improved during the break? I’d like to think so. I’ll likely make it to Vincents again tomorrow. Unlikely to attend next weeks as TLC has life drawing on Monday and Friday.

YAY life drawing.


Yeah Yeah Yeah Colored Pencils

Back in Wellington. Nice to be back I guess. I’ve been enjoying colored pencil, yesterday I didn’t work with Blender – instead sketched in my visual diary. I’ve got a strong mindset to take these ideas into Blender. Something is brewing.

Back in 2010 I got really into the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I frequently drew the band.

This was one of the reference photos I completed a drawing of. In order to compare my drawing and check development I redrew this photo. Here’s what I came up with:

Strong straight lines, color used for tone. I love this color scene – red, yellow, brown for the characters and blues for negative space. Several sketches of wire frames to help understand walk cycles further.

Less character based and more animation feel. I’m not sure what I’m doing with this but I’m going to take these into blender today and experiment.