Currently in Porirua and don’t have my drawings tablet with me.

Here’s a portrait I painted a couple of days ago of someone on RedditGetsDrawn:

june-smile-line june-smile-bwjune-smile-tone

artcontrol draws you

So since being banned from posting on RedditGetsDrawn I decided to go ahead and make my own subreddit – artcontroldrawsyou.
I have been writing Reddit python scripts that gets data from one subreddit and posting the data to a new subreddit/saving the data.

I have also been getting back into doing tonal black and white/color digital works. These are not included in this post – but keep an eye out in future.

june-artcontrolbanner-line june-treasure-line tresure-line-1024x721i

May Paintings

It’s been a long time since I have updated artcontrol.me with some artwork. I have myself a new tablet so my plan is to work on more art and upload it. For a long time I was updating this site every two or so days. I’ve slacked off in this and other projects. I have my code which has been going well.

Here is the result from the new tablet and drawing people on RedditGetsDrawn. I am happy with the tablet. Small, but I get the result. I use to own an intous5 medium which was a little too large. The small fits me fine.

Happy I had no problems with the linux drivers also – it was all plug and go. We installed the drivers on the machines at the center – so have it working there.

Enjoy -may-soulder-line may-faire-line may-punkfair-line

RedditGetsDrawn – Feb Dig Guy

Spending the majority of my time mucking around with Linux. I’m now using Fedora on the majority of my machines.

I certainly have not been drawing but here is a digital painting I did the other day:



RedditGetsDrawn – New Years Day

Happy New Years!
To celebrate the first day of 2014 I painted people on Reddit. Let’s hope these ones don’t get reported.

girl-smile-linegirl-smile-bw girl-smile-color  guy-lineguy-bw jan-girl-line jan-girl-bw jan-girl-color jan-hallo-line jan-hallo-bw jan-hallo-color potter-line potter-bw potter-color

Nightmare sketches

Found my tablet pen, and got my laptop working. I’ve been focused on 3d and Python lately. Need to get back into some regular digital painting. Here’s something I worked on tonight:


partyMoon partyMoon3 partyMoon2


Several weeks ago i was involved with a game jam – redditbaconjam06.
Since this is my art site i felt the need to upload several digital painting i did during the jam. Sadly, this was not used. Enjoy.

crush-title crush-line crush-char

Color explored with RedditGetsDrawn Paintings

Here’s some more digital works. This time I used reference from RedditGetsDrawn.


Portrait photo reference. I usually go for photos that have more of the body but this one was interesting with the tape covering her mouth. The background was plain, with only the vertical tiles. I added in quick flicks. I wanted to work different here – created a map top down view rather than a perspective looking over the ocean to the hills in the distance.




The tone changed the map idea with more of a focus on perspective  - the normal way I do these scenes. I’ve used range of brushes. Normally I stick with the one brush in the whole painting but adding more adds texture and variety to the piece.

Color. Went with a orange for the skin. Since I’ve been using a range of tones with the color I feel I can explore other colors without having problems of the colors not working together – like in washes. Using the range of tones allows for clarity and flow within the color – and spreads throughout the whole painting.


This was a great reference of these two people. When I was little my uncle would give me piggy back rides.  Extremely large scale for the figure sitting on the others shoulder.



Grayscale tone. Much of the work is flattened out – the ground area doesn’t contain the texture that the line version had. Minimal focus on the face details - leaving out eyes/nose/mouth.


A range of saturation was used in the figure. Previously I had only worked with adjusting values. I love the brush for the leaves. TODAY.LINE

Figure on the left. I used a photo I took in Wellington for the environment  I often just use my imagination. Working from reference will be helpful. Especially using my own photographs.


Mixing up the colors with a blue for the figure. Pink was used in the building, not sure how I feel about it – doesn’t fit the flow of the painting. Maybe a nice brown would have worked better. Fun times with the green, covering the majority of the painting. The hills and sky in the distance are painted blue.

Grim Fandango

I need to update this blog more often. I have many artworks to get uploaded. Maybe I need someone to write for me? If you are interested in any writing positions, please email me. I also need a theme makeover. Maybe connect the three blogs together. What other sites could I create?

Anyway, here is a painting I did before I left to Hamilton:

GIMF-LINEAnother game related shot – this time Grim Fandango. I took some design liberty with this work and rearranged items – and leaving some characters out. Type is always fun to paint. Maybe I’ll

GIMF-BWTone. It’s interesting looking at this and comparing it to the work I just completed – my tones have really improved since I’ve done this painting marathon.

GIMF-COLORColor. I haven’t been working with color, instead focusing on graysale tones. Once I return to color I believe my tones will be stronger.

Anyway, I hope you like the painting. Till next time - adventure-8-tone

Rock on.


I haven’t been drawing people recently. It’s all been streetscape works. A combo of nature and manmade structures. I think that’s the best way to suggest it.

Here are portraits I have drawn and painted digitally. The reference is photos from REDDITGETSDRAWN. For each piece I used GIMP on my main screen and had the reference open on my smaller screen. For the reference I used my laptop.

I’ve been playing Borderlands 2.

Johnny_Jon_John  had the request this photo to be painted. I used an orange from a previous painting as a base. Normally I use white, black, dark grey, or a mid grey. Using color for the start background is something new.

From there, line, grey tone, and a lighter yellow for the background area. I did ponder over coloring more of the work in color – maybe the desk, his shirt, the desk chair.  Instead I kept the black and white tonal studies as the main focus point. Opacity was 80%


It’s nice to take a break from drawing figures. Going back to it I felt very refreshed. I want to keep these works up.

For the bnchwarmer926 I did this. It was the first I did… so not bad considering the break I’ve had. The line looks thick on this – in future works I scale the brush down somewhat. Having the line as the top layer also reinforces this. Blues were fun!

ieatcows requested for his girlfriend to be drawn. This is my result. Again I started with line, tone, then colored background with three different oranges.

All the brushes are custom made by me. I felt there was a real lack of decent flatbrushes so have been focused on creating them, but I’d also be interested in creating more textured brushes – similar to the chalk brush. I’ll experiment with tonal ranges within the brushes and see where I go. Reddit user http://www.reddit.com/user/kawaiian Kawaiian had the request to turn this into something for Halloween.

This is my result. One of my final works for the day. I had done many and was growing tired by this point. I’d like to think the image had a witch feel about it. Especially the hair.
She needs a black cat.


GreenFin83 had requested for this to be drawn. This is one of my favorite works. I especially enjoyed drawing the clothes. For the background I wanted to use my visual library and construct a scene. Alot of this inspration currently is the works I’ve been drawing around Levin.