Well boat painting

It’s a rare moment when William takes his pencil drawings digital. He has been focused on working from photo and imagination. That’s something that needs to change – a balanced approach.
On Tuesday he imported two photos of pencil sketches that he had drawn during his time in Wellington. This is the result.

The line layer. He believes the pencil line looks more professional and there is more control. But he’s use to producing the digital line. It may serve some use in the future.


The tone layer. As usual William has used a range of brushes in order to show texture and variety in the work.

Circling Wellington building painting

Slow on the digital painting recently. I’ve been filling up my sketchbook with pencil drawings. This morning though I went to Lower Hutt Starbucks and finished a cityscape work and started a painting from life. Here’s the result. Great to get something uploaded since it’s been several days.

Here goes -



This is the reference I used. On the left is a sketch from Hastings, center is a building which is visible from parliament  and the right is a pencil line sketch of an area on Cuba Street. I started merging together my pencil drawings into digital paintings towards the end of last year and it’s been great to get back into it again, I’ve really only been working on RedditGetsDrawn works so fun to do some work that involved just the environment - no characters!



Line work. The center building was the first area to complete in line. I went and did the grayscale tone for the building as well before deciding it needed more detail and bringing in the reference on the left and right. Fills up the page.

I wanted to make sure that the three pieces worked together without feeling out of place, where they line up is important. Overlapping and such is not a problem.

And gray-scale tone. I used a range of brushes in this work in order to give a variety in texture. Make sure to balance those lights and dark throughout the piece. Looking back



Color. Wanted to keep with colors I was familiar with, but added in a brown to experiment with. This is working well with the reds. The right side of the page has evolved since color has been added, no longer is it a pillar but instead it’s a building structure. These things happen.

Girl in front of office building

More redditgetsdrawn works. This time I’ll talk about the works more because that last post I did with them was just lazy. ADVENTURE-17-LINE (Large)Not fulll body here, but from the chest upwards. Hats are always a fun extra, bit like glasses. Just gives me something more to work with – and makes it different from the rest. ADVENTURE-17-TONE (Large)

Office buildings stack in the background. Black creeps build their way around the building. The girl smiles at the camera. Not knowing the changes in the back.


So I just did a dump of photos. I would of written more but my browser was going extremely slow and I just wanted to get something published.

Anyway, I’m still at my Mothers home, and this is a painting I did before I left to Hamilton: mask-lineIn the reference the guy in the mask was standing in front of a farm like setting. I always go for reference on RedditGets drawn that has an interesting background, it just gives a setting to put the characters into. If there is no background I like to make something up.

I loved drawing the gas mask. It reminds me of something out of Fallout or Metro. Anyway, Onto the tone. mask-bw Tone. Again, making the character darker than the background. Helps in the contrast between the two subjects. For the background I did a  scribble effect for the objects in the very   backmask-color

Interesting to see color after spending so much time lately working without it. It’s done me good though, and I’m excited for the next time I start using color again in my works. I think my tones have really improved by giving this focused look into tonal studies.

Lastly, something I haven’t been doing when away – a video: 

Grim Fandango

I need to update this blog more often. I have many artworks to get uploaded. Maybe I need someone to write for me? If you are interested in any writing positions, please email me. I also need a theme makeover. Maybe connect the three blogs together. What other sites could I create?

Anyway, here is a painting I did before I left to Hamilton:

GIMF-LINEAnother game related shot – this time Grim Fandango. I took some design liberty with this work and rearranged items – and leaving some characters out. Type is always fun to paint. Maybe I’ll

GIMF-BWTone. It’s interesting looking at this and comparing it to the work I just completed – my tones have really improved since I’ve done this painting marathon.

GIMF-COLORColor. I haven’t been working with color, instead focusing on graysale tones. Once I return to color I believe my tones will be stronger.

Anyway, I hope you like the painting. Till next time - adventure-8-tone

Rock on.

Board Acrylic Takaka

I’ve been saying in the last few posts about posting my recent acrylic board paintings. Landscapes from when I returned from ChCh. I borrowed Joys camera and finally took some photos of them. I need to borrow this camera more often (or better yet – buy one!) and take more regular photos of my artwork – it builds up otherwise and it’s an overload of images to upload. There are still works from the South Island that I have yet to post.

This is 3 photos merged into one. This allowed me to create a extended view of the canvas - it’s rather long. The acrylic paint I’m using is just cheap poster paint. It seems to work alright. The reference for this painting was a drawing at Collingwood. Another drawing to acrylic paint. This is a view in Takaka. This painting has had almost nothing added to it, keeping it true to the drawing. As I layer up color this may change. Cardboard. My fathers wife has a bunch of this cardboard, I used some for painting on. I don’t really like the rough, grainy finish, but it holds the paint far better then brown paper. No reference for this, instead just making the shapes from imagination.