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I have continued to paint works that have been posted on r/artcontroldrawsyou, tonal grayscal and color layers were created.

This is the theme on EOW: Temple of A Hundred Relic. Followed by two paintings – one of a mother and child (line, bw, and color) and woman looking sideways (line, bw).

Enjoy -



june-temp-line  june-gabbsterr-linejune-gabbsterr-bwjune-gabbsterr-color june-sidelook-line june-sidelook-bw

bacon game jam 07 – hungry

artwork i painted to Bacon Game Jam 07. hung-line

Reference was a portrait on RedditGetsdrawn. Then did everything else from imagination.







Global Game Jam Painting


This past weekend I did the Global Game Jam. Sadly I didn’t make a game but I did create art assets (and a mp3 of interviews). You can view the repo on github: ggj14

Here’s the artwork:

wave-color wave-bw title-linetitle-bw title-color  tile-cross pole-linepole-bw pole-color  girl-line girl-colorgirl-bw  concept



Nightmare sketches

Found my tablet pen, and got my laptop working. I’ve been focused on 3d and Python lately. Need to get back into some regular digital painting. Here’s something I worked on tonight:


partyMoon partyMoon3 partyMoon2

Vampire Weekend Painting

A digital painting that isn’t referenced from RedditGetsDrawn. I like the band Vampire Weekend, they have recently released their third album recently titled Modern Vampires Of The City. It’s certainly on par or better than the previous two albums. My favorite track is Step.

In celebration of the album I decided to paint the band. Mixed it up a little by adding typography. Enjoy -




Normally the very awesome #67151b is used for line, but for this black. I guess it doesn’t really matter what color I produce the line layer, as long as it’s clear against the background. I’ll stick with #67151b I think….




No tone in the face causes the flatness. I mentioned this in my previous post. A mid/dare gray would help the image pop. Mixture of chalk and flattish brushes. You can see the areas that the chalk brush has been used due to the roundness. What’s your thoughts on flat vs round brushes?



Happy with the background on this color later. Darkest red for the type, with a mid and light used for the land. The brush creates interesting effects of leaning areas. This is a result of cutting in with the blue that was used in the sky. A light blue surrounds the title with a darker tone on the outside. For the ground #c8d991 was used with a darker value used as a second color to add tone to the area.The same red that was used in title has been used for the band members hair. Yellow for the skin. I explored using red for lips but it wasn’t working so covered it up with the yellow. CTRL-Z is for losers.

Finally enjoy the video -

Regina Spektor and Characters on the wall

Some portrait painting during my time in Wainui. These were used as demos to show Michelle how I digitally painted.

Here we go: 
regina-lineSince I only have the laptop currently I used one monitor for this. The reference was placed on the left side and I worked in the line on the right.


Regina Spektor. regina-bw-blueI was explaining to Michele about how I don’t use the smudge tool. I decided to show her the tool and this is the result. We compared the smudged to the non-smudged. She liked the smudged version better. Personally I like the non smudge. Being about to see the brush strokes and use them as part of creating the form. regina-color

Color. Showed how I use a limited amount of colors but a range of tones of each color. New color for the shirt. 

Reference for this were photos on the shelf. I drew the characters, the frame around them, and the mantel piece they sit on. Turned it into a landscape work with the clouds in the back and scaling of the photos. wainuippl-bw

Black and white. Focused very little but instead just gave the impression. In the background I defined the land. The characters are lighter than usual. Black frame septrates them from the landscape scene. On the left is square tiles. I like these for the ground. Above this a character is erupting from the land. wainuippl-color


Color. I said in a recent post I wanted to use more browns in my work. Here I’ve done this with the land. Experimenting with the saturation levels of the brown – interesting grays appearing on the right hand center. For the water I used the green – exploring a range of brushes. I like the center area green – it has a flow to it that works. Building up those tones is helping.

That’s all for today.

Skull Girl painting from RedditGetsDrawn

Currently in Wellington.I have my tablet with me but likely it won’t get much use – the weather in Wellington is beautiful. I plan on getting out and photographing and maybe drawing. Spent one night in the city and snapped off 100+ photos.

Anyway, here’s a painting before I left to Wellington -friday-skull-ref

Photo reference. I choose to paint this photo because of the makeup. She looks like a girl I went to The Learning Connexion with. The photo is OK, if it wasn’t for the makeup I would struggle with the tones in the skin. I like how the top of the hair is cut off – in December 2011 I did a series of drawings of Harry Potter characters with the top of their hair removed. I was working landscape instead of portrait and it can happen.

Anyway, here’s the painting -
friday-skull-lineI started with line. Adding line to the face to define the light areas from the dark  For the shirt I created long strokes of lines in directions to give an impression of the checked shirt. I created a horizon line on the same level as the mouth and added water movement below this line. In the water I also added a boat shape. Above I created jagged shapes for the hills/land in the distance. I repeated this pattern on the left edge. This creates depth in the painting. On the right side I created a vertical pole and square shapes. I’m thinking this could be a building with the squares being windows. friday-skull-tone

Black and white tone. I used a dark gray for the hair, eyes, nose, and mouth area. Slightly lighter for the sky in the distance, and repeating this in the foreground . Water is created with a light tone. Darker for the boat. I modified the design slightly with the squares on the right – created squares on the bottom half of the screen.


Colors added. Similar to the previous few color paintings – working with 5 different colors and a range of different tones of each color. For the skin this is my usual yellow. The hair is a new yellow/orange. It’s not much different to the skin tone.

For the sky – blue as usual. The land mass in the distance is a dark turquoise with a lighter version in the foreground – tone from the distance is also used to give it the areas common elements. There is a balance of dark and light tones of this blue spread around the painting.

The red is used is the same as the same as the skirt I used in the dress of a girl earlier in the week,  It’s different to the red I usually use, very exciting! This same red is used for the mouth – something different. I used a light tone on the top of the clothing and darker at the bottom. friday-skull-toncol

Color/black and white tone layers mixed together. Makes it feel complete.

Here’s an extra painting -

This was another from RedditGetsDrawn. I did the line and forgot to create a new layer for the tone layer, and never ended up finishing the tone layer. I like what I’ve done though. Figure is standing in the middle of the road. On the left side there are power-poles

Reddit Gets Painted – Levin collection

More paintings from reference on Reddit. It’s been a busy few days with these.thursday-beach-line (Large)

These girls are having fun on a beach scene. I partially like the left post, the leg on the side is difference makes for an interesting shape of the figure.
thursday-beach-tone (Large)

Tone added. Dark highlights in the hair, shorts, and land in the distance. The white eyes look demon like.

And the video:

Alright, onto the. next:

tuesday-5-line-crash (Large)

As GIMP was crashing I hit print scene in order to capture what I had done. I then reopened this image and just traced over it quickly. I keep my paintings under 20mins and the majority of that time is tone so losing a few lines is never a big problem. 
tuesday-5-line3 (Large)

The line is finished. This is one of my favorite line works I have done recently. Comparing it to the developed tonal version – the linework has far more happening.

tuesday-5-line2 (Large)

Tone. Her top is my favorite area. The water in the background is somewhat interesting as well. I’m not sure how I feel about her skin tones. There is something about it that’s not working.

The video:

The request for this next one was a Left for Dead character. So zombies. I generally don’t take notice of these requests but just paint what I see. I want to createa world for the character though

Line applied. I struggled a with the head angle, as you can see the line work for it is a mess. I just drew the face twice, I could of rubbed out areas but I’ve been taught to use the eraser for effects only and not for fixing mistakes. I’m going over it with tone anyway. In the reference photo she has a dog in the background, I moved this dog to her shoulder. Kind of like a pirate and parrot. But Zombie Hunter and Dog.

Tone. Background could have more in it? Maybe dark spikes poking out. Used elements from the reference in this – such as the clock, and tiled panels on the floor. 

Five people in this. Having lots of people is generally helpful as it can help with measuring one another. In the reference they \were on a boat so I kept true to that with creating land in the distance and water drifting into the foreground. 

Tone. I’m especially happy with the tone of the clothes on the left sitting figure, that mid gray and dark works together well. Instead of making the far left figure clothing white it may have been better to go with a darker tone – give some balance to the piece.

And onto the Steampunk wedding: friday.steampunk-line (Large)

Fantastic reference photo to work from. I especially enjoyed the clothing. The scenery around the figures was helpful, but sadly I lost the majority of the detail during the drawing and painting process. I’m still happy with this work.
friday.steampunk-tone (Large)And tone. As you can see one of the only areas of the environment that was kept was the pillars, the rest has been transformed into a lake and land in the distance.

And the video:

Thanks for visiting. Till next time.

Red Lake

Currently sitting in Levin library. Thought I’d better make a post since it’s been a few days. I’ve been more focused on Python code recently than painting. I feel I’m making some large strides forward with Python.

Anyway here’s a landscape painting I did from imagination. 


I sniped the line and when straight to tone.. This is quite different to how I usually work – focusing on similar techniques as Feng Zhu – creating chaos and attempting to create a scene out of it. This is something I need to practice, maybe using some of my sketchbook works as inspiration but not painting over them.

I used a range of crushes – a custom flat brush that I often use in my works and also chalk – another brush I commonly use. 

Color. The colors used – blue for the sky, yellow for the pillars and ground. I’ve also go a red along the bottom – this could be some sort of river or lake.

That will do, back to python code. Before I go here’s the video: 

Nude Wellington

I used GIMP on my laptop last night to mash together reference for the painting this morning. Preparing it last night meant I was able to get straight into the painting this morning.

Here’s the painting -

Reference. I searched my laptop folders for files that I haven’t used before – mostly life drawing works and such. I may as well use these works as part of the street scene works. Man of these drawings are not uploaded to the blog it would be helpful to get these uploaded.

Back to the reference. I used oil pastel figures in the foreground on the left and right. I use a pencil drawing of skins character Cassie for the head on the right figure.  The drawing in the center was from my sketchbook – a Wellington drawing. At the top traveling horizontal is a photograph, I took this year ago of the Wellington Rowers building on the waterfront.

Line. I had problems with finding line ares to trace – it’s lacking information and compososion somewhat. I am happy with how the figures turned out – especially the legs on the left and the overall shape of the right.

Tone added. Again I’m especially happy with the figure on the right and legs on left figure. The pole in the center, center left and left in the distance helps scale the piece – this is certainly good. There are areas in the environmental that needs more highlights – maybe where light is hitting.

No color sadly – I’ve been bad with my file management and corrupted the color version.

And finally the video: