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Ted Castle

Spent the day focusing on oil pastel and pencil. Some excellent results and collaboration with the kids.

I wanted to produces some landscape/building designs for Teds environment. So far I’ve created several character models – and weird shapes. Needs some environments!

Here are two works from Thursday -



Janelles Party Drawings

The following drawing were created way back in 2010. I went to tlc with a girl l called Janelle and took a small a5 sketchbook to a party  or hers.
When I take my book out people always get hold of it and draw.
Ill likely never see these people again, but here are their drawings









EOW: Frozen Pass Pencil Drawings

Here’s the drawings I did in my book for the EOW: Frozen Pass. My Brother saw these drawings in my book and said they were good so I have made an effect to upload them .

Continued with the idea from the digital paintings with a giant statue at the edge of a path and a group of people traveling along the edge. High above the ground the ice is cracking.

I’d like to take some of these ideas into 3d, work on a small open world area in Unity3d. DSC_3159




Ham sketchbook

Here are some more drawings that I have done recently. December has been a productive month of drawing for me. The sketchbook is getting close to full. Hopefully I am given a new sketchbook for xmas.
DSC_3059 DSC_3060 DSC_3061 DSC_3057 DSC_3058 DSC_3051 DSC_3054 DSC_3042 DSC_3040

Hamilton Building

Since moving to Hamilton I have gotten outside with my drawing and photography gear everyday. This is a great success because my art was really suffering and I had not found inspiration to draw for months.

I’ve been focusing on what I love – environments. Mixture of buildings and nature. There are plenty of seats around Hamilton that I can sit down at, relax and get a drawing done.


Drawn watching my brother play DOTA2. Creature portrait


University. Lake and trees separate me from the buildings.


Uni. Sitting on seat looking down at pond and area surrounding


Hamilton Council buildings. Captured three figures in order to fill the page.


Hamilton Intercity bus stop

Ludum Dare Pencil Sketches

Here’s thress pencil sketches that I’ve done recently.¬†DSC_0708

This is the view from outside my home. I was racing around on my Fathers hand wheel chair and decided to draw the view. A fold up chair would be handy as I’m always having to draw scenes that involve a seat!

I have been using a 2h pencil. It’s a wonderful pencil and I could not go back to HB. No smudging, and takes awhile to blunt – shading still works alright with it.

This was drawn well walking down the road – starting sketching ideas for Ludum Dare – but ended up writing down ideas for a podcast I’d like to start with my friend Matt. I don’t know if it will go ahead because Matt is very unreliable – I might be better to just organize something myself.

DSC_0712Sitting outside the library. Again – another Ludum Dare logo, this time I sketched the lamppost and large pillar – adding in clouds, figure and tree.


July portrait

Hi. I’ve been busy with unity3d but get in a pencil drawing now and then. I think I’ve lost my pen for my tablet. Its likely somewhere in my room. Looking on mightyape I see they have baboon tablets for 100 dollars – might be worth picking one up.
Anyway. Here’s a pencil drawing I did recently:



The reference for this was a portrait photo on redditgetsdrawn.



Here tone has been added. No color sorry

Triger Concept Drawings

MolyJam2013 is happening right now. It lasts 48 hours. I finely got GIT working with my unity project – Triget.

Here’s some concept art:





Cant find my tablet pen. Might just color with phone.

Cuba street fish

I had a request today to upload some art. I have a new sketchbook that I have started to fill. Always buying new sketchbooks. So many half finished.
Here’s a pencil sketch from Cuba Street, Wellington. H pencil.


I had drawn this scene before. I remember because of the hook icon on the building.
Cuba Street is one of my favorite spots to draw in Wellington. I’m able to sit, focus and produce some great drawings.
These last few months my drawing has been minimal. Around Levin I don’t draw like I use to. Whenever I visit Wellington – my drawing sparks.
I still feel sick and cold though.

Dune Painting

Here are several drawings I did well reading the Frank Hebert book – DUNE.
Rather than working from reference these works are from imagination. I do this in real time – read a passage from the book and draw what it’s saying (often DESCRIBING a character or environment).
I’ve been using bio pen for my work. It’s quick, bold and allows me to WRITE more. Drawings are photographed at various stages – line and tone. Convert to black and white, just to get rid of that color temp problem. Make everything the same.


The Witch.


Scene at McDonalds with DUNE title (from book) scatted


Illustration was copied from Dune book cover



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