Digital Levin Start EOW Doodle

So no updates for over a week. I’ve been playing Diablo 3 during the the week. I finished it on normal as a Wizard and partway though Nightmare. I’m not hugely motivated to play it right now – likely a good thing as I can get more important tasks done like artwork. I enjoyed the playthough but Blizzard isn’t the same anymore.

I have a new tablet pen and a new place to stay – so it’s a fresh start. I havn’t done any digital painting since I lost my tablet pen so I was happy to get back into it.

Thought I’d give Photoshop CS5 a blast since I have it on this laptop (though recent updates to GIMP are wonderful).

One of my goals I wanted to do with digital painting this month is look though my life drawings I’ve done this past term and paint over digitally. I wanted to stick with the colors that I had been using in traditional media, experimenting with techniques and brushes. I’m happy with this work but need to practice further with the digital tablet.

No background. All from imagination.

Background added. Painted this last night.when watching Primer. I’ve seen Primer several times before but it’s that type of film that I never get sick of.

The EOW of the week over at Conceptart.org is Orbital Refinery. I want to get into these activitys now that my tablet is functioning. I visit the site often for inspiration. A google for Refinery gave me some images that I worked from but nothing I’m happy with. I havn’t go alot of plans this week so may work on this further. 

More ideas for the EOW. Mostly just sketches or doodles. These arn’t really going anywhere.

Shapes! I used perspective heavily in my life drawing this last term so want to transfer this to the digital realm.

And finally, just a bunch of quick sketches. Again from imagination. This was just used as a exercise to warm up into using the tablet again.

That’s all for now. Expect to see further digital works.


Digital nudes

I think I’ve lost my tablet pen. I have either left it in the library or it’s fallen out of my bag. I’m a bit sad and disappointed as I was looking forward to digital painting over the holidays.

Nothing good ever happens.

Here’s some digital works that I started today. I had hoped to work on these further tonight but with no pen that won’t happen.

Started this in the library. It was a trace over a recent life drawing work. Long pose so the detail is high. By high detail I mean high tones!

From Christenas. I really liked the drawing and felt I had to take it further digitally.

6 hours of life drawing tomorrow then done for a while. I’m not sure what content I’ll be uploading next week…. I may draw buildings and such in Levin (colored pencil most likely) and upload them.

Lee Digital Works

Recent digital works – taking the life drawings I did on Friday and working over top on Photoshop. Matt painting was a focus 

This was a struggle in digital. I had problems finding lights and darks in the drawing – it was all a blur and didn’t offer a strong contrast. I painted a very flat image – this could of been created in photoshop. Opacity is set to 100%. I attempted to layer but had problems.

I perfer the original oil pastel works. I looked at oil pastels in Frech Art Shop. Consided buying a white…… I need a part time job!

Here I’ve worked differently. Layers have been used. I want to paint more like the old masters – I’m attempting that with the oil paints – Layering the paints up. This is much cheaper with digital paint than oil of course. White has been a large focus with over laying it onto the color.

Happy Birthday Mum

It’s my Mums birthday today. Here’s some recent digital painting I’ve been working on. I downloaded the trial of Photoshop CS5 to give it a go… it’s nice to have a change from GIMP… I still like GIMP very much and it does have advantages over Photoshop

This started as a study from Posemanics… I studied the figure twice. First ones on the left and 2nd on the right. I feel it’s an improvement.

It then needed an environment and I was inspired by my recent oil paintings and copied them…. lots of experimenting with different brush types.

Here I’ve painted on top of a life drawing. I really want to take my life drawings further and the digital realm works well for this. Again it’s experimenting with brush types. I wanted to continue working in a opacity style.

Portrait of my mum. This photo was taken at my 21st birthday. Mums holding what she loves – wine! She dressed as superwoman for the party. I painted this for her today and emailed… she should love it!

Sargent painting. I want to take an area of this and produce a copy with digital painting. It will teach me alot… best to take an area over the whole piece, work my way out. I really want to lean how to layer works – in direct painting.