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This is a piece I created at the center last week. Line layer was done and I started with the gray-scale tonal layer.

I’ve had a crappy day. Not looking forward to the future.

RedditGetsDrawn – Feb Dig Guy

Spending the majority of my time mucking around with Linux. I’m now using Fedora on the majority of my machines.

I certainly have not been drawing but here is a digital painting I did the other day:



RedditGetsDrawn – New Years Day

Happy New Years!
To celebrate the first day of 2014 I painted people on Reddit. Let’s hope these ones don’t get reported.

girl-smile-linegirl-smile-bw girl-smile-color  guy-lineguy-bw jan-girl-line jan-girl-bw jan-girl-color jan-hallo-line jan-hallo-bw jan-hallo-color potter-line potter-bw potter-color

RedditGetsDrawn – xmas painting

Over Christmas I took my tablet to my Mothers home in order to get some digital painting done. I completed a decent amount of paintings and here are the results. Working with line, grayscale and color.

coup-linecoup-bwcoup-colojus-line  jus-bw jus-colormilkshake-line  milkshake milkshakecolor ron-line ron-lbwron-color ron-color-blur  watergirl-linewatergirl-lbw watergirl-color

RedditGetsDrawn- Sunday Night Painting

Produced two complete – line to color digital paintings tonight. Working with color is always very exciting. It was great to get warmup up with the quick line works and move into the tone/color. They sure take longer than line though…
enjoy –

girls-linegirls-bw  girls-colorguy-line guy-bw guy-color

RedditGetsDrawn – Color Saturday

Woke up and felt like painting again. I’m on a roll. This time I extended on the line drawings and did several color tonal studies. Nothing outstanding, but happy.
Enjoy –








RedditGetsDrawn – Friday night lines

On a roll today with the digital drawings. No grayscale or color – just line. Pumping them out quickly.
I also opened the images with a Python script I have been working on and created some interesting changes.

Enjoy –



















Reddit December Paintings

I have been doing a few digital paintings lately for RedditGetsDrawn. I like to get a couple done each day. I then get bored and switch back to Python.

Anyway, here’s the paintings:












redditgetsdrawn zombie

I’ve got a better setup in my room now for working on the computer. My energy has been low for a long time, this is why I haven’t been updating the site. I’ve been focusing mostly on making games.

I never got a replacement Tablet for the Wacom Intous 5. Instead, I’ve kept with the small one. It’s alright, and does the trick but doesn’t allow me to paint all day as a get a sore hand.

Here’s a zombie painting I did from RedditGetsDrawn. I would post the reference but I checked back on the listing and it seems it’s been deleted! Must always save the reference images.

Anyway, here you go:


Zombies are fun to draw. This one had somewhat of an Asian look. I rearranged the scene somewhat – sending the guy on the left towards the back and bringing the zombie forward. Moon/landscape in distance/water, and a fence to separate the zombie and guy.


Tone. Merged the guy into the background somewhat. JULY-ZOMBIE-COLOR (Large)Pushed forward the guy out of the background with using the skin tones (yellow and red), these are the same as the skin tones I used on the zombie. For the water I used green, and landscape/sky blue. You can see all the tones of colors/gray-scale I used on the left.

I have a few pencil drawings that I need to either photograph with my phone and upload or buy a new SD card for camera.

I hope you enjoyed that digital painting and I’ll be sure to upload more in future – it’s important I keep slugging away with these digital painting :D


Blackhead Sitting

It’s another RedditGetsDrawn.



Reference photo.


Reference photo. Decent lighting – enough shadow for two or three tones in the face. The background is lacking somewhat, but it doesn’t matter as it’s going to be made.





Here’s a critic:

The left eye should be below the right eye.  The nose is much shorter than it should be. Bottom lip is too fat.

Good points. I need to be careful with my observation skills to capture what’s really in the image. Comparing the two I’ve mirrored the image – not only are the eyes opposite but the hair line as-well.

A new shape has been  used recently in my background – squares. I use these square shapes in both the sky and land.



Tonal Gray-scale


Fixed the mirror problem in the face. The line layer is my first chance to get it right, and often don’t get it right on my first chance. That’s why I get a second with the gray-scale tone layer. Isn’t life wonderful with all these chances?

Custom made flat brush has been used for this whole piece. The opposite to this is the circle chalk brush that I often use. To be honest I prefer the sharp, flat look over a round. Mixing the two together works wonders.




Everyone I’ve painting on Reddit recently have been turned into redheads. I don’t think that’s a bad thing because redheads are pretty damn amazing.

Color is the layer I struggle with the most. Maybe using more tones of a color will help. I use two, maybe three tones if I’m lucky of each color. Increasing this number would help with detail and depth of painting deeply.

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