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Portrait I painted of Reddit user – syntheticturtle.

This was from redditgetsdrawn.

I’ve started working on another game – this time for the Peace, Love and Jam. It starts next weekend but I’m going to just work on it during the weekend since I don’t have time during the week.

I’ve been setting up an easel at Fairfield Community Centre to get the after-school kids to do some art. It’s great – got a minute of six year olds, up to twelve. I’ll make another post in the future with some of these images (been taking photos on my phone).

Enjoy this digital painting, three layer, line, gray, and color.
syntheticturtle-line syntheticturtle-gray syntheticturtle-color

banned from rgd

Today I awoke to one message on Reddit: You have been banned from RedditGetsDrawn.

Banned for the art I submit. My art is so dangerous that it has to be banned. The harm that my art has caused others is unspeakable. People kill themselves by just having a peak.
It’s quite funny that the only option the mods of RGD have for me is a ban. I rarely talk on the subreddit (or artist lounge where there is discussion), I only submit art.
The comments I have been receiving have only been positive, nothing negative. The mods tell me that my work is often reported though. I wish they would just ignore the reports.
Anyway, I can’t publicly send others art on rgd now, but I can PM so I’m going to keep drawing people and just PM.
I have been drawing for such a long time and it’s a bit depressing about the ban, but I’m going to keep

june-banana-line june-gtar-line june-preg-line june-sis-line june-bstrip-line june-cig-linejune-poolz-line

fri centre

Currently out of the back of centre running the afterschool computer program here in Fairfield. Fridays is the one day a week that it’s important for me to get in at Noon. The homeschool kids come in and do educational stuff on the computers. The focus has been on Blender.
I did a little bit of modeling from last week but ended up digital drawing. Here are the results:

june-zomb-line june-surf-line june-str-line june-steerz-line

June First Drawings

On the first of June I got a bunch of digital drawings complete – all reference from RedditGetsDrawn. New tablet is excellent – looking back at some of my older tablet (cte55) the quality in pressure is useless.




june-bltree-line june-brown-line june-glassesz-line june-pole-line

End of May digital drawings

I slept in a little today but awoke and painted. I am very happy about the tablet and the results im getting. I’ve been unable to produce gray-scale and color layers yet. I may just take these images onto my phone and color them with sketchbook pro.

I lost my sketchbook when I was in Auckland. I need to buy a new one – a5 will be fine.

Here are some more drawings


may-girlglass-line may-beard-line may-zomb-line

RedditGetsDrawn – Mid Jan & GOT gray/color

Continued to work on digital painting works – mostly for RedditGetsDrawn but several of the Game Of Thrones digital drawings developed further with gray-scale and color. baby-line

baby-bw baby-color  girls-bw girls-colorface-lineface-bw face-color   dragon-bw dragon-color

RedditGetsDrawn – Promarker Christmas

For Christmas I was given a six pack of Promarkers – muted colors. I am especially a fan of the red. The ginger is also nice. I need to buy a new blue – something very light will work best.
Here’s a drawing I did with them of someone on RedditGetsDrawn



inkscape tuesday – redditgetsdrawn

Here’s two drawings I drew with Inkscape. I don’t usually do vector works, but was at my brothers with no tablet so this was the next best thing.



RedditGetsDrawn Library Portraits

It’s school holidays and I want to get my sleeping back on track so I’ve been hanging out in the youth center in the Library here in Levin. Using my cellphone as reference I drew several portraits from RedditGetsDrawn. I’ve also found my tablet pen so need to get back into digital painting. It’s nice to put pencil to paper though. Today I’m planning on heading down to the local art center here in Levin. I need to hangout more with like minded individials – people that will answer more than ‘yes’ and ‘thats great’ when I discuss artwork with them.

There was the chance of me going to Wellington today, but I think I’d rather head to the art center.

Here’s the results:

DSC_0214 DSC_0215 DSC_0210 DSC_0211


2H Pencil Works



The following images were drawn recently in an a5 sketchbook. Paper quality is high. Slightly textured. Page is easily marked. 2H pencil was used. This is preferred over HB for line. HB handles shading well.

Reference is RedditGetsDrawn/listener magazine/ imagination.



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