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Friday RedditGetsDrawn

Currently taking a break from the painting and watching a few videos on youtube. Attempting to write this blog post as well, though it’s slow and I’m not that motivated for it. Talking about my frustrations about writing it may help me write it. Currently I’m watching:

Spent the day yesterday on RedditGetsDrawn drawing as many photos. I aimed for twenty, but fell short. I’ve also watched a bunch of
Here are the works:

Married Couple on boatXNSOmrDI choose to draw this as the photo was clear, there is an interesting background. The navy outfit cat tattoo were also bonuses.sat-navy-line (Large)

Line. The two figures in the center of the page. I’ve generally kept the same angle on all of these RedditGetsDrawn works. For the background I’ve kept it general the same with the trees being more spiky than the reference photo, I like these quick graffiti type movements. On the girls I made sure to include the cat tattoo.  Mum should get a tattoo of her Black Cat. 
sat-navy (Large)

Tone. Looking at this now I realized that I’ve left out the boats – I’ve included boat in other works and they are quick to create – just a dark horozontil flick. I made a clear contrast between the figures.

Woman on beach


Sorry, can’t find the

SAT-GIRLBOAT-TONE (Large)Woman on a baloney


Why did I choose to paint this? Well for a start it’s a full figure, the photo is not blurry. It could do with stronger tones, but at least it’s not washed out. The balcony in the background gives me a base to work from.
FRIDAY-WOMAN-LINE (Large)Woman on a baloney. I took some design liberty with this 
Tone added. I love the background I created in this. I haven’t worked with tiled floors before, it’s a cool effect. Certainly extended the scene from what was happening in the reference photo.y6rDgXJFRIDAY-WEDDING-LINE (Large) This couple just got married and are out on a boat. This is the line FRIDAY-WEDDING-TONE (Large) friday-swag-line (Large) friday-swag-tone (Large) friday-snow-line (Large) friday-snow-tone (Large)

friday-parkgirl-line (Large) friday-parkgirl-tone (Large)

friday-cosplaygirl-line (Large)friday-cosplaygirl-tone (Large)FRIDAY-GUY-LINE (Large) FRIDAY-GUY-TONE (Large) friday-cosplaygirl-lineFRIDAY-CHILD-LINE (Large)FRIDAY-CHILD-TONE (Large)eFRIDAY-BACKPAT (Large) FRIDAY-BACKPAT-tone (Large) friday-brosis-line (Large)friday-brosis-tone (Large)

Reddit Gets Painted – Levin collection

More paintings from reference on Reddit. It’s been a busy few days with these.thursday-beach-line (Large)

These girls are having fun on a beach scene. I partially like the left post, the leg on the side is difference makes for an interesting shape of the figure.
thursday-beach-tone (Large)

Tone added. Dark highlights in the hair, shorts, and land in the distance. The white eyes look demon like.

And the video:

Alright, onto the. next:

tuesday-5-line-crash (Large)

As GIMP was crashing I hit print scene in order to capture what I had done. I then reopened this image and just traced over it quickly. I keep my paintings under 20mins and the majority of that time is tone so losing a few lines is never a big problem. 
tuesday-5-line3 (Large)

The line is finished. This is one of my favorite line works I have done recently. Comparing it to the developed tonal version – the linework has far more happening.

tuesday-5-line2 (Large)

Tone. Her top is my favorite area. The water in the background is somewhat interesting as well. I’m not sure how I feel about her skin tones. There is something about it that’s not working.

The video:

The request for this next one was a Left for Dead character. So zombies. I generally don’t take notice of these requests but just paint what I see. I want to createa world for the character though

Line applied. I struggled a with the head angle, as you can see the line work for it is a mess. I just drew the face twice, I could of rubbed out areas but I’ve been taught to use the eraser for effects only and not for fixing mistakes. I’m going over it with tone anyway. In the reference photo she has a dog in the background, I moved this dog to her shoulder. Kind of like a pirate and parrot. But Zombie Hunter and Dog.

Tone. Background could have more in it? Maybe dark spikes poking out. Used elements from the reference in this – such as the clock, and tiled panels on the floor. 

Five people in this. Having lots of people is generally helpful as it can help with measuring one another. In the reference they \were on a boat so I kept true to that with creating land in the distance and water drifting into the foreground. 

Tone. I’m especially happy with the tone of the clothes on the left sitting figure, that mid gray and dark works together well. Instead of making the far left figure clothing white it may have been better to go with a darker tone – give some balance to the piece.

And onto the Steampunk wedding: friday.steampunk-line (Large)

Fantastic reference photo to work from. I especially enjoyed the clothing. The scenery around the figures was helpful, but sadly I lost the majority of the detail during the drawing and painting process. I’m still happy with this work.
friday.steampunk-tone (Large)And tone. As you can see one of the only areas of the environment that was kept was the pillars, the rest has been transformed into a lake and land in the distance.

And the video:

Thanks for visiting. Till next time.

Dads Hens

It’s been a nice day. Went for a walk and took photographs. Pretty flowers, and food! This afternoon I decided to sit down and do another painting (I really don’t produce enough paintings).

So here’s the painting. Dads Hens:

Reference I used. This is a photo I took recently of my Fathers Chickens. You can view more of the photos over here. I used this photograph as reference on my laptop monitor - and painted on the desktop.


When was the last time I drew a animal on the computer? It’s great to draw a different subject. This was very quick to get down and certainly helps my visual library.
choock-bwGray scale tone. I started with the eye- the darkest gray and worked out from there. I decided later it was too dark and make it lighter. That’s the great thing about working digital – if it isn’t working then just paint over it. I used two tones for the majority of the Hen, bringing in a third later for dark highlights. The background, a layer of light gray.
choock-colorColor now. Used the same colors as the painting I did earlier today. I’m really enjoying these two yellows and how well they work together. No red in here. Maybe I could of created an environment for the Hen to be in. Poor thing, just covered with blueness.

Here’s the video to go along with the painting:


Woke up not as early as I wanted to. I think it was 8:30. Freaked out as I went to paint and was unable to find my tablet pen. End of the world. I gave my room a tidy to find it – sure enough I found it under my keyboard. The freak was off.

Here’s the painting -

This is the reference I decided to use. It’s the line work from a painting last year that I wasn’t happy with. View the post here. I imported this line drawing into a new GIMP file – slightly larger than the original so gave me room to work around the edge… add extras on.

Here’s the line done. As you can see the drawing has been extended at the bottom, adding in more vegetation and water areas. Other lines have been extended to fill in gaps. Figure added to the left.

lvn-rework-bwAnd tone. I started with the figure on the left – the darkest gray. I then moved onto the sky and filled in the rest of the areas with tone. I experimented with making the tree branches in the same gray as the figure but it was too strong, dropped it down so it doesn’t clash.

lvn-rework-colorColor. I added red into, something I haven’t been happy with. Decided to use my normal red and a black version, helps with making the color not so dominate and balance it out. Maybe a lighter version of the red? Two shades of green for the water. Yellow for vegetation, and blue for the sky.

Here I’ll include the painting I did previously from the reference:

ca.lvnrose.ctoneAs you can see I’ve clearly improved since this painting. There is more detail, areas just made up, and a better sense of depth. I don’t like the pink colors in this work either – the red is certainly stronger.

And finally, here’s the video:


Auckland Characters

I’ve been taking photos. The majority of these have been landscape or street scene, but I have taken some photos of people. You can check out my new stock photography website – FreshFigure.

For this painting I used several of my photographs and painted characters. I normally paint enviorments so it’s always refreshing to paint characters. Here goes:




Line. The four figures are all the same height with the two portraits slightly wider than the figures. I especilly enjoyed doing the line on portrait with the tongue out – it’s very unusal and nothing like a normal portrait. Yay for differences. akl-char-tone

Grayscale tone. I focused on skin and hair – missing the legs on the left two figures. I went in with the middle gray and just covered areas before going in with dark to the hair areas. I used a light gray in certain areas of the skin to increase the contrast.
akl-char-colColor. I dropped opacity to 30% and covered the skin with yellow. Next was red for the darks (just laying over that yellow). Finally I used two shades of blue for the back wall and a green for the floor.

Here’s the video:


Good morning. I got back to Levin yesterday – my Fathers place. One of the first things I did was open GIMP on the desktop computer and produce a digital painting – and record it. I didn’t record the color stage, but managed to record all up to grayscale tone.

Here’s the painting:

The far left reference is a sketch book I did in Wellington at the railway station. I’ve taken this into GIMP previously and was happy with the result. I thought it was about time to have another go. On the right I added a drawing of a cafe in Takaka, and above that trees in Christchurch. 

Line. I modified my pressure settings in GIMP to get more variety in my line – you can see this in the figure sculpture in the middle – very thin line. I’m happy with this line as it gave me enough information to develop good tone over it. 

Grayscale tone. I made up the tone as I went by just applying a range of tones over the page. For more important areas or foreground I used dark and light for less important areas. Darks for figures always seems to work best. Now, color. 

I had lots of fun with the color on this. Mixed and layered. The colors are my normal ones, but I also included a different tone of the red that I use for the line

And the video, sorry for missing color. Better than nothing!

Wellington Harbor

Continued taking the drawings from Wellington into GIMP and turn them into Concept Artwork.

This was one of my favorite drawings I did well in Wellington – Waterfront on Sunday morning. When I lived in Wellington I would often make it into the Te Papa market to buy fruit and veges – and get some sketching done. It was lovely to do this again.

Here’s the painting process:

I started with mashing the two photographs together. I worked the same size as the previous work – 6000px by 200px. It’s a great long format that works well for these ladscape type works.Line added. I kept with the black line but I should explore different colors – browns might be good. Using something that’s not black will help remove the cartoon feel I get. Tone added. I used a light and mid gray for the objects and a dark gray for areas of the water and the figure in the foreground

And finally color – same color as previous works. I want to create several of these works everyday – using the same colors (though I leave room for more colors to happen – especially lights and darks of current colors). I kept the figure in black as it helped give the sense of perspective. Looking at this now – more reds could of been using on the right side. Maybe even capture the figure with some reds. Would highlights of light on the figure help?

Cuba Street Painting October

It’s been several days since my last post. I’ve been on a trip to visit my Grandma. I got a bit of drawing done there – still need to scan the works in though. I was spose to scan it at Mums this afternoon – but forgot. I’ll try to get it done tomorrow so I can get some drawings uploaded.

Here’s a recent digital painting I did in GIMP of Cuba Street. Complete with video of the painting and narration. Enjoy.

Grayscale painting of the scene. Reference was a drawing I did on Cuba Street. It’s modified somewhat – added areas. This took 20 minutes. 

The finished color painting.

Video with narration. Great pratice doing the narration – it took me several attempts. Mostly talk about colors.

Levin Cinema Painting

Took a recent sketch from my sketchbook into GIMP and did a digital paint over. I recorded the painting and uploaded it to Youtube- with a voice narration over it. I’ll make these a regular feature, It’s a good habit to get into.

Anyway, onto the painting.

I started with applying line to a recent pencil sketch. The view was of the mall carpark. I started with a 20 px pen and decreased it to 5 px for the detailed areas – especially on the left.

The final painting. Here I’ve painted over with tone and removed the line layer. Looking at this now – I could have added more darks to areas – especially the tree and skyline.
Video of the painting – with voice narration.

Have a great day.

Painting Cuba St Videos

Here’s a quick digital painting I worked on tonight. I’ve finally got CamStudio working correctly – I want to record games and art. I own a decent microphone, it just needs a stand. Will pick one up sometime. The microphone on my old white headset is decent for now. For now there is no sound in the videos. Maybe put on some Pandora?

It had been a long time I had just painted in GIMP without tracing over an image. Helpful to start creating original paintings in GIMP using my drawings as a reference rather than just a tracing tool.


New colors, new approach. The reference I used for this was a sketch in Wellington – on Cuba Street. Instead of tracing over I used the sketch as visual reference. My tones are certainly stronger – It has a more painty feel!

In terms of colors – love how the green and yellow blend together beautiful. I will keep with these colors and work on a series. 
This is my test palette for colors. I made this after to display the colors I used. I ended up mixing some new colors to work with as well. These may be used in a later painting.

Here are the videos:

The color test video.

Part one of Cuba Street painting. In this I work with just gray-scale.

And finally Part two of Cuba Street painting. In this I add color.

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