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Cuba street fish

I had a request today to upload some art. I have a new sketchbook that I have started to fill. Always buying new sketchbooks. So many half finished.
Here’s a pencil sketch from Cuba Street, Wellington. H pencil.


I had drawn this scene before. I remember because of the hook icon on the building.
Cuba Street is one of my favorite spots to draw in Wellington. I’m able to sit, focus and produce some great drawings.
These last few months my drawing has been minimal. Around Levin I don’t draw like I use to. Whenever I visit Wellington – my drawing sparks.
I still feel sick and cold though.

Drawing around Wellington

I have a new sketchbook. It’s likely the most expensive paper I’ve used. Slight texture, but nothing too major.

Here’s drawings from around Wellington:DSC_5345-edit

The waterfront. In the distance on the left is containers being loaded onto the dock. Traveling across to the right is land. Lines above represent clouds. This was drawn in the morning. DSC_5346-edit

The right side of the page. I decided to mix up the scene by drawing the majority of this side in a different area than the previous drawing  This allows me to work on more detail and not get frustrated with lack or detail and information – especially on the second page when I often get tired.

Sat on Coutrney Place for this drawing. Looking up at the lights , buildings, and vegetation surrounds. DSC_5348-edit

Reading Cinemas sign. Another view from Coutrney Place.

DSC_5356-edit Bucket fountain on Cuba Strett. The figure was drawn earier and I worked around the figure with the drawing of the water fountain. This included the grass on the ground. Focusing on a small area and getting it right is aften better than looking at a large area and getting it wrong. DSC_5351-edit
View looking out to the water.

Lights, sky, flag. DSC_5354-edit

A scanner Darkly. Book by Phillip Dick that I recently read. It’s great I’m reading more – I want to illustrate novels. DSC_5355-edit

Another quick city drawing.

Circling Wellington building painting

Slow on the digital painting recently. I’ve been filling up my sketchbook with pencil drawings. This morning though I went to Lower Hutt Starbucks and finished a cityscape work and started a painting from life. Here’s the result. Great to get something uploaded since it’s been several days.

Here goes -



This is the reference I used. On the left is a sketch from Hastings, center is a building which is visible from parliament  and the right is a pencil line sketch of an area on Cuba Street. I started merging together my pencil drawings into digital paintings towards the end of last year and it’s been great to get back into it again, I’ve really only been working on RedditGetsDrawn works so fun to do some work that involved just the environment - no characters!



Line work. The center building was the first area to complete in line. I went and did the grayscale tone for the building as well before deciding it needed more detail and bringing in the reference on the left and right. Fills up the page.

I wanted to make sure that the three pieces worked together without feeling out of place, where they line up is important. Overlapping and such is not a problem.

And gray-scale tone. I used a range of brushes in this work in order to give a variety in texture. Make sure to balance those lights and dark throughout the piece. Looking back



Color. Wanted to keep with colors I was familiar with, but added in a brown to experiment with. This is working well with the reds. The right side of the page has evolved since color has been added, no longer is it a pillar but instead it’s a building structure. These things happen.

wellington draw

Currently in Hastings. Busy with the photos, plus some drawings. This post is for the drawings I did during my time in Wellington. I have wifi.


This view is of on the corner of Tory Street and Courtney Place.



Right side of the page. Here I’ve captured the end of the building is the rail traveling in the air. On the right is a black pillar shape. It’s a sculpture in the foreground, only able to fit part of it in so framed it up against the edge.



The waterfront. I sat on the Wellington Waterfront on a Sunday morning and drew this. In the distance a ship is docked. This is where I start. From here I build out


Sitting on Cuba Street. This is a favorite spot for me. The drawing is of the buildings in front of me. I love to draw Wellington. DSC_8960

Another Cuba Street view. I’ve drawn this exact scene before so great to go back and redraw.

DSC_8961 DSC_8962


Wellington Rail Remake

This is Wellington Railway Station Digital Painting, I’ve been producing plenty of RedditGetsDrawn works lately, these have been a character focused but have included basic environments  I don’t like the idea of just painting a portrait or character, it has to be within an environment  I decided to go back to an older pencil drawing that I’ve worked from previously and produce a digital painting of it. ca-rail-REMAKE-refThis is the pencil reference I used. This was drawn during a trip to Wellington in 2012, The scene is out front of the railway station in central Wellington.  It’s one of my favorite drawings. Like previous works I’ve done like this I opened this up in GIMP and created a new layer for the line ca-rail-REMAKE-lineLine. I traced over the reference. Used my laptop computer for this – usually I use my desktop. The settings are a different for the paint dynamics and I’m not getting the best thick to thin. It’s something that I need to fiddle with.ca-rail-REMAKE-tone

And tone. Harsh dark for the figures in the work, and a mixture of mid to lights for other areas. I just guess the tone and made it up as I went. I started a color layer for this – only did a little before I got distracted with something else. I’ll likely just keep this a black and white tone work. I want to produce more of these environment works – maybe look though more of my older drawings and develop works from them.


Wellington Water

I’ve been playing The Walking Dead. Good news is that it’s a game that allows me to paint at the same time. So during the game I painted this following scene, it took me a bit longer to paint than usual as I was semi engaged with The Walking Dead.

Anyway, here’s the painting:


The reference is common – both pencil sketches drawn in Wellington – the left waterfront, and right the railway. I painted the railway just yesterday so I think tomorrow I’ll have to paint something different. It is a fun scene to paint though. I want more drawings with figure sculptures in.ca-water-lineOk line. I currently have a bad headache so not really sure. I guess this line is what I expected. Nothing special or different to what I usually do. I’m just going to move onto tone which is far more exciting.


Gayscale tone. Now this is getting there. I spent awhile on this building up the tones. I’m  happy with the water areas and the interesting large pole on the right side (left of the figure sculpture). I’m not happy with the car, I had to go over it several times but it still feels wrong and out of place.

ca-water-colorColor. As always I had plenty of fun applying the color. I kept with my usual colors, but was brave and mixed them in areas.. such as the green/blue and yellow/red for the water. The opacity is set to 30% for the color so layering of colors greatly helps the depth.

Alright, that will do for now. No video for this one.


Good morning. I got back to Levin yesterday – my Fathers place. One of the first things I did was open GIMP on the desktop computer and produce a digital painting – and record it. I didn’t record the color stage, but managed to record all up to grayscale tone.

Here’s the painting:

The far left reference is a sketch book I did in Wellington at the railway station. I’ve taken this into GIMP previously and was happy with the result. I thought it was about time to have another go. On the right I added a drawing of a cafe in Takaka, and above that trees in Christchurch. 

Line. I modified my pressure settings in GIMP to get more variety in my line – you can see this in the figure sculpture in the middle – very thin line. I’m happy with this line as it gave me enough information to develop good tone over it. 

Grayscale tone. I made up the tone as I went by just applying a range of tones over the page. For more important areas or foreground I used dark and light for less important areas. Darks for figures always seems to work best. Now, color. 

I had lots of fun with the color on this. Mixed and layered. The colors are my normal ones, but I also included a different tone of the red that I use for the line

And the video, sorry for missing color. Better than nothing!

Nude Wellington

I used GIMP on my laptop last night to mash together reference for the painting this morning. Preparing it last night meant I was able to get straight into the painting this morning.

Here’s the painting -

Reference. I searched my laptop folders for files that I haven’t used before – mostly life drawing works and such. I may as well use these works as part of the street scene works. Man of these drawings are not uploaded to the blog it would be helpful to get these uploaded.

Back to the reference. I used oil pastel figures in the foreground on the left and right. I use a pencil drawing of skins character Cassie for the head on the right figure.  The drawing in the center was from my sketchbook – a Wellington drawing. At the top traveling horizontal is a photograph, I took this year ago of the Wellington Rowers building on the waterfront.

Line. I had problems with finding line ares to trace – it’s lacking information and compososion somewhat. I am happy with how the figures turned out – especially the legs on the left and the overall shape of the right.

Tone added. Again I’m especially happy with the figure on the right and legs on left figure. The pole in the center, center left and left in the distance helps scale the piece – this is certainly good. There are areas in the environmental that needs more highlights – maybe where light is hitting.

No color sadly – I’ve been bad with my file management and corrupted the color version.

And finally the video:

Court Garden

I’ve decided to change my video settings to 1080 up from 720. The quality is worth it. I’m not partically happy with this painting but happy that I’m trying new things in GIMP – full screen and color palattes.

The fuzziness is frustrating me, I need to go look at tutorials instead of making the same mistakes.

I watched this video today. The other day as I was walking to my Mums place I did quick thumbnail sketches in my visual diary. I need to work with thumbnails more. I’ve used the program alchemy before – zzit was a few years ago now.  Watching this video has motivated me to re-install on my desktop – I only ever had it on my old mac laptop.

Anyway, here’s the painting I did today.

Reference I started with. A mashup of drawings from Wellington and Levin. I decided to rotate the image on the right to give the image an interesting angle – in the past I’ve only scaled and mirrored. Line work. It was different working in 1080p – I had to stop the recording more often. It’s not a problem as it gives me more break periods during the painting. This line work is ok, I think my favorite area is the sin on the top

Tone added. Again my favorite area is the sign – the tone and contrast is working well. My least favorite area is the car in the center – it needs lights – or maybe more darks. The top right is a problem – I don’t know what the hell is happening.

Color. I used the palette option within GIMP for the first time. It seems easy to use. Pasting the colors on the page would be optimal as I don’t like working with open windows – either that or a shortcut added to open/close the palette tab.

I dropped the opacity down to 30% for the color – this allowed the gray to still have a effect on the work. I hate Sky.

Wellington Harbor

Continued taking the drawings from Wellington into GIMP and turn them into Concept Artwork.

This was one of my favorite drawings I did well in Wellington – Waterfront on Sunday morning. When I lived in Wellington I would often make it into the Te Papa market to buy fruit and veges – and get some sketching done. It was lovely to do this again.

Here’s the painting process:

I started with mashing the two photographs together. I worked the same size as the previous work – 6000px by 200px. It’s a great long format that works well for these ladscape type works.Line added. I kept with the black line but I should explore different colors – browns might be good. Using something that’s not black will help remove the cartoon feel I get. Tone added. I used a light and mid gray for the objects and a dark gray for areas of the water and the figure in the foreground

And finally color – same color as previous works. I want to create several of these works everyday – using the same colors (though I leave room for more colors to happen – especially lights and darks of current colors). I kept the figure in black as it helped give the sense of perspective. Looking at this now – more reds could of been using on the right side. Maybe even capture the figure with some reds. Would highlights of light on the figure help?

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