It is November. Here is a collection of chalk drawings I’ve been working on.

Giant. One eye, two fangs. The line was orange and tone yellow and white. I started a red line on the head and arm but never finished it.


I drew this at a friends place with a six year old. He drew Micky Mouse and then I redrew the Micky Mouse – you can see this in the ears. In the background I added a landscape to the background. Windows are floating in the sky, along with ballons. Water comes to the foreground. The ballons in the bottom right are drawn by him.


Dino drawing I worked on. In the background I drew trees and land. water comes into the foreground.



Monster on brown paper. Started with pencil line, drawing the monster and line for horizon line. Trees and land added to this. The monster has a trex like head, with sharp long teeth. Instead of hands the trex has two claws. The colour was added with oil pastel. Yellow for the skin, red for dots, arms, legs. Blue was used for the background.



Chalk. Dinosaurs. Spikes everywhere.


Two eyes, nose, and sharp spikes making up the rest of the face. Red eyeballs.



Houses and land on the horizon line with ocean coming to the foreground.




More dinos. Tone was added to some of these.



Hulk vs Bane. Punching each other.