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chalk dino monster

It is November. Here is a collection of chalk drawings I’ve been working on.

Giant. One eye, two fangs. The line was orange and tone yellow and white. I started a red line on the head and arm but never finished it.


I drew this at a friends place with a six year old. He drew Micky Mouse and then I redrew the Micky Mouse – you can see this in the ears. In the background I added a landscape to the background. Windows are floating in the sky, along with ballons. Water comes to the foreground. The ballons in the bottom right are drawn by him.


Dino drawing I worked on. In the background I drew trees and land. water comes into the foreground.



Monster on brown paper. Started with pencil line, drawing the monster and line for horizon line. Trees and land added to this. The monster has a trex like head, with sharp long teeth. Instead of hands the trex has two claws. The colour was added with oil pastel. Yellow for the skin, red for dots, arms, legs. Blue was used for the background.



Chalk. Dinosaurs. Spikes everywhere.


Two eyes, nose, and sharp spikes making up the rest of the face. Red eyeballs.



Houses and land on the horizon line with ocean coming to the foreground.




More dinos. Tone was added to some of these.



Hulk vs Bane. Punching each other.


asylum abe

Recent digital works completed in GIMP.

Lately I have been focusing on the line layer and ignoring the black and white/colour tonal layers. The line layer is usually the idea generation layer and the black and white/colour tonal layers just build upon kill abe-line


Line layer. Reference was a screenshot from Oddworld: Abes Odyssey.



Grayscale tonal layer. I am happy with the texture and alive feeling that the scrap produces.



Colour. Mixed things up a bit by using the blue for the ground instead of the background. Red is used for the background instead. Happy with the yellow of the scrap, especially with the light and dark tones.

robot bug trex

The following works were completed last week and during the weekend. It is all red line. The themes are dinos, bugs, landscape, and robots.

trexland wcm robotland orgeland monster labugland bugland

ggj08 roach work

This will be my final post for BaconGameJam08. I enjoyed the jam and just drew and painted the whole time. I’d like to take some of the images further into 3d and a game in future.

Enjoy –


bbj08-roach-linebbj08-roach-bw bbj08-roach-color

BGJ08 grey bugs

Continued with the digital works from the previous post. I have also included a digital drawing that I did in MyPaint.



The MyPaint painting. Taking bug elements and mixing them with humanoid figures. Flowers and plants mixed in.




Grey-scale layer of the previous posts red line. holleybugz-color


The color version

BBJ08 Bugs

The theme for BaconGameJam08 is Millions Of Them.

An excellent theme. Very open and wide with an interesting keyword – millions.

I was at my Mothers place when the them announced. I had a team (2 other programmers) but had problems commuacting with them so I gave up for the afternoon and just focused on helping Mother.

I did talk to my sister about the theme. My first thought was bugs and beetle.

Once I got home I started on digital painting of weird bugs.

Next step is 3d.

Ideas for the bugs theme. Lots of bugsBBJ08-LINE-BUGLarge bug in the middle is the main. I love the headpiece attached to their head. I watched Bobs Burgers with my sister and drew several characters. These will likely not be turned into 3d models, rather focus on the more bug like characters.




akl child draw

Here are some recent traditional drawings.
It’s been awhile since I have updated so this is somewhat of a bulk post.



This was drawn at Fairfield Community Centre. I have been really enjoying drawing spikes. Those sharp edges, getting them to look good.




Dolly drew this colorful character. I love the level of detail. Eyes with eyeballs, a mouth, hair, top (shaped beautifully). Arms. Though the left arm is very fat! Both arms are interesting and different. The fingers count to 5 on the right hand. Left hand has four fingers.



I sat at the Queen Street, Auckland Burger Fuel store with my sister and drew this. We ordered ‘The Bastard’ and shared it. Clouds and burgers were a focus. I copied logo and text from Burger Fuel.





This was drawn at Overload in Auckland. I used Horse Ninja postcard as reference.




Coloured Pencil and ink. Blue colored pencil and yellow and green ink.



Close up of the character.



Texture of colored pencil. Sitting on the concrete outside and making markings.



Amazing marks from the kids.




Plant in a tree, with a landscape at the bottom. Similar to the landscapes I draw.




Started with the robot and grew. Houses in the landscape, along with wild forests.




I did a drawing of Dollys tree inside a bubble. The brick wall at the base. I was drawing straight lines and not making them rugged. I was told this was wrong and that I should do it more ruged, like the original. I obeyed (and agreed).



Great shapes. We thought it was a snake at first but later relized there may be some rivers and boats happening. How exciting!


Ruined Cutie Warped Conecpt Art

For the game jam #ruinjam I worked on concept art for a project I called Ruined Cutie Warped.
No 3d models or game design was completed.


One of the first drawings completed for the project. For this I used Ruinjam environment artwork as reference.


Again reference inspired from ruinjam site. This included the jams mascot. This character is drawn and morphed into all concept art development.


This was drawn at Fairfield Community Centre. It is created with felt pens. On the right is a character from a book. Skin tone is yellow and background blue. The left is a humanold figure with wings. A child colored it in for me.
Landscape was added with red pen.


Aladdin and Raspberry Pi. This is 2H pencil on A3 white paper. Watched scipy2014 well working on this. Added quotes from the video.

Colored Halfweek

I have been busy this week with pencil and colored pencil. Often its just drawing from imagination but a focus on landscapes and characters. Molding them together.

On Friday I cutup brown paper into long stripes to use. Just like at art school!


Pencil on paper. One request was the sunflower (see right of ‘William’). I love requests! Several characters are also created, then a landscape. Notes on the right regarding color.


Color pencil. I could not find a green pencil. I wanted to cover the landscape and maybe areas of ground with it. Instead I used browns, reds and blues. Purple lightning!




Oil pastel. This is a train track. Blue water is flooding the track. Character portrait on the left. Red house in the distance. It’s raining blue.



STOP GO sign request. Could not find red, went with green. Had to color background blue or would of felt incomplete.


Final landscape request. Started with a star. Houses include a fire-station (with pole!).



manakin friday

Three works from Friday. Enjoy.




View from the easel – back wall in the building. Added landscape as it developed.  Pencil on paper.



Bane. Oil Pastel on paper. Batman is of topic and Bane is a character that we have been talking about.



New colored pencils. Drawing the manikin that is also new.

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