wellington draw

Currently in Hastings. Busy with the photos, plus some drawings. This post is for the drawings I did during my time in Wellington. I have wifi.


This view is of on the corner of Tory Street and Courtney Place.



Right side of the page. Here I’ve captured the end of the building is the rail traveling in the air. On the right is a black pillar shape. It’s a sculpture in the foreground, only able to fit part of it in so framed it up against the edge.



The waterfront. I sat on the Wellington Waterfront on a Sunday morning and drew this. In the distance a ship is docked. This is where I start. From here I build out


Sitting on Cuba Street. This is a favorite spot for me. The drawing is of the buildings in front of me. I love to draw Wellington. DSC_8960

Another Cuba Street view. I’ve drawn this exact scene before so great to go back and redraw.

DSC_8961 DSC_8962


Lynn Mall to Blender Model

I’ve been super busy in Blender. It’s been a blast. PolyCount has been a big inspration. I feel things are starting to move forward. This post shows a scene I worked on yesterday with building stairs and a hand rail – using Concept artwork I drew in Auckland. I want to model more of my works in Blender – my skills will improve!

The digital painting I used for inspration in the 3d work. I didn’t copy it excatly but instead took the essence of it – the stairs, hand rail and pillar shapes. The scene developed as I worked on it – adding items that were not in the original scene. Creative freedom allows this! 

Overall view of the scene – this was badly modeled and when it came to texturing it was a disastore. I used this as a first draft and remodeled the scene so I was able to texture it.

Same scene. This is the ground view. I wanted to hand paint the entire scene. I enjoy digital painting and UV painting is something I need to learn. The remodeled scene. I basically split the scene up into areas, in the first scene it was all one big mesh – here it’s split into tiny meshes to work with – the floor – three walls – several cubes for the internal walls, and the stairs. I just re-added the power poles and made them a more interesting with tilting (notice right)
Ground view of the scene. On the right is the power pole – I added several more polys to it. I think a texture will be best though.

Animation of the scene. I wanted to give first person a go. It would be super cool to add limbs and such to the first person view. So you felt you were really there. I read a great post on Reddit the other day discussing Why do developers generally not like to implement feet and torso for 1st person view?. I’ll like to explore the first person view further.

Sketchy Sketchy Levin

Some recent pencil works in Visual Diary. These works were done well in Levin, mostly from watching television (yay Breaking Bad) and a select few from outings in Levin.

Here I sat in the carpark near the Cinema and drew the new community centre that’s being made. It opens towards the end of September. I’ll be interested in check it out when it’s done. Though I think too much money has been spent. Wasted local govt money. I read a article saying the place will be equipted with the latest ‘macs and pcs’. That statement along frustrates me. They should install Linux on all the computers rather have a mixture of ‘macs and pcs’.

I used my clutch pencil in this – keeping the lines clean and tidy. 

I recieved a spiderman toy from Mums. It’s arms and legs move in 3 places, head rotates and waist. It makes good referce. I’ll like more toys like it for pratice. 

Portraits and character development. I’ll likely take these further in GIMP.

More ideas on exploring character constriction. The idea is to create more 3d character on paper. This will make it easier when taking the works into blender.

Escape the sandstorm EOW. It was a great theme and I wish I had digitalisted these works earier the week. I’ll see how I get on this weekend but may have time to work on a digital version for the theme.

Got the goache out. Goache in Visual Diary isn’t bad, though I can’t layer it. Praticing poses. 

More goache. The brush I’m using is my largee blight brush. It allows me to use the corner so I can create small mark as well as the whole brush to create a large stroke. Amazing large brushes.

The beach in Levin. I went out last weekend with Mum, Luke, and Roger. On the right is Rogers car, with the view of land in the distance. Water separates the sand in the foreground with the land in the distance. Again another work I’ll take into GIMP.

Breaking Bad sketches. I like watching tv shows and movies. Having the sketchbook in front of me when I’m watching is helpful – it’s great practice for multitasking and for quick sketches. Develop an idea of what a character looks like from a range of angles/zooms.

Stan Lee Portrait and Spiderman. I was going to post this on the Stan Lee AMA on Reddit when he does it.

Portrait Batman ChCh

More digital works. It’s what I’ve been focusing on since I’ve been back in Levin. I like to try to put in at least a couple of hours a day into these – usually in the evening. I should try to get out tomorrow or Friday and sketch around Levin. Hell – why not both days?

I still need to visit my mums place and scan in some new drawings from my visual diary, especially the conceptart EOW works – Escape the Sandstorm.

I’ve been looking on trademe for a new camera. My old camera has been broken for months, it’s about time I invested in a new one. It doesn’t need to be too flash, though I’d like an improvement over the last camera.

Anyway, here’s some recent digital paintings I’ve been working on:

Portrait practice. These were from photo reference – random photos that were sitting on my computer. I’ve kept with the same color scheme that I’ve been working with in GIMP recently. It helps keep a consistency – a series of works.

Bane. I saw The Dark Knight: Rises several weeks ago. I was somewhat disappointed with it but I enjoyed Bane. I used a photo reference from the film to paint this fan art of the character. It was first drawn in my visual diary, along with Batman, and the Joker. I could develop these further, maybe into a animation or comic. Batman with a twist of William. 
And finally  a painting of a Chch scene. I spent the most amount of time on this. Tried to really limit my palette – keeping with the two blues I’ve been using recently and only adding one new one – a darker shade of the darker blue. Since my backgrounds have been done in blue and characters in yellow/reds it only seemed appropriate to keep to this when working on an environment  piece. I’ll like to experiment with this further. I have several drawings of Chch that I could develop further like this.


Explore Takaka Drawings

So I’ve been in Takaka for several days now, and drawing every one of these. It’s been nice taking a break from Levin and being in a different setting.

Here’s some of the artwork that I’ve done out and about in Takaka:

I drew this yesterday morning when up Pig Gully – my Uncle owns a mountain there. We drove up, giving the dogs a run. Once at the top I stood around for sometime before realizing there was a cold wind, and decided to get back in the car. This is a drawing of the view from the car. Sadly I didn’t bring my green colored pencil with me so had to use yellow instead of green. 

Another drawing from yesterday. This was in Takaka town district after I had lunch with a wonderful woman – Victoria Davis and her Mother (her mother is in a wheelchair and reminded me greatly of Nana). Lunch was delicious – I had a flat white, salad, and wedges. Great to catch up with Victoria and met her Mother.

After lunch Victoria headed off and I stayed in town. May as well enjoy the beautiful sunshine. I sat across from the building I had lunch – The Wheatmeal and drew the building. I love drawing buildings so much and I think i’m lucky to be able to document my trip with drawings rather then photographs. Drawings say much more then a photo ever will.

This is a view from the house I’m staying at. It was a beatiful sunny day so I decided to sit outside and draw the view. The hills are inspiring and this can only help my digital environments once I return to Levin. 

I want to show a sense of scale – by drawing objects in the distance as well as the foreground.  Sitting on a bridge in the morning I drew this of the mountains in the distance. The blue is spose to be white, but putting some color into it made it feel finished.