Lights Out BaconGameJam – Character concept

character conceptlightsout-character

Kobo Mini Drawing

I now have a Kobo Mini. At 5 inchs it’s small, but it does the trick. I downloaded free epub files for it at first. But now I’ve uploaded a collection of epub files that I had sitting on my laptop. I now want to send wordpress/rss to epub and sync via calibre.


Drew the text/images from the milkshake container. Experienting with text. Larger brushes and the ability to change the opacity would be wonderful. pictureCharacter with a line behind him. Maybe the start of a landscape.

The format for this Kobo file is 600 x 682. At least this is larger than the ipod touch… just feel restricted by the lack of brush options.


Regina Spektor and Characters on the wall

Some portrait painting during my time in Wainui. These were used as demos to show Michelle how I digitally painted.

Here we go: 
regina-lineSince I only have the laptop currently I used one monitor for this. The reference was placed on the left side and I worked in the line on the right.


Regina Spektor. regina-bw-blueI was explaining to Michele about how I don’t use the smudge tool. I decided to show her the tool and this is the result. We compared the smudged to the non-smudged. She liked the smudged version better. Personally I like the non smudge. Being about to see the brush strokes and use them as part of creating the form. regina-color

Color. Showed how I use a limited amount of colors but a range of tones of each color. New color for the shirt. 

Reference for this were photos on the shelf. I drew the characters, the frame around them, and the mantel piece they sit on. Turned it into a landscape work with the clouds in the back and scaling of the photos. wainuippl-bw

Black and white. Focused very little but instead just gave the impression. In the background I defined the land. The characters are lighter than usual. Black frame septrates them from the landscape scene. On the left is square tiles. I like these for the ground. Above this a character is erupting from the land. wainuippl-color


Color. I said in a recent post I wanted to use more browns in my work. Here I’ve done this with the land. Experimenting with the saturation levels of the brown – interesting grays appearing on the right hand center. For the water I used the green – exploring a range of brushes. I like the center area green – it has a flow to it that works. Building up those tones is helping.

That’s all for today.

Badly Painted Microsoft Paint Works

Slow recently on the blogging. I’m not that motivated to upload my photographs to my photography blog here due to the slow connection and continued timeouts. I need to head to the library and see how the connection is there. When I was in PakiPaki I had a decent connection that allowed me to queue 5 or so photos without a timeout. In Wellington I uploaded 200 no problems. I really need a fast and reliable upload speed.

Anyway, I shouldn’t talk about uploading photography – let’s talk art. During my trip to Hawkes Bay I took my A5 landscape notebook, clutch pencil and Fallout 3 art book. Together these allowed me to work from reference anywhere. This is especially handy in the car where I don’t have my laptop for reference (no smartphone, but really should invest in one). I also used the clutch pencil and a5 pad to draw street scenes – Hastings and Napier CBD. Sadly I lost my clutch pencil on one of my final nights in Hastings. I’m off to Wellington tomorrow so will likely buy another from the French Art Shop (I tend to not draw if I don’t have one).

I often draw from photo reference thanks to Reddit and the subreddit RedditGetsDrawn. There is another similar related subreddit known as RedditGetsDrawnBadly . Here people can post photos and they will be drawn badly. Microsoft Paint is recommended. I decided to give it a shot and open Microsoft Paint and produce paintings with the similar technique as I do with digital paintings in GIMP. 
K0OcjaT (Large)

What a great photo. It’s high res (this version is smaller than the full version) and contains the majority of the body. Love the contrast of red hair and green clothing. ivy.line

Natural Paint brush. Looking back at this now I will use the pencil tool for future works. It’s smaller, tighter and allows for more detail. This is super important as a majority of detail is lost with gray-scale color tone layers.ivy.toneAnd grayscale  tone added. I was surprised with how large the paint files were – 1200 by 900 pixels isn’t bad. It certainly allows me to do something with them in the future. ivy.color

And color added. Limited colors (four in total) but a range of tones in the color. The green for the clothing is new, everything else has been used in previous works. Working in a new program and doing something different allows me room to experiment somewhat, I feel I tend to get stuck into the same trends at times with GIMP. 

Full body pose reference. I’ll never turn down the chance to draw a full body, even if the quality isn’t the best. This allowed me to practice legs. The majority of the the character paintings I do are portraits. I work with arms and legs, but often legs are left out. guy.line

I’ve switched from the brush tool to the pencil tool. This feels like working on the line layer in GIMP. The only thing that’s missing – red. Less of a focus on the background (usually i create the hills in the distance/objects in foreground). For this I just created a basic scene using the reference in the photograph.


Grayscale. Keeping this simple. Black for the hair/sweatshirt. Skin is light gray. Didn’t bother with tones in the skin. Light and mid gray for the walls/step. Lastly, black and mid gray for the floor. Everything works together fine.


Color. I went crazy with this is added new colors to everything. I kept with the colors I usually use (yellow for skin/red hair/blue background) but it’s not the same hex number. For the floor and steps I went with a purple. Like the last painting I used a range of tones in each color. This is noticeable in the blues and purples. atQ3RHz

I remember seeing this on RedditGetsDrawn. I didn’t draw it though. It’s too much of a closeup. I prefer medium or full view shots rather than extreme close up. I guess if the quality of the photograph was higher it would be alright. Damn this out of focus photography!


This was done before I switched to the pencil tool. The line on this is very basic, I add information into the painting during the grayscale tone stage (normally it’s the otherwas around!).


Went with the mountains in the distance and water coming forward to the foreground style. This is the basics for the majority of my RedditGetsDrawn character works.


Color tone. Switch around with the colors. Instad of using the blue for the sky I used it in the ground (usually I used a green for the ground). For the mountains and sky a brown was used. I think this works well for the mountains but I’d like to use a different color for the sky – could either be the blue or mix it up and use green. WD3KCGG


Loved the mouth location on this. Had to draw it, too cute.

girl.lineThis was the first painting of this series in Microsoft paint. I was still getting use to it and saved over my line layer with the color, so only the one image. I didn’t paint a gray-scale tone layer either. The usual yellow for the skin, and red in the hair/lips. For the shirt I went with a new brown. Blue in the background, but it’s just used as a fill and gives no location to the character.

I think I’m going to have to explore brown.

Auckland Characters

I’ve been taking photos. The majority of these have been landscape or street scene, but I have taken some photos of people. You can check out my new stock photography website – FreshFigure.

For this painting I used several of my photographs and painted characters. I normally paint enviorments so it’s always refreshing to paint characters. Here goes:




Line. The four figures are all the same height with the two portraits slightly wider than the figures. I especilly enjoyed doing the line on portrait with the tongue out – it’s very unusal and nothing like a normal portrait. Yay for differences. akl-char-tone

Grayscale tone. I focused on skin and hair – missing the legs on the left two figures. I went in with the middle gray and just covered areas before going in with dark to the hair areas. I used a light gray in certain areas of the skin to increase the contrast.
akl-char-colColor. I dropped opacity to 30% and covered the skin with yellow. Next was red for the darks (just laying over that yellow). Finally I used two shades of blue for the back wall and a green for the floor.

Here’s the video:

Reddit SketchDaily bonus DA

I’ve really gotten back into SketchDaily on Reddit. They are having a month long Monster Girl theme happening… really motivates me to work on something everyday.

Here’s the work so far. All painted in GIMP with my old Wacom CTE-440 tablet.

Harpy. Experimenting with some different colors – most notable the purple. Centaurs.Added in elements of my street drawings into this. Beautiful on the inside and Slime People. Inspirted by Da Vinci anatomy. Colors used tryed to convay slime. That yucky green/yellow.

Sketchdaily work for today. Snake People. Noses. As you can see these creatures have a lack of noses. Inspired by a snake head (used a snake head as reference) then imaganation from there. Experimented with mixing colored together – red and blue to get the purple and a combo of yellow, red and blue to get the washed out red (background).

This wasn’t for Sketch Daily but it was still painted for a Reddit user. I’d like to improve this doodle – think of those 6-7 year old kids, imagination overflowing, and having adventures everywhere… Response I got for the work:

 Thank you very much! (I already replied, but see it’s not here – so sorry for the delay!) It reminds me of “Monkey’s Island” for some reason :D



Being on a roll I decided to go do some painting on DeviantArt forum DrawPLZ. The user here asked for a Octopus.
Another DrawPLZ work. Painted one of their characters. Draw your or my OC with headphones!

Here are a bunch of Videos of the painting Progress. Enjoy: 

Character Swipe Blend

Another Blender update. It’s addicting, what can I say. I worked with a model I had previously made – I just reanimated and textured. I added two walking stick objects – they turned into a weapon object.

Heres a shot of the scene. I repeated the throwing and walk cycle three times. With the 2nd model I animated it to blink around the scene.

Another view of the scene. Nothing special with lighting – just a basic sun light to light the overall scene and a spot focusing on the character walking. You can see these two lights and the direction in these two screenshots.

Finally, here’s the video of the animation. One thing I forgot to mention – I’ve been working towards creating a seamless shot that starts in the same place it leaves. Basically creating a walk cycle with the whole scene – Making the background move forward was an attempt of this. I’ll keep working on creating this.

Digital Takaka Nudes

So I scanned in over 50 pages of sketchbook and uploaded it to my blogs server – and only done one post out of it yet. The easiest way to work though these posts will be on my Mums Mac where I can view the files on the local drive easy. I may head around to her place later today to get sorted with this. 50 pages is quite daunting in order and structure, but for now – have some digital paintings that I’ve been doing with some of the scanned pages. I want to work with my scanned sketchbooks more in GIMP so expect to see more of these works.

I kept with the same color palette that I have been using in all digital painting recently. Everything is simply paint over so no obsevational skills were using – but it gave me good practice with using the tablet… especially those lines!

The standing poses. I use to only focus on certain areas – over time I’ve wanted to develop full bodys. I’m not sure if I’ll take these any further but rather just develop other drawings.

Sitting poses. The box he was sitting on I colored a darker blue, though the backgrounds in all of these works are simple. With the bottom figure I was inspired by the recent red mask attached to characters – he didn’t have a defined head so I just covered it in red. The top figure looks very much like James who I use to draw often at TLC

A life drawing that I didn’t upload with the others, missed this during the upload. It’s in fact the final drawing I did of the day. 

The most developed line work in this – though I wish the lines were thicker. Worked backwards somewhat with this – compleleing the blue background, then the yellow/red, lastly finishing up with the black line. The order doesn’t really matter since I’ve been working with 3 layers in these works.
Escape the Sandstorm is the EOW – I’ve done some sketches that I need to scan in and paint over. Till next time, stay cool honey bun.

Envelope Characters

I brought myself a 6 pack of  colored pencil today. I’ve felt an urge to get back into drawing. It started when I was hanging out in Andrews office and sketching in his a6 visual diary. I was using a .5mm mechanical pencil. I use to own one and use it regularly, during my time at the Palmerston North School of Design. I also used his colored pens – black, red and blue.

I just remembered I have the originals of the pen works. Here you go:


Robot design I guess. For the background I held 3 pens – creating marks with all 3.

The second page. More robot drawings. Pens been fun to use after such a log time with dry media.

Envelope drawing. Exploring poses. With life drawing this term I’ll focus on capturing a full character.

I like these colors. Makes me happy.