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asylum abe

Recent digital works completed in GIMP.

Lately I have been focusing on the line layer and ignoring the black and white/colour tonal layers. The line layer is usually the idea generation layer and the black and white/colour tonal layers just build upon kill abe-line


Line layer. Reference was a screenshot from Oddworld: Abes Odyssey.



Grayscale tonal layer. I am happy with the texture and alive feeling that the scrap produces.



Colour. Mixed things up a bit by using the blue for the ground instead of the background. Red is used for the background instead. Happy with the yellow of the scrap, especially with the light and dark tones.

manakin friday

Three works from Friday. Enjoy.




View from the easel – back wall in the building. Added landscape as it developed.  Pencil on paper.



Bane. Oil Pastel on paper. Batman is of topic and Bane is a character that we have been talking about.



New colored pencils. Drawing the manikin that is also new.


This is a personal request for a portrait. The first time I drew her, it was only a quick digital line drawing.
I had fun with adding grayscale and color tonal layers.
There is a bonus line drawing – I was not inspired to take this piece further in layers.
Enjoy –



line diff color

Three works for Tuesday morning. I’ve continued with just line – no gray-scale or color tonal layers.

One suggestion I had from my Sister was to use a range of different colors with the line – to separate and define objects. This worked well – I used a dark green for the grass areas in the painting. Dark blue for the sky and water, and a light yellow for skin tones. The red acts as a base. I’ll continue experimenting with a range of colors in the line.


woman walking the shores of Ireland


Woman in snow, mud on hand


Short girl, tall guy. grass and trees in background.

RedditGetsDrawn – Promarker Christmas

For Christmas I was given a six pack of Promarkers – muted colors. I am especially a fan of the red. The ginger is also nice. I need to buy a new blue – something very light will work best.
Here’s a drawing I did with them of someone on RedditGetsDrawn



inkscape tuesday – redditgetsdrawn

Here’s two drawings I drew with Inkscape. I don’t usually do vector works, but was at my brothers with no tablet so this was the next best thing.



RedditGetsDrawn- Sunday Night Painting

Produced two complete – line to color digital paintings tonight. Working with color is always very exciting. It was great to get warmup up with the quick line works and move into the tone/color. They sure take longer than line though…
enjoy –

girls-linegirls-bw  girls-colorguy-line guy-bw guy-color

RedditGetsDrawn – Color Saturday

Woke up and felt like painting again. I’m on a roll. This time I extended on the line drawings and did several color tonal studies. Nothing outstanding, but happy.
Enjoy –








Angelique Portrait

Formatted my laptop yesterday, backed up majority of my files on the system but forgot to backup my GIMP 2.8 settings. I had to create new settings for getting a thin to thick pressure look and make new brushes (default GIMP brushes are quite terrible). My old brushes are on my desktop computer, an 8 hour drive from here. I plan on getting the computer back in the next few weeks – I love those brushes I’ve got on it!
Here’s a portrait I did of my friend Angelique (went to TLC with her) because the format:
Line. Normally I go with a red color for the line – but mixed it up here and used the green. Working on a square format rather than the normal wide landscape. It felt restrictive and didn’t allow me to do the normal landscape effects I ususally use in my digital paintings.

Black and white tone. Simple, nothing special. But I like it.
Color. Usual color palette – yellow for a skin, red hair, and green for the background. No blue in this. I usually use blue for the sky/background and green for the ground. The square share is weird to work with.

redditgetsdrawn zombie

I’ve got a better setup in my room now for working on the computer. My energy has been low for a long time, this is why I haven’t been updating the site. I’ve been focusing mostly on making games.

I never got a replacement Tablet for the Wacom Intous 5. Instead, I’ve kept with the small one. It’s alright, and does the trick but doesn’t allow me to paint all day as a get a sore hand.

Here’s a zombie painting I did from RedditGetsDrawn. I would post the reference but I checked back on the listing and it seems it’s been deleted! Must always save the reference images.

Anyway, here you go:


Zombies are fun to draw. This one had somewhat of an Asian look. I rearranged the scene somewhat – sending the guy on the left towards the back and bringing the zombie forward. Moon/landscape in distance/water, and a fence to separate the zombie and guy.


Tone. Merged the guy into the background somewhat. JULY-ZOMBIE-COLOR (Large)Pushed forward the guy out of the background with using the skin tones (yellow and red), these are the same as the skin tones I used on the zombie. For the water I used green, and landscape/sky blue. You can see all the tones of colors/gray-scale I used on the left.

I have a few pencil drawings that I need to either photograph with my phone and upload or buy a new SD card for camera.

I hope you enjoyed that digital painting and I’ll be sure to upload more in future – it’s important I keep slugging away with these digital painting :D


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