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Writing this post on my new chromebook. It’s running Ubuntu KDE, a minimal install. Maybe I should run Debian KDE but whatever – I’m just using this as a development machine and to type blog posts.
I’ve tried to install my wacom tablet on it but no luck. I may have better luck if I install Fedora but from what I’ve looked at Ubuntu/Debian are the only supported systems on Chromebooks.
I’m still using my desktop to paint and here are the results.

First up, GetsDrawn logo take two:




Line layer. GetsDrawn drawn in all caps with spiky clouds surrounding the text.




GetsDrawn grayscale layer. The text is dark with background light. Outer layer is dark also.



GetsDrawn colour layer. Moving away from the retro colours and back into some that I usually use. Yellow and darker yellow for text. Blue background, and new blue around outer edge. I tried a darker of the blue but wasn’t happy with it so picked a new blue.


RetroDino line layer. Fun creating this dino from imagination. In the background there is a landscape with a sun similar to what I created in Mr Sunshin game. Clouds, trees, water. retdino-bw


Grayscale tonal layer. Certainly cutting back on the detail and information in this. Tonal layers take time and are tiring


Colour. Retro colours as inspired from the point and click game jam. treemons-line


Line layer. Lots of doodling of dinos and landscapes.treemons-bw


Grayscale. Spend awhile on this, and though I didn’t get it completely finished, I am happy with it.




Reddit December Paintings

I have been doing a few digital paintings lately for RedditGetsDrawn. I like to get a couple done each day. I then get bored and switch back to Python.

Anyway, here’s the paintings:












redditgetsdrawn zombie

I’ve got a better setup in my room now for working on the computer. My energy has been low for a long time, this is why I haven’t been updating the site. I’ve been focusing mostly on making games.

I never got a replacement Tablet for the Wacom Intous 5. Instead, I’ve kept with the small one. It’s alright, and does the trick but doesn’t allow me to paint all day as a get a sore hand.

Here’s a zombie painting I did from RedditGetsDrawn. I would post the reference but I checked back on the listing and it seems it’s been deleted! Must always save the reference images.

Anyway, here you go:


Zombies are fun to draw. This one had somewhat of an Asian look. I rearranged the scene somewhat – sending the guy on the left towards the back and bringing the zombie forward. Moon/landscape in distance/water, and a fence to separate the zombie and guy.


Tone. Merged the guy into the background somewhat. JULY-ZOMBIE-COLOR (Large)Pushed forward the guy out of the background with using the skin tones (yellow and red), these are the same as the skin tones I used on the zombie. For the water I used green, and landscape/sky blue. You can see all the tones of colors/gray-scale I used on the left.

I have a few pencil drawings that I need to either photograph with my phone and upload or buy a new SD card for camera.

I hope you enjoyed that digital painting and I’ll be sure to upload more in future – it’s important I keep slugging away with these digital painting :D


Bacon Game Jam landscape painting


line. basic and quick





LightsOff pixel ideas

The following is a painting I did in GIMP this morning – it was to produce ideas and move forward with the BaconGameJam. I’m going to sleep soon and it will likely be a big sleep. When I awake I have plenty to work on and looking forward to where the programming and sound has gone.


3d model that i made – based of these character worked ive painted


Napier gouache paintings

Blogs been neglected somewhat. I’ve been busy with Python lately – creating stuff with pygame.

Here are paintings I did from life during my time in Napier.

Everyday I went for a walk when I was in Napier. Majority of these walks were into town – to the waterfront. It was very hot during the day so the evening was the best time for me to be outside – it didn’t get dark till late. 

I painted the same landscape multiply times – the view was South. This was one of my first ones – where I’m still warming up 

This was one of my first paintings I did in Napier. I did this outside a suburbs shops – so not directly in town. The paper only handles one layer of paint – I really should be using thicker paper. 

My least favorite out of the lot.


Right side of the previous painting. Capturing the trees scaling into the foreground. A nice blue would help. 

One of the major differences I notice with painting is the lack of detail I’m able to get – with drawing I can capture small drawings – painting tends to be more of a impression. I think I will always enjoy drawing more. 

Another street view. Paints great with how quickly it spreads. Roger always said ‘painting is easier because it spreads quickly’ when comparing it to painting. Very true – I can cover more of a area with paint than draw and not get tired. 

This was a favorite landscape. The reds in the sea helps. 

That’s all for now folks.

Alcemy Landscape

Now for something completely different.

I was inspired by PixelTuners video that I watched earlier this week  decided to open Alchemy (was happily surprised to find it on the desktop). The focus was create interesting landscapes from imagination  Later I would like to take these into GIMP and develop them further – maybe use them as brushes and such.

I’ve recorded a video of the process but also included images. Enjoy

The bottom left is working well, I like the cut up transparency look. Looks like mountains in the distance! Flat but the colors are interesting. I especially enjoy the yellow and red reaction with one another.

Attempt to get some perspective into the work. The black scaling off into the distance looks like figures. Not sure how I feel about the left – the large blob of black feels out of place.

Earier version with no blue. I like the sharp directional shapes that are being created.

Some interesting shapes here. But most of all I enjoy the colors. Surrounded by blue. I used the black in the foreground in order to give the image some depth. One of my favorites.

And finally – the video:


Auckland Waterfont plus train wait

A selection of drawings from my trip to Auckland. I picked the Sketchbook up from Ponsonby and began to fill it with views from around Auckland. Although I picked up two new colored pencils from the French Art Shop as well I didn’t end up using it – I’ve been finding it easier to work with just pencil then adding color at a digital stage. 

Auckland waterfront. There were several fisherman out. I sat on a seat and just enjoyed the view. I enjoyed drawing this because it offered me several layers of perspective – something thats important when capturing the scene. No tone either – praticing that line. Once I’ve taken this into GIMP I’ll work on paintingLynn Mall. During the time I was locked out of the place I was staying in New Lynn I hanged out in the local Lynn Mall. There were several place to sit and draw. This is near the entery of the building. Train. The train takes an hour from New Lynn to Britomart. One hours a long time to work on a drawing, so every time I took the train I was able to get a drawing done. I was happy with the train system in Auckland – it was certainly cheaper than Wellington.

And last another view from the waterfont. This time it’s the huge machines they use on the dock. These were lined up in perspective so I struggled somewhat with attempts to capture the scale.

There are more drawings of Auckland that I need to scan and upload. But this will do for now. Enjoy.

Old Paintings

I’m currently filling up a sketchbook but won’t post images from it till I’m back in Levin where I can scan in the works.

For now I’ll like to post some older paintings and reflect back on them.

This was a quick landscape that I gave to my brother, Luke for Christmas. Looking at the now makes me want to take the colored pencil landscape sketches from my journal into paint. I still have several large boards of wood in Levin that I need to do something with. I think landscapes will be best but certainly need to focus on more detail and concepts with the new paintings. A oil painting that I painted one year ago. My Nana and Grandad on their wedding day. Last time I tried painting portraits it didn’t go so well and I ended up painting over with a landscape. When I’m back in Levin everything will be fresh and I’ll like to perhaps work on a portrait.

Oil painting of my sisiter. Sadly I lost this painting – it just disapeared from my home. I have no idea where it ended up. I hope it is hanging in someones bedroom or lounge as I was quite proud of it and would hate for it to be chucked out. This was a large portait I worked on of my Nana, explored transparency with building up layers of paint. Currently this painting is sitting in my Mums room as I gave it to her for xmas. I seem to give away all my paintings.

Getting towards the end of the portait. My pallette and brush that I painted the majority of the painting with is to the right.

More paintings later in the week…

Explore Takaka Drawings

So I’ve been in Takaka for several days now, and drawing every one of these. It’s been nice taking a break from Levin and being in a different setting.

Here’s some of the artwork that I’ve done out and about in Takaka:

I drew this yesterday morning when up Pig Gully – my Uncle owns a mountain there. We drove up, giving the dogs a run. Once at the top I stood around for sometime before realizing there was a cold wind, and decided to get back in the car. This is a drawing of the view from the car. Sadly I didn’t bring my green colored pencil with me so had to use yellow instead of green. 

Another drawing from yesterday. This was in Takaka town district after I had lunch with a wonderful woman – Victoria Davis and her Mother (her mother is in a wheelchair and reminded me greatly of Nana). Lunch was delicious – I had a flat white, salad, and wedges. Great to catch up with Victoria and met her Mother.

After lunch Victoria headed off and I stayed in town. May as well enjoy the beautiful sunshine. I sat across from the building I had lunch – The Wheatmeal and drew the building. I love drawing buildings so much and I think i’m lucky to be able to document my trip with drawings rather then photographs. Drawings say much more then a photo ever will.

This is a view from the house I’m staying at. It was a beatiful sunny day so I decided to sit outside and draw the view. The hills are inspiring and this can only help my digital environments once I return to Levin. 

I want to show a sense of scale – by drawing objects in the distance as well as the foreground.  Sitting on a bridge in the morning I drew this of the mountains in the distance. The blue is spose to be white, but putting some color into it made it feel finished.



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