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robot bug trex

The following works were completed last week and during the weekend. It is all red line. The themes are dinos, bugs, landscape, and robots.

trexland wcm robotland orgeland monster labugland bugland


This is a piece I created at the center last week. Line layer was done and I started with the gray-scale tonal layer.

I’ve had a crappy day. Not looking forward to the future.

artcontrol draws you

So since being banned from posting on RedditGetsDrawn I decided to go ahead and make my own subreddit – artcontroldrawsyou.
I have been writing Reddit python scripts that gets data from one subreddit and posting the data to a new subreddit/saving the data.

I have also been getting back into doing tonal black and white/color digital works. These are not included in this post – but keep an eye out in future.

june-artcontrolbanner-line june-treasure-line tresure-line-1024x721i

friday nite

Today was good.
In the morning I visited Verne, giving him a hand with his computers. I need to write scripts in python to help him. Podcast, web scraping and text to mp3.
At Noon we went to the centre where the homeschool kids were working with Blender. Lawrance was also there.
I was out the back helping with the computer room for the afterschoolers. Teacher only day for Fairfield Intermediate so kids were hanging around everywhere. This is fine though as it’s great to have them around and show them stuff on the computer. They act as good mentors for the younger ones also.
We watched Frozen and played with the electronics kit.
Tonight I was very busy on the computer at home and did a bunch of digital line works with RedditGetsDrawn
june-up-line june-water-line june-butterfly-line june-cars-line june-chil-line june-cuzin-line june-dive-line june-hats-line june-hitner-line june-ideas-line june-pussy-line june-red-line june-rose-line june-sidez-line

line diff color

Three works for Tuesday morning. I’ve continued with just line – no gray-scale or color tonal layers.

One suggestion I had from my Sister was to use a range of different colors with the line – to separate and define objects. This worked well – I used a dark green for the grass areas in the painting. Dark blue for the sky and water, and a light yellow for skin tones. The red acts as a base. I’ll continue experimenting with a range of colors in the line.


woman walking the shores of Ireland


Woman in snow, mud on hand


Short girl, tall guy. grass and trees in background.

monitor setup drawings

Very sleepy right now but had a great evening with the drawing. I have a three monitor setup – on my main samsung: gimp in full screen. On the small square monitor to the left: photo reference. Laptop: Hulu (usually films). I have a headset that I use for the films. Would like to add speaker and pandora radio to the mix.
Here are digital drawings from the day:

june-3eye-line june-mushroom-line june-pink-line june-side-line june-word-line june-pool-line june-skate-line

June First Drawings

On the first of June I got a bunch of digital drawings complete – all reference from RedditGetsDrawn. New tablet is excellent – looking back at some of my older tablet (cte55) the quality in pressure is useless.




june-bltree-line june-brown-line june-glassesz-line june-pole-line

May Paintings

It’s been a long time since I have updated artcontrol.me with some artwork. I have myself a new tablet so my plan is to work on more art and upload it. For a long time I was updating this site every two or so days. I’ve slacked off in this and other projects. I have my code which has been going well.

Here is the result from the new tablet and drawing people on RedditGetsDrawn. I am happy with the tablet. Small, but I get the result. I use to own an intous5 medium which was a little too large. The small fits me fine.

Happy I had no problems with the linux drivers also – it was all plug and go. We installed the drivers on the machines at the center – so have it working there.

Enjoy -may-soulder-line may-faire-line may-punkfair-line

RedditGetsDrawn- Sunday Night Painting

Produced two complete – line to color digital paintings tonight. Working with color is always very exciting. It was great to get warmup up with the quick line works and move into the tone/color. They sure take longer than line though…
enjoy –

girls-linegirls-bw  girls-colorguy-line guy-bw guy-color

RedditGetsDrawn – Color Saturday

Woke up and felt like painting again. I’m on a roll. This time I extended on the line drawings and did several color tonal studies. Nothing outstanding, but happy.
Enjoy –








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