Vanessa had landed on Earth. She had been sent here to investigate what happened before humans colonized Mars. The leader of the Mars colony Master Antony was the one that active the 80,000 human souls - saving the human race. Him, along with his Robot 6b345 and his cat Blitz lead the humans in their expansion of Mars. Antony advised against any humans returning to Earth, saying that the world had become toxic and humans would never be able to survive on the planet. He had told them the story of the human traitor - Sarah whom was the one that had destroyed the Earth and almost destroyed the 80,000 humans that were being preserved on Mars. Antony and 6b345 thankfully stopped her. Vanessa never trusted Antony and suspected something fishy about him. She had fled Mars and landed on Earth in order to find out more information on what might have happened. She had also heard stories of a man named Detective whom in the future is sent back to the past to warn the human race about their appending doom. They had records of an alternative time-line where humans didn't launch the 80,000 human souls - causing the human race to be wiped from existence. Antony announced to the world that it was him that sent back Detective to the past in order to save man kind.

Antony looked out over the Mars landscape from his palace. The 80,000 humans moved about in their lives below him. The majority of them bowed down to him but he was concerned for a small group calling themselves the 'Human Revolt League' that were leading a fight against him. They struggled with the fact that he lead the humans. Vanessa May was their leader. She had recently escaped from Mars and Antony and his Generals believe she may have returned to Earth. He had sent a hunting party out to find and destroy her. If she discovers what really happened in the past, everything that Antony worked for could be destroyed.

Antony had stayed behind on Mars but had sent Blitz and 6b345 (his Generals) to Earth in order to find her. As he watched the City he had build he heard the door open behind him. It was one of his Human servants. 'Master, the Generals are ready to leave', the Human spoke. Antony nodded. He turned around and headed towards the door. He would head to the ship launch pad to watch his Generals leave Mars for Earth. With his alien technology, technology had grown dramatically compared to that of old Human tech on Earth. The ship would land on Earth within a couple of hours.

Blitz had developed since Antony first created her on Mars. She had gained the ability to speck English. Blitz and 6b345 were about to board the transport ship to Earth when Antony entered the area. 'I just wanted to wish you the best for the trip', Antony spoke. 'You will find Vanessa and any other rebels and kill them'. Blitz nodded, and boarded the ship with 6b345. Antony watched as the ship took off, leaving Mars for Earth. Antony had been attempted to develop a fix for his body. Since he had escaped to Mars he had lost his full human form and was forced to stay in his half-alien half-human form. The ship that carried Blitz and 6b345 zipped across space. As it entered the Earths atmosphere it burnt up - killing Blitz and restoring 6b345

On Earth Vanessa discovered a building that was hosting a conference. The conference was ran by robots and all the attenders were robots. She managed to sneak in as a delegate. Here she was able to meet the robot version of Joey. The human version of Joey had programmed the robot version of himself to reveal the information about what had happened on Earth, the Moon, and Mars. Joey was the one that witnessed Sarah being killed by Antony and 6b345 on Mars. Joey was hunted down and killed by Detective (sent by Antony). Before Joey was killed he programmed the robot version of himself with the memory of the murder and the robot Joey was able to reveal this to Vanessa. The conference ended when debree of Blitz and 6b345's ship hits the building. Vanessa manages to escape and travels back to Mars with the robot version of Joey in order to reveal to the Humans of Mars that it was in fact Antony that killed Sarah, that Sarah wasn't a traitor. With Blitz and 6b345 dead and destroyed as they entered Earth.

During the keynote Vanessa looks around to find Joey. There were many robots here and he was hard to find. She might need to wait till morning tea to find him. Vanessa spots Joey on the balcony during the morning tea. She approaches him and talks to him normally. She needs to get him alone and reset his system in order to reprogram the machine to tell her what happened.

It was during afternoon tea that the debree hit the building. It caused a power failure. It was Vanessa's last chance to get the information from the robot. She grabbed him, hit the shutdown button and carried him into one of the side rooms. The building was falling apart from the debree so she needed to move quickly. The building was building evacuated.. She lay Joey down on the table. Flipping him over on the back he had a casing that she used a screwdriver to open up. a terminal window opened up. It was here that she would be able to extract the information out of Joey. She plugged in a USB disk. She typed some keys and the data transferred from Joey to the USB. Transfer complete the terminal showed. She unplugged the USB, screwed up the cover again and reset the machine. Hopefully he would reset with full information remembered. Joey started up, announcing that he was in a special mode. This meant that Vanessa was able to take him back to Mars, and along with the USB of data show the Humans of Mars what really happened to Sarah. She didn't have time to view the data. The building was falling apart. She needed to get out of there. Joey was confused after the reboot and all the new data that he was able to access. Vanessa lifted him up and carried him out of the room. The hallway was empty, all the Robots had evacuated the building. She made a rush for the escalator, and out of front door. Just as she made it out the front door the building behind her exploded. It sent her and Joey forward, but she managed to roll and was uninjured. Robots were standing around steering at her in confusion. She better get out of here quickly before anyone suspects anything. She is a human on a planet controlled only by robots. She picked up Joey who was making 'Danger, Danger' noises. She carried Joey towards her ship. It was a small ship but she was able to fit herself and Joey in it. The groups of robots had forgotten about her, going back to talking among themselves. She started the ship up and left Earth. Her mission on Earth was complete, she just needed to return to Mars and show the Humans of Mars the true intentions of Antony. She looked down at the Earth as she left, wondering what it would of been like all those years ago when Humans lived there. The majority of Earth now was a barren wasteland with several Robot cities setup. Now that she was back on the ship she was able to take off the breathing device she had been using to breath the Earths air. It allowed her to breath the air on Earth for a short time. The ship was auto drive mode now - heading towards Mars. Looking out the other window she steered at Earths Moon. It was in fragments. Was it Antony that had blown up the Moon? He had always told them that it was Sarah that had blew up the Moon. 6b345 had attempted to stop her but failed. 6b345 was captured by Sarah and held hostage as she fled to Mars. The view of the Earths Moon fragments turned faded into darkness. Vanessa moved from the area into where Joey was being kept. Maybe he will be able to answer some of her questions now. He was layed down on the table, powered down. Vanessa hit the reboot button on the back of him. He booted up. 'Access recent memories', She spoke. A list of his recent memories appeared on the terminal. She scrolled through them. It was all events that had happened on Earth - events she wasn't interested in. What she was looking for was events on the Moon and Mars. Then she found it. A strange statues code that had been hidden - and only revealed now that she had reprogrammed. A video started playing. It was a recording in first person view. It showed Joey - the human version, waking up on Mars. The City looked small - almost a just a hut. She recognize the area though. This is where it all happened. It showed Joey watching two figures - they must be Sarah and 6b345. Vanessa had never seen a photo of Sarah but she knew it was her. The two figures are heading towards The City. Blitz is outside the doors, pacing back and forward. Blitz spots the two figures and hurries inside. Antony appears behind Sarah with a Ray Gun. He is in his half-alien half-human form. Vanessa wonders when Antony lost his full-human form. The footage shows Antony pointing the Ray Gun at the back of Sarah head and firing. 'YES', says Vanessa excited. She had it. She had the evidence that showed Antony was the traitor - that he lied to the 80,000 humans about the events that took place. She carried on watching the footage. It shows Antony and 6b345 burning the body of Sarah. Would the body have decomposed by now or would there be a chance to recover the body? Thought Vanessa. 6b345 was the one that dug the hole well Antony watched. Vanessa understood now that 6b345 was with Sarah when she arrived on Mars. 6b345 betrayed Sarah. It was being controlled by Antony all along. It was Antony that had taken control of 6b345 when it was on it's mission on Moon. He must of remotely accessed the robot from Mars. He used 6b345 to lay the explosives on the moon that would then detonate when 6b345 left the Moon. ``


Antony walked over to Bliz and patted her. He had had the cat for 6 yeasrs. She pured as he stroked her. He had started mixing his genes with that of animals, to see the effects that it would cause. No one would ever have as much alien gene as Antony for he was half alien and human. Blitz had been created with a mixture of Antonys Alien/Human genes and mixed it a a third - cat gene. This caused some interesting effects in the creature. Antony had focused on the cat gene in so the cat had a cat like body and legs. It was coloured blue - something it inherited from his alien genes, the cats face was human like, with human looking eyes. It's puples were cat like. It had a flat human nose. It's mouth was human - and had wiskles coming out the side. Antony had hoped that Blitz would be able to speak, but so far it could only meow and make sounds that sounded like the alien native language. Antony had been on Mars for the past 14 years. He had escaped Earth when his identity was discovered. His Father - Loth'Rak had setup a base for him incase he ever needed to leave there. He needed to stay in his half form and had since lost the ability to switch back to full human. He was loney alone on Mars so therefore had created Blitz in order to keep him company. The lack of convosation was annoying.

Sarah and 6b345 made their way through the deserts of Mars. Up ahead they spotted a small base came. The two moved towards it with caucion. A cat like creature was walking around outside. Sarah and 6b345 had never seen anything quite like it before. 'Is it a mutation', Sarah asked 6b345. The database system part of 6b345 analized the creature. 'its returned three different dna types - cat, human and an unknown alien dna.

The Cat spotted the two sneaking up to the hutt. It rushed inside in fear. Sarah moved towards the front door. She felt at gun in the back of the neck. The voice spoke, 'Dont move or I will shoot'. She started to move her arms. A blast sound blasted. Sarah dropped to the ground. 'Shouldn't have moved', the voice spoke. It was Antony. 6b345 rushed over to Sarahs body. 'What have you done', 6b345 yelled at Antony. 'She moved', replied Antony. 'We needed her to finish the mission', explained 6b345. 'No we dont, we can do this ourselves. Help me move the body'.

Antony and 6b456 moved Sarahs body. Antony picked up a shovel and threw it at 6b345. 'dig', he ordered. 6b345 started to dig the whole to bury Sarahs body.

Detective was crushed under the vevhile that had rolled on him. Up ahead he watched as the presidents car flipped. He used his strength to move the car from ontop of him. His body would need several minutes to recover. Detective lay there and breathed slowely. His body was in pain, but it was recovering quickly. He stood up and started heading down towards the Presidents flipped car. From a distance it looked too late - the car was in flames.

As he walked, he heard another explosion behind him. It was aimed at the crowd of people whom had been watching the Presidents speech. The president was his piriority. The car was on fire and tipped upside down. he opened the backdoor and pulled the President from the car. He was too late. The President was dead.

BREAKING NEWS. The President is dead but NASA will continue with the mission to launch 80,000 human souls to Mars is still a goahead. A new President is currently being swarn in and has given his blessing to the mission. The people will be forzen and transported to Mars. Should there come a need in the future to active them - we will do so. The President is expected to give a briefinng in two hours.

Vanessa didn't know anyone at the conference. Knowing noone wasn't such a bad thing though, it allowed you to meet new people easily and not hangout in usual groups.

She drank her cup of coffee well standing in among a group of people. They were talking about a new security bug found in a web app. She sipped her coffee as she listened to the convosation. People started to move into the main area for the keynote speaker. Vanessa followed the group into the room and found a seat to watch the keynote.

Joey awoke. He was surrounded by a red sandy wasteland. He doesn't reconise it. It doesn't look like Earth. He can see a base in the distance. He walks towards it. Inside is a alien creature and their alien cat. He witnesses the alien creature killing Sarah. Alien creature tries to hunt him down. He escapes and is brought back to his own time.

Once back in his own time he can't remember correctly what happened, but puts the pieces together - making sure that humans will find out if they ever return to Earth.

'I like the idea of blowing up the moon. Enough explosives to blow it up. It's science fiction. I can do whatever I want', spoke Antony. 'It was the humans that killed my race' Antony had tracked a group of artcontrol robots that were expoloring the Earths moon.

Everyone seems to be escaping to Mars.

All characters have to die by ray guns.

Revenge for Antony since he is the last remaining part-alien of his race

Once humans are settled on Mars they want to go back to Earth in order to discover what happens. Sarah was to do it but she ended up

Vanessa is the one that goes back to Earth in order to discover what happened to Earth.

Antony and 6b345 active the 80,000 humans They become the rulers of the human race on Mars - the humans not relizing they in fact have sinister plans. Vanessa discovers that Sarah is killed by Antony. Detective is first sent back to save Joey but he is later sent back in order kill Joey. It is Joey that lets Vanessa know in the future that Sarah is killed by Antony and that it was Antony that blew up the Moon in order to destory the Earth.

Vanessa finds out about Antony being evil and goes back to Mars and kills him.

On Mars they build a statue of Sarah holding her teddybeer in order to remember her.

Artcontrol is walking down the street with a Raspberry Pi doing digital painting in GIMP. He admires the statue and carries on walking.


Sarah, Joey and 6b345 pulled up outside an abanded looking apartiment building. Sarah and Joey wondered why they were here. They wanted to get as far out of this area as they could. 6b345 had insisted that it was important that they were here, that certain events would take place that were crucial for later. They trusted the robot. The three got out of the car and headed towards the front door. The door looked like it had been sealed with a woodern plank but someone had broken it - breaking into the building. The three walked though the door - if someone was in the building they hadn't bothered to lock it behind them. They traveled down a fowyer area and reached a kitchen. The three said nothing. Sarah, Joey and 6b345 walked into the bedroom. They had been alerted to a loud banging sound and wanted to investage it. 'Perhaps it was a cat', Sarah spoke. 'Don't be silly, a cat wouldn't make a sound that loud', replied Joey. They looked around the room for server minutes before leaving again. The room was empty, but there was something strange about the noise.

Detective found a needle in his pocket. Hes could use it inject himself or the unconsious dream version of himself. He decided to inject himself. As the liquid enters his blood system he watches as the unconconsious version of himself fade. Was it him waking up now? He walks out to the kitchen where the three characters are standing. Their faces are still a blur, but are becoming clearer. He stepped out the frontdoor without anyone noticing. Detective decided to head back to the room which he woke up. Perhaps it be better to wait for the womans return? He exited the apartiment building and headed back to where he was eariler. The visions of the two worlds had vanished. Perhaps the injection that he had given himself had fix it. Memories of this world started to return. He remembers capturing the man tied to the chair - Antony. During questioning he was sent back in time, to before the Presidents speech. It is here that he warns the world about the Earth being blown up. They prep 80,000 humans with the metal that Dective brings back with them - this will allow the 80,000 to survive on Mars. Shortly after he is injected with a substance he is brought back to the current time - this happens when he is being chased with the President by the terrorists. The President doesn't survive the crash. The world believes that the attack was on the President, but really it was aimed at Joey - a 12 years old boy that would become important in the future.

ItWillBeMine was waiting for him when he returned back to the building. She told him that he needs to travel back again to the Presidents speech in order to save a 12 year old version of Joey. His first mission of letting the humans know to send the 80,000 humans to Mars was a semi-success but it will fail if Joey is killed. Detective agrees and is sent back again. When Detective is sent back his body melfunctions causing him to be stranded in a limbo of half present, half past.

Sarah awoke. She peaked out the window and all she could see was the red sandy desert that was mars. She had some of the strangest dreams. Looking over she noticed 6b345 still plugged in charging. Looking at her watch - he had 15 minutes of charge left before he became active. She was starving and got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen. Food was limited on Mars but there was some sealed frozen meal that she was able to microwave. She placed the plastic free dried meal in the microwave and turned it on for 2 minutes. She admired the view from the large glass window outlooking Mars. Humans had build this facility to be a safehaven. Her thoughts wondered back to Earth and wondering what it would be like there now. The explosion on the Moon would of caused massive deaths to the world. Her thoughts were interupted with the alarm of the microwave going off. She opened up the microwave and pulled out her breakfast. She opened the top draw and got a knife and fork. She sat down at the table and ate her food. It tasted like bacon and eggs. As she ate she heard clanking sounds of 6b345 heading towards her. 'Good morning', Sarah spoke. 'Greetings', 6b345 replied back. 'Did you sleep well', it asked. 'Yes very much so', Sarah replied. 6b345 nodded, sitting down at the table with Sarah. 'So whats the plan for today? Will we make it to the transport ships', asked Sarah. 'That is the plan', replied 6b345. 'We will leave once you are ready'. Sarah finished her food and packed her bag. She was ready to leave. The two walked out the door - into the desert waste of Mars.

Loth'Rak had crash landed on his home planet. He didn't have the energy to travel back - it would be too late. Years would of passed on Earth when he traveled through the blackhole. His home planet was in rubble. Once it had been a beautiful tropical planet inhabited with his race. That all changed when humans fired the missiles through the blackhole - destorying his home planet and killing everyone. Loth'Rak was on a nearby planet when the attack took place. He watched in horror as the missles apeared out of the blackhole and traveled towards towards his planet. He spent years searching the universe for intelligence life like his own. He found it - Humans. He had been on the planet to collect some new minerals that he was going to take back to his planet for his scientists to analyze. He traveled back to his planet with haste but hovered over the planet he knew no life survived. When he discovered Earth thousands of years later he landed on the Moon first to leave the bombs in case it was the humans that had attacked his planet. Once returned to his planet he activates the bombs. Sarah is leaving the moon when this happens. This causes the human race to be wiped out on Earth. Sarah travels to Mars to activate the 80,000 humans. Detective is sent back in time to make sure the 80,000 humans are launched to Mars.

Sarahs ship orbited Earth. She had been gone for 10,000 years. Her crew consisted of 6b345 (whom she meet when she first arrived on Mars), D'Zorge, Shad Ducote, Ostis Bedjouki, and Gasuya Aman. The crew were tasked with returning to Earth in order to understand what had happened 10,000 years ago. Sarah remembered when she was a child. Growing up on Earth. She remembered the day when everything changed. It was the day of the Presidents talk. She had watched the talk on the television with her Mother. As she orbited the Earth she held in her hand the very same teddy bear that she had that that of the Presidents Speech. That day humans sent 80,000 human souls to Mars to preserve humankind, should anything every happen to Earth. And it did. When Sarah was in her 20s she was on a mission to the Moon and as she was leaving the Moon it exploded, causing mayhem on Earth. She traveled to Mars where she actived the 80,000 human souls. There she lead the humans to grow and expand. No one really knew what happened to Earth, about why the Moon was blown up. Sarah and her crew were here to find the answers.

Detective watched from the Earth surface as Sarahs plane landed. He had been stuck on the planet for the past 10,000 years. Alone. During the attack on Earth his body was in another time, so when he came back he was still alive, but everyone else was gone. With the alien metal installed in his brain and the injections his body was able to survive on Earth. Though he was stuck between two times - sometimess seeing visions of the past - if you could call it the past. The ship landed and the crew exited. The world looked completely different to how she had imagined it as a child. No planets were able to grow so everything had turned to desert. Life on Earth was no more. The crew stepped forward. They had testing instruments to test the Earths soil and the air. After testing the Earth they would travel to the Moon which was split into three main fragments - alot of it had moved away.


Sarah and Joey watched as Loth'Raks transport pod left Earth. Sarah held in her arms a small child brought to them by Loth'Raks. The had been given instructions to protect him at all costs. They would do just that. Loth'Raks had named him Antony and they had decided to keep the name. Currently Antony was in full human form. They were given a device by Loth'Raks that allowed Antony to switch to half-human, half-alien form. Joey tested the device on Antony. Sarah jumped and almost dropped the child as he suddenly turned blue, and sprouted another two arms. He started making sounds in a language they couldn't understand. Joey activated human form again. Loth'Raks told them that it was important that forms be switched at least once a year. If Antony doesn't switch he could be permanently stuck in either form. Along with the child, and form switch device they were given a metal substance. Loth'Raks told them they could give this to the authorities in exchange for Antony to be kept safe. They walked back inside with their new child. Several miles away a man was out walking his dog when he came across what looked to be a weapon or gun of some sort. He didn't recognize it and handed it into the local police station. The police were thankful for him handing it in - they too were unsure what it was. They would hand it onto the government. Joey and Sarah would have big decisions to make later about telling Antony about his Father and his origins. For now though - he was a baby and didn't understand. They had several years to wait. The three walked in the front door. Sarah had activated 6b345 to clean up the dishes. It was a fully automatic robot that was capable of many tasks - including cooking and dishes. She had activated it to finish off the dinner she started but was distracted with Loth'Raks arrival. For some reason the 6b345 unlike many other editions was mute. It followed the families orders though - which was the main thing. 6b345 watched out of the corner of it's eye the family walk back in the house. They were holding a child. The machine scanned the child - picking up unusual patterns. When situations like this happen the data is sent back to headquarters and an investigation is activated. The govt may become involved. Nobody has any privacy when these machines are in their lives - but they don't know that. Sarah tucks the baby into his cot before sitting down at the dinner table with Joey for dinner. 6b345 brings over dinner. Roast lamb, potatoes, carrots, and peas. Their favorite. 6b345 pours them a wine each and sits down at the table with them.

Years passed and Antony grew just like any other child. He attended Kindergarten and started school. Once he had started school Sarah and Joey decided that it was time for him to learn what he really was. They sat him down and explained about his Father Loth'Raks and how he was the last of his race and dying - that Antony was now the last remaining member of his race - though he was only half. They explained to him about the form switch device and showed him how it worked. That he had to switch forms at least once a year. Sarah and Joey had activated the form switch device for the past 5 years - on the anniversary that Antony was brought to them.

One day at school during break he told some of the other children that he was half alien. They didn't believe him. To prove it he activated the form switch device - switching into his true form. The other children were amazed and rushed off to tell their teacher. She told them to stop making up stories. Antony had switched back to human form - the teacher pointed out that Antony was perfectly normal, just like them. Though the CCTV at the school had captured Antony's transform. Within an hour the media had gotten hold of the footage. Both media and the military surrounded the school and Antony's home. Should he ever be discovered Sarah and Joey had been given a plan. They were to activate a transport pod that would take Antony to Mars - far away from the humans. When Antony saw the military and media heading towards his school he knew something was wrong and that they may be coming for him. He activated his form switch device and headed out the building towards home at a fast pace. Sarah and Joey had told him to go to a field out the back of his home. It was there that a transport pod would be stored and he could use it to escape to Mars. He made it to the field. Military and media surrounded his home. He could see Sarah and Joey being cuffed. He want to go and save them. To bring them with him. He knew he couldn't. He activated the pod and climbed into it. It was already set to Mars. He hit the green button and the pod took off. People noticed the roaring sound of the engines and pointed the television cameras at the scene. The military attempted to shoot down the pod but it failed - taking off and leaving Earth. Antony regretted showing his classmates the form and wondered what was going to happen to Sarah and Joey.

Antony awoke from the freeze. He was still tied to the chair. The room was empty. Detective must of already returned to this time period. He yelled for help. To his surprise - Sarah walked into the door. 'What the hell happened? Did Joey and Vanessa meet?', Antony asks Sarah. 'Yes everything went perfectly', Sarah walks up to Antony and unties him from the chair. 'Do you have your form switch device', She asks him. 'I don't need it', he replies. 'I can control the forms with my mind now'. Once untied Antony activates his true form - the half human and alien. Sarah is impressed. You have learn allot in all these years. 'How long had it been', She asks. 'In Earth years it has been 40 years', Antony tells her. 'wow it feels like longer', Sarah says. 'I remember the day still clearly today - Joey and myself were so frightened when the police showed up at the door looking for you. We didn't tell them anything. They arrested us. I then remember seeing your ship take off. I then knew you would be safe'. Antony nodded and smiled. 'We can talk more later. For now we need to get out of here, Dectecive may return'. Sarah and Antony walked out the door. Antony lead in his alien form. 'We are going to need to move fast', he said. 'I need you to climb onto my back'. Sarah nodded and climbed onto his back. 'Hang on'. Sarah gripped Antony's shoulders. He started to dash forward, knocking out the front-door. Outside it was raining and they raced down the road.

Detective continues to drive down the road. The visions of reality and the dreamworld are turning into a blur. In the dreamworld it's a sunny day, but in relatiery it's dark and raining. It gives a strange effect to the world. The car that he is following in the dreamworld begins to slow down. Three people get out of the car - a man, a woman, and a humanoid robots. He slows down his car and watches their next move. Do you think they could see me? He wonders. He opens the car door and heads towards them. They seem to be moving at a slower pace that relatery. He yells at them, 'hey guys, what are you doing?'. They continue walking away from their car, ignoring him. Maybe they can't see him he realizes. He goes up to get a closer look at them. He hopes he could recognize them. Like the man who was shot with the Ray gun their faces are a blur and he is unable to know who they are.

The three of them walk into a building. It looks like someone had already broken into this building. The front door had been sealed with a wooden plank but it had been removed and the door opened with something. No attempt had been made to secure it again. He stands behind the three characters as they open the door and walk inside. They have no idea he is there. They enter into a foyer area and walk down till they get to a kitchen. In Detectives world the kitchen looks clean, like someone was living here. In the dreamworld it's a mess, someone was living here but during their breakfast they abadanded the building. Old eggs and toast were rotting on the table, Fly's swarming. In the dreamworld he heard a thud on the floor. It came from the bedroom. Everyone noticed it. The dream-characters started to make their way to the bedroom to investigate. Detective wanted to make it first. He rushed in front of the dream characters who were moving slowly. Inside the bedroom he saw a version of himself. It was Detective that was in the room. Was it him that broke into this building? He wasn't sure what to do, but he didn't want the dream characters to find the body. He picked the body up and dragged it towards the closet. He opened it up and pushed the body inside. Just as he closed the closet the dream characters walked into the room. They looked around the room to see what the thud was. 'Perhaps it was a cat', one of them said. 'Don't be silly, a cat wouldn't make a sound that loud'. Detective prayed that would walk out and ignore the closet. His wish was granted. The three of them turned around and walked out of the bedroom - back to the kitchen.


Albumin and Detective together watched the camera footage.

Sarah and 6b345 stepped through the steel door at the landing pad. They had made it to Mars successfully. Sarah was now tasked with finding the ships that had launched and landed on Mars and activating them. She was a little uneasy about 6b345. He original mission was to go to the Moon in order to find him as there were suspensions that he had been hacked and was acting as a rogue robot. Could the friendly nature he was putting on just be show? 6b345 scanned Sarah. The readings came up with an unusual high anxiety level. 'Are you feeling OK?', 6b345 asked Sarah as they walked down the hallways. 'Oh I'm fine', replied Sarah. She stopped holding her head. Sarah experienced a flash vision. It was a scene from Earth. She was with a man. Their arms were linked. They were standing outside a building door. Rain poured down. In the vision she knocks on the door twice and another man - someone with a blurred face lets them in. Sarah is brought back to relatey by 6b345. He slaps her across the face which knocks her out of the flash. 'Sarah I don't think you are well', 6b345 tells her. 'That was the strangest thing ever', Sarah explains. 'Come on, the sleeping bunkers are just up ahead', 6b345 tells Sarah. How does he know so much about this facility Sarah thinks to herself. Her head still hurts but she continues down the hallway towards the sleeping bunkers. After everything that had happened, some sleep would be good. The two walked through and sliding door. It was there there were sleeping bunks and power for 6b345 to charge. 6b345 walked up to the charger and plugged itself in. 8 hours of charge would give it months of charge. Sarah dropped her bag and climbed into the bed. She was excused and fell asleep immediately. After her sleep the two would go and search for these 80,000 human souls that need to be activated on Mars.

Vanessa stepped up on the escalator. It had been several months since she had been at a tech conference and it always put her in a good mood when she attended. Being a female meant that she was often gloratized at these events - something she felt a little uneasy about. She had only good experiences when attending these events. She was warned to watch out for sleazes when she started attending these events. So far she had only good experiences. She stood in the line waiting waiting to sign in. The line was around eight people. It was moving quickly. She had printed a bar code out that would be used to sign in. She was finally at the front of the line. 'Hello, I'm Vanessa May', she told the woman behind the counter. The woman smiled and said hello. Her bar code was scanned and she was given a lanyard that had her name attached to it. She made her way to the foyer area where coffee, tea, and juice was being served. The area was full. People were gathered around in their groups chatting among themselves. Vanessa went over to the group

Loth'Raks scanned the Earth. His ship lay idle just outside the Earths atmosphere. He was the last remainder of his race. He had been in search for other intelligence life and had found it. On this distant planet that the locals called Earth. He was uneasy about making himself known to the life. When *his race had done so before thousands of years ago it lead to almost their extinction. Loth'Raks was growing old and needed to pass on knowledge about his race to these humans in the hope that they may be able to save him. He had successfully captured several of the lifeforms which he was keeping alive in a water like substance. Unlike his race the humans needed oxygen to survive. They would never be able to survive on the alien home planet but he had made it possible for the humans to breath on Mars, a planet not far from Earth. He had tested mixing some of his alien DNA with that of the humans, to see the effects it would create. The first couple of tests failed but he had just successfully completed a mix. Loth'Raks lifted the child from the bed. It's skin was a faint blue colour - like his own. It's eyes had a cat like purple and colored blue. It's nose was much more flat than normal humans. It had a normal human mouth. Instead of two human arms it had four. Loth'Raks also had four arms. It had no reproduction system - something that the humans and his race had very different. It was a healthy child though. The humans may never accept him, but they might care for a half breed - someone part human and part alien. He would make the humans promise to care for the child in exchange for the metal that was inside of his race. It flowed through their body in a liquid form - but when exposed to oxygen it would turn to a solid. This meant that Loth'Raks would be unable to survive on Earth, the insides of his body would harden - killing him. He had set foot on Earth - wearing a special suit that stopped his blood metal from hardening. This is how he had captured the humans. He was due to expire and had found two humans that were capable of raising his child - Sarah and Joey McFurson they were called. They lived on a small farm outside of Texas. He had organized to meet them to leave the child. Once the child was safe he would travel back to his home planet to die. Along with the child he would leave behind the metal. He had programmed the metal to malfunction and stop working if any harm would come to his child. The child would be able to switch between two forms - a fully human form and the alien half breed form. He had shown Joey and Sarah how to switch the child between the forms, and later when the child is older they would be able to switch. He named the child Antony. After his grandfather. Loth'Raks stood outside the wooden farm house. He wore his productive suit in order to stop the oxygen from contacting his body. In his arms was the small child - Antony. It was currently in human form. He switched the child to hybrid form, then back again to human form. It seemed to work correctly. He walked forward towards the house. Knocking on the wooden door. Sarah answered and greeted him in. They moved to the lounge area. Joey was sitting in a armchair in the lounge. Sarah had been preparing dinner. Joey stood up when Loth'Raks walked in the door. 'Is this him', Sarah asked. Loth'Raks had problems understanding human speech and had installed a translate device. He got Sarah to hold the device and speak into it. He replied by nodding. He handed the child along with the a small caps of the alien metal to Sarah. He turned and started to walk out the door. He needed to return to his own planet. Much longer on this planet would kill him. Sarah and Joey followed him out the door watching him take off in his small transport pod. Loth'Raks knew he would never see them again, but the child would be safe. Sarah and Joey watched ass the transport pod took off. The aliens main ship was outside of Earths atmosphere, but it was too dangerous for the ship to enter. Loth'Raks made it to his main ship. He docked the transport pod and exited. He moved quickly to the control room and started to enter cords for his home planet. The ship would need to travel through a black hole in order to get home. He looked around the ship one last time. Loth'Raks noticed his ray gun was missing. He had taken it to Earth in case of trouble. He was sure he had brought it back on the pod but it was gone. 'What could have happened to it', he wondered. It was too late though, he didn't have enough time to return to Earth to retrieve it. He just hoped that the gun wouldn't fall into the wrong hands - the power it would offer the user is unknown. He tried to forget about it and started the ships engines. He had located a nearby black hole that the ship was traveling towards. He strapped himself in it was always a bumpy ride through a black hole - something he did not enjoy. He could see the black hole ahead. The ship was moving towards it. He braced himself for impact. Shutting his eyes his ship entered the black hole. A flash of visions happened as the impact happened. He observed a human man shooting another with Loth'Raks ray gun. A second vision appeared this time was of the ray gun being turned into a large weapon. It was launching attacks on his home planet. The humans were the ones that had almost wiped out his race. Was it his fault? Was he to blame for leaving the ray gun on Earth? He couldn't return. He orbited his home planet. The black hole had done as predicted and sent him home. Home to die. The humans must of used the metal he left along with the ray gun to send the missiles back in time - thousands of years to wipe out his race. He was annoyed with himself. Why did he even trust the humans to begin with? He thought of Antony and how he will grow up among a race of traitors. Loth'Raks ship entered his planets atmosphere. It was traveling fast, and he knew impact was going to be bad, though not as bad as the experience of traveling the black hole.

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This is the final day of mankind. It happened the day as predicted. The President would give his speech. Joey would be killed in the explosion. The events that happen when Joey is killed are worse for mankind than it keeping him alive. Detective is sent back again to save Joey. He is in that time zone 3 times. Different versions of him have different tasks to complete.

Sarah received the artcontrol machine at school. They already were on Mars. The escape from Earth was just a simulation. The moon never exploded. Earth was fine. Humans could live on Earth. They were tricked into it by advance AI intelligence. The ability to move time backwards and forward. Sarah goes to space in order to find the metal. Explosion occurs when she is leaving the Moon. Travels to Mars instead of Earth as she loses contact with Earth. Mars was backup plan if anything went wrong. She had instructions to active the 80,000 human souls being stored on the planet.

Detective searched the crowd for Joey. He would be twelve years old and with his parents. Several times he had attempted to save Joey but each time failed. Detective had finally worked out that he needed to used a stun gun on both parents in order to get Joey out of there. The perfect time to reach him in once the first bomb activates. This happens in front of the presidents car. The second explosion hits the crowd. Detective spots Joey. The first explosion. Detective walks towards Joey. He looks down on him and holds out his hand. He tells Joey that he must come with him. Detective grabs the child and pulls him to safety. Shortly after getting Joey to a safe spot Detective is pulled back to where he and Antony are frozen in the room.

Sarah is sent into the future and meets Antony. Humans have successfully returned to Earth. The room is shattered but they use a similar substance as on Mars to stay alive on Earth.

Sarah travels to Moon when the explosion happens. She sends back Detective from Mars to Earth on the day Humankind was wiped out in order to change some events. Future version of Detective attempts to kill Sarah and Joey. It's never sunny and always rains in restored future Earth. The past - Presidents speech is sunny. Moon is gloomy and quiet.

Mars is red/orange. Frozen rivers. Joey looked across the landscape. He had never experienced anything like it. They raced across the land. Breathing was strange. Air thinner than on Earth. The landing site for the 80,000 humans sent from Earth over 1000 years ago were up ahead. '

Joey would explore the area. Had 3b456 to assist him in finding out what happened. Humans may or may not be active.

Antony makes sure that Vanessa and Joey meet. They have a child - Antony. Detective interferes and attempts to stop Antony from completing his task. Antony is captured by Detective and uses the time split. Sends Detective back to before the Presidents speech. Sends Antony into future.

Albumin is searching for both of them. When Detective saves Joey from the explosion he is pulled back into the future where he is in the room with Antony.

Antony is the grandson of Albumin.

Future version of Sarah is on the Moon the day of the Presidents speech. She discovers the alien metal and sends a sample back to the past before the Presidents speech in order to save Joey.

Sarah gets trapped in the future and can't get back. Joey remarries Vanessa.

Future Detective attempts to kill Sarah and Joey with Ray Gun. He is pulled back to future when he is in the abandoned building with Sarah and Joey.

Micheal is killed when Moon explodes by drowning. He is in his office when the tidialwave hits the shore. Everything floods. He watched the sky as the moon shattered. The Earth rocked causing an increase in global temp. Places that were warm - people burnt to death. Polar caps melted causing worldwide flooding.

Joey and the robot reach the landing site. Sure enough the 80,000 humans had landed and were ready to activate.

Sarah and the robot reach Mars and discover that the 80,000 human didn't make it to Mars. Needs to send back Detective to make sure the launch happens.

Uganka is killed by Detective when he is hunting down Joey and Sarah. He is shot in the back with Detectives ray gun.

Detective sneaks around the back of TechFuncMasters he knows of a secret passageway where he can get in. Sneaks up on Uganka as hes about to unlock the door for Joey and Sarah - but times it badly and Sarah and Joey escape. Detective kills Uganka with the ray gun. Detective chases after them but loses them. He discovers them when they enter the building he is staying in. At that point he is pulled into the future where he is in a room with Antony.

ArtControl is in future Mars walking down the road creating artwork on their Raspberry Pi. Breathing in air created from the alien metal. Electronics are being charged from traces of metal in the air. Ultra fast network speed.

Joey and Sarah had gotten far away from Detective. There was no way that he would catch them by now. The ray gun that he carried used much more advance tech that what they had in that time. He must have brought it back with him from the future. Sarah was driving well Joey slept. Joey dreamed of the events that had happened that evening. Everything was going as planned. He had received the private key which he loaded a virus onto it so that the ships would fail when the ships attempted to leave Earth. He had walked down the road in the rain with Sarah. They had knocked at the door. Uganka was spouse to answer and let them in. Then they were spouse to experience the time split that sent them into different time periods. Instead Detective killed Uganka and attempted to kill them. They shouldn't be in this time. Both Joey and Sarah should be in separate times. His mind was a fuzz. He couldn't remember where he was spouse to be traveling. This version of him had experienced the correct events, but everything changed when Detective shot Uganka. What was he even doing in this time? His dreams were puzzling and conditioning.

Sarah looked over and saw Joey sleeping. He looked sweet when he slept. He must of been dreaming she thought. He fidged in his sleep. She knew that the events that occurred tonight were not what was planned. That the two shouldn't be in this time. What would be the consequences for staying in this time?

The doctors ran scans on Detectives brain. They had never seen this type of metal before. Nothing like it excised on Earth. They had moved him out of the general hospital and into a govt hospital for special cases. here he would have the best care and scientists and doctors together would find out what the metal was. NASA became involved with the project. They were able to extract some of the metal out of Detectives brain and with the sample create a large abadence. They were unsure about the uses of the metal - but they knew for a fact that it was helpful for keeping humans alive. If it wasn't for the this metal substance Detective would of died when he was hit by the truck.

Even the President became interested in the case. He visited Detective in hospital and told him about the great advances in mankind the world would experience because of Detective nd the metal in his brain. Detective was finally conscious. He awoke cuffed to the bed. The room and bed was white. A large 50 inch TV sat on the bench at the end of his bed. He was connected with wires. He heard a door open and a woman walked in wearing a very old styled nurse outfit. 'Perhaps its a historic dress-up themed party', detective thought to himself. The woman yelled behind her, 'hes awake'. She walked towards him. Two doctors followed. They crowded around the bed where Detective was laying.

One of the Doctors spoke intruding themselves, the other doctor and the nurse. He explained about the truck accident and finding the alien metal in Detectives brain. Detective had no recollection of the events nor the alien metal found in his brain. It must of been something that was inserted into new born babies in the future.

Joey inserted the USB into the computer. Sarah started to make her wait down the stairs and to the door. She would wait for him at the door. Joey browsed the USB file system. launch was the name of the private key. There was a second file launch.public - the public key. The public key was loaded onto the servers on the ships that were bound for Mars. The private key would allow connection to the ships. Joey typed a command into the terminal to corrupt the private key. This would cause the ships to fail. The real key was replaced with the fake virus infected key. This would cause the ships to explode when they take off.

All the effect of sending Detective back to load 80,000 people with the metal will be stopped once and for all. Sarah yelled from downstairs for him to hurry up. He pulled the USB out of the computer and placed it in his left pants pocket. He reset the computer and rushed down the stairs to catch up with Sarah. It was pouring with rain outside.

Vanessa looked over at Joey. He was scribbling notes into his pad. She had enjoyed this talk. It was more entertaining than the technical room. She was enjoying the stories that the business room offered. It was less to concentrate on and just absorb the information. The bank talk finished and moved onto questions. Neither her or Joey asked a question but several others in the crowd did.

The slides were all on the same laptop she it meant that the next talk started 5 minutes after the previous. The next talk was given by the postal service about how they are using drones and robots to deliver mail. They explain how they have replaced the normal postie humans with robots. They use a GPS data that connects letters and parcels with where the delivery happens. They explain how they use machines to scan and sort mail. They have major depots where the mail is sent then from there picked up by ground and aerial drones for delivery.

As soon as Detective knows that Joey is safe he gets heads to the nearest payphone. He was visual and practiced this so many times that it had became a habit. Lead the boy to safely, make the phone call to Albumin that he had captured Antony and to visit us. By this time the current version of himself will be frozen and sent back. If he doesn't contact her, he may never get back to his own time. The phone rings. and again. Albumin finally answers. Detective explains to her that he had captured Antony and for her to come to the building immediately. He is careful not to tell her too much information. He had already experienced these events and if he told her the wrong information everything they had worked towards could be ruined.

Detectives body dropped to the ground. He had finished his mission and he had been sent back to his normal time. The room where he awoke was dark. There was a man tied up to the chair in front of him. He had no memory of him and didn't recognize him. The single light bulb in the room flickered. He looked around to try to remember where he was. He had been gone for several years and things might be different in this time line. He was already experiencing issues with attempting to remember who this man was in front of him. He stood up. Suddenly he had a flash. It was of a woman taking something from him in this room. Did it happen in this time-line? He thinks to himself. He walks towards the door. It is a large steel door. It's closed but unlocked. He walks through the door. He enters a long hallway which is dimly lit. He experiences another memory flash. This time of dragging a body down the hallway. He can't recognize the person that is helping him with the body - or the body. Perhaps it's the man tied to the chair? He thinks to himself. Detective decides to turn left. He remembers now that forward would lead him to the building exit.

Turning left leads him to the interview room. It's empty and looks like its been that way for a long time. The computer here is covered in dust. The window viewing shows the man - who Detective still cant remember. He is still tied to the chair. Detective sits on the seat and turns on the computer. Perhaps this will give him the answers he needs. The computer turns on successfully and he opens the camera history. He rewinds the footage and watches footage of him and another man dragging the body of the man tied to the chair into the room. He watches as the man wakes up and Detective enters the room. He is holding in his hand a remote device. The man and Detective talk. The man begins to laugh, and then they both freeze. He fast forwards the footage. Pauses when someone else enters the room. It's the woman from the flash. On camera she looks much older than in the flash. She does a similar action to the flash. She takes the remote device from Detectives hand. Someone else is in the room. Detective notices its the same man that helped him drag the body into the room earlier. He watches the footage further. The woman activates the remote device - causing both her and the man to freeze for several minutes. 'Did she change something then', Detective thinks to himself. He needs more answers about what is going on. He reaches into his pockets to check for anything. Inside his left pocket is a red USB that label reads: For Detective. Detective loads it onto the computer. It has a single video file on it. He opens the video file up with the video and audio player - VLC. It plays security footage of the room where the man in the chair is currently. Detective is in the scene as well. He's frozen along with the man in the chair. The woman walks into the room. She injects a needle into Detectives neck. This footage is different to what was recorded Detective notices. The time-stamps match up. One of the tapes must be a fake or an alternative time-line. Detective watches the footage further. The woman injects the man tied to the chair with another needle. The footage ends with the caption. 'Find and Save Joey'. Joey... Detective thinks. That's a name that can remember. He can't picture an image of him. Maybe Joey is the man tied up? He exits the room and heads towards the exit. He reaches a large steel door. The front entry and exit to the building. The door is locked but he unlocks it and opens the door. Detective experiences another piercing headache pain and a flash of events. It shows him walking down this hallway. Someone is standing at the door inside the building. It's someone new. It's not the man tied up to the chair or the man that helped Detective tie him up. His face is a blur. It's like he doesn't even have a recognizable face. Detective is holding a ray gun. He points it at the man and fires. The flash ends. Detective is brought back to reality. A ray gun, he wonders. Where do I get a ray gun? He opens the door. Outside it's dark and raining. The street is a mess. Detective looks up and down the street. It's empty. Two cars are parked in the car-park. He heads towards them. The he tries the car on the left. It's a Red Honda. Locked. Perhaps he will have better luck with the other car - otherwise he might need to smash a window. The other car is unlocked and Detective climbs into the drivers seat. He starts to take off when he experiences another flash. This time it's outside the building. He's firing his ray gun at the car he is currently driving. One of the ray guns bullets hits a tire. Detective is brought back to reality when he notices the car suddenly flip. A wheel had been blown. He was firing at his own vechile. Detective climbs from the flipped vechile. Luckily he wasn't going fast. He heads back to the other car and smashes the window and unlocks the door. He hot-wires the car and takes off. He really needs to find someone that can help him understand what is happening. It's just too confusing for him. As he drives he sees visions of the other car being driven ahead of him. It's like two worlds mixed together he thinks. He decides to follow this vision car. He doesn't know who could be driving, but it could give him answers.


The President of the United States addresses the nation and the world. His announcement of successfully sending 80,000 human souls to Mars in order to preserve mankind. If the events happen as they have been foreseen in the next one thousand years then mankind will be wiped out on Earth and have to start a new on Mars. The alien metal discovered helps humans breath successfully on Mars. It also helps technology go beyond what we have today. The time travel possibilities are endless. We are currently looking at sending the metal back further in time - so that we can have the technology earlier in mankind's existence. Mission launching later today will launch 80,000 human souls into space - destination Mars. It is unlikely that many of these people will ever return to Earth - instead creating a home on Mars. Those that return to Earth will be researching into the history of mankind.

Sarah sat on the couch watching the television as the President gave his speech. Clutched in her arms was her teddy - Cuddles. He Mother sat by her side. Sarah was fascinated with the speech. He was standing on a high bench looking down at thousands of people. During the speech the television cut off to scenes of unconscious people being loaded onto the ships. These people were lucky to be going to a new planet Sarah thought. Those left on Earth would not survive. Sarah at her age didn't fully understand what would happen to mankind. As she grew older she would learn. She squeezed her teddy as the first ship launched off.

Joey watched the Presidents speech from the crowd. He had just had his 12th birthday and as a birthday present his parents had brought him here to watch live the Presidents speech. He knew it was an important day for mankind. Sending 80,000 human souls to Mars in order to survive the events that would take place. He watched the president as he held up the piece of alien metal that had been discovered several years ago. It was found inside a man named Detective who had traces of the metal in his brain. Scientists were able to extract the metal from the brain and create copies. This metal was able to be used to keep humans alive on earth. It also helped our technology development.

Detective stood behind the President. He had a smile on his face as the President mentioned his name and the developments of mankind. His knowledge of future events allowed humans to prepare to survive. Without Detective being spent back to the past humankind would be wiped out when the event known as 'explosion on Moon' occurs. The President asks Detective to make a few words. Detective steps forward towards the mic. 'Hello. Some of you may have heard of me, many of you haven't. I was sent back to this time in order to save mankind. The events that are taking place today will result in Humankind living on past the end of this world and into others. I am privileged to have a hand in making this happen'. The crowd erupted with clapping. The president moved forward and gave his closing remarks.

Joey clapped along with the crowd. His Mother and Father side by side. He watched as Detective and the President exited the stage and got into their vechile, driving off. People chased the car down the road waving and screaming in excitement.

Inside the car Detective and the President sat opposite each other. One of the Presidents men were driving. The president had two decutiry guards beside him. It was unlikely that anyone would dare attach the car. They had Detective with them. His strength and recovery time was far supurial than any normal human being. The metal that was found in his brain was inserted into all 80,000 humans being sent to Mars in order to help them live on the planet.

Ahead on the road was a road block. The men wore orange shirts in order to be seen by traffic. It seemed like a normal road work. One of the Presidents guards mentioned that there was not spouse to be any road works along the path. Planners of the route had made sure that there would be no interruptions to slow down the presidents car. An explosion ahead of the presidents car sent one of the presidents cars flying. Two van pulled up on either side of the presidents car. 6 men jumped out of the van. This was a planned attack. The presidents car took off at high speed - attempting to avoid the debree that the explosion had caused. The six men opened fire with automatic weapons onto the presidents car. The car was built with a metal that could sustain the bullets but still inside the car the president was worried. The car made it through the area that the explosion happens. Two of the men had jumped into the car and were hanging on as it speed down the road. One of the security guards wound down the window and started firing shot - only to receive shots back. Detective had been sitting there calmly but maybe it was time to show these attackers what he was capable of. He undid his seat-belt and climbed out of the open window - pushing aside the dead bodies of the security guard and attacker. The terrorist was on the roof and opened fire on Detective. His body absorbed the bullets. He laughed as he walked closed to the man, disarming him and using the weapon - throwing him off the car. The two van were still chasing the car - with men inside firing automatic weapons at detective. Detective jumped onto a van and fired inside the van. This caused the van to flip and roll. Detective went flying to the side of the road. He had experienced some bad luck with traffic accidents. The presidents car kept traveling ahead. Detective lay and watched as the car traveled into the distance. He couldn't move. His body would need time to recover. The presidents car reached an intersection when a car pulled out in front of it - letting off an explosion that caused the presidents car to go flying.

Sarahs Mother returned to the lounge with dinner for her and Sarah. The food was roast duck, potatoes, carrots, and green peas. A blueberry gravy was squirted over the meat. She sat down next to Sarah and handed Sarah her food. The two sat and ate their dinner as they watched the President finish his speech and enter his car. An helicopter followed the car as the President traveled to the space launch. The two watched in horror was the presidents car was attacked. Detective or 'the man from the future', as many called him saved the president from the attacked. They were saddened to see Detective being knocked to the ground after the first van exploded. The helicopter camera followed the presidents car. When the car entered an interception there was another explosion - this time causing the presidents car to roll. 'This isn't a good day for him', spoke Sarahs Mother. Sarah said nothing, she had been ignoring most of what was on television - focused instead on her food. She loved Duck.

Joey heard an explosion in the distance. People were panicking. He looked around for his parents but they were gone. 'MUM. DAD', he yelled. He was frightened. Why would they take off like this he thought to himself. A mans hand grabbed him. He looked similar to the man that had just spoken on stage. 'Come with me if you want to live', the man spoke. 'MUM', he yelled again as this man dragged him towards the exit. Joey goes with the man. 'He cant be a bad man if he helps the President', he thinks to himself. The mean leads him out of the area. Shortly after he hears an explosion behind him. The blast had came from the area he was just standing in. If it wasn't for the man leading him out of the area, he might of been hurt, or worse - killed' Joey thinks to himself. He can no longer feel the mans hand grasping his arm. He looks around but the man is gone. Then he remembers about his parents. He begins to head back to where the explosion came from. Police have cornered off the area and he is unable to get back through the barricades. A second later he hears another explosion - this time further up.

Prep the space crafts. Load the passengers. Genders and Races are split evenly between crafts. 50% gender split. Range of professions and ages. People are picked randomly and put through a screen tester. Time Split device is tested on individuals and anyone immune is refused travel.

The police dragged Vanessa outside and placed her into the back of a patrol car. Students watched as they took off towards to the police station. Once at the station they grabbed her out of the police car and took her inside the police building for processing. She refused to speak until her Mother arrived. One of the officers phoned her Mother to get her to collect her. The police had received a tip off that she was planning an attack on the school, therefore they intervened early and arrested her. No evidence was found for this so they decided to release her to her Mother. It made the police force look bad when incidents like this happens.

Albumin pulled up outside the police station. Her daughter was being held there on suspected terrorism charges. Albumin knew the chargers were false and that it was just Antony messing with their lives. She walked inside and went up to the counter. 'I am here to collect my daughter, Vanessa May', she spoke. The woman behind the counter looked up. 'Can I have your full name, date of birth and address', the woman asks. Albumin gives her the details. A police officer walks out of the door and asks Albumin to follow him. They walk back through the door her just entered and down a hallway. The two enter a room where Vanessa is being held. 'No charges were laid but we have to act on information when we receive it', the police officer apologized. Albumin gave him a dirty look and took Vanessa's hand and marched her out of the building. Once in the car Vanessa spoke. 'This is your fault Mum', she said. 'If it wasn't for you banning these people we wouldn't have all these issues'. Albumin sighed. 'I am sorry love', she replied. 'We are working on repairing the problems'. The two then took off in the car.


Detective awoke from the sound of a door slamming. He moved quickly and retrieved his ray gun from beside the bed. He heard people talking in the kitchen. 'Was it the police, the home owners, or someone else breaking in?', he thought to himself. He moved out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen, careful to not not be noticed. He peaked around the corner. To his surprise the very people he had been after stood in the kitchen. Sarah, Joey and an unknown robot who he didn't recognize stood there. His headache got worse, and he dropped to the ground in pain.

Micheal pulled up outside his exwifes home. Normally she is waiting outside her home for the lift to work. He tooted twice. No response. 'What could she be doing', he thought. It was very strange of her not to let him know if she wasn't going to work. He turned off the car and climbed out - locking the car after him. He walked up to the front door and knocked twice. No response. He reached for his cellphone and tried the home line. He could hear it ring inside but no response. He tried her cellphone. It range and she answered. 'Hello Micheal', she spoke. 'Hi, Where are you?', he replied. 'I am at your door waiting for you'. There was a pause. 'Are you there?', he asked again. 'Oh yes, I'm waiting outside my place like normal', she answered. Micheal looked around and there was no sign of her. 'Is this a joke', he asked angrily. 'No no, I am here'.

Albumin stood outside waiting for her exhausted Micheal to arrive to pick her up from work. He was running late, it wasn't like him to to run late. She looked down the street to see she could spot his vehchile. No sign. She heard her home phone inside ring and rushed inside to answer it. She was too late, the caller had hanged up. She went back out the front. A minute later her cellphone rang and she answered it. It was Micheal. Apparently he was waiting for her outside her home. Waiting where she was currently standing. She had returned home yesterday afternoon from Uganka and the issue of Detective and Antony. Perhaps those events mucked up time and she was displaced. She hanged the the phone up and decided to return to Uganka to see if he had made any progress on locating Detective or Antony.

Their bodies were still frozen. Detective was holding the time split device. Uganka noticed blood running down the forehead of Detective. 'That cant be good', he thought. Reaching for his cellphone he dialed Albumin. She answered. 'Hey, we have a problem here. Detective seems to be bleeding from the forehead', he told her. 'Yeah, that's really not good', she replied. 'I will be there soon'. Albumin hanged up the call and dialed another number. 'taxi please', she spoke. Outside she noticed the taxi pull up. She made her way out the front door, locking it behind her. 'Where to?', the driver asked. She gave the address where Uganka, Detective, and Antony were. The taxi took off. Shortly later they arrived at the building. She thanked the driver as she exited the vechile. She knocked at the door Uganka let her in and they both walked into the interview room. The bleeding from Detectives forehead had gotten worse. Uganka had been using cloths to wipe the blood. Albumin took the time split device from Detectives hand. She examined the device. 'Do you know how this works', She asked Uganka. 'No idea', Uganka replied. Albumin fiddled with the device. The fiddling caused Albumin and Uganka to freeze.

Uganka heard a knock at the door. He answered it. Standing there was Detective with an unconscious body. 'Help me get him in', spoke Detective. Uganka took one end of the body and they both lifted it into the building. They dragged the body into the interview room. 'Whats his name', asked Uganka. 'Antony', replied Detective. They strapped Antony's body to a chair in the room and exited the room. They both stepped out the door and moved to the watching room. Here they both took a seat in the watching room. This allowed them to monitor Antony for when he awoke. Uganka was tired and began falling off the sleep as they sat there. He switched on the monitor and opened a terminal. The terminal monitored the building and alerted of any activity.

The 6b345 sat up on the bench. 'We are on Mars?', Joey said in amazement. Walking over to the building he knew something wasn't quite right with the planet. 'How am I surviving? The air feel like it does on earth', he asks. 'We have developed the air so it is possible for humans to survive on this planet, after Earth was destroyed Humans needed a new planet to survive on', 6b345 explains. 'Earth is destroyed', Joey gulped. 'Yes, over 1000 years ago there was an event on Earths Moon that caused Earth to be unlivable to humans', 6b345 explained what happened. 'So is there other humans on this planet', Joey asked. 'There should be, by my calculations I have been offline for 5 years, so events may of changed, but last time I checked humans were thriving on Mars', 6b345 replied. How exciting Joey thought to himself. Humans surviving on Mars. 'You must take me to these surviving humans', Joey said. 'Very well, but it will be a long journey from here, we are going to need transport'. 6b345 stood up and started walking out the door. 'How are we going to find transport?', Joey ask. 'I will be your transport', replied 6b345. To Joeys amazement 6b345 transformed into a hovercraft. 'Get on', 6b345 spoke. Joey mounted 6b345 and the two took off into the dusty distance.

Sarah grew up in a small town. It was like any other. Her house was down the block from her primary school. That's where she first discovered her love of computers. There wasn't allot to do in this town. It had a supermarket, a library, and a small skate park. There were only two schools - a primary school and a high school. They were only down the street from each other. The streets were clean and houses neat. At night people stayed inside and the streets were empty. Crime was low. Everyone knew each other. When Sarah was her first year of school the school got its first ArtControl AI robot. They used it in the art class to help students with their drawing and painting skills. It was able to create demos that the students learn by copying the demo. After the success of it in the art classes they purchased more for other subjects - to mimic behaviors. The code running the system was open source so it meant anyone could contribute to the software. Sarah remembers the day that her art class opened the artcontrol machine. It was an exciting day, the whole school wanted to be there. Twelve students, the art teacher and producible gathered around the long plastic wrapped package. The students were allowed together to unwrap. They pulled back the plastic bubble wrap and undid the cords. The ArtControl Machine lay there lifeless. It needed turned over and the reset button pushed in order to start's. Sarah was given the honors of powering on the machine. It's eyes blinks green twice and started to make a whirling sound. The students crowded around as it announced its names and duties. '2g987, art demo and tutor', it spoke. It had the default voice but the voice was able to be changed to a range of different voices. Its hands could hold a pencil, pen, paintbrush, or palette knife in either hand. It was possible to mix and match the art tools. The children were excited to see 2g987 produce its first artwork. They had setup an easel and wooden board for the first painting. 2g987 asks what they would like painted. There are a range of answers - create an original piece from memory reference, draw from life, or a combo of both. The students decided on a original piece from memory reference. The next option was the style of the painting. Again this was a range of choices to choose from. There was a range of artists they could choose from - old masters such as Willem Kalf, Canaletto and Leonardo da Vinci. The range was limitless. 2g987 also had the ability to scan a painting or drawing and produce an original work in a similar style. The students choice Leonardo da Vinci. 2g987 got to work straight away - first sketching in pencil, then applying a gray-scale layer, and finally colour. The students steered and watched in amazement at how quick 2g987 worked. Within a few minutes the painting was finished. 2g987 stood back. It seemed proud of this first painting. The bell rung and the students all ran from the room. Sarah stayed and examined 2b987. She brought her hand up and touched it's fake plastic face. It smiled. It's green eyes blinking 3 times. It was the first of its kind to be used in classrooms. Future versions of it would take over the whole classroom, including the students. Engineering the perfect education resource machine. That's what it was about. Creating the perfect machine to create open resources. It had a Creative Commons logo tattooed to its arm. CC BY 4.0. It read. The meta data that it created was stored online as part of an API. Everything the machine saw and did was documented. It's about creating whatever you consider a education resource.

ArtControl walked down the street. He held in his left hand a Wacom pen and on his right arm a Wacom drawing tablet. Sitting on this tablet was a Raspberry Pi computer. This had a monitor attached to it. It was being powered by a USB. Attached to the Raspberry Pi was a power pack, and the Wacom tablet. When the new oxygen was developed to keep humans alive on mars they used a chemical melted down to allow wireless charging. The Raspberry Pi was being charged with oxygen out of the sky.

The internet connection was everywhere. The speeds were 10gb a second download and 1gb upload. Their was an unlimited amount of usage. The Pi was being developed to include a wireless card. Older version of the Pi didn't have a wireless card.

Antony sipped his cup of herb tea. It was hot so he placed it on the counter to cool down. Sarah sat in the chair. Blitz, Antonys Abyssinian cat entered the room.


Detective held the time split device in his right hand. He watched Antony as he squirmed in his seat. Suddenly Antony stopped squirming and began laughing historirocy. Alarm bells sounded which blocked out the sound of Antony's laughter. 'What is this', shouted Detective. 'You will never find me', yelled back Antony. The alarm stopped. Everything stopped. Both Antony and Dective froze. For a moment in time, the world stopped. Then everything went back to normal except for Antony and Dective. They stayed frozen.

Antony awoke in a dusty hut. He had no memory of how he got here. The last thing he remembers is being tired up to a chair and having Detective talking to him. 'How did I get away', he thought to himself. He looked around the hut to get an idea for where he is. In the corner of the room lay-ed an old artcontrol robot body. It looked like a prototype edition from over 50 years ago. 'I wonder if it will still work', Antony thought. He moved towards the robot to examine it closer. The series number on the machine said 6b345. He turned it over, noticing that the battery was fried. 'Maybe I could repair it'. He dragged the robot outside the hut. Outside it was raining. The view was like nothing he had seen before. Bright purple colour rose from the distance. The waves crashed onto the beach. Antony continued to drag the robot along the beach. In the distance he noticed an old industrial building that may have the tools to repair this robot.

He reached the building. The door was a large steel door. Antony tried the door and it opened up. He dragged the robots body inside the building. He was happy to get out of the rain. The building was large. He could hear the rain on the tin roof. Old tools scatted the ground. Tables and chairs were broken. Antony dragged the robot towards a table and sat down. It was an effort moving the robot. He searched around for anything that he could use to repair the robot. Sure enough he found a battery pack that he was able use use. He used a screwdriver to remove the old fried pack and inserted the new pack. The front light switched on - turning green. The robot began to make a whizzing sound as it powered up. 'Mission Sarah Rescue Complete', he spoke in its robotic voice. Antony smiled with amazement as it started to move. It stood up and started to move forward. It didn't seem to notice Antony. 'Hey You', spoke Antony. 'Command Now', the robot spoke. 'I am 6b345, what is your command'. 'Where are we', Antony spoke. 'You are on planet Mars, it is the year 3532, month June, day 34', 6b345 answered.

Humans fully colonized the planet Mars after a disaster happened on Earth which wiped all living species. Before the disaster hit they had a supply of humans preserved on Mars that were active in order to maintain human existence. The biggest problems they had with life on Mars is the lack of oxygen. They did have problems with supply but have since setup enough of a base on mars to supply without the help from Earth. Plans were made for humans to travel back to Earth in order to retrieve important items. Earth was unlivable but the humans were able to spend a short time on the planet in order to get the items. The time split device had been left on Earth and it was important to retrieve it. Humans would never be able to survive for long on Mars and they needed to change events in order to stop the moon from splitting.

Joey stood and watched as they went over to the

Joey is sent to Mars when the time split happens. What happens to Detective when the time split happens?

Detective awakes in a green grass field. He had never experienced anything so beautiful in life. His whole life the world had been gray and black. The sun was shinning. 'Was this even Earth', he thought. He had heard tales of an ancient earth where the world hadn't been destroyed. Before the ArtControl machines took over. In the distance her saw a building which looked like a shopping complex. Crowds of people were walking in and out of the building. A road ran down the side where people were driving cars. Dective had never seen these kind of cars before, he had seen photos of them when he was a child. The cars had four wheels and required a driver to manually control. Dective headed towards the road. Maybe someone could help him, he thought. He reached the road and started to cross the road. He crossed in front of a truck, which hit him and sent his body flying. The truck sketched to a halt. People crowded around his body. Detective was barely alive but an ambulance sirens were in the distance heading towards the scene. Two ambulance pulled up and jumped from the vechile. The asked everyone to move back from the body before examining it. They moved the body onto a stretcher and took it towards the hospital. There was a chance that the man would survive. The ambulance flashed their lights and sirens as they rushed towards the hospital. They pulled up outside the building hospital and rushed the stretcher and body inside emergency. The mans body was heavy damaged, beyond what a normal human being would need to survive. As the doctors examined the patient they discovered a metal like substance in the patiats brain. It was used to control his actions, and keep him alive. They had never experienced anything like it before. On of the doctors had a contact at NASA that researched alien life forms. The doctor made contact with them in case they were able to shred some light on the issues.

Sarah was chosen along with Joey and 6b345 to go back to Earth in order to find the devices.

Sarah ship circled the Earth. She had lost communication with Earth after the explosion of the Moon. It would of caused a ripple effect that knocked the Earth out of orbit, killing all lifeforms. She had a backup plan of traveling to Mars where she would be able to activate the 80,000 humans that were stored on the planet. On the computer she put in cord's for Mars and her ship took off at light-speed.

Several minutes later she found herself circling the red planet of Mars. She had only ever been to Mars when she was little with her family. Humans had been creating a colony for years on the planet and had made a base that was able to sustain human life. It was a rough ride as her ship entered Mars atmosphere. She landed on the docking station. After landing she exited her ship. She was able to take off her spacesuit as the base had oxygen that allowed humans to breath. The air was thinner than what she was use to on earth and it took her several minutes of breathing to adjust. She heard a notice from inside her ship. 'Was someone else on my ship', she thought to herself. She reached for her ray gun and boarded the ship to investigate the problem.

6b345 checked his co-ords. The Lang and long were off. The system searched for the cord's and returned that they were on Mars - not Earth. This could be a problem. He started to move his ways off the ship when they heard the ships door open and Sarah board the ship again. She was equipped with a ray gun. She must of heard something when 6b345 was moving around the ship. There was no where for him to hide. Instead raised hands and stood still waiting for her to enter the supply room.

Sarah peaked around the corner into the supply room. She had spotted what what making the noise. It was a robot with it's hands up. 'How the hell did you get on this ship', Sarah spoke as she moved around the corner - Ray gun pointed at the robot. 'There is nothing to worry about', the Robot spoke. 'I am 6b345 and here to help you. I boarded the ship when you were on the Moon'. Sarah lowered her Ray gun. 'A friendly robot, that's rare', she replied. 'I am Sarah, pleased to meet you', Sarah said as she held out her hand to shake 6b345s hand. They shock and then exited the plane together.

'My calculations estimate that there is enough oxygen to last for the future', 6b345 tells Sarah. They both make their way down the platform. Ahead of them is a large steel door. They move forward. 6b345 hesitates. 'You are not a scary cat', Sarah laughs. 'No, I'm just picking up some unusual readings', replies 6b345. 'Are you sure this place is safe?'.

Uganka stood at the door waiting for the knock. It was important that Sarah and Joey arrived on time. They had gone to retrieve a private key that would allow the time split device to activate. It was very experimental and hadn't been tested before. Uganka was about to give up when he head a knock. 'Who's there', he spoke. 'Sarah and Joey Macfurson', a female voice spoke. It must of been Sarah thought Uganka. He started to unlock the door when behind him he heard footsteps. He turned around to find a solid man pointing a ray gun at him. The man fired the gun knocking Uganka to the ground. Outside Sarah and Joey heard a gun shot. They backed away from the door. 'This cant be right', spoke Sarah. 'Something has changed, he was meant to answer that door and let us in'. 'Lets get out of here', suggested Joey as they turned around and started to run down the road. They found an abandoned car which they were able to hot-wire. Joey was in the drivers seat and Sarah in the passenger. An old artcontrol robot model was lying across the back seat. Joey reversed up and took off. They watched as a man stepped out of the door and started firing on them. Joey slammed on the alzarater and speed down the road - avoiding the burning car parts in the way. 'What the hell happened there', asked Joey. 'We are spouse to be inside that building'. Sarah shrugged. She was just as confused as Joey. The two continued driving down the road. The rain had gotten heavier. Sarah moved to the back of the car to examine the artcontrol robot. 'What kind of condition is he in', asked Joey. Sarah flipped the robot over and checked his battery pack. 'It seems fine, just needs a reset', Sarah replied. She reached for the reset button and pushed it in for 3 seconds. The robot started to power up.

Detective stood over the dead body of Uganka. One ray gun blast to the chest had killed him. He moved towards the door and started to unlock it. He heard a car starting up outside. He stepped outside with armed with his ray gun. He fired three times at the car but missed and the car was too far away now. Detective had stopped Sarah and Joey from entering the building. How this would change the future he was not sure, but having them enter the building would be devastating. He needed to hunt them down and kill them. His head hurt from the headaches. Since the accident his body hadn't been the same. He had some of the best doctors and scientists repair him. His hand reached for his pills in his pockets. He swallowed two down. These pills helped keep him alive. Devtive made his way down the street and found an old car that he was able to hot-wire and start. The car was full of rubbish, old soft-drink bottles and food. He started to drive down the road in the same direction that Sarah and Joey had traveled. He traveled several blocked before giving up. He wasn't going to find them in a city this big. He could sleep in one of these old apartment buildings and in the morning hunt for them. He pulled the car over and made his way over to a building. The building was clearly empty - wooden planks covered the windows and door. He searched for something that would allow him to break the door down. He found a piece of steel nearby that he used to smash the door. He entered. The lights switched on. It looked like the people that lived here left in a hurry. Lunch was served on the table. Fly's swarmed the food. He moved towards the kitchen. The fruit in the fruit painter was still good. He ate a banana and headed towards the master bedroom. The bed was made and had fresh sheets. He climbed into the bed and feel asleep. He was excused.


He watched as the crowd decended onto the morning tea table. The food setout was sweet fresh cream buns and savory muffins. Sccanning the area for an exit, he soitted a doorway which lead to a balconey. There were too many for him to handle. He would have to make his way through several groups of people. He took a deep breath and provided to walk towards the door. One step in front of another. 'excuse me', he mutted as he made his way past the groups. Reaching the door and squeezed through the small opening. Outside on the balcony he felt releaved. No longer was he in a tightly crowded room. The sun was shone brightly. He had to be careful that he wasn't burnt. shinning and Joey was able to find a seat and started to eat his cream bun.

TechFuncMasters was the company hosting the conference. A three day event where people from a range of companies got together and shared and collaborated on ideas. Joey was a contractor and had just started a new project of developing some addons for gimp. The addons that he had to build was to make it possible to give the computer a collection of digital paintings, and the video process of the paintings - and a blank canvas. The computer would then mimic the original painting - creating a new painting with help from a new reference image. Joey wasn't sure who he was creating this software for - but it didn't really matter. The main thing for joey was that he was getting paid well - and that the addons would be open source.

The door slided open and steps walked towards his direction. He was no longer alone. A woman in her early twentys approached and sat near him. She had long wavey red hair, bright large blue eyes and a glemmering smile. She too had came outside to eat the morning tea. He looked over and checked her name tag. Vanessa May, TechFuncMasters, Developer, it read. He gave her a smile.

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"Hi there, I'm Joey", he interduced himself, he finished the mouthful of cream bun.

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"Hi Joey, I'm Vanessa", she replied. "Enjoying the conference? Some great keynotes". Joey shock Vanessa's hand. "Vanessa", she replied.

Antony watched as Joey and Vanessa meet. It was as predicted. History had told that these two would meet this day. October 14th 2065 at 10:50am. Antony knew his job was done and started to walk out of the building. The place was crowded as he started to push his way to the exit. 'sir, wait', he heard a voice behind him. He ignored it. It was important that he got out of the building in the next 5 minutes. He kept moving, at a faster pace. 'STOP', the voice yelled. Antony started to run. The last thing he remembers is a buzzing sound. Then darkness.

'So where do you work', Vanessa asked Joey. His badge read Joey McFurson. The company line was blank. His role was set to Developer. 'Oh i am doing some contract work currently. Mostly image manipulation kind of stuff', Joey replied.

The light flickered as Antony opened his eyes. He was strapped to a chair. His mouth gagged to stop him from yelling. The room was small. A table was in front of him along with a similar chair. The table was covered with medical and electrical devices. 'What the hell', he thought to himself. The door creaked open. In walked a solid built man that looked like he was in his early fortys. His long blue-black straight hair covered his face hiding brown eyes surronged by dark rings. He walked with a slight limp. The man steered at Antony then took a seat.

"Do you know why you are here?', he asked.

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Antony sighed, 'I have no idea'. 'The agency I work for tracks down those that are involved in time alteration events'. Antony realized he was in trouble. How the hell did they find him, he thought to himself. 'I want a lawyer', he replied. 'You do not have a right to a lawyer Antony', Dectecive spoke. 'Just tell us what you know, we can do this the easy way, or the headway'. Antony maintained a puzzled look on his face. 'Antony, Do you know what this device is', Detective picked us a circle electronic device from the table. 'No comment', spoke Antony.

Joey checked his watch, it was 10:58. The crowds of people had finished their morning tea and moved back into the speakers rooms. Joey had been in the tech track but decided to switch the business track. He had found the tech track to be slightly boring, and was dozing off during the session. He stood up from his seat on the balcony and moved towards the door, sliding it open further to get inside. He headed towards the room which had the sign: 'business track'. The room was much smaller than the tech track. He found himself a seat on the side of the room. He sat down and retrieved his pad and pen to take notes. The next talk was from a bank - the first talk of the day from a woman. Vanessa watched as Joey got a pad and pen from his bag. She made her way towards him and took a seat next to him. 'Hi', she spoke. 'Hello', he replied. She reached for her bag and go out a laptop. 'oh wow, you brought a laptop, isn't that kinda dangerous', Joey remarked. 'It's a throwaway machine', I'm going to destroy it after the conference', Vanessa replied. Joey watched as Vanessa's web browser opened. She had several tabs of Jupyter Notebook running. She was using it to take notes in markdown format. 'I just stick with pen and paper, less to worry about', spoke Joey. 'Fair enough', replied Vanessa. Their conversation was interrupted with the announcement of the next speaker.

Albumin receive the call from Detective. They had had found Antony. She made her way from her home office to her front door. Detective had told her that a car would be picking her up in 30seconds to take her to where they were holding him. She had been involved in the search for him in years. Ever since they retrieved information that he was the one that caused a time split that meant Vanessa never meet Sarah. It was important for Albumin that they meet as it leads to the fail of the ArtControl system that everyone had been involved in developing. Rain poured down as Albumin stood in her driveway. She watched as a car came down her street slowly. 'This has to be it', she thought to herself. It stopped outside her home and the backdoor opened. She climbed in. The car was old. A 2015 Honda. It is rare to see these cars around. Majority of people use cars that are self driving. I guess they don't want to use new tech that the govt tracks. These old methods of transport are safer. The car struggled but made its way down the dirt road, turning left. The streets were quiet. People were too scared to come out of their home at night. The crime in the city had increased in the past twenty years. Albumin was partly to blame, she had been issuing orders to police to break down peoples houses in search for Antony. Now they finally had him focus could go into getting information out of him. It wouldn't be easy. The car pulled up outside an old abounded building. TechFuncMasters the old sign read out the front. Albumin stepped out of the car. She stepped forward and the car took off. The rain was calming as she moved toward the front door. She knocked twice. It was a large steel door that read: number 6 TechFuncMasters. Uganka answered the door. They walked down the hallway and turned left. Reaching another steel door. 'How did you find him?', Albumin asked. Uganka was silent. He just unlocked the steel door and pushed Albumin through. The room was dark except for a single light bulb. In one chair a man was strapped, Dective was sitting opposite holding the time split device. A table separated them. They were both frozen in time. 'You must be Antony', Albumin spoke. 'We have been searching for you for a long time'. The two were still frozen. 'UGANKA', yelled Albumin. The steel door opened and Uganka walked in. 'Yes', he spoke. 'What the hell is happening here, can you get them back to normal', she asked. 'I thought you would know how to do that', Uganka replied. 'No I don't' Albumin snapped. 'We finally get this guy and now I cant even interview him. I need to see the security tapes'. 'Yes, follow me', Uganka leads Albumin out of the steel door. He closes it after him. They walk forward and to the left where there is another steel door. Uganka unlocks the door and they both step in. The server room. The brains of the building. In front of them is a desk with a old computer monitor that is displaying live footage of the events the interview room. 'I want to see footage of the past 24 hours from that room', Albumin demands. 'Yes', replies Uganka as he rewinds the footage of the day. The footage shows Detective and Uganka dragging the body of Antony into the room. They both tie him up and leave. Albumin fast forwards the footage. She wants to see the conversation the two have together and what happens after the phone call to her is made. She pauses the footage as Antony wakes up. The buzzer goes off to let Dective know that he is away. A few minutes later Detective walks into the room and the two have a conversation. Sadly the footage wasn't able to catch audio. After a short convoy Dective shows Antony the time split device and they both freeze. 'Hang on', says Albumin. 'Somethings not right. Where is it that Dective places the phone call to me?', Albumin wonders. She reviews the footage again. Puzzled she asks Uganka to show her the interview room again. Antony and Dective are still frozen. Albumin exams the bodies. 'Perhaps it wasn't this Dective that made that phone call', she thinks to herself. 'Maybe something happened with the time split and the call was sent by an alternative Dective'. She had heard of similar things happen but never experienced it herself.