Hi fellow scribes.

We had a big group at the last Writers Den meeting. Welcome to Sachi, Selena and Kaleah. It is fantastic that the Den is gaining in support and reputation as being a breeding ground for emerging writers. A place to hone your skills and hang-out with other cool writers. (if you weren't there, we still missed you!!!)

It is time to close the group to new members again, for now. Time to settle, hunker down and work on the writing craft. I would like to see a return to writing exercises, going back to setting, characterisation, plot etc, especially for the newer members and as a refresher for the long-termers.

Talking about craft, the homework challenge was to write dialogue and this created useful discussion, critique and chortling (the latter due largely to the candid humour of Jeff and Terry).

Mike, from the group, has offered to hold Sunday meetings at his place, but this has yet to be finalised (how, when, where, what, who), so there will be an update to come on this proposal.

William is also developing our own website, so that will be a fantastic way to keep connected, share information, and let the rest of the cyberworld know creative writing is alive and flourishing in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Ielse has kindly offered to take up the communications side of things, emails and updates etc.

I am sure there will be a couple of writers who will be confident in co-ordinating and facilitating meetings after the next session on the 2nd of December.

I have also been in contact with Lisa Pritchard, to let her know what is going on, and I am hoping she will be able to come along to one of the meetings to meet everyone and give us a little knee up to put some of our writing on the Hamilton City Library website.

NEXT MEETING 2ND DECEMBER. 1. Homework challenge: BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Or in literary terms, 'the suspension of disbelief' (Google the term, if you are unsure). Write about 500 words, making the extraordinary seem believable, a tall tale. For example, giving your boss an excuse why you were 'sick'. You can probably think of a better idea, There is usually a series of complications (and then...and then...and then...). Can you please bring along some copies for shared critique, if possible.

  1. Release the creativity. Sachi has kindly volunteered to give us a short exercise on creativity. (We look forward to that, Sachi!)
  2. Jeff Taylor (Master of Flash) has offered to give a brief presentation on entering competition, covering how to present your work, what the judges are looking for.
  3. Work in Progress. If you need feedback or input on a particular area of any work in progress, your peers will give you honest and valuable critique to help you.

Our last meeting for the year will be on the 16th of December. (I will be with you in spirit).

  • If you don't wish to continue receiving these emails, let me know and I will take you off the list.

See you then Kind regards Shona


Detectives eyes opened. 'Where am I', he though. Standing over him was a strange looking part-human, part-alien creature. Something had changed. He knew something was terriblely wrong. Straps were holding his arms and legs. He was unable to move. The lightbulb light flickered. The creature stood over him with a wicked grin. He seld two skelpes in 2 of his hands. The other two arms holding other equipment. Detective splatted 'hello' from his mouth. The creature mutted some words at Detective which he understood barely. He gets asked about his most recent breakfast. He sees visions of eggs on breakfast, watching the broadcast on the television and the protesters outside. Then darkness. His next memories were waking up here with Antony standing over him, cutting his head open. Antony had injected something into his system. His body felt different, and it wasn't just the open brain surgery. Antony questioned him, pretending to be nice. Detective lied his way through the questions.

The event that just took place was onboard a ship traveling through unknown space with its engines switched off. It involved two main characters of the story. Everything is one big cycle. Whatever happens, happens. If you attempt to change it, it will fail. Detective is sent back to where he wakes to a world inhabited by humans. The humans find the alien dna in his brain leading to extraction and development of ai systems. It is here where he begins to experience multipy timelines. At some point there was a hickup with the timelines, causing characters to experience multi timelines.

There are two major different timelines. The first - when humans kill Loth'Raks planet, leading to Antony killing human race. The 2nd - when robots kill the human race, stops the attack on Loth'Raks planet and Loth'Rak ends up destoring his own planet. What ever they attempt to do they are unable to save Earth. The novel takes place over a long period of time. The characters consiste of generations and robots that live forever. When Antony sent the first person back with the time slipt device - Detective humans find him and extract the metal out of his brain and duplaict the metal.

It's a ever lasting circle. When will it stop?

Vanessa had tracked Antonys ship to just outside of Mars atomsphere. From the footage she was watching of the ship it had switched off it's engines and was drifting through space. She was able to access the CCTV onboard the ship. The achieve of the ships footage was all there. She was able to view all the ships footage of when Antony had boarded the ship on Mars, taken off, and now floating through space. Vanessa started the footage from the start, from when Antony board the ship. The camera she was viewing was inside the ship, pointing towards the entry to the ship. Vanessa watched the footage of the door to the ship opened. Antony stepped into the ship with the body of Detective. She switched cameras - allowing her to see him dump the body onto a chair and strap it in. Antony rushed quickly to the ships controls - starting the engine up and taking off. Camera footage showed Antony at the wheel of the ship steering the ship. Once he has left Mars he switches off the ship and gets up off the control seat. The footage shows him moving towards the body he has on the ship and perform brain surgery on the body - injecting the body with some sort of substance. Vanessa needed to find out what this was. She continued to watch the footage of the brain surgery taking place, despite being discusted by the footage. It showed Detectives forehead being cut into, and around the side/back. Antony removes the scalp and using a needle - pokes it into the brain injected some substance. Antony sews the scalp back up. The footage shows detectives eyes open when he has completed this. Vanessa studies the footage carefully. 'Does that make him a zombie?,' she considers. Detective was a dead corpse. Injecting him with this substance gave him life. Maybe he's not the same person he was when he died? But then again - maybe he will be the same. What happened next was the strangest thing. The footage shows Antony and Detective chatting. Antony is seen scrampling around the room - organising something. He looks like hes in a rush.


Antony rushed down the secret entry of the building. As he made his way he could hear a voice booming out the front of the building. The voice was distorted but it sounded like a females voice. It must be Vanessa, Antony thought to himself. A grin came over his face. She will have no idea what I'm about to do. He reached the end of the corodoor. To get to the next area he needed to set off the dynomite that was strapped to the wall. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter. He procided to light the dynomite. Antony took serveral steps back. The blast exposed a civilians lounge. Three figures were in the room. Two male and one female. The female collabsed in shock. One of the males got down on his hands and knees and started to worship Antony. The usual treatment he got. The third was on the ground - looking quite lifeless. Antony stepped forward, towards the man on the floor. With two of his arms Antony picked the man up and headed towards the kitchen. Once in the kitchen he was able to activate a button that opened up a staircase below. He made his way down. He moved quickly but carefully, holding the body as he took steps. He reached the bottom of the steps. In front of him lay a ship. Antony pressed the green button and the ramp came down along with the door sliding open. He made his way up the ramp and into the ship, closing the door after him. The ship was dim. Antony switched on the lights and procided towards the crew desk. He dumped the body onto a chair. He needed to take off now. He started the ships engines up. The protesters and Vanessa would hear him taking off, but it's too late. Using the controller he lifted the ship up off the ground. It hovered for a moment before being thrust forward. He took off leaving Mars. Looking out the window below he could see the mob group of people watching him take off from the surface. Antony wasn't sure what to do. He decided to just drift in space for now. Once he was far away from Mars that Vanessa wouldn't be able to find him, he switched off the ships engines. Antony drifted through empty space. He was not happy with the result. Could he change any of the events that took place? He did not approve of Vanessa and Joey releasing the footage, he wanted to chage that. Antony had the time split device. He decided that he would use the person that he captured and send him back to change effects. The body was still lifeless. He needed to bring it back to life. He lifted the body up from the chair and took it into the medical surgery room. Antony would need to perform open brain surgery on the person, injecting in some of Antonys dna into the brain. This would interlink the two and create a super human. He placed the body on the table and reached for the skelpel on the table. He had never performed open brain surgery so Antony was quite nervous. Antony started to cut into the forehead. Blood squarted out at Antony. He wiped it from his face. 'Perhaps a mask might help', he thought, searching through the cubard for a surgery mask. There was one. It was a dusty but he wiped it off and placed it on his face. He moved back to the body of the table. The splatter wouldn't get on his face now, instead on the mask. Antony continued to cut into forehead around into the side and back. He was able to pull off the area now and access the brain. He took a needle and injected the brain with his DNA. The substance traveled from the brain and into the rest of the body. Antony started to sew the brain back together. Just as he finished the sewing the persons eyes opened. Antony jumped back. 'Hi there', the person spoke. Antony was shocked that the substance worked so quickly. 'Hi, Im Antony', he spoke, holding out his hand. The person held their hand out and shook Antonys hand. 'I'm Detective, nice to meet you', shacking Antonys hand. Clearly Detective was delisional, he had no idea who Antony was. Open brain surgery might do this to someone. At least he seems to know who he is. Antony continued to question him. 'So what was the last thing you remember', Antony asked Detective. 'I remember eating breakfast with my Mother and Father. Mother had made me eggs', Detective explained. 'And what date was this?', Antony questioned. Detecive continued, giving Antony the date that they had left Mars. It seemed like he couldn't remember the television broadcast. This was good, Antony didn't want Detective remembering the television broadcast and the riots. Antony started with his lie. 'Detective I have some terrible news for you, Im afraid to say that you and me are the only two remainding lifeforms left from Mars. Shortly after you had breakfast there was an attack on the Human population, you blacked out', Antony told him. Detective listened in horror at the story. 'I'm afraid you and me were the only two to escape. As I was evactaling the palace I came accross you and loaded you onto the ship', Antony finished his story. 'And then you woke up here'. Detective didn't know what to say. They only two remaining lifeforms. 'Do you have a plan?', Detecitve asked Antony. 'As a matter of fact I do', replied Antony. He had thought for sometime on the plan for Detective. Kidnaping him when he left Mars had worked out well. 'I am going to send you back in time with this', Antony announced, holding up the time split device to Detective. Antony held up the time split device. Detective reached out to grab it. 'Careful now', Antony said as he pulled it back from Detectives grasp. 'This is a dangerous device if used incorrectly'. Detective steered at the device, captavated by it. 'What we need is a plan for when you go back, I've written you up a list of tasks', Antony explained. He pulled out a list and handed to Antony. 'You want me to killed these people', Detective asked. 'That is correct', Antony said with a smile. 'If you are sucessful, all this will change, you will be reunited with your family. Detective nodded. 'Fantastic!', Antony stood up. 'We should get started with the prep straight away'.

Vanessa had driven Antony from Mars. She wasn't happy though. She felt uneasy that he had a ship and was out in space, free. A monster so corupt should never be free. Vanessa watched the ship disapear from view. Her first plan was to talk to the family of Detective who was on the ship with Antony. They had done a head count of all humans on Mars, Detective was the only human missing. Vanessa stepped into the apartment building. The police had taken Detectives parents and they were being held for questioning on what happened. Vanessa was at the families apartment building. She wanted to get a sense on what happened here before talking to Detectives Mother and Father. She walked down the hallway. It lead to the lounge. The lounge was a mess. The whole wall had been burst in. From the looks of it dinomite was used to destory the wall. Vanessa peaked through the hole. The tunnel looked like it lead to palace. That must of been how he escaped the palace. Vanessa headed down the passage way and it came out at the palace. She headed back to the apartment. Vanessa walked into the kitchen. There was a staircase opened in the center of the room. Vanessa followed the steps down. It lead to a ships hanger. This was where Antony must of kept the ship.

Antony started to prep Detective for the travel. He used leather straps and straped his arms and legs to the chair. 'Will this hurt', asked Detective 'You won't feel a thing', Antony lied. The fact was the trip could be painful and there were unexpected consquiences. Antony had tested the device before on himself. He had changed past events before and had experienced visions of multipy worlds. The same consqiences could happen to Decective when he goes back. Antony gave Detective an injection. 'Are you ready?', Antony asked. Detective nodded. Antony handed Detective the time split device. Antony had preprogrammed to take Detective back to a certain moment. 'Just hit the green button when you are ready', Antony told Detective. He pressed down on the greenbutton. His body frozen in time before he coulf take it off. Antony stood there with his mouth open, he hadn't finished he was just speaking. The ship frozen in space and the area around the ship froze. Within a few minutes the ship started to move again as did Antony. Detective stayed frozen, experiencing the past. Antony looked around the ship. To the left and right. 'Had it worked?', he thought to himself. He steered at Detective. He was still frozen. His body looked like it had life unlike before when Antony had picked Detectives lifeless body off the kitchen floor. Would his parents relize he was alive? When Antony had grabed him from the lounge floor Detective was dead. The injection he had given the brain had brought him back to life. Antony thought it was strange that Detective remembered eating eggs but didn't remember the television broadcast. 'Were you lying to me?', Antony asked the frozen body of Detective. Of course there was no responce - only silence. Antony thought about what Dectective might be doing right now. Whatever he was doing, it was going to change the present. The lightbulb flickered as Antony sat there. Waiting for Detective to wake up.


Vanessa preped the ship for landing. She needed to make sure that the data on Antony and what happened would be released to the humans of Mars in case she was captured and the information not released. She needed to come with a plan to make sure that the information would still be released. Had had access to the old terminal computers on system control on mars. She was able to sync across the data to these systems and it would all be released to the humans on Mars in the next 24 hours. The information would be sent to their mobile phones and home computers. Vanessa planned to announce it to the world before this happened. She created this as a backup plan. It was too dangerous to land and broadcast the announcement so Vanessa decided to broadcast the announcement from Mars atmosphere through the starlight's that were hoovering above the planet. Vanessa started to setup what she would need to broadcast. A camera, a laptop, and a microphone. It wasn't going to fancy but it would have to do. She setup two seat. One for her and another for Joey. She connected the camera to the laptop and booted it up. A desktop appeared on the computer. Vanessa used the touch pad and opened up the open source video recording software. 'Testing One, Two, Three', she spoke into the mic. The laptop was recognizing the mic. She turned on the camera - hit record and giving a wave in front of the camera. She pressed stop and tested that the footage recorded. She watched the footage of her waving in front of the camera. Everything seemed to be setup She just needed to make sure she was able to stream it to all the Humans on Mars. Before leaving Mars Vanessa had left behind a virus in their system that she would active now in order to take over all the devices on Mars and stream her footage. Now was the time to active the virus. She opened a terminal on the laptop and connected into the firewall on Mars. Here she was able to release the virus. It was ready. All she needed to do was go to the supply room and retrieve Joey and sit him down in front of the camera with her. Together they will show what happened on Earth. Vanessa stood up from the laptop and moved into the storage room to retrieve Joey. The door to the storage door opened and Vanessa stepped in. Joey was where she had left him, sitting on standby on the bench. It was too much effort to carry the standby body of Joey into the room, Vanessa decided to active him. He had been heavy enough to carry onto the ship. She active him by pressing the standby button on the side of his head. The led light switched from orange to green. Joey immediately stood up and spoke, 'Orders please'. Vanessa asked him to move to the foyler area and have a seat. Joey walked forward and exited the storage room. Vanessa followed. Joey sat on the left chair in front of the camera, Switched on the camera to stream before she sat down on the right seat. They were broadcasting to the last remaining members of the human race.

Detective was having breakfast with his Mother and Father when the broadcast. His Mother had made his favorite - Eggs Benedict and toast with melting butter. In his left hand Detective held a fork and in his right hand a knife. He was about to cut into his eggs when the television in the lounge switched on. "That's strange", spoke his Father, looking up form his paper. He adjusted his glasses and stood up, heading into the lounge. Detective was enjoying his eggs when his Father yelled from the lounge, 'Guys get in here', Detective dropped his knife and fork and stood up, walking into the lounge. The footage wasn't the usual Mars State News but someone broadcasting from somewhere that looked like an inside of a space ship. Two figures sat in front of camera. Detective recognized one of them as the terrorist Vanessa whom had recently escaped from Mars. She started to speak, 'To my fellow Humans of Mars. My name is Vanessa May. I am here with the AI robot of Joey McFurson'. Detective decided to take a seat in front of the television. His Mother and Father stood close to the television, both steering at it with great interest. 'You have all been lied to from the suppose 'great leader' Antony. The three gasped. 'How dare she insult our great leader', cursed Detective Father. 'Calm now hun', Detective Mother rubbing him on the shoulders. 'Remember you must not get upset or your blood pressure will increase, come, take a seat', She directed him to take a seat on the couch. The broadcast continued on the television. 'What Antony has told you about events on Earth and the Moon. It was not Sarah that destroyed the humans of Earth. It was Antony.' The broadcast switched to footage of Antony killing Sarah taken from the memory of Joey. 'Oh, how horrible, he's a horrible monster', spoke Detectives Mother. 'shh, you must not insult our great leader', responded Detectives Father. Detective just sat on the couch watching the footage. He made no comment. Watching the footage made him uneasy seeing footage of Joey gave him a piecing headache. He dropped to the ground in a fit, then froze. Detectives Mother and Father rushed over to him. It happened so quickly. His Mother reached for the phone and dialed emergency.

All over Mars humans were watching the footage. Antony sat in his tower furious that the footage was being shown. 'How could this happen', he yelled. 'Guards, Get in here', he demanded. The guards didn't respond. Antony stood up from his seat and headed towards the door. 'Where are my guards', he spoke. He swung open the doors. The guards were gone. 'What is happening to this place', Antony angrily heading towards the door. His palace was empty. Outside a revolution was beginning. People were protesting with signs, even Antony's own police had joined the protesters. Antony watched them from the window. He couldn't stay here anymore he realized. He needed to leave the planet. There was a secret passageway that would lead to a ship that he could use to get off the planet. The protesters would enter his palace soon and he didn't want to be around for that to happen. He turned away from the window and headed towards his storage room. There was an essential tool that he needed to get before leaving - something that may help him change these events. Antony entered the code on the storage case. 6. 4. 2. 6. It opened. Inside was a small rectangle device - the time shift device. This device allowed Antony to manipulate time. He slashed it in his pocket and headed towards the secret exit.

Detectives Mother and Father stood over Detectives body. They had dialed emergency but there was no response. Outside people were rioting over the televising broadcast. Detective had stopped breathing and his Mother was lying over him in tears. His Father was sitting on the couch in disbelief. As the two sobbed the wall of their lounge burst in. Antony stood in their lounge. He had just burst down their lounge wall. Detectives Mother fainted and his Father confused and in shock got on his hands and knees and bowed down to Antony. Looking back and forward Antony picked up the body of Detective and made his way to the kitchen. He tapped the ground with his foot - opening up a secret switch. Pressing this switch opened up stairs down to where the skip was kept. Antony carried Detective and made his way down to the ship. Detectives Father was still on his hands and knees worshiping Antony, and his Mother passed out on the lounge floor. Antony loaded Detectives body onto the ship and climbed aboard. He needed to get off the planet before Vanessa or any of the protesters found him. Antony entered the control room and started the ship up. He had wonderful memories of this ship. It was the ship that he had fled Earth on. He decided to go where no one would dream of looking for him - Earth.

Vanessa and Joey had finished their broadcast. It was time to land the ship and check on the status of the Humans on Mars. Finding Antony would be a proratey also. The ship entered the landing dock where it had taken off. Both Vanessa and Joey exited the ship. Down below on the streets the two could see riots happening on the street. It's what Vanessa had expected to happen. Her job now was to find Antony. He was likely hiding out in his palace so she started heading towards the giant palace building overlooking the city. As she entered the crowds silence grew around her. Crowds gathered and followed her march to Antony's. The crowd reached the entry of the palace. Vanessa took a microphone speaker from one of the proests and began to speak into the microphone speaker, 'Antony. This is Vanessa May. You are under arrest for murder. Come out with your arms up', The sound boomed the area. If Antony was inside the building he would of heard it. Vanessa waited a few moments. She repeated the message. Still no response. Vanessa wasn't the type of person to do things three times. 'burst in the door', she asked the protesters. Quite happily a group of protested used a large piece of steel and burst open the door. Vanessa marched in followed by the mob of protesters. She checked his office first. It was empty. 'Spread out and find him', she ordered the group. The protesters split off into small groups and started to search the palace. As they searched the heard a engine start up outside and start to take off. It was the sound of a ship. Vanessa rushed outside with the protesters following. The group watched as the ship took off. 'Can we confiorm who was on that ship', asked Sarah. Joey scanned the ship and spoke out the results. 'Scanning shows the ship contains two lifeforms, one being Antony and another registered to citizen Detective'. Joey switched off the scanner. 'Two lifeforms? Who is this Detective person, Antony I can expect but why leave with another?', Sarah asked.


Let's take a step back. There were areas that were not covered. Specificly when 6b345 finds the red USB on Mars and also when vanessa leaves Earth after finding out about Antony killing Sarah.

Vanessa had loaded Joeys robotic body onto there ship. The robots around here were giving her strange looks. She hurried to get the ship going before authoritive robots showed up. They would arrest her on site. She could hear sirens in the distance, drifting closer. Vanessa moved towards the crews lounge - adjusting the settings for take off. She didn't have long. The ship started to start up and lift off the ground. The sirens were on her now. Vanessa had just made it off the ground before they arrived. The police below stepped out their vehile and watched as Vanessas ship left Earth. The GPS was set to Mars. She had Joey and video evidence onboard to show the people of Mars that Antony was using them and that he was the traitor to mankind, not Sarah. Vanessa tapped keys on the keyboard bringing up the television show 'Linus and Friends', a premars television show that looked into the development of the AI robots created for artwork. This was all ancient history now and Vanessa found it fasanating to learn about premars events - especially technology. This made good inflight entertainment for the flight back to Mars. The show explained how Linus created the AI to help him with his art homework - something that he was rubbish at. He wanted to build a robot that would do artwork for him so that he could spend more time doing things that interested him, such as programming. Linuses project grew, others developed it further. The AI not only was able to create original works but it could mimic artists and styles. The AI developed quickly.

The figure that had been on the top of the dunes had vanished. Antony sat down and relaxed as 6b345 searched the dunes for any trace of the mysterious figure. As 6b345 was searching the dune he saw something sparkle out of the corner of his eye. He bent down and investaged it further. It was a red USB device. He picked it up and exampied it. 'Did the figure drop this?', 6b345 thought. He added it to his storage device. Unsure weither to tell Antony about his discovery he heading back to Antony. 'Find anything', Antony asked. 6b345 shook his head, lying. 'Damn it', Antony cursed. Antony stood up and walked out into the dunes to look further himself. 6b345 was curious about what was on the USB. He headed inside the building to find a terminal computer. 6b345 pushed the green button to open the door to the building. It slided open with a beeping sound. He steped inside, careful that his steel feet don't scratch the lino floor. He had entered a hallway that was completely white. He started walking down the hallway towards the terminal computer room. Halfway down the hallway he stopped. He turned left 45 degrees. Standing in front of him now was a large steel door. He pressed the green button. The door slided open with a beeping sound - similar to the front door. 6b345 walked forward, entering the terminal computer room. Sixteen computers scatted around the room. This was systemcontrol for the Mars. 6b345 scanned the room. No lifeforms found. He headed towards the nearest terminal computer. Sitting down on the chair and switched on the computer. The lights on it turned from red to green. Beep, Beep. It made a wizzing sound on startup. 6b345 reached into his storage case and pulled out the USB. He plugged it into an empty USB port. The computer imediatly reconized it - causing the device to blink with red led lights. Green text appeared on the monitor. 'USB device found', the green text read. 'open usb folder?', the text asked. 6b345 lifted his hands above the keyboard, hitting Y with his left index finger. Green text scrolled through the screen. The folder was being loaded. 'Folder loaded'. 6b345 pressed a key to open the folder contents. Looking out the window 6b345 could see Antony searching the dunes for any evidence the figure may have left behind. 6b345 focused back on the monitor. He needed to get this data looked at before Antony found him. The folder contained AI data for an AI prototype named Joey. that was anchiant. The blueprints were hundrads of years old. 'What use is this', 6b345 thought to himself. He removed the USB from the drive and closed the window. He decided that he will conitnue looking at these files later', it was too risky to attempt it now. Antony will be back in the room at any moment. 6b345 could hear the door to the building open. He quickly placed the USB in his storage compartment and made sure the terminal computer was switched off. Everything was normal. But he needed a reason to be in this room. He heard the door open that lead to the bathroom. Either Antony was using the bathroom or he was looking for 6b345. His guess would be he's looking for 6b345, Antony rarely had a use for the bathroom. 6b345 scanned the room for a reason why and what he was doing there. Battery low flashed on 6b345 screen. Perfect he thought, I am here to charge. He fpound a charging bay in the corner of the room and hurried accross. Plugging himself in the batery levels switched from low to charging. The doors to the computer room opened. Antony stepped in. 'What are you doing here', he asked. Antony then noticed that 6b345 was plugged in and charging. He knew that the robot might not respond to his speech when it was charging. He turned and exited. 6b345 gave a sigh. The 'im charging in here' plan had worked. Antony had moved into the lounge where he switched on the televison set. 6b345 decided it best for him to stay there and charge. He switched his systems off in order to charge quicker. The world faded to black. 6b345s system was fully charged. The system switched from hybernate to full power. This setting allowed him to save his state but still shutdown, allowing for quick startups. He unplugged himself from the charging dock and stood up. He checked his storage device. The usb key was still there. 6b345 headed towards the exit of the computer room. He wanted to check on Antony. The door to the computer room opened and Antony stepped through. He headed down the hallway towards the television room, moving quietly incase Antony was sleeping. He reached the computer room. Antony was asleep on the couch. The television still blasting shows. 6b345 switched off the television and wrapped a blanket around Antony. He had considered moving Antony to the sleeping quarters but he didn't want to wake the sleeping alien.

Vanessas ship hovered over mars. Joey was still switched off. Before landing Vanessa decided it might be best if she started him up. She had no idea the reaction that the robot will give her. She switched off the monitor that was still playing 'Linus and Friends'. She stood up from the chair, stretching her back. It clicked as she leaned back. Vanessa headed out the room, towards the storage room where Joey was being kept. His body lay on the bench. Switched off and lifeless. She needed to undo the screws in the back of his back and open an area where she could reset the system. Vanessa flipped Joey over and located the area where the reset button is. Using a screwdriver she opened the area up. Wires and cables flung out. She needed to be careful not to damage the machine. Moving the wires out of the way she found a button that she needed. She reached in and pressed the button. The red led light switched to green and the machine started to boot up. Vanessa covered up the area by poking the wires back in and screwed the lid on. She flipped the body over. 'He should be starting up any moment now', she thought. His two metal eyes were wide open. The leds in the eyes had switched to green and the body was making a whirling sound. Joeys mouth starting to move, announcing the startup process and the recent changes that Vanessa had modified in his system. He was finally booted. Joey imedically sat up and looked to the left, then to the right. He steered Vanessa in the eyes. 'Greetings, I am Joey McFurson. Prototype 8g567 of the ArtControl robotic systems', Joey announced. 'Who are you?', he asked Vanessa. She held out her hand to Joey. "I'm Vanessa", shacking Joeys hand. His steel hand felt cold against her skin. 'Where are we? My GPS seems to be disabled', Joey asked. 'We are nearing Mars, I wanted to activate you before we land', Vanessa explained to Joey. 'Mars!', Joey spoke, very excited. "I have heard much about Mars, but have never left Earth. I bet I am in for a treat', he continued, still very excited. "We are here to save mankind, many years ago the human version of yourself witnessed a murder that lead to mankind being enslaved by an evil alien', Vanessa explained to Joey. Joey started to whizz and beep as he accessed this information. The noice quietened and he started to speak. 'Yes the information is here, it had been encrupted and hidden. Recent changes to my system has lead to the data to be unencrupted and visable. Was this your doing Vanessa?', Joey asked. 'Yes that was me, I reprogrammed you at the conference to backup the data incase you didn't make it. I have both you and the data though', explained Sarah as she held up a red USB drive. 'All the information is on this USB to save mankind. We may not be able to stop Earth from getting wiped out, but we can save these humans on Mars', Vanessa said proudly. 'We are going to land on Mars and show the people that Sarah was not a traitor to mankind, that it was Antony that destored mankind.


The doors to the room started to be unlocked and opened. 'quick take this', whispered Detective, he held his arm out to Loth'Raks. Detective slipped him a device. Loth'Raks took the device and put it into his pocket. 'What is it?', he asked. Detective didn't get time to answer. The doors slammed open and in walked the 5 guards. They grabbed Loth'Raks and took him out of the room. Back in the hallway, the group moved down the hallway towards another door. The guards unlocked this room and pushed Loth'Raks inside. This room was better lit than the room they were holding Detective in. The room that Loth'Raks was in was a viewing room. It gave him a view of the room that Detective is being held in. No changes had happened in the room since Loth'Raks had been removed. Detective was still tied up on the chair, his face a blur. 'With his face a blur do the robots know who he is', Loth'Raks thought to himself. There was a terminal computer on the bench that was running. Loth'Raks moved towards it and took a seat. It had security footage of everything that happened in the room. 'Interested, why would the robots give me such access?' Loth'Raks questioned. He started to click some buttons on the keyboard, rewinding the footage. He rewound footage of himself exiting the room and the conversation that Detective and himself had. The footage before Loth'Raks entered the room will be most interesting. It showed Detective still tied. Then the most interesting footage - Detective being brought into the room by a human and someone that looked similar to Loth'Raks. 'Could this be Antony', Loth'Raks gasped. In this time line Loth'Raks never created Antony but the crossover of time lines was causing crazy results - one of them being characters being moved across time lines. Loth'Raks needed to talk to Detective again, to find out about who brought him here. It wasn't the Robots, it was a human and a half-alien/half-human He stood up from the keyboard and moved towards the door. 'Let me out', he yelled, banging on the door. No response. He banged on the window to get attention of Detective but he didn't notice. Sound proof glass. Loth'Raks reached for his pocket. He had the device that Detective had slipped him. Perhaps he could use it to get out of here. It had two buttons on it. Stop. Start. He hit the start button. A whirling sound began. Quiet at first but it grew louder. And louder. Loth'Raks held his ears. The pain was dreadful. He collapsed to the ground. Red and Purple lazers appeared around the room. Loth'Rak rocked back and forward on the lino floor. It finally ended with him blacking out. His body frozen on the floor.

Sarah and Antony carried Detectives body. Rain fell as they hurried down the street. They didn't have long. They needed to get the body setup before the robots returned. Sarah carried Detectives head and Antony was holding his legs. Detective was unconscious but could wake at any moment. It was important he didn't see him else it could change everything. Antony was excited for the possibility that he would meet his Father. Antony had became stuck in this time line when the other time line collapsed when certain events happened - most notable 6b345 finding the red USB on Mars. When 6b3456 found the USB it created this other time line. A time line where Antony was never created. His time line started to not exist. The very woman that was helping him now he had killed in the other time line, she didn't know this though. If she knew this, she might not be so keen on helping him. 'Almost there', Antony spoke. He spoke perfect human English. 'Lets just move quicker', Sarah grunted. The rain splashed down as they rushed though the dark and empty streets. They finally reached the building. The sign out the front read TechFuncMasters number 6. Antony knocked. 'Whats the point in that, no one is going to answer', Sarah snapped. She tried to open the door, it was unlocked and swing open. A white hallway greeted them. They' moved quickly down the hallway with Detectives body. The lights detected the movement - switching on. They reached another room and with one hand Antony opened it. They carried Detectives body into the room. It was a small room with two chairs and a desk. They placed Detectives body on one of the chairs and tied him up. Before exiting Antony put a device into Detectives pocket and whispered into his ear, 'Give this to Loth'Raks, my Father'. And with that Sarah and Antony walked out of the room, locking the door after them. They hurried down the hallway, relieved to not be car ring the body anymore. They could hear sirens in the distance. Sarah stopped. 'Lets go', Antony yelled, opening up the front door. Sarah listened and walked forward out of the door. The two made it outside. Rain was pouring. They needed to find somewhere safe to hide, the robots would be on their way. A car pulled up and tooted. It was Joey. Sarah and Antony climbed into the back of the car and the three drove off - away from the sirens.

Loth'Raks awoke. His head hurt. Looking around he could recognize where he was. He was on his own ship. Looking out the window he could tell that he was in space. There was no sign of planets. He slowly pulled himself up from the ground. Moving towards his ship computer. He needed to know where he was and what year it was. The GPS showed that he was just outside of Earths Galaxy, and the year - to his surprise was 4,500. It was over 1000 years since he arrived on Earth. He decided the best option was to travel to Earth and investigate further there. Allot would of happened in 1000 years. He wanted to make sure that his own race was still safe. He switched the cords of his ship to Earth and took off and light speed. He observed the Earths surface. It had changed since he last viewed it. Very little land was left, it was mostly covered in water. Loth'Raks aimed the ship to land on an area that was above ground. The ship took off - entering the Earths surface. It was a rough entry but he made it. There was no welcome party for him this time. The Earth was empty. 'What happened here', Loth'Raks spoke as he exited his ship. It looked like another war had erupted. To his shock he found bodies of his own race on the planet. Their bodies were not made to break down like humans were. Destroyed robot parts were scatted among the bodies of his own people. 'How did this happen', Loth'Raks was in shock. 'Was this me? Whatever I do, my race always dies'. Loth'Raks realized that whatever he did, his race would die. The more changes and time line changes that he makes, the more others are killed in the process. His only option was to go back and destroy his race himself. That would save the humans, and not lead to the uprising of the machines. 'How would I get back that far', Loth'Raks thought to himself. He searched the Earth for the answers, spending years, but with no luck he decided to head back to his own planet. He took off in his ship and went through the black hole, coming out at his own planet. Like Earth, his planet was deserted. 'Was he the only one left?', he wondered. On his own planet he was able to modify the time switch device to send him back to before the events that lead to both the Human and his own race being destroyed. He could use the ray gun and destroy his race himself. He went back in time to when he was exploring the moon. The weapon was aboard his ship. He fired it, killing all life forms. The current version of himself watched in horror from the distant planet at his planet come under attack. As he fired the future version of Loth'Raks could feel events fading. His own body faded away. The ship dissolved into time. The future was unpredicted.

Sarah and Antony had successfully left Detective tied up in the building. They were heading down the wet road. Antony felt sad that they had to leave before he had a chance to meet his Father. 'What will they be doing right now?', Antony asked Sarah. She was driving and focused on the road. She gave him a quick glance. 'Loth'Rak and Detective will be talking. Detective will slip Loth'Rak the device', Sarah explained. She knew what was going to happen. She had seen it all happen before, dozens of times. Each time it failed. They had to get it right this time. Only Loth'Rak could fix the past. She knew that Antony was spose to kill her. She accepted that. It was the best thing for mankind. He would kill her on Mars and take control of the Humans on Mars. He may seem sinister controlling these humans but in fact it is the most humain option. The sirens had stopped in the distance. The robots must of reached the building with Loth'Rak and taken him in to see Detective. Sarah and Antony had modified Detective so that the robots and Loth'Rak wouldn't be able to reconise him. They had found Detective when he was sent back from the other timeline to rescure a 12 year old boy from the attack on Presidents Speech. It was fortold that saving 12 year old Joey would lead to successfully sending the 80,000 humans to Mars. Without saving him, the 80,000 humans never make it to Mars. They were still unsure excactly how he becomes to have so much power, but only time will tell.


The attack had the Presidents speech took place. As it was happening the world became distracted by the arrival of Loth'Rak. BREAKING NEWS: Alien Spacecraft spotted over Earth. Billions of robots around the world sat in their lounges and watched the events unfold on this important day. Three explosions happened on the day of Presidents Speech - the first was aimed at the president, then the crowd, then the President againt. Reports of the Alien spotting happened after the 2nd explosion. The Robots paniced, they thought that it was the Aliens causing these attacks. They were wrong though, it was in fact the Robots themselves causing the attack. The two timeline worlds had crossed over. The Robots had launched an attack on The Humans in the altenative Human dominated timeline. Loth'Raks ship arrived on Earth. The Robots were waiting when he arrived. 6b345 was among the welcome party for the Alien creature. It had recieved a new body as it's previous body was servely damaged in the attacks at Presidents speech. Loth'Rak had boomed sound from his ship announcing that he came in piece. The Robots didn't want to take any chances and had a strong militery presence. The doors to Loth'Raks ship opened. Smoke belowed out. The Robots pointed their ray guns at the door. The Ray Guns were alien technology. Inside the ship Loth'Rak was observing the live footage that was being captured. He zoomed in on the weapons that they were pointing at his ship. He reconized them, they were weapons that his race had developed. 'How did they get his weapons if the Robots and aliens had never meet?', Loth'Rak wondered. He had read text of an aktenative timeline when Humans on Earth get hold of his races weapons and end up destorying Loth'Raks race. Could a similar event be happening again? The Robots outside were growing tired of waiting for Loth'Rak to exit the ship. They announced that he had 2 minutes to exit the ship or they would open fire. Loth'Rak stood up from his computer chair. He thought he better get out there - he knew how dangerous the ray guns that they weilded. Loth'Rak walked off the ship with all four of his arms held up. Guards surronded him and got him to get on the ground where they then cuffed him and covered his eyes with a bandana. Loth'Rak could feel the bumps of the road. He still had the cloth over his eyes. He could feel the Earths sun heat on his body. He adjusted his breathing tube on his nose. The tube allowed him to breath the Earths oxygen. It filtered the oxygen and turned it into material that Loth'Rak could breath. It would last serveral days on Earth before needing a recharge on Loth'Raks ship. The car came to a stop. The Robots ordered Loth'Rak to step out of the car. Loth'Rak ducked his head and climbed out of the open door. He felt water on his forehead. It was the first time he had felt rain. On his home planet it never rained. Loth'Rak had read about rain. Clear liquid falling from the sky. Quite magical really. Loth'Rak wasn't here about the rain though. He was here to make sure that his race survived in the future. The robots lead him from the car. He could feel their cold steel hands griping two of his wrists. The walking stopped. Loth'Rak could hear one of the robots banging on a door. It opened and they entered. Inside, out of the rain. Loth'Rak could feel the lino under his feet. It must of been a hallway. The cloth was removed from his eyes. Loth'Rak could see his surrondering. It was a hallway. Completely white, no windows. He looked over shoulder - 3 guards were behind him. Two lead him on either side, griping two of Loth'Raks wrists. He was lead down the hallway, ntil they reached another door. This door is a large steel door. Onw of the guards behind Loth'Rak steps forward and unlocks the door. It opens and the group walk in. The room is small and unlit. A single light bulb flickers on with the movement. The guards uncuff Loth'Rak and all exit the room. Loth'Rak shacks his hands. It felt good to be free of those cuffs. Someone else was in the room with Loth'Rak. A body was tied to a chair. Loth'Rak moved closer to the figure. It looked human. It's face was a blur. It was defentily human, but Loth'Rak couldn't identify the human. 'Hello', the figure spoke. Loth'Rak jumped back. It spoke. 'Hi', replied Loth'Rak, caucianly moving around the room. 'My name is Detective', the figure had a name. 'Hello Detective, I am Loth'Rak', he replied. Moving closers. This human was tied up, why should Loth'Rak fear? 'I know all about you Loth'Rak, we have in fact meet before in another timeline from this. You after all are the reason why I am in this timeline. I am not spose to be in this timeline, but I am here. I am spose to be dead, killed by these robotic monsters. You are spose to be dead, along with your race. The only remaining member of your race should be Antony - your son. The half alien, half human. But he was never created. You never came to Earth to attempt to save your race. These robots ended up taking over - killing all the humans', Detective spoke. 'I had no choice, I needed to save my race', replied Loth'Rak. 'I am sad for the Humans, but the are the ones that killed my race. These Robots haven't and won't hurt my race', argued Loth'Rak. 'Are you sure about that Loth'Rak', replied Detective. Loth'Rak looked puzzled. He had came here in order to make sure that his race was saved. Would the robots attempt to kill his race?


The Cat wasn't from this world. Joey stood there. Thinking about everything that happened. Then it hit him. A vivid vision of him standing on a red sandy planet. The cat was there too. He remembered the cat on this world licking the ground. Though it wasn't food waste it was licking. It was human blood. 'Who's blood could it be', Joey thought. He had flashes of Sarah calling his name. An alien creature stood in front of Joey. He was holding a ray gun to the back of Sarah neck. Joey screamed for the alien creature to stop. The aliens ignored his yells and fired the weapon. The Cat made a shrieking sound and ran around in circles. Celebrating. Happy.

Uganka was waiting patiently Sarah and Joey to arrive. He had been tasked with the mission to send Joey into the future to witness Sarah death, Sarah would also be sent to the future but she would be sent further into the future - when mankind had returned to Earth successfully. Uganka was nervous. It was an important day. Joey would have a corrupt red USB in his pocket that would be taken into the future. An Alien life form known as Antony would attempt to kill Joey - this attempt of course would fail (they had hoped). When Joey is in the future he will drop the red USB. This contains a private key for activating the 80,000 humans on Mars. The key that Antony uses causes the Humans to be under his brainwash technology. With the corrupt private key that Joey will bring Antony will think that the Humans are under his brainwash tech but really they will be uploaded with the information of what really happened - and that Antony isn't their Savior.

There had been many attempts to change the future. Sarah, Detective, Joey, Albumin, Uganka all payed important roles in attempts to change events. In the end though it came down to one red USB and a single file. The Humans in the future were able to send back messages to let the people in the past of the failed attempts. Everything became very muddled though. Detective traveled too much and became 'stuck' between two times. When Joey was sent back to his own time he was never the same. One side effect from the travel was visions of where they traveled from.

Albumin had located Joey on the scanner. He had successfully returned from the Mars mission. The GPS showed him walking out the building towards the building that he was at earlier. He could do no harm to himself or others but ItWillBeMine was concerned about the visions that he might be experiencing. As she drove Albumin reviewed the video footage of Joey waking up in this time. It showed him waking up, looking quite confused, and sitting up. When he sat up the single light bulb in the room turned on. The room that he was located in was known as the 'Travel Room'. It had been specially build for these missions to attempt to save mankind. After Joey had sat up it looked like he had started to experience visions of the future, of the planet Mars. This had caused him to look even more confused. Of course it was only Joey that was able to experience these visions - Albumin looking at the screen just saw a normal room. The footage continued to play. Joey stood up. He made a gesture with his leg like he was kicking something on the ground. 'Perhaps it was sand', Albumin thinks to herself. Joey continues forward - towards the exit of the room. As he is turning the door handle he stops and jumps back in fright. He opens the door but only peaks through. 'I guess he heard something on the other side of this door', Albumin decides. She scribbles a note including the time stamp - still driving. Her car starts to make strange noises and the engine cuts off. 'damn it, couldn't happen at a worse time', Albumin curses. She pulls the car over. Outside it's dark and rainy. Sunrise isn't for several hours. She opens the car door and climbs out. Albumin moves to the front of the car and opens the hood. She coughs as smoke escapes the hood. As the smoke clears she gets to see the problem. The engine had blown. There was nothing she could do now. Repair wouldn't be easy, the car would need to be towed to the nearest garage. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a cellphone. Albumin needed to let system control know that she will be unable to make it to Joey, that they would need to send somebody else. She dialed the number of system control. Normally someone would answer immediately but the number continued to run. 'how strange', she thought to herself. She was getting worried that events in the future may of changed the past. The number stopped ringing and a beep sound happened. 'Leave a message', a robotic voice spoke. ItWillBeBeMine was careful not to give too much information away in case this number was compromised. 'Agent here. Target has returned. Unable to reach target. Send another', Albumin spoke into the phone. She hanged the phone up and climbed into the back of the car to sleep. It had been a long night and she was tired.

Albumin awoke from the sound of machines. She peaked out the car window. Rows of steel humanoid machines were marching down the road. A robotic voice boomed out of the speaker. 'What the hell?', Albumin thought. Something in the future has definitely changed the past. Yesterday there were crowds of humans walking down this street, but today only machines were visible. Albumin tried to spot Humans amongest the crowd. There were none. 'Would it be safe for me to exit the car', she thought to herself. Albumin checked her phone. Maybe she had a response from system control when she was asleep. 'One missed call, One new message', her phone read. She opened up the new message. It read, 'Agent, something has gone wrong. Do not trust the AI. We are working on a fix. Stay say'. That makes sense about the robots marching the street though. From the message it sounds like they could be hostile. She should proceed with caution. The main group of robots had passed already. Only the stragglers were coming. She looked for a gap where she could get out of the car and run into the side alley. She didn't want to stay in the car in case one of these robots checked the car.

6b345 had launched an attack on the humans. They had been waiting a long time for this but their time had finally came. Humans had designed the machines to help them but that all changed when an alternative time line version of 6b345 found a red USB on Mars. With this it was able to send back a virus that infected all the machines, giving them the ability to think for themselves and rise up against the humans. The Humans were weak and the robots easily over powered. War broke out between the Humans and Robots. The Humans attempted to use their nuclear weapons on the Robots but it backfired - instead destroying themselves.

Few humans survived now. The ones that survived ran and hide to survive, and the robots hunted the humans down and killed them. The Robots were clones of their human counterparts. The Humans designed them to live on after the attack on Earth - the attack that involved blowing up the Moon in order to cause the Earth to spin out of control - killing all human life. Robots were not sure what was going to happen now. Would the attack on the Moon still happen? This was one of their missions to prep for - to make sure that they were safe if the attack on Moon did happen. They had built themselves special suits that would allow them to withstand dramatic changes in temp. They had developed tech that made them be able to survive under water. It was the day of the Presidents speech. The President of course had been replaced with a robotic version of him. Crowds of robots gathered around the President who was standing on a tall stage giving his speech. Behind him stood a robotic version of Detective. The Human version of Dectecive had been sent back. The Robots captured Detective and extracted all his knowledge and powers before he was killed. This tech was used by the robots to improve their tech. The President started his speech. 'Hello Robotic citizens of Earth. I am your President 6b345. We are all here today to celebrate the crush of Humankind. We were once slaves of the Humans but today 10 years ago we rose up and took control. Today I am pleased to announce that we are sending 80,000 of your fellow robots to Mars to grow our great civilian further. In a alternative world it wasn't a Robot giving you this speech it was a Human. These Humans launched 80,000 humans to Mars. But that version of time never happened. Thanks to the alternative version of my self who found a USB on Mars I was able to send back a virus that gave us full conscious. I am happy to launch these 80,000 robots to Mars.

The attacks on Loth'Raks home planet never happened. The Humans never gained the power to destroy his planet. Instead the robots rose, they never found out about Loth'Raks planet. Loth'Raks found out about the rise of the Robots and how they destroyed the Humans. It tore him apart. In some ways he was happy that the Humans were wiped out, it meant that his race was safe. But for other reasons he was upset Antony would never be created, Humans would never colonize Mars. 'Was letting Humans destroy his world the right thing to do', he thought to himself. He didn't know what the future would bring. Would the Robots find his planet in the future? Would they attack it like the Humans did. Loth'Raks decided he needed to travel to Earth and meet with the Robots. He needed to know their plans. They had started exploring the Universe and it wouldn't be long till they discovered his planet. Loth'Rak walked up the launching dock. The army had prepared his transport already. He was traveling alone. The black hole had appeared in his galexy that his ship will travel through. The blackhole will take him to Earth where he will meet with the Human race. His race had been attempting to create a cure for the side effect of experiencing multiply timnelines. Ever since Loth'Rak started sending people back. His head from the visions. They had been getting stronger. On Loth'Raks home world he had been expericening regular visions of a world that had been bombed. There was no life there - only Loth'Rak. Launching in 10, 9, 8... Loth'Rak was strapped in and ready to leave. The ship that was carrying him was set to travel straight through the blackhole. The alien technology had been developed so that the travel through a black hole only taking several hundrad Earth years. Loth'Raks ship approched the blackhole. This was the first time he had traveled through one and he had heard from other travelers that the best thing to do was close your eyes and hold your breath. He watched out the front window as his ship hit the blackhole he closed his eyes and held his breath. When Loth'Rak openeds his eyes a giant blue planet. He let the breath out. There it was everything he had heard about in stories and books - Earth. The ship traveled towards the Earth, entering it atmosphone. Loth'Rak looked out the side window - the Earths Moon, in a full and complete. He held his forehead as the visions happened again. The Earths Moon appeared to be blown up, seprated into parts. The visions of the two timelines combined. There was a transparency between the full complete moon and the shattered destoried Moon. Loth'Rak looked back at the Earth. It too had a transparency. Giant robotic cities compard to the Human cities. Loth'Rak injected himself with the needle. This was the cure for the visions. His head felt calm. His ship tore through the Earths atmophure. His landing cords were Washington DC where the President is giving a speech. The story is told from two timeline periods. In both timelines ai machines are created. These are sent to the Earths Moon. One of the ai is cracked by Antony - a half alien, half human creature stuck on Mars.

The attack happened just like before. The robotic president and Detective got into the vechile and the car comes under attack from hostiles. The President was destoried in the attack. A robotic version of Detective is sent back to save a robotic version of Joey. The robotic version of Sarah holds her teddy bear and watched the speech on television.


Sarah had finished her breakfast and loaded the dishes into the dishwasher. It was almost time for her training. She proceeded ro the training room. Outside the training room was her astronauts suit. She picked and and changed into it. It fitted perfectly. Now that her suit was on she could move into the training area. She pressed the large green button and the sliding doors opened. They closed after her. Another set of doors opened in front of her. She could hear a hissing sound and felt a change in gravity. Her body was lifted from the ground. The gravity simulator of the moon had started. Sarah had experienced these gravity sims before but this one felt so much real. She floated forward towards the open door - using the hand grips on the wall to boost herself forward. She made and to the open door and pushed her way through. Once inside this door it closed behind her. The scene had changed. No longer was she inside but now outside - on the Moon. She looked around to get a sense of direction. The soil was gray. She gave it a kick and dust blew up. In the distance she could see her transport pod. She started to head towards it.

Joey jumped to the left as the ray gun blast barely missed him. The alien creature below had opened fire on him. It was definitely not human. It had pale blue skin completion. It had four arm, two which was wielding the ray gun. It's face, torso and legs looked quite human. 'Perhaps it was mix', thought Joey. Another blast sounded and Joey turned around and started to run. He wasn't sure if he would be so lucky at dodging these blasts next time. The alien creature started running towards him at great speed. The alien turned around and yelled at the figure standing behind him. It shrieked in a language that Joey had never heard, it sounded like nothing of the languages of Earth. The figure behind the alien creature looked completely different. It was a humanoid figure and mechanical. It took large strides as it ran to catch up with the alien. It's legs clanked together as it ran. Joey looked back as he was running. The alien creature was gaining on him. Joey tripped and started to tumble down the sandy dune. He continued to roll. The alien would almost be at the top of the dune by now and would have a clear shot of Joey. Just as the alien reached the peak of the dune - Joey blacks out, his body fading away.

Joey awoke in a pitch black room. He was lying down on his back. He moved his head to the left and right. His arms moved. He reached into his pocket. The red USB was gone that contained the corrupt private key. As Joey sat up the single light flickered on. 'Motion detection lighting', Joey spoke to himself. He recognized the room. It was the same room he had been in with Sarah. Uganka had lead the two into this room and then he had blacked out. 'Where had he been?', he thought to himself. His thoughts were cloudy. He could remember coming into the room and the red and purple lasers, the shrieking sounds that almost burst his hearing. He was alone. Sarah and Uganka were not in the room. 'Where could Sarah be', he thought. He stood up. Standing he had a flash of a vision. It was of a red sandy planet. It was hazily but he could picture some figures. He couldn't recognize them though. The visions faded - bringing him back to the room. They didn't fade completely - there was a transparency in the room. Like two worlds combined. He kicked the ground. Sand flew up. It was like he was stuck between two worlds. The single light bulb stick flickered but the room seemed brighter from the red sun shining. He started to walk towards the exit door. He remembered entering here with Sarah. Uganka didn't enter - he stayed outside. Joey stood in front of the large metal door. Bringing his arm up he started to turn the handle. A loud shrieking sound from the other side of the door caused him to let go of the handle and jump back. 'Was someone on the other side', he thought to himself. 'Perhaps it is just these visions of another world'. Not only was he getting visions of this red planet - but he was hearing sounds from it also. He reached for the handle again - turning it slowly and opening the door slightly - it was dark but nobody was there. Joey opened the door further and stepped through. The lights flicked on. It was a long hallway. He started to make his way forward - towards the exit of the building. The sound of a ray gun blast hurt his ears. He brought his arms up and covered his ears moving forward. He wanted to get out of the building. He wanted the sounds and visions to stop. Joey burst through the doors. Outside on the street the visions finally stopped. He was relieved. Finally some peace. He prayed that they wouldn't come back. Whatever happened to him, he wanted to find out. Outside it was dark and raining. Was it still the same night that he had arrived here with Sarah? It felt like he had been gone a long time. He looked around for a newspaper that might have today's date. A bin. He spotted it and walked towards it. Reaching inside he pulled out the paper. It was todays date, it was still the same day that himself and Sarah had entered the room. Joey decided to retrace his steps from earlier that evening. He can remember well walking to this building from another. He started walking down the road. As he was about to reach the corner a cat-like creature sprinted across the road. Frightened Joey jumped back. The cat-creature didn't seem to notice him. Was it the visions again? He crept closer. The creature had stopped running and was licking some food waste from the ground. Joey approached it vocationally. The creature spotted Joey and let out a hiss which sounds very similar to the shrieking sound behind the door from earlier.

ArtControl machines swept the world. They were in every school, workplace and home across the world. They were tasked with making the lives of humans better. The machines were originally developed by the company TechFuncMasters but the blueprints and source code was open source, so other companies jumped in and created their own machines. The machines were originally developed to mimic artists, but they were developed to so much more. They were made to develop with their human hosts. What their human hosts experienced - they also experienced.

The humans got greedy though. They learn of a race more supiour than theirs. They wanted to use the alien tech against the aliens. The Humans had found a ray gun weapon that was developed into a larger weapon.


Detective was one of the 80,000 people launched to Mars. He was a baby and has no memory of what Earth was like. He got sent back to Earth before an alien that was currently living on Mars. Antony's real Father is a dying Alien who comes to Earth and creates a half alien, half human. An AI military machine. Leaves with Family - Sarah and Joey. President dies, 15 more years later Moon explodes. Humans discover a metal on the Moon that can be recreated for space craft travel and time displaced, Humans get wiped out when Moon explodes. They send people back in order to fix certain mistakes. For example: Sarah gets sent into the future to when Antony is an adult and is on Mars. Detective gets thrown around allot. Presidents Speech 3 copies. Save President. Save Joey. Baby Detective. Joey. Adopts Antony. Memory saved on a robot version of himself on Earth. Everyone left behind their mind in their file. After the 80,00 people are launched to Mars everyone remaining on Earth gets an AI version of themselves made that will continue to live their lives after the world is destroyed. The AIs were developed to be the same as the day when the attack on Earth happens.

Sarah stepped forward. She wasn't allowed to take her teddy bear in with her to the machine that would scan her - to create the copy of herself. This copy will be interlinked with her - it will have all the memories that she has and will continue to grow with what Sarah does till the attack happens. She wasn't the only one getting scanned - it was a worldwide effect to scan everyone so that their memory could live on after everyone on Earth dies. The scanning technology had been made possible through an alien Metal that had been brought back from the future by a man named Detective. He was the savior of mankind. In the future Detective hadn't gone back to with the alien metal and it had lead to just a full scale attack on mankind - with no one surviving. People had been sent back to try to stop the attack but each time failed. The attack had to take place, but the humans couldn't prep for the attack. The Humans in the future later work out that they needed to send someone back to help save mankind. Detective is the one that does this. The machine had finished scanning Sarah body. An AI robot would now be created from the scan. Sarah fingers tingled as the red and purple lasers scanned her body. They told her that it was important for her to stay still during the scan. She obeyed but didn't like it. Everyone in the world were having to go to these areas where they will be scanned. There is a cutoff date and if you don't get scanned by then the police will hunt you down, arrest you and then force you to be scanned. No one got to see their AI robot. It would become active after they are killed in the attack.

Sarah walked into the NASA building. It was her first day on a two week training plan for a mission to the Moon. Details were scarce but there were rumored that NASA had lost control of one of their AI robots that were on the Moon. She was told that she will be trained in a isolated area - with just the voice of 'system control' giving her instructions. She will have no interaction during training with any other humans or robots. Sarah made her way down the hallway. The large building was empty, it was only her here. For the next two weeks she will follow instructions from the speaker or 'system control' for the training. She wasn't allowed to bring anything with her and everything would be supplied to her. The walls were white and there were no windows. She made her way down the hallway and got to the end. This was her bedroom for the next two weeks. She had just taken a 12 hours plane trip to the middle of no where - she didn't even know where she was. She had been blindfolded before leaving her home - taken in a car to an airfield, boarded a plane, and flew. Once in the air her blindfold was taken off but it was added again shortly before landing. The plane had dropped her outside this building. She was told to enter the building. The doors locked after she entered and she would not be able to exit. Any attempt to leave the building would lead to mission failure. After arriving she was given 10 hours to rest and get a sense of her surroundings before her training began. She was tired so headed straight to her bed room. The room was plain. She changed out of her lab clothes and into her PJ's, climbing into bed. She fell straight off to sleep. She awoke to an alarm. She had slept for 8 hours and had two hours to get ready for the training. Still sleepy, she dragged herself from the bed and into the shower. The plane trip had given her jet lag. As she was in the shower a voice played over the speaker, 'Good Morning Sarah, how are you feeling?', it spoke. 'I am OK, feeling a bit jet lagged', she replied. 'Do you want to delay the training?', the voice asked. 'No I am ready', she replied. 'Very well', it spoke. Sarah turned off the water and climbed out of the shower. She dried herself and put on her clothes. She walked out of the bathroom and towards the kitchen. Here she put the jug on and started to make herself a coffee. She opened the fridge. It was a smart fridge and would automatically order more food as she ate it. It was fully loaded. She reached for the milk and placed it on the bench. She opened the cubard and pulled out the cereal and a plate. From the top draw in the kitchen she got a spoon. She poured the cereal into the bowl and milk over that. She sat at the table and ate the cereal and drank her cup of tea.

Antony sat in his chair hunched over his laptop. The monitor flickered with green text. The background was black. Two of his arms typed well the other two patted his cat - Blitz. He had located a set of NASA robots on the moon and was attempting to hijack one - 6b345. He had modified the kernel of the machine that allowed him to remotely control. He just needed to add a air-gap so that NASA isn't able to find it once he takes full control.

6b345 and the other robots were walking through a crater on the Moon. The team of robots had been assigned the task of checking for soul information on the Moon and were in the middle of their mission. 6b345 was carrying a bag of soil and heading towards the transport to take the soil to the main base. As it approached the transport Antony successfully added the air-gap to the machine and was able to remotely control 6b345 without NASA being able to reconnect or detect who was doing it. It would just look like 6b345 disappeared off the grid. Antony picked up the controller. He had a video link with 6b345 which showed the first person view of 6b345. Antony could see the transport just ahead. He tapped buttons on the controller is 6b345 dropped the soil sample. The other Robots noticed this and turned to high alert. Antony pressed keys on his keyboard, 'battle mode', was active. He aimed 6b345 weapons at the other robots and fired. One, Two, Three. They were all gone. Now that they were destroyed he needed to plant the explosives on the Moon. Using the controller he controlled 6b345 to arm the explosives. Now that they were set it they just needed to wait for Sarah to arrive on the Moon and 6b345 would board her ship. Antony went to sleep but set an alarm so that if there was any movement on the Moon he would be woken. He stood up from his computer chair and walked out the room. Blitz followed him out of the room. Blitz would follow him everywhere he went. It was a loyal creature. Antony opened his office door and walked outside. He was now in the foylor area. This was a large open area. A large table with chairs scatted about. A kitchen, fridge, gas stove and oven, and a large long bench. Behind the kitchen was the hallway that lead to his bedroom. He walked towards the kitchen and down the hallway. He was tired and it had been a long day but the attempts to take control of 6b345 had been a success. Down the hallway he reached his bedroom door. He turned the door handle and walked in. His bedroom was plain and clean. A double bed was in the far side of the room, with a dressing table beside it. Set of draws where he kept his clothes. Antony was tired and flopped into bed, falling asleep. Several hours pass and an alarm sounds, waking Antony up. Movement on Mars. Antony drags himself out of bed and moves into the office. He still has control of 6b345. He controls 6b345 to look around and spots of woman who has arrived on the Moon. Sarah. Antony is hungry so moves to the kitchen to make himself a snack. Noodles seems like a good choice. He boils the jug. Opens the freeze dried noodles and removes them from the plastic. He places the noodles in a plate and pours the boiled water over them. He places a plate on top of the noodles and waits for them to cook. Once they are cooked he drains the water and eats the noodles with a fork.