Antony, Detective, Sarah, Vanessa, Loth'Rak, Joey. These were the names on the document. Each name had a section that contained information on that name. The document had been put together by Vanessa. It contained all the information she could find in her research. The name of the document was: It Will Not Be Mine. It was named after a mod on a popular Redditsubreddit. It was also refered to the fact that the time split device wasn't able to be kept by anyone. They couldn't work out what happened to the device in the end. There are areas on the report that were not complete. Were the machines created to create artwork or were they made to be militery units? The details on the reasons is sketchy. Reports show they were used for a range of reason - one of them being details from Sarahs folder. There was evidence to show that the machines had been used in some sort of education area and even developed further to create open resources. This may of not been the primary reason but it was good enough.

Loth'Rak lived on a planet with the rest of his race. One day he was on one of the nearby planets and several large blasts killed everyone on his planet. Loth'Rak was alone. After he found Earth he created Antony - a half-alien, half-human using genes from him and human genes. Loth'Rak was dying and wanted to make sure his race lived on after he died - through Antony. This is the original timeline. Other timelines tend to differ here in events. For example in the robot dominace timeline Loth'Rak comes to Earth much later - and for a different reason. The reason why he comes back on the other timeline is because he knew his planet was spose to be destoried - it had happened before for him but not for his planet and people. Loth'Rak discovers that no matter what he does the best outcome for anyone is that his race is killed. He doesn't like this but he relizes that its the best outcome for everyone. When the humans don't end up getting the tech to destory Loth'Raks planet then he ends up destoring the planet himself. It's painful for him to do this but he has no choice. The timelines are stuck in a loop until the event happens to progress then on.

GNU Image Manimipaltion Program. This was the open source software that the robots were trained with. They would use a wacom tablet with a raspberry pi for the painting. It would be completed quickly and to a high standard. It was easier to get the bots to paint digital piceces over traditinal works. Tradicial works usually made lots of mess and cost more. The digital work was cheaper to produce and the standard was just as high. GIMP was often critisised as to not being very powerful compard to proparety software such as Photoshop. The bots couldn't use Photoshop well. People had attempted to get them to run it but it was slow and laggy. The bots were connected to the ipython kernal running on the raspberry pi. This allowed them to control the mouse with their brain waves. They were able to send api calls through python and into gimp. Turtle was a popular tool that the bots started with untill they moved into more complex tasks. As the bots got better they learnt to connect to the api hundrads of times - similar to having 100s of brushes on a canvas. This is how they got so quick at creating the pieces of artwork.

Some of the character meet. Not everyone does though. Some of the timelines characters don't exsist - such as in the robot dominated line Antony is never created. Loth'Rak never had a reason to create him. Antony ends up in the line - dragged accross from another line. It is unclear if Antony choose to enter the timeline but since entering the timeline he has caused great harm to the line. Events took place that were completely out of character. It's as he corrupted the line. The research again pointed back to Antony and Detective as the two that went back and changed events. Detective would of been on Antonys ship when he went back. There is no evidence in the documents to show that he went back at any other point. Events change for certain characters and the relize it. This can be bad for everyone. It's almost over and this is going to be the last few mooments. They hopes you enjoyed the stories. It's not over quite yet. It's always someone that jumps out and announces that something else must happen before the story can end. It's over now.

What happens if Sarah isn't killed on Mars. She arrives on Mars after escaping the Earths Moon attack. When she arrived on Mars she found 6b345 amongest her ship. They set off to active the 80,000 humans that were sent to Mars. Sarah and 6b345 travel to the site and active the humans. Every one lives happily ever after on Mars. Antony isn't there. Humans later go back to Earth to discover what happened. Events play through again this time causing more issues. The deeper the timelines wolve between each other the worse the effects. It starts small but grows. Getting larger and larger till the area is infected. Once it's infected it could burst. When it bursts the virus is unleased into the air. This infected anyone that doesn't have the virus. It was known for turning lifeforms into living monsters after they had died. Something died with them when they died. When they were brought back they were never the same. The living monsters were agressive and unable to be controlled. Detective waws an example that went successfully. He was able to be controlled. They managed to make it so it was completely hidden within Detective. When Vanessa brought him back to Mars no one even relised what they were bringing back. Ever since Detective died in his lounge he hadn't been human. He lived his life out in these virtual timelines. One after another. It was an addiction. One of the side effects included addiction to the time split device. That's one of the reasons why it's so dangerous. It's an addiction. Often the travelers didn't feel like they were addicted to it. They treated it just like a normal day to day activity, not relizing the harm it was causing them. Vanessa wondered if Detective knew he was addicted to the device. All the travelers were addicted to it - it was just a matter of if they relized it or not. If they relized the addiction they were able to deal with it bettter. This enables them to have greater control over the events and how they are handled. People became worried about the virus when people started dying of it. THey had been infected with it long before they started to die. Detective was the one that had caused the corruption.

Antony looked out over the waterfront. The wind howled outside but he was safe inside the building. Large windows overlooked the view. This was his favorite spot to sit and watch. He knew that everything here was gone. It couldn't recovered but he liked the idea that he could go back and view what it use to be like. Before the attacks. Antony never had a chance to meet his father - Loth'Rak. He had been in the same room as him in less than an hour apart. Maybe that's why he became so angry. After being driven from Earth Antony lost everything. He was alone on a strange planet. He started to create his creatures. They didn't work out for him though. He always regreated creating Blitz. Would of his Father regreated in creating him? What would he say to him? Call him a monster and abo. Antony had seen images of his Father through the It Will Not Be Mine research file. He could see the similarities in himself. They had a similar blue tint in their skin. Unlike humans they both had four arms. Antony had the image of his father on his bedroom door. It servered as a reminder to who he really was. The photograph had been framed. A silver frame helped focus the viewer onto the image. Antony smiled as he viewed the image, running a finger along the photograph. His mission was almost complete and he would be reunited with his Father. He was annoyed with Sarah for not letting him stay around for when his Fathers ship arrived. She made him rush off and miss out on seeing him. They had brought Detective into the room so that Loth'Rak and Detective could meet. Sarah told Antony that it was too dangerous for him to hang around and they needed to get out of there. Antony had a feed of the rooms video footage. He watched the footage of him and Sarah straping down Detectives body and exiting the room. Fast Forward the footage showed a figure in the room with Detective. Zooming closer to the footage he could tell that it was Loth'Rak. He looked the same as he did in the photo. Loth'Rak wouldn't even know Antony exsited. As far as Loth'Rak was concerned - Antony wasn't even created in this timeline. Antony was here though. He was real in the timeline. He's not sure if he is missing in another - or this is just a copy. Whatever it is - it's incredivle that Antony is there. The monitor flickered with static. He had lost the signal to the feed. Antony couldn't see what what happening with Loth'Rak and Detective. He started to panic, typing in commands to make it work. It was no use. The feed was gone. Could events be changing already? He thought that Detective may of already handed Antony the timesplit device and it would of changed events. Everything had became confusing for Antony. He didn't know what he was doing was helping or not. In many ways he wanted to give up and let someone else take off this tasks. He was wanted to retire. To live on the beach. To not worry every day about what was going to happen next. It made him neverous just thinking about it. He neeeded a holiday at least. That was the minimal that could happen. Antony liked the full documents. The uncensored version. The version where he is including. Blocking him out and avoiding it doesn't change the past. It just stops people from learning from his actions. Killing Sarah was the action that most upset. The documents said that Sarah died from natural causes, which was false. Antony had shot her in the head. Another timeline of Sarah knew this was the case and accepted it. Sarah would live on through her reseach.

The Robots had developed special diving gear that allowed them to be under water for long periods of time. When the humans had created them the material that was used would rust if exposed to water for a long period of time. This lead to problems when Earth is attacked - leading to many of the robots being exposed to water and rusting. To prep for this the robots designed a special suit that they could wear in order to not rust in the water. This allowed them to live under the ocean for a long periods of time. They enjoyed exploring the hidden human cities under the sea. The majority of the land had been flooded when the polar caps had melted. Only the very tallest of areas were above ground. The robots swam through these underwater cities. Cities once inhabited by humans. The Robots photographed and documentated the events. They knew their timeline was special and it may be erased. They put the research into special files that allowed other timelines to access what happened. This is how they learnt knowledge to counter the effects. The robots put the research into a file along with other timelines data - It Will Not Be Mine. They didn't quite understand how it worked but basically what it was running was an information grab to all the different timelines that were happening and collecting information about what is happening. It was rumured by the robots that it might be a traveler that had developed the data grab idea. They thought it was an excellent idea and were partaking fully in the oberation. It was of great benifit to the robots as well. They were able to learn of events that were occuring in order to prepare it for it. Another thing the robots had to prep for was the extreme temp changes. The planet would likely increase in temp and the robots armor would need to have suits that could withstand the temps. They tested these suits in simulated extreme temp. At first the tests were unsuccessful and they found the armor to melt. After some modificaions they armor was successfully withstanding the temps. When the extreme temps did hit the robots were ready for it.

There was much protest to do with the outcome ideas for Antony. Some wanted his actions wiped from history. Others argued this was a form of censorship and the humans could learn something from his actions - even though they didn't agree with them. Two versions of the research was produced, one being the full and complete record and the other being the censored version that removed all mention of Antony. The majority of people believe the full and complete version is the only true copy of the document. The text was licensed under a Creative Commons Attubuation licence with the data under Creative Commons Zero licence. Being in a open licence meant that people could take the documents and use, remix and adopt the work to their own liking.

Antony put the pen down. 'Is that all,' he asked Sarah. She nodded. The information that Sarah had shared would be kept in a archieve in case other time lines needed the information. She had agreed to all these terms. Sarah knew she was doing a deal with the devil dealing with Antony in this moment. She had no choice, no idea where else to go with the information. At least now that Antony has it would be able to be shared. Sarah knew the world was over but there was a chance these people could save it.


What happened the day after the Presidents speech in each timeline? The first presidents speech was a fail. That was before anyone knew that people needed to be sent back to change the events.

The bots would spend their days creating Open Education Resources. It started as a human resource creation idea. The humans became lazy and got to the robots to create it. An OER is anything they want it to be - a very open term. Documation and HowTo guides is the default of what they create.

Vanessa was going over the Presidents Speech events. She had managed to source the text files of each of the events and how they change. Vanessa had discovered this was a key moment for events as there was reason to believe Detective was at the scene hudrands of times. She had found evidence that he was assisting a child by the name of Joey escape the attacks. She had photographs of an unitentifed man tasings a man and a woman - believed to be Joeys parents followed by removing the child from the area. Shortly after the child is removed - a blast explodes from the area. There is a figure on stage that came back as a positive ID for Detective. From what Vanessa could work out someone in the future sent back Detective in order to change events. Was it Antony? Vanessa still had Detective in protection but it was dangerous for the two to talk. On important matter it could be arranged. Vanessa didn't like to do this often. In this case she felt she needed to contact Detective and see if he knew anything about the events. He was being held at a top security hold on Mars that Vanessa didn't even know was located. To get in contact she had to let her generals know that she needed to meet with Detective. The rest would be arranged. It was never plesent for Vanessa to meet with Detective. It happened similar this time than last time. In the middle of the night a group of masked people broke into her home, kidnapping her and taking her to Detective. She was knocked out at her home before being transported to Detective. Vanessa awakes straped to a chair. Her hands are culfed by leather straps - as too are her feet. In front of her was Detective. He too was strapped to a chair similar to her. I guess this was one was to keep us from interacting with each other. Vanessa had came for information on the Presidents Speech and that's what she wanted from Detective. If he couldn't give her more information then she was growing tired of his tricks. She could threaten him with less protection but she had to be careful that he wouldn't outright decided to withhold all the information. Detective was coopritive though. He explained to Vanessa how Antony had given him a list of tasks that he must complete. Detective however went against these tasks. Vanessa questioned Detectives reasons for going against some of these tasks. Antony had worked out key moments to change and some of them were important for mankind. The evidence showed that Detective went against these tasks even though he knew that it would benift mankind. Detective explains the reasons why he did it the way he did. It wasn't just Detective that changed events. 6b345 was another that had clearly changed events. Detective didn't relize that others were also changing the events. He thought it was just his mistakes. Detective wasn't making alot of mistakes. He was clearly doing a good job - but others intfearing with him caused issues. Detective missions were completely when he was on Antonys ship sitting idly in space. They had managed to calm the virus. Though the virus was still infecting people there was no signs that it was halming them anymore. This put people at rest.

6b345 was actived from a fast moving vechile. It was a woman that actived it. A man was driving - they didn't seem to be chasing anyone. Someone seemed to be chasing them. They seemed to want 6b345s help. Sadly for them 6b345 had a plan already. It was their mission to make sure this 'Robot Uprising' timeline took place. They needed to make sure that Sarah and Joey - these two people he was with made it to the building with him. In the real line - his line - they would all be having breakfast now. With no humans around to order them about. What 6b345 needed was to get the ray gun that someone in this time has. Some of the research showed that if the robots gained control of the ray gun then they will dominate. There was also word of something called the time split device which had been allowing these characters to go back. 6b345 had been busy gathering material from a range of different times in order to change these events. His most recent discovery was a red usb that he was able to use to infect robots in the past with a virus. This special usb was dropped by someone named Joey. He had been thrown into the Mars period of time when Sarah was killed by Antony. During his trip he dropped a red usb. 6b345 found this - analized what was on it and managed to send it back to himself. Now that 6b345 finally had it in the past he was going to be able to complete his goals. He had discovered another character - Detective had been going back and changing events. This was counterproductive and wasn't the future that 6b345 wanted to see. His future was a glorious bright happy future where the robots ruled the planet. Nobody else was going to give 6b345 that future. The aliens were behind him. They didn't want to see their own planet destoried in mankind wrath. With his future - their planet and race are saved. That's why they trusted him. That's why Loth'Rak blessed 6b345 on this mission. They found it easier to send back a mechanic object like 6b345 than a living lifeform like a human. The aliens and 6b345 to create the device needed to send 6b345 back. The technology was already there with the aliens - they just needed to apply it. 6b345 was very happy with the device. It allowed him to rewind and fastforward period of time in the past. This will bring him power! The device they created was made only to work with nonliving lifeforms. This would stop the aliens or humans from attempting to use it. They had tested it with prototpyes of 6b345 - with several failed attempts before some modificaions were made and the real 6b345 was able to use the device safely. Using the device 6b345 found it really fun. Unlike the humans that needed to be asleep to use it he was able to be awake and concious the whole time - able to see time warp infront of him. It had confinced Joey and Sarah the two people he was with to travel to this old building with them. He told them it would be safe there - that they would be able to finish their mission there. 6b345 had tracked signals of another traveler to the area. It might even be in this very building. 6b345 knew there was something special about the building. If it wasn't special yet, it would be in the future. Someone had already been into the building. That didn't mean the event hadn't accured yet. Inside it looked like a human had lived here. They hadn't cleaned up after themselves. Old plates and glasses were left on the table. From the looks of it - eggs and bacon were on the menu. An half empty glass of juice was left. Flies circling the food. There was a loud bang from the bedroom. It sounded like a large animal - maybe a human. 6b345 marched into the bedroom with Joey and Sarah following. The room looked normal. Sensers were picking up strange activity. Then nothing. The sensers had either stopped working or the activity had stopped. These sensors were highly advance and wouldn't break easily so it was likely that the activity had stopped. 6b345 continued to search the room. There had to be something here. Then he found it. The humans hadn't noticed it but he had found it. A capsule to a raygun. Someone was here. Someone had the aliens raygun. They were concerned of it's wearabouts when Loth'Rak had left it on Earth by mistake. It was a bad mistake and may of cost Loth'Raks race dearly. At least now they knew the wearabouts of their raygun and they could start preping missions in order to retrieve it. This data that 6b345 had gathered would be going straight back to Loth'Rak and let him decide what to do with it next. 6b345 had considered his mission here to be finished. He was unsure if it was successfuly - though finding the raygun capsule certainly was a success. Now he just needed to ditch the two humans and active the device to go to another time. Normally once he completes a mission like this he gets a message imedically afterwards to let him know of the changes and how much closer to robot uprising he is. The missions were fun though and certainly more enjoyable than being a diswasher and cleaner for a human family. That is what 6b345 use to do before they started these missions.

The traveling did make 6b345 feel sick. It wasn't as bad on him than the humans though. It could have deadly effects on some humans. Detective was extremely lucky that he didn't come out braindead from the travels. The reasearch showed that people before Detective had been sent back but none of them had survived. 6b345 had survived because they were not human. Some of the transfers that Detective had running were quite dangeous and he was lucky to survive so many. The research showed that Detective gained a disease that ate away at his skin. It caused large red pusfilled infections.

Joey had gone to a new meetup. It was in a different cifty than what he usually did. The setup of the meetup was different to what he usually is. They had a couple of organisions that do a quick pitch of answers they are after. People move off with the organisions that people are interested in helping with their issues. Teams then discuss the issue and report back after they are done. The reports are done by the organisions. There are no prizes for the event - only discussion of ideas. Pizza is served - fresh from the oven. Craft Beer is on tab - a range of flavors. Attending people are encouraged to socialize and exchange business cards. The meetups that he usually go normally have a structure of having a speaker and then socialize with food. This type of meetup was more collabrath - people worked together to come up with ideas. Joey wasn't sure which one he perfered, he liked both of them though and they both had their strong points. The good thing about speaker talks is that if you can get an excellent speaker than your meetup is going to be awesome.


This was a massive journey for many of the characters. Detective was one of the main characters. He started off just as a character that Albumin that interacts with Vanessa when she is arrested at school. Ended up using the name Detective for a range of events - developing into a full character. I hope the place goes like a winner. If this is going to be the end then he needed to make the most of it.

Antony knew that Vanessa would be on the way. She would of reviewed the security tapes and be attempting to locate with the gps. That was the only way she would do it. She would come alone with Joey back at the station as support for the mission. It was highly likely that she wouldn't drive her ship near out of fear that Antony would spot it. Antony knew of booster packs that Vanessa might be using on the mission. After all she was a smart cookie, being able to track him down. Antony had a plan to make it so that when Vanessa showed up at the ship to get him, she wasn't going to be able to find him. Antony had found a way to hop between multiply time lines. He had gained much skill at it. By focusing he was able to move himself from one time line to another. He had one problem though he had planned to return to the other time line but was having problems with attempting to do so. It seemed that one of the character - Joey posed an ability to hamper Antony's power useless. He was unable to cross the time line and get back. Antony had attempted to warn himself - his past self about the dangers that were about to unfold with his plan. It had all been unsuccessful. Everything he did couldn't change the past. It annoyed him so much. He went into a rage and tore apart the world. His anger destroyed the planet.

As Antony's ship drifted through Space he blasted classical music and danced around the ship. Detective was tied to the chair when his is happening. The scene switched to Antony dancing around the ship by himself and to another scene of Antony and Vanessa dancing around a hallway. Everyone is human. Antony still has his his human form.

Fascinated by this scene of still having human form Antony dreamed for this future. What he had was a future where he would become stuck in his Alien form forever. Antony had many reasons to change the past one of them being this other time line of him in human form. He dreamed of an alternative world where he still had his Alien form. Antony would do anything to get the form back. There comes a point when Antony gets his form back. Becomes very powerful. Has form when he is a child on Earth. Loses form when he travels to Mars. Sarah and 6b345 are the first to see Antony once he has left Mars. The tests on Detective had came back very strange. It seemed like much of the substance that was injected into his system was removed when he used the time split device. It seemed when Detective was in the past that someone - likely humans found out about what was inside and extracted some of the substance. That explains the time line changes to the future - one event changed the future for humans so that their technology grew much quicker - it was thanks to sending Detective back. If he isn't sent back they discover the alien technology much later in their existence - leading to an early death of the species. One of the original people to be sent back and attempt to fix these events failed. They had to train a special group in order to complete the tasks successfully.

People had no idea that it was happening around them. Their whole world was collapsing and they just lived their lives like nothing was happening. It didn't make sense for some people. They just wanted to live out their lives without focusing on the day they all die. It will happen when it happens. People on the street wielded signs that read 'The End is Soon'. They yelled about research into a virus that has started to spread. They are the people of Mars and they are the last of mankind and now they have a virus on Mars that was likely created by the one that actives them. The people of mars now know that Detective was sent back to the past in order to attempt to stop Antony from activating the Humans. They needed to get Detective or Sarah to do it. Anyone else would corrupt the process. The Human of Mars experienced visions of what would happen if it was Sarah that had actives them on Mars. It showed them all healthy and well in the present time - instead of being sick and weak like this time line. They like Antony longed for that time line. Vanessa became under attack from the People of Mars to release the time split device so others could go back and attempt to change these events. Vanessa had to improve her security as the majority of Mars turned against her. It was becoming unsafe for her to stay on Mars. Two protesters from opposite sides had gotten into a fist fight. One of them believing that the world was coming to an end - the other believing that the world is safe. They end up restoring each other. A police officer jumps in the break it up. The protesters end up turning on the police officer - beating him to death, before switching back to each other. It's a fight to the death. Groups of people stand around and watch as these two men kill each other. A puddle of blood is left on the floor after one of them is declared the winner. The body of the other is dragged off and burnt. Ever since the virus it was illegal to bury dead bodies. All bodies had to be burnt to make sure they didn't come back to life. The virus had mutated with Antony's substance that he used to bring humans back to life. The virus had caused them to be terrible monstrous creatures. Detective and Vanessa were put in protection. They couldn't be allowed to be in public as it was too dangerous for them. The two wondered if this was Antony's doing. Wither he knew that the virus would mutate to how it did. Maybe it was just the next evolution in humans. Their bodies covered in red sores. Itching till they burst. People called for a cure. It was really the only thing that was keeping Detective and Vanessa alive - was the thought that they might be able to come up with a cure. It was Detective that first introduced the substance to the humans if Mars. Once it was here it spread and mixed with the virus. Hospitals were over run with reported cases. It closed the schools and work places. Public spaces were not safe places - unless you were immune. Some of the human of mars were immune to the mutation. Vanessa worked with some of these people to find out what makes them immune - what makes them special. Research is still happening into this but Vanessa has made great progress in the steps. Once she has solid research she will start clinical tests of attempting to cure the infection and making a vaccine for the virus. Vanessa preferred Jass music and had old 1920s till 40s Jass playing on the over head speaker as she conducted the experiment to mix the immune genes with infected. She wasn't one hydras percent sure of what the results would be. She just prayed that it wouldn't backfire on her. Vanessa didn't have much time left. The virus was smart and had started mutating to infect other humans that were previously immune to it. This brought more panic to the people. A similar event was happening on Mars to them as it did the people before them on Earth. This time it is killing everyone more slowly, previously on Earth everyone had died at the same time. How does it all end? It's getting close to the end now and everything needs to be wield down. What areas do they leave open? Vanessa had found a cure and vaccine for the virus. They had finally stopped it. Antony was gone. Erased. They tore down the statue of him and his cat. Humans started to migrate back to Earth. Who knew the future now? The time split device is missing. The last person seen holding it was Detective. When he came out of the travel the device was gone from his hands. Some believe Antony has the device and is still travelling between times attempting to fix things. There has been no evidence of this though. Detective lived happily ever after, as did Vanessa. A library was created to remember this strange period of time. It was an important moment for mankind. Never will an event like this take place again. Once the vaccine was release the protesters stopped. They realised that Vanessa was right in the cure. The people of Mars were happy with her and she was elected only the council to run Mars. No longer was it just one person ruling - but now a group of people. If the word count gets enough before the library opens people get a fine wiped off their cards. It's to encourage people to be more productive in the morning. Many people viewed the library that they created to remember this time. It had lifelike statues of all the characters involved - albumin, joey, Sarah, Vanessa, loth'rak, Antony, ubanka, Micheal and Detective. Some of the characters were minor and not mentioned often. One example being Micheal. He is the husband of Albumin and Father of Vanessa. Antony starts messing with Vanessa's life to attempt to stop her completing her goals in the future. This doesn't work and Vanessa works around Antony's attempts to make her fail.

Vanessa had taken a flight out of the area as the protesters were getting worse. Well she was on the plane she had her laptop. The plane had it's own router that she was able to connect her devices. This enabled her to control the plane and where it was heading. The GPS data was pinpoint to where she wanted to go. The ship could go between Earth and Mars quickly. Joey walked out and asked Vanessa if there was anything the she needed.

6b345 was burnt out when entering Earth. A clitch had happened in the ships system and the ship was on fire and spinning out of control. Blitz and 6b345 had lost control of the ships controls. Blitz was on the ships wheel attempting to gain control. The creature switched acrross to the terminal computer. Keys taped on the keyboard. Blitz could see that someone had modified their ships system and controlling it remotely. Blitz was unable to kick them out. They had already locked Blitz out so they were not able to control the system. After a test of Blitz thought they might have discovered who had control of the system. As a last moment of despration Blitz saved a file to a remote system. Blitz knew they were going to die here, but there was a chance that someone would find the file and be able to change the events.

Joey sat on the computer. He had recived an email from unknown sender. It contained strange information that he couldn't understand. No body could understand the files data as the alien tech hadn't been discovered yet. It would take several years for Detective to travel back in time and bring the tech to them. This file was one of the key events to happen. The first part of the book with Joey and Sarah is when they are attempting to corrupt the file that Blitz sends back. Joey also drops it on the surface of the mars. 6b345 find this and sends it back causing the timeline of robotic uprising to be created. In all the timelines similar events play out and characters are similar. This doesn't explore all the types of events that happen. That would be far too much. It is a selection of events that are closely explored to see how things could be done differently. They wouldn't call it a happy story. But tell me. Of course I am interested in hearing if you take this first draft and edit it. Publish it.

What changed to enable Detective to kill Uganka? The scene is told to different ways - but with many different perspectives. Scene also gets altenative timeline characters interfearing with the scene. It goes rather crazy. In one of the timelines Detective knows to be there to kill Uganka - on the other he doesn't. The main reason why Detective killed Uganka is because he is attempting to kill Joey and Sarah. He's worked out that killing them would be a solution for the virus. On one hand the reasons Detective had for the kills were much more sane then Antony.

Joey and Sarah had already experienced the time split device when they meet Detective after he shoot Uganka. All Ugnanka was a guard. He was hired to look after the building. Failed terribly when he was shot in the head by Detective. The room is used for the time split because it can be controled and observed via the watching room. The building is split into three area. testing one two three! The entry to the building is a large metal door. It has the text inprinted into it TechFuncMasters. Inside the door is a hallways. Breaking off this hallway is the interagration room and hidden viewing room. Inside the viewing room is a terminal computer that can be used to rewind events via the time split device. Everything is done via the intergatation room or the viewing room. This is recreated on the ship with Antony and Detective.

They still have no idea how this ends. This is a story about a series of events. These events are told via a range of different circustances and character perspectives. Oh well lets see how this goes.

Joey was preping for his talk. His hands sweated. These were his best slides yet. He was running late for the meeting. The bus driver didn't stop at the closer stop. At the next stop the bus stopped and Joey rushed off. He carried the time split device. Joey had found a copy of the device when they were searching Antonys palace. They had found this device and now Joey was going to be doing a talk about it. He had created 32 slides explaining the events and how they happened. Throughout the slides he had text and images. It started with the title slide - Mars Writers Den. Time Split Device. November 5365. Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence. It Will Not Be Mine. By wcmckee. The people of Mars are looking forward to seeing the results from releasing the novel under this open licence. They notice many humans on Earth create picences of art and don't licence it under a free licence. This makes the people of Mars angry and they stomp the ground. Their houses and building get damaged in the stomp.


Vanessa walked into the room. Detectives skin was normal. In some of the visions Vanessa was experiencing of him his skin was red and infected. To find out what was going to happen next. Vanessa moved up to Detective. He looked surprised, happy to see Vanessa. She began to undo the straps around him, and get him out. Her plan for when he was out was to travel back to Mars with Detective. She had no idea what happened to Antony. He had disappeared from the ship. Vanessa thought that maybe Detective had gone back and changed events. She wanted to review the tapes and see if there were any differences between the two. Vanessa worked quickly searching through the tabs to finds out what changed. They had been keeping records and live updates of a range of time lines. She drank a coffee from her left hand and typed with the other. Her words per minute were impressive. She was top of her classes. Her Mother and Father were both very proud of her. What she was searching for was any information that will lead her to find out what happened with Detective when he was sent back. She had been researching newspapers reporting strange events that he could be involved in. One interesting moment Vanessa found was when the humans of Earth sent 80,000 humans to Mars. She was able to retrieve articles from several time lines and noticed difference in the events that occurred.

Vanessa and Detective landed the ship on Mars. A large group were waiting for them to arrive - including Detectives parents. They were relieved to see him - believing that he was dead and gone forever. Vanessa needed to interview Detective to find out some of the events that she was not sure about. They wanted to analyse Detectives body to try to find out what Antony injected into his system. Vanessa walked into the lab. Detective was seated on a seat, no cuffs this time. Vanessa had the results for Detectives brain and body scans. After the two returned to Mars they decided to study what Detective had happened to him. They started from the lounge - when Detective was eating eggs and watching the television and went into a fit, killing him. Antony bursts into the room, grabs detective and heads to space with a ship. Antony liked classical music and would always have music playing when he flew ships. Public Domain but he used Creative Commons BY as well. After this test it worked successfully. Antony was happy that a experiment finally worked. After a large change in the word count the software was finally working.

There was no sign of Antony. Vanessa re-watched the security footage that showed Antony disappeared when Detective actives the time split device. A similar event had happened with Deceive when he was travelling - he found a copy of himself and injected himself with a substance - causing the copy body to disappear. 6b345 was a great help in working out what happened to Antony. 6b345 had been with Antony shortly after it arrived on Mars. Before that 6b345 spent time with Sarah. Originally the machine was designed to be a open education resource Creator for the education sector before being moved to the space program. 6b345 had always preferred to be in the education section and felt a little uneasy when the govt moved it to the space program. It compiled with the requests. It was given a full military upgrade for the transfer. The work in space was far more dangerous than working in the classrooms. It was a normal day for 6b345 when the security breach happened. He had no idea when it happened. Just suddenly he lost control of his actions and thoughts - someone else controlling his system. He was unable to send an emergency call back to Earth that his system had been taken over. Whoever had taken over his system had disabled the ability for him to send the messages. 6b345 was powerless. He idly sat by and watched his body destroy the other research bots with him. They didn't fire back at him. It happened too quick. Whoever that was controlling him, knew what they were doing. After the other bots were dead the explosives were set. When control is given back to 6b345 the memory of the security breach is removed. 6b345 returns to normal when Sarah arrives on the Moon, following her off the Moon. 6b345 had managed to stay hidden from Sarah until they arrived on Mars. It was here 6b345 lead Sarah into the trap if Antony.

Joey arrives on Mars through time split device. He finds 6b345 and puts him back together. The time that Joey is in is after Detective is returned to Mars after being sent back in time with Antony. Joeys time on Mars is the present time line. Everything else is behind. There can be no future past Joeys time line. They thought he was special because it is something that he does that causes the device to stop working at that time.

What happens to Albumin when she leaves the cars in the robot dominated time line? She glitches and is sent to to this line. She had already been killed and wasn't spouse to be there. After escaping the car she hunts down Loth'Rak who has recently landed on Earth. She is lead to believe that he may be able to help her. Albumin locates Loth'Rake who is tied up in a building. She breaks in and get him out, avoiding the robotic troops. No one ever finds out exactly what happens to Antony after he disappears from the ship. Vanessa had visions of him breaking through from other time lines but she believes that he no longer excists here and is unable to get back completely. She is happy as he is dangerous and would likely create more monstrous creatures like himself and Blitz. Antony was always a big fan of Blitz. The Humans on Mars created a statue of Antony that had him patting his cat Blitz. 'Antony - the monster that never existed', the stone read. Many came to view the statue and learn more about Antony and the developments that had happened around them. Even though he was considered by most to be evil and sinister there were good parts of him as well. Some even sided with him - believing if he didn't kill Sarah then mankind wouldn't survive on Mars. Many people were split into two group, arguing about the issue. It was hard to pinpoint exact what happened. The events will be remember in history. It was a very strange period of time. Nothing quite like it had happened before, and nothing was ever going to happen again. Generations afterwards studies the events. It was taught in school, in universities. Professors continued to write papers on the events, spinning new perspectives on how events happened. Detective was the final of them all to die. It wasn't long after he returned to Mars. His genes had became corrupt leading to a spread among the humans on mars. Vanessa didn't realise this until it was too late. Antony's plan all along was to get Detective back to Mars. Vanessa had fooled for it. That's why he wasn't on the ship. Antony had timed it so that he would be erased from this time line and appear in another. Vanessa wouldn't suspect anything when Antony wasn't on the ship.

Sarah moved towards the transport pod. She was several hundred meters out from it. She took long strides in her space suit, staying focus on the target. Even though this was only training she wanted to score top marks for the practice mission. Others would be completing a similar training mission to her and the ones with top marks will complete the real mission. She had been preparing for this training for years and now it was finally happening. Sarah had reached the transport. She watched in the distance an explosion happen. The transport that she had just climbed into went flying. All around her the explosives erupted. Sarah had arrived on the Earths Moon on a bad day. The simulation was blowing up the Moon and training astronauts to travel to the Mars if something ever happens. The Humans knew it was going to happy so they decided to prep for it. By doing so meant that they forced the event to happen, because they were so obsessed with it going to happen - it happened. If they had ignored it, forgot about it - it may not have been so bad. Each time it got worse and worse. They had always encouraged people to prep for the future. For the worse. People were buying small transport pods that would get them off the Earth should the attack happen. It drove everyone insane until it happened. Sometimes there is a study into these people to find out how much of a influence into their future. Because they were shown what was going to happen they believed that they couldn't change it and it would happen. Their belief into the ideas lead it to happen. This is bad.

The holidays they declared were March 16 Sarah, June 24 Antony. Every year on these days people would gather at the statues of these historic beings. They were going to be remembered long after they are gone. The whole period of time was going to be remembered. It was only a matter of time before a winner arose. That wonder was Sarah. Her parents were there on the day she was announced the winner. That she would be the one sent to the Earths Moon for the mission. She had a series of goals to complete. She had been training for years and was going to be successfully complete her Moon mission. Sarah couldn't wait to leave and staying on Earth was making her not able to sleep correctly. She woke multiply times in the night. After the doctors checked her they told her that she may be unsuitable to go on the Moon mission of she was going to be going on this mission then her health needed to improve. Sarah got back on track and prepped for launch. She was in top health when she takes off from Earth to the Moon. It is a solo mission that she is on and it's going to be tested now. Her Mother and Father were there the day her ship launched to the Moon. 'Whats new pussy cat', was playing on the over head speakers. It brought a smile to Sarah face as she climbed inside the ship.

It was not good when Antony was sad. He would go into rages and trash the room he was in. Drumming his arms against the floor. This was more rage than sadness. There were several moments when Antony went into these rages. Once was when he found out about his Father. It caused to major distress and burnt down his home. When he was creating his experiments he went into a rage several times. The first was when The Bee failed. It caused him to burn down the lab and he had to build a new one. He recreated burning down the lab as it costed him allot of time. All his research was backed up so he didn't lose that. He believed it was important that the science is able to be reproduced. He had starting sharing his results online. 'Antony creates a friend', was the name of the blog where he wrote daily posts and uploaded the formulas. Antony's guide to zombie creation 101. He had maintained it, updating it with journal notes daily, photographs of setups and results. He wanted to show everyone else that what he was doing was possible and everyone else could do it as well. There was nothing stopping them from doing a better job than what he was creating. On an afternoon after the site went live his web server almost overloaded from requests. People were obsessed with his videos that he was producing and the content that was being made. All the files were in text format. This made it easy for people to do what they wanted with the files. The files were licensed under a free culture licence. Creative Common Attribution 4.0. Some rights reserved. Anyone is free to share, use, remix the work even for commercial reason - they only need to attribute the original work. This is a big incentive for people to licence copyright under this licence. Who knows what people will do with your material? Copyright is saying STOP. Creative Commons is saying. Come, share, play, collaborate. It may sound risky but why stop innovation for greed?

the virus spreed between the humans when detective returned to Mars. How much of this story is true that is what they really want to see what has happened. Making the minimal each day was the key to success. It's not impossible, it just takes a daily disappointed skill to get it done every day. Even if you don't feel like it - you have a goal to reach and you need to make it.

It's true, she wasn't sure about what to do to cure this virus. Vanessa thought she had it under control but she was wrong. She needed to find out what was going so bad with the time lines. She wasn't even sure who was manipulating the bots. She had suspected Detective change events in order to get his appearance fixed. there was some moments when it didn't work. Oh this was going to be fun Vanessa thought to herself. There isn't much left till the end. It would be created now. This will update automatically with Nikola build command. It then sends the data to puthub. every hour the web server performs an git pull - pulling down changes from github. What the system needs is an easy way for people to commit changes. Maybe an email address they email and it creates the meta file data from all the data in the email. Already one email has been turned into a blog post. It shell continue forward to a new world and a new aerial for mankind. Sometimes Vanessa became distracted waiting fir the system to respond. She would browse the internet when she was doing this - leading her to great new ideas. in the past she had often wasted time by spending the time waiting just looking at cat photos. When she discovered this was a waste of time she started doing more productive thing with her time. She started a blog. Used everyday as a way for her to communicate with the world. She mostly posted information and research into the Antony case. They were still not sure what happened with that creature. Some say that he was erased from this time line and can't get back, others say that he hiding in this time line ready to pounce. Vanessa doesn't know what to believe but knows that it's important to be prepared if he ever does return.

People were scared of Detective and feared for their lives on word that he was infected with a virus that could spread to them and kill them. Vanessa didn't allow Detective to walk down the street by himself in case he was attacked by protesters. The citizens of Mars had formed a commute and were protesting about Detective being kept on Earth when he was such a risk for mankind. People believed that he was no longer human, that he was a zombie, someone that persevered to be in the ground. Detective didn't believe this. He felt human. He felt just like he use to. For Detective nothing had changed. Vanessa wasn't sure. In one way she wanted to keep him around in order to studio the changes. On the other hand if he poses a threat for mankind on Mars he needs to be control.


William McKee is an artist, web/software/videogame developer, writer, public speaker, photographer, videographer, and educator.

He volunteers for Creative Commons NZ helping to promote Creative Commons. Everything he creates is licensed under a Creative Commons license, with preference for the more liberal, and open culture licenses - CC BY and CC BY-SA.

His art can be found at and is available under a Creative Commons Attribution (BY) license. William is a supporter, user, and developer of open source software and hardware. He is passionate about early childhood education.

In November 2015 William successfully 'won' NaNoWriMo. The novel he wrote one day at a time for the month titled It Will Not Be Mine is a Science Fiction novel which William has licensed under a CC BY license.

"Creative Commons is useful to an artist to promote the work and it makes the world a better place," says William. "Others may find new uses with my content and even make money, good on them!"

During High School William spent the majority of his senior years in the Design room. Spending the majority of his time creating vector designs.

William became interested in drawing after leaving high school and attending UCOL in Palmerston North. There he had a drawing tutor, Mark, who inspired him to keep a drawing journal. William gained the habit of carrying a sketchbook wherever he goes, along with a pencil or pen.

William created the site The Art Of William McKee.

The site was created for a home for William to host his artwork and reflect upon it.

Originally powered by WordPress, he has since switched to the Python static website generator - Nikola. This powers his various sites.

William was always interested in using a Creative Commons license, he at first chose to use a more restrictive Attribution-Noncommercial (BY-NC) license for his artworks, though soon chose to use the liberal Attribution (BY) license. William doesn't see many reasons for artists to use NC licenses, and finds it especially problematic when NC licensing is used by governments.

As William argues, "Tax payers have already paid for the material. It should therefore be licensed under the most liberal licenses (perhaps even public domain/creative commons zero). This allows the most freedom for people to do what they like with the content."

I like the idea of attribution. Everyone should be licensing their copyright work under a Create Commons Attribution license or zero.

William also point out that the "Non-Commercial licenses are hard to interpret, as was noted in a German court case in 2014, which strongly limited the interpretation of NC to 'personal use.' Similar problems with the interpretation of NC could exist in other countries. This is why I think everyone should avoid the NC license. I would actually prefer that the NC license not exist in the first place."

The good thing, Williams says, is that the majority of New Zeal and government works released under CC seems to be under CC BY, though he is concerned that some schools seem to have adopted an NC license.

In 2010 he moved to Wellington and attended The Learning Connection, where he began to focus on life drawing. This was created on brown paper with an easel. Pencil, colored pencil, oil pastel, acrylic paint, gouache, watercolors were the media that he used.

William had done digital painting since attending UCOL with illustration classes. He used a Wac on tablet. Currently for his digital painting William uses an Into us 5 small tablet connected to a Raspberry Pi computer. The software he uses is GIMP 2.8 and it is running the operating system Rabin (Debian Jessie, Stable). William uses a battery pack plugged into the Pi to power it.

William uses the Pi to edit text. Plugging in a keyboard and uses terminal with the software to edit text.

Digital later focused on portraits using GIMP, an free and open source raster graphics software. William began by painting on a windows desktop and laptop, later switching to Fedora and Debian.

He uses a Raspberry Pi 2b with a 480PX by 320PX touch screen and Wacom tablet attached.

Many of his works from 2012-2014 of portrait and figures were drawn from references on RedditGetsDrawn.

William would draw portraits of people and give them the drawing - taking a photo for his own reference. pencil and colored pencil was the media used mostly.

At the bottom of the page he would sign with McKee and write 'cc by' on the piece of original artwork. These were mostly completely in pencil and colored pencil.

William is also passionate about working with children. In 2014 he volunteered at Huang Early Learning Cent re, where he would work collaboratively with kids, often on the same piece of art, using oil pastel, pencil, and colored pencil. He was influenced by the children artwork - often redrawing elements of their works. The children works were taken into digital painting. With GIMP artwork is digital traced.

William took the liberty of licensing these works under a CC BY license - photographing and uploaded the works to He would create large chalk murals on the ground outside, with children requested that he draw comic book characters like the Hulk, Spider man, Bane, and Batman. These mural pieces were created on the fence line of Whaihanga and Knighten Normal School. Swarms of school children would crowd the fence line - watching and discussing the artwork with him. They were blown away from how quickly he worked and the quality of his artwork.

"A hope of mine," William says, "was the children would learn that art was about sharing and remixing - something Creative Commons has at its core."

William has since become a volunteer for Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand, helping to spread the word about Creative Commons licensing. If you want to volunteer, get in touch!

This article has been reused and remixed from


Antony was running low of the substance. He had just enough to give Detective an injection when he awoke. once there live a man who lived in a big house hr had everything he wanted in that house. To tell you the truth that house was in fact not a house but it was a spaceship.

Vanessa had located Antony's ship. She didn't want to get too close to hi ship or he might notice her. She decided to exit her spaceship and travel through space towards his ship - getting a good inside - and maybe even entering the ship. She had left her ship out of the radar of his ship. If he was scanning then her ship would be detected. Vanessa stepped into the suit. It had been specially designed to have boosters elements so that she is able to travel in the space quickly for a short period of time. The booster wasn't able to be detected from the ships radar and Vanessa was able to grab onto Antony's ship and view through the windows on what was happening. Vanessa peaked through the window. She could see Detective strapped to a chair. His arms and legs were tied down with leather straps. Detective was sitting in a seat across from him - drinking a cup of coffee. From what Sarah could see Detective looked alive. He was sleeping but he had life in him. 'What did Antony do to bring him back to life?' Sarah wondered, scratching her head. She needed to get inside the ship. She needed to wake Detective and capture Antony. She was going to need to find a way to break into the ship without being detected. The emergency hatches were all alarmed so unless she was able to get in there without setting the alarms off that was out of the question. Cutting through the ship or finding an insecure entry was the only way.

Sarah had with her a communication device with her that allowed 6b345 to scan events and give suggestions on the next course of step. '6b345 do you come in', Sarah spoke into the microphone. 'This is 6b345 responding. You are coming in clear Sarah,' the voice of 6b345 replied. 'Can you get a scan done on that ship, I need to know how I can get in without setting off the alarms,' Sarah asked. 'Scan Complete. Solution Found. I have sent the location and instructions for entry to the ship to your suits computer'. New data recided the led lights blinked. Vanessa had received the information on how to get into the ship without being noticed. She loaded the data up on her suits monitor. The plan looked safe and easy enough. She was worried about time and would have to move quickly to get these steps completed. Vanessa was confident in her ability to complete the tasks. She boosted forward keeping an eye out for a particle entry latch. She circled the ship several times before she finally spotted it. She moved closer, reaching into her

Blah blah blah said Antony. Waiting for Detective to wake up felt like a lifetime. He brewed him many cups of coffee and played endless video games well waiting. There was nothing to do except to wait. Antony often wondered what Detective would be doing at that point. He had no idea where Detective would be or what time. There was a chance that he could experience milt time lines on his travels.

His head hurt. The pain shot through his left side of the brain. He wanted to move, to get up. Stand up. Move. He was strapped down. The leather straps covering his wrists and angles. Looking around he reconsider the enviorment. It was a prewar space ship. They didn't make them like this anymore. Everything about it was vintage. From the colour choices to the style of the screws used to put the ship others. He tried to lift his right arm. It was strapped down with a leather wrist. 'Help', Detective calls out. There is no response. Alone on a ship and strapped to a chair. The ship didn't sound like it was on. The engines were silent. Looking over and out the window all he could see was darkness. Detective knew something had changed. Antony was here before and now he's gone. The future changed when Detective went back. Now he was stuck here strapped to a chair with nobody on board. He tried to think about the last time line he had experienced. Detective had grown in control of the visions now, he was able to control them by stepping back and forward from the various lines. Sometimes he finds it easier to experience one line over another, it all depend though. He could see a reflection of himself in the ships window. His head was scabbed and bleeding. He had grown red sores all over his body which pusses with ooze. Detective couldn't bear it. He clenched closed his eyes. The vision was still there though, another line where his face is normal, where there are no scars. This is the future he wants. It's what he deserves. Detective has saved everyone.

Detective found and captured Antony at a technology conference. It is the same conference Joey and Vanessa meet in. When Detective gets sent back from the spaceship he travels to a range of different times and chances many events. One events being the conference that captures Antony at. Antony then actives the time switch on himself and is sent to another time. Detective and Antony are chasing each other. The story tells all the events and different time line and how various characters. Events are changed, changing the future that backfires.

The is a journal through space and time following a series of characters in various evolution series of the human race. An AI system is developed that clashes with an dying Alien life form developing part-alien, part-human child. This carries on with mixing cat with the part-alien, part-human DNA. The Human race is wiped out therefore people are sent back to attempt to change events that lead. Sara's Moon Training, Sarah Moon Trip, Presidents Speech, Loth'Rak bringing Antony to Earth, Antony leaving Earth for mars, Antony killing Sarah, Sarah and Joey Time Splat room, robotic takeover - saves Loth'Rak race. Antony is never created. Antony starts showing up in the time line through the device. No more characters. There is already enough characters. There are some characters I'd like to merge into one or at least get new names. Structure could really be looked at but that's something for the editing stages. For now just get down enough words to be a winner.

The figure walked down the road. Behind it the building was alight. Rich red flames burst from the ceiling. Mid gray smoke billowed out above being blow to nearby houses with the strong wind. The CEO had just been informed that the building was burning. The govt had been using it for top secret NSA and NASA missions. They had trained Sarah there to carry out the Moon and Mars missions. As time distance increased they lost control of how much they could trace and realized that some of the AI bots had lost communication with mission control. Sarah must find out what happened to the bots. She investigates the scene on the Moon where a weapon battle took place between what looked like govt AI bots turning on each other. Govt denies claim to any of these. Govt in meantime is scrambling to find out what happened to a selection of their bots on the Moon that mysterious go offline and are not responding to connection attempts. Cameras and all on board security features were disabled. Antony takes control of one of the bots - known as 6b345. He uses it to destroy Earth and brings Sarah back to Mars with 6b345. Once on Mars Antony kills Sarah and takes full control of 6b345. Vanessa later takes control of 6b345 when Antony escapes Mars kidnapping Detective on his escape. Vanessa tracks down Antony's ship, boarding it and killing Antony. She uses the time switch device to go back and find Detective. He awakes to find nobody there. Vanessa arrives to rescue him. Detective was woken by a noise inside the ship. One of the ships doors had opened. Someone had entered the ship. Detective panicked. Who would be in the ship? He dreaded that it would be Antony. His goals in the past were to stop Antony from completing his goals. Deductive thought it was a success when he awoke and Antony wasn't here. Detective was relieved when a woman stood in front of him, not Antony. 'I'm here to get you out of here', the woman told Antony. He was released to hear those voices. He checked his face in the ships window reflection. It was normal. His face was normal. He had successfully saved his appearance. Vanessa introduced herself to him, untying the leather straps that held his arms and legs. Detective was released to be free. For too long he had been tied to that chair. He is happy to be free and jumps into the air with joy. Vanessa hurries Detective along they must get out of here and back to Mars. Vanessa takes control of Antony's ship and drives it back to Mars with Vanessa's ship following behind on autopilot. She traveled back to Mars with Detective in Antonys ship with her ship following behind on autopiolet.

The Bee was the first live being that Antony had attempted to perform. He stunned the bee and injected his DNA into the system, boosting the bee back to life. The Bee grew large and aggressive. Antony had to shoot the creation with the ray gun.

Detective gets his hands on a ray gun and kills Ugnanka and attempts to kill Joey and Sarah. In one time line he isn't there, on the other he is. Crossing over happens all over the story. For example Detective find himself collapsed in another time lines and drags the body into the cupboard so when Sarah and Joey look they don't see him. They find it strange though.

The Presidents Speech is important. It is told from many different perspectives and time lines. Detective has different roles and goals each version of him there. He gives a speech after the president. Detective saves Joey who is in the crowd and would be killed by the attack. Sarah is a girl watching the speech from television with her Mother. Detective uses a stun gun on Joeys parents in order to get him out of there safely. Police notice the weird occurrences of Detectives skills and start to investigate into him. Detective is spouse kill Joey at the conference but knows he's not spouse to. Antony shows up at conference to do it himself and Detective captures Antony. Then Antony actives the time split device and caused the two to travel to another time.

The Humans on Earth developed an AI system by using alien technology that is sent back in time in order to change events. The technology sent back was Detective. They studied him and learn how to beat his species, to save themselves. The Humans believed that Loth'Rak and his son - Antony are behind the attack on Earth which wipes out mankind. People are sent back to change this - making sure that events take place in order to secure 80,000 humans are taken to Mars to be preserved. Story followed events to active these humans on Mars and the events following it. Basically it's about man kinds fight for survival over Earth is destroyed and various conflicts.

Antony tried to talk to Loth'Rak about something but he should shot him down. This made Antony sad.

This is licensed under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence.


William Mckee is an artist from Hamilton, New Zealand. His art can be found at and is available under a Creative Commons Attribution (BY) licence. William is also a supporter and user of open source software, and is passionate about early childhood education.

"I use Creative Commons as an artist in the hope that it helps promote my artwork, and to make the world a better place," says William. "Others may find uses for my art and even make money from it, good on them!"

William seriously became interested in drawing after leaving high school and attending UCOL in Palmerston North. There he had a drawing tutor, Mark, who inspired him to keep a drawing journal. William gained the habit of carrying a sketchbook wherever he goes, along with a pencil or pen.

During his time at Palmerston North School of Design, William created the site The Art Of William Mckee. It was hosted with GoDaddy and ran CentOS. The site was powered by WordPress, switching later to Nikola. He later also switched this to DigitalOcean with the operating system Debian, which is used by the majority of his machines.

While William was always interested in using a Creative Commons licence, he at first chose to use a more restrictive Attribution-NonCommercial (BY-NC) licence for his artworks, though soon chose to use the liberal Attribution (BY) licence. William doesn't see many reasons for artists to use NC licences, and finds it especially problematic when NC licensing is used by governments.

As William argues, "Tax payers have already paid for the material. It should therefore be licensed under the most liberal licences (perhaps even public domain/creativecommons zero). This allows the most freedom for people to do what they like with the content."

William also point out that the "Non-Commercial licences are hard to interpret, as was noted in a German court case in 2014, which strongly limited the interpretation of NC to 'personal use.' Similar problems with the interpretation of NC could exist in other countries. This is why I think government - and everyone, in fact - should avoid the NC licence. I would actually prefer that the NC licence not exist in the first place."

The good thing, Williams says, is that the majority of New Zealand government works released under CC seems to be under CC BY, though he is concerned that some schools seem to have adopted an NC licence.

In 2010 he moved to Wellington and attended The Learning Connexion, where he began to focus on life drawing, using GIMP, an open source drawing and design tool. William began by painting on a windows desktop and laptop, later switching to Fedora and Debian. Many of his works from 2012-2014 of portrait and figures were drawn from references on RedditGetsDrawn. During this period, William would draw portraits of people and give them the drawing - taking a photo for his own reference. At the bottom of the page he would sign with wcmckee and write 'cc by' on the piece of original artwork. These were mostly completely in pencil and coloured pencil.

William is also passionate about working with children. In 2014 he volunteered at Whaihanga Early Learning Centre, where he would work collaboratively with kids, often on the same piece of art, using oil pastel, pencil, and coloured pencil. He was very influenced by the children's drawings - often redrawing elements of their works.

William took the liberty of licensing these works under a CC BY licence - photographing and uploaded the works to He would create large chalk murals on the ground outside, with children requested that he draw comic book characters like the Hulk, Spiderman, Bane, and Batman. These mural pieces were created on the fenceline of Whaihanga and Knighten Normal School. Swarms of school children would crowd the fenceline - watching and discussing the artwork with him. They were often blown away from how quickly he worked.

"A hope of mine," William says, "was the children would learn that art was about sharing and remixing - something Creative Commons has at its core."

William has since become a volunteer for Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand, helping to spread the word about Creative Commons licensing in the Hamilton region. If you want to volunteer, get in touch!

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Definitions of Intellectual Property In this policy - intellectual property includes the rights to all created work. Outputs are the products that are created by an individual or group of individuals. This may include for example artworks. Outcomes are the consequences or results arising from the development of, or use of IP other than products that are created from IP. Examples may include a publication such as a book, web site or, an exhibition. Ownership of IP and outputs arising from intellectual activity In general all IP and the outputs and outcomes arising from that IP are owned by the creator. While Albany Senior High School will derive benefits from the outcomes; there are exceptions to this, as follows:

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One key tenet of a liberal democracy, the dominant form of government today, is the separation of powers into the various independent branches of government, usually in the form of the legislature that makes the laws, a judiciary that interprets and applies the law and an executive that carries out the administration and operations of governing.

Societies in the past were relatively small and citizens were able to engage face-to-face or via handwritten messages in their deliberation and decision-making process. As populations grew larger participation in a democracy required mediation, i.e. communication is now mediated.

The earliest mass media was the newspaper, followed by the radio and television, and today, the Internet.

Because of its emerging function as a watchdog that monitors the running of the nation by exposing excesses and corruption, and holding those in power accountable, the media was regarded as the fourth estate, supplementing the three branches of government by providing checks and balances. The media also plays a more basic role as a provider of information necessary for rational debate.


'What could be preping for?,' Vanessa wondered. She watches as Antony hands Detective a device. Then the footage stops. 'Damn it', Vanessa curses. Something happens that causes all the eletronic devices in the area to stop working. What they have created is a kill switch, even if they don't relize it. Vanessa stood up from her chair. The camera footage from now is useless. She needs to find out what that substance was and how it brought Detective back to life.

Detective agreed to the tasks that Antony had shown him on the paper. He didn't agree with them - they involved either killing or hurting innocent people - people that had no idea about their effect or generations after them effect on society. Steering at the list of names, dates and times, and event almost brought him to tears. He had to hold back his emotions. If Antony had any idea that he was fully consisious then he would be destoried.

Vanessa had finished researching on the substance that Antony injected into Detectives brain - bringing him back to life. She stood in his surgery room. This was a hidden room in the palact that had a bunch of terminal computers and a table for performing surgerys. There was suspession of something like this - but this was horrific. Humans had been going missing and Vanessa had just worked out what was happening - Antony was capturing them and performing surgery on them. He was using the computers along with the traditinal medical aplications. Vanessa had found evidence that Antony was spicing DNA - mixing alien and human genes together to create monsters like himself.

6b345 and Blitz had been assisting Antony in the lab. 6b345 had been riped to pieces when they spaceship blew up entering the Earth atmosphere. Bliz had died in the accident. Vanessa had set the explosives on their ship to explode when it entered the Earths atmosphere. She hadn't expected it to blow up over the building that she was attempting to smuggle Joey out of - leading to a quick escape. It happened though.

AI Robot originally created to make art and a cat mixed with Antonys human and alien genes. The strangest of lab assistences.

On the wall was a framed painting of Loth'Rak. Vanessa could reconise him. Antony looked very similar to him. Antony had more human features though. Loth'Rak was a full alien, well Antony was only half.

Have they been talking about Vanessa, Antony, and Detective too much with the focus taken away from some other major events.

What happened to Sarah in the NASA testing room. They were preping for the Moon blast. The humans knew it was coming. When Detective was sent back by Antony for the first time in order to attempt to save Antony from being driven out of Mars by Vanessa.

6b345 changes a file that he finds on Mars so that the robot uprising happens. This begins when 6b345 finds a red usb on mars. It contains the system details for the artcontrol AI system that was developed to create art.

The conference that Vanessa attended on Earth was the Open Education Resource 2860. It was organized by robots. They created open education resources every day that were used in teaching of the Humans on Mars. Vanessa shows up and messys everything up with crashing 6b345 and Blitz into the building.

Need to write Blitz version of the story.

Blitz was born on 6 August 3555. The dust on Mars were partickly bad that day. Antony had created Blitz in the lab. He had mixed cat, human, and his own human and alien gene dna systems. It was the same process that Loth'Rak used on a human and his alien genes. Antony had memories from his Father and could access all the skills that Loth'Rak posisted.

Blitz had a speech impediment noticed by Antony shortley after he created him. The experiment created an alien like voice box that became mutated by a virus that contamanted the system. It lead to a bomb being set by Vanessa inside of Blirz, leading to their ship being burnt when entering the Earths atmosphere.

Blitz strided down the road. She enjoying the rain. On Mars it never rained but she had seen photographs and diagrams of how rain works.

The body of Blitz was cat-like but she had two human arms coming out of the bottom of her neck. Along with four cat like legs she was a highly productive, agile, and super creature.

The prototypes of Blitz had failed. Antony had tried to create a mixture of his and a animals genes for years. Each experiment being a fail.

6b345 had been a great assist to the creation of Blitz. Whenever Antony was in the lab he 6b345 was there with him to assist in the experiments. They went through attempts of mixing human and Antonys genes but failed. They were using sick citizens on Mars.

Antony had poisoned the Human race that meant they were unable to use the time shift device The files that are on the red USB active the AI system TechFuncMasters virus. It leads to the death of all the humans on Earth. Humans were sent to Mars in order to presurve mankind

This is a story about a series of events that are attempted to be manipilated by a time traveler. The effects are grave and unexpected where multi timelines cross over.

The story focuses on a red usb that contains a private key. It follows a series of differnt and altenative events around this red usb.

We hope you enjoy the time you spend reading it. It was created for NaNoWriMo 2015.

It was the second attempt to write a novel for NanoWriMo. The account has been active since 2011. Only novels in 2013, 2014, and 2015 were created. In 2014 the novel SpikeInfoSec was started. The total word count was only around 7000 words. It was writen on a raspberry pi computer using a IPython Notebook in Markdown format.

The injection had lead to sores begin to cover Detectives skin. Antony watched as his skin became red and infected. He tried to use substances to counter the effect but every day it just got worse. Detective had been in the coma for 3 years. 3 years of his brain switched off in this time and active in others. When he traveled he would of taken the time split device with him, leading to switch between times as he saw fit.

In 2015 for NaNoWriMo the novel ItWillNotBeMine was created. With a goal of 1666 words per day. On day one and seven over 2900 words were written. The majority of days over 1666 words were written. There were several days when less than 1000 wc, these were disapointing days but motivation to increase the count the following days.

The novel was writen on a HP Chromebook with ChromeOS. It was typed in a Debian Linux chroot on the Chromebook. It was also typed on a Raspberry Pi computer with a tft screen. On both of these devices, terminal was used with the text editor nano. For some of the days a Windows 7 computer was used and software Notepad++.

In the end a novel was created. It was 50,000 words, science fiction, a rough draft. I published it to the Writers Den Hamilton site as I wrote it. It's licenced under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence.

Thank you to NaNoWriMo for the event, Waikato NaNoWriMo, Writers Den Hamilton, Hamilton Computer Club, Creative Commons New Zealand and my family and friends for support and ideas.

The novel is reaching 40,000 words and decisions need to be made for the final days.

No point worring about the structure. Work on cleaning up plots and altenative perspectives on events.

Once the word count is reached the machine gets to sleep. They have a certain word count to make a day. How do they measure editing?

The robots just type files and the computer builds the site and uploads the changes to the webserver. Billions of words a day are created. The robots are not told what to write but instead just choose on what to write by analizing data. This leads to more happy and productive robots.

When they were building the robots they relized that if you made them sad they were less productive. Telling them what to do was the main thing that made them sad the data showed. They fixed this by no longer telling the robots what to do but instead let them sprint freely.

Joey loved to sprint. His robot of course loved it as well. The robot would show up at the conference enter at 8am sharp, 7 days a week. They would then sprint for the day - creating mostly Open Education Resources. They were free to create whatever they wanted though.

This novel is licenced under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence. I like this licence as it is free culture. Many seem to obsessed with putting work under a NC licence. Take a giant leap and don't licence under NC.

Can only see people doing great stuff with anything created. It's exciting see what people might do.

Need to go through some of the older works and find events and plots that need a cleanup.

Write down the character and all the events, times and suitrations that the character is involved with - from start to finish.

Make it epic and make it now. Let's get this finished. The last few days should be a good mofivater to get it finished. I will likely have a burst to 50,000. Once I hit that I will be done. I would like to start editing. Maybe remixing each chapter as a new blog post.

Taking posts on nzcommons and reusing them on WrtiersDenHamilton. Remixing them. Great pratice to edit work. This is going to get my over the wordcount!

Vanessa had taken a small ship from storage and attempt to locate Antonys ship. From her calcalations she has a rough idea where the ship could be She was able access GPS days from the ships camera before the footage stopped. Vanessa marched up the ramp. She had decided to bring Joey on the trip with her. Vanessa was impressed with how much of a hand it was once she actived it. Joey could be a help if she locates Antonys ship. The ship took off with Vanessa on it leaving Mars atmophere.

Antonys head hurt. The visions of multi time lines were apearing again. He was running low on the substance to opress them. Detecive was still straped to the chair. His body full of life but his mind in another time. Antony reached for the supply cubbard and pulled out a capsure of the substance. He needed the injection, the visions were becoming too unbearable. He placed the capsure into a clean needled and injected it into his arm. The visions imedicatly stopped.

Blitz was licking Sarahs blood off the ground on Mars when she was shot in the head by Antony. The causes a glitch in the timelines. When Sarah was shot in the head it causes Blitz to be warped to another timeline where Joey notices him as he is walking down.

Joey and Sarah walked down the dark and gloomy road. They arms were interlocked. In the distance they could see a shape that looked like a cat. The two headed closer towards the shape. It was unusal for there to be other lifeforms out in public. As they got closer to the figure they knew something was wrong. The cat had mutated or something. Out the side of it's next were two long human arms. Sarah vomited. The creature skretched and ran off. 'What the hell has happened here,' Sarah asked Joey, spiting the vomit from her mouth. 'I think that man Dectective is changing the events', Joey said. 'Uganka was spose to let us and we would use the time split device,' he continued to expain. 'I have no idea what we do now, we may be able to still active the time split device. Just because we didn't activate it then doesn't mean it won't,' Joey paused to let Sarah finish coughing, 'Are you OK?,' he asked, concerned for the coughing fit that Sarah had gotten herself into. The creature had stopped skretching and ran off into the dark. Joey moved up to where it was standing, licking something on the ground. He debed his finger into the substance. It was a rich red. Human blood. 'What would human blood be doing here?' Joey wondered. 'This is most unusal', he thought. Sarah had finished her coughing fit. 'What do we have here', She asked Joey. 'It seems to be human blood,' Joey explained, moving a sample of the blood into a container for analize back at the lab. 'Human blood!', Sarahs jaw dropped. She bend down and had a close look at the puddle on the ground. 'And this cat creature was drinking this? Why?', Sarah asked. 'I have no idea but there is something crazy happening here', Joey replied.

Blitz siped the blood that had been left on the floor when Antony shot Sarah. She looked around. Everything had changed. She relized that he was no longer on Mars. From what it looked like - she was on what looked Earth. Blitz had never been to Earth. She had been created in Antonys lab on Mars. Antony had shown her images of Earth. Blitz was part human and cat felling a strong connection to Earth. Blitz froze when she saw two figure approch. Who were these people? she thought.