Fall Of Giants

Ken Follett

Book One of The Century Trilogy

Cast of Characters


Dewar Family

Senator Cameron Drwar Ursula Drwar, his wife Gus Drwar, their son

Vyalov Family

Josef Vylov, businessman Lena Vyalov, his wife Olga Vyalov, their daughter


Rosa Hellman, journalist Chuck Dixon, school friend of Gus's Marga, nightclub singer Nick Forman, thief Ilya, thug Theo, thug Norman Niall, croked accountant Brian Hall, union leader

Real historical characters

English and Scottish

Fitzherbert Family.

Earl Fitzherbert, called Fitz Princess Elizabeta, called Bea, his wife Lady Maud Fitzherbert, his sister Lady Hermia, called Aunt Herm, their poor aunt The Duchess of Sussex, their rich aunt Gelert, Pyreneam mountain dog Grout, Fitz's butler Sanderson, Maud's maid


Mildred Perkins, Ethel William's lodger Bernie Leckwith, secretary of the Aldgate branch of the Interpendent Labour Party Bing Westhampton, Gitz's friend Marquis of Lowther, "Lowthie," rejected suitor of Maud

Albert Solman, Fitz's man of business Dr. Greenward, volunteer at the baby clinic Lord "Johnny" Re

Many view points, leading up to ww1 and after it. Issue - the length of book. too big. Could if been cut in half - could of been 2 books.

Normally key villan in his book. It isnt key villan. no cold blooded killers. Multipy political too much political. woman right to vote,

enjoyed characters care about, Billy coal miner from Wales. Innocent young kid, end as ww1 vetrium, political, WW1. honor the history. why it happened, not biast. everyone view point. well rounded.

Research 20th centry

Killed so many each other. Our centry. Where we come from. 1911 welsh mining time. quit school to work.

where author comes from. Grandfather went down the pit - like Billy.

social divide. money divide. pretend they different. fight, move from classes, fall in love. Class nation divisions. Two familys

Sister of Billy, Ethel Sister of Fitz, Maud

Fight for womans rights. Feel deprived. Even upper class was restricted. Maud photo captured being arrested by a police officer.

1914, woman 21 not allowed to go anywhere alone. Maud.

Role of Woman. Woman fought political battles. Harsh treated by media and police. They won!

men gave in. woman vote over 30, men over 21. lets be pratible. pricible. treat equal. split movement.

Events leading up to ww1. How to tell? Maud fall in love with young german spy. want to get married. Maud and Walter.

Russian - saving to go to America. Fought in ww1 for russia. men of the revolution. One living american dream. One a revalution in Russia. Grigori and Lev.

German invasion of USA. Newspaper. Media quick on haterd on enemys. Wanted to whip up. gone to war no prblem. New weapons. machine guns. made everything more terrible.


so i have registered for wikieducator. It offers free elearning resources. I am enjoying editing and adding content. Areas that I was interested in adding resources were tech, digital citizenship, art. Conferences and Events. I came accross a course from Otago Politechnic on Tourism and Travel. I felt I could contrubite to the resources on conferences. It's always safe to add links. I included a few links - to AV recording talk and to lanyrd - the site that lists confererces and events. I added some education resources on AV setups at conferences and expanded the section on goodie bags.


Ideas for Hamilton Computer Club

The theme for the site needs to be bootstrap. No side bar, only top.

Logo on the top left. Currently the banner on the top of the screen is a photography of a motherboard. Hamilton Computer Club is in large white typography. Exchange information and share skills, is below. Slightly smaller. A clip art image of a computer is on the right.

Hamilton Computer Club logo. Displays the words and a illustration. Something Hamilton and Computer related.

The tabs currently are


Event Calendar

Blog Posts

Knowledge Links



This should be update to:


Remove Event Calendar. It's currently not being used and is a Google calendar.

Blog Posts. Maybe this should be changes to News or Blog.


This can be updated with related news from the club. This is a feed of updates from Hamilton Computer Club. Feed of whatever Hamilton Computer Club emails to members/public.


A community of blog posts. Content is created by members of Computer Club. Currently this isn't working on the clubs website. Nobody wants to put their hand up and contribute.

Knowledge Links.

Remove this tab and merge into Blog. Posts can be made about Knowledge Links.


Important. Would join be a better term? Look at processing payments options.


Contact is usually the term. Maybe change to contact and redirect contacts to contact.

Bars I suggest,



MEMBERSHIP - JOIN - COMMUTE - MEMBERS BIOGRAPHY, all in one page linking to individual member page.


Introduction is below this top tab. Currently it reads

The Hamilton Computer Club (also known as the Hamilton PC Club) is a group of individual personal computer users who help each other learn more about their personal computers and their wide variety of applications.

The club meets on the second Thursday of each month - Visitors welcome, supper provided, gold coin donation appreciated

Time for a rewrite.

Hamilton Computer Club a collective who help and learn each other with Computers.

more about their

Individuals supporting an interest in Computers

The club meets on the second Thursday of each month - Visitors welcome, supper provided, gold coin donation appreciated

Meeting on the second Thursday of the month, Members and guests attend an evening speaker based meeting.

The following Saturday a day workshop is held. Members and guests collaborate together, troubleshooting solving computer issues and offering advice.


A Quiet Revolution was taking place across the world. It changed the way humans dealt with one-another. Some may say that is a work of fiction. Events like this do not take place.

Copyright is control. That is all it is. It's about saying who can use material and what they can use it for but Pepper liked the idea of giving back. Money made was invested back. Moral. Why are writers often pro copyright? They sob and cry over fair use law changes.

Peppers plot

Historic fiction of generations over several 100 years. Follows copyright battles.

9/11 was a attack on open source.

Characters are transported in

Write every day and give away your work for free and open. Others may make money from it. It can be changed.

Whenever Pepper saw someone wearing a Metallica shirt she would shout, 'Napster, never forgive, never forget'. Majority of the time they had no idea but once anger erupted and Pepper was attacked, knocking her to the ground. The man in the Metallica shirt stood over Pepper, repeatably kicking her. Blood gashed from the body of the girl. "This is for ripping off the best band in the world", the man screamed as he grasped her neck and lifted her up. "No longer will you spread your lies", he spoke, twisting her neck. Letting go, the limp body dropped to the ground. The Metallica fan walked away with a smile.

The capering agency building. Lets create some open writing exercises.

At the entrance a sign read: "Some days I can't get outraged over copyright". Artwork of a stick figure sitting under a tree. The foylar was open and bright. The walls were covered with artwork similar to the entrance - from artists that had openly licensed their work.

A crowd had gathered and approached. They ignored her standing. She could hear the conversation they were having. "There was no explanation as to why allowing people to legally quote, or noncommercial redistribute for educational or review purposes would destabilize the publishing industry,"

Pepper was told she wasn't a creative professional but a content builder. She would take others work that was openly licensed and build upon it. It's building upon something creative

The aftermath of the Metallica file-sharing debate, leading to a total change in tune on file-sharing.

There was no collapse in local publishing after parallel importing restrictions were lifted.

What would be the aftermath of fair use?

Creative Commons: A Quiet

"This is a real 21st-century textbook," Pepper addressed the crowd. She paused steering the individuals in the eyes. "I hesitate to even use that word," that word - that harnesses the power of the web to break out of the print model we've had for the last several hundred years. It's Open Access, which means a lot of different things: it's free; anyone can read it, use it, adapt it; it's also open to wider scrutiny, which helps improve it over time." Richard White.

"quiet revolution taking place in the way we use, generate and transfer knowledge"

"look at these cool projects"

"why aren't these cool projects happening everywhere"


My Physics Romance. An alternative historic fiction novel. It follows events leading up, during, and after the attempt hijacking of aircraft, and crashing the planes into the world trade centre.

One of the planes was hijacked and shot down by drones in the area before it reached the target. Passengers were able to jump from the plane before it was fired upon. One of the hijackers and all of the Passengers on board decided to jump to safely. Police and military swooped upon the crowd and detained everyone for investigation. Anyone on the plane could have been the hijacker and could attempt another attack if they let them free.

Every September 11 the World Trade Centre displays digital paintings of the attacks that would of taken place. Images of people watching it it jumping to their death.

A force feed surrounded the towers. Any unauthorised objects would hit the force - becoming stuck. They had tested sending drone air planes into the towers with scale aircraft. Everything was prepped when the day finally happened. The world was prepared for the hijacking. All the worlds cameras were on the towers, airports, planes, hotels, taxi, cars that would be involved with the failed attempt.

The large billboard walked slowly down the road. It's long metal legs carried a flashing sign that displays images and text. It circled through digital paintings of the attacks on the world trade centre. Behind the sign stood the north trade centre building. People that wanted to were able to still go to work that morning - if they choose. They were in danger of being killed if the attacks were successful or if something else happened. Only a few choose to stay home - the majority of the workers and visitors still went up the tower that morning. No plane made it near the world trade centre. One plane was hijacked but it was intercepted and blown up, the only people that died were 4 out of the 5 hijackers. The 5Th hijacker decided to jump to the ground with Passengers. American forces would pickup the jumpers. The parachute that every jumper released was an American flag. Everybody landed successfully and American forces took them in for questioning. There were chances hijackers amongst the Passengers that didn't show themselves. There was one confirmed hijacker captured, the other four were said to be on board the plane when it was shot down. The jumpers landed in the Hudson river. It was safer than landing on land. Police boats were in the area to pick people out of the water when they landed. Albumene was near to take jumpers to the hospital. The hijackers had attempted to take over the plane, but had failed.

It was a lovely morning. A New York September morning. The weather was no different to other days, but today really was different. Every year they had celebrated this day on the observation deck. Everyone stood with a glass of champagne and took a shot when the time passed that all four planes would of crashed. The buildings had an open day that day. In each floor displayed images and paintings of the attacks - including what that floor would look like and those killed. Everyone that were displayed killed on the screen was working around the office. People are busy working on their computers. In the break off rooms speakers are giving talks with a slide show displaying information assists them. Around the room stand and sit people, listening and partaking in the talk. Interview rooms were full - 3 or 4 people sat in each room with two computers between them, interviewing new employees. They are never told what project to work on something. Do what you like. Often individuals join teams that already have a project - lending them skills and learning new ones. Sometimes new projects are created. Teams might merge - or split. Teams manage themselves. There is no job title. It is what they want it to be. And for them, it can be anything. Often the cards display name followed by a quirky line.

The new VR Sept 11 was released. People could step into part of the attacks - on the plane, in the trade centre, on the street of New York. Across the river, setup to draw and paint capture the attacks as they happen. Telltale had released a video game that was an add on for this - it offered a detailed story and choose your own adventure style game.

It was a cold autumn day. A frost still covered areas of the land where the sun had yet to reach. Waiting, waiting, that's all they were doing. Waiting for something to happen. When it never happened they continued to wait. They waited till security came and took them away. They were not allowed to sit on the road and film the buildings. It was considered suspicious. Now cameras around the world watch the towers at this moment. Both times passed and nothing happened. The towers stood there - untouched. For the past fifteen years they had been securing the towers for the attack. The effects had payed off - no attack happened. It was so so cold. The ice was slippery as the group traded carefully.

The only thing the world had to show the attacks were several digital paintings. In the past these paintings have been censored and banned. They are common knowledge nowadays and it is impossible for govt to hide the fact that the paintings exist. The towers were copied. Duplicated over and over again. Building into the clouds was easier than building over the green forests surrounding the area. The Hudson river flowed through the city. Black ash swept down the river. The colour of the river was a dark brown. Fire still boomed from the building. Several attackers had blown up key areas in the building. It lead to those inside unable to escape the building. Since there is no way out people begin panicking - fights break out and people begin to become hurt or killed. The agencies involved in stopping the attacks from happening were the first to blame. If they hadn't advertised it or the flaws then it may of not happened. qwerty.

Ok servers are back up and running. There was an attempted hijacking in the news. It wasn't expected to happen, but it did. The effects were major. Afterr 10 years of running the memioral of the event the founder had decided to retire. This brought great sadness to the land but the founder felt the need to pass the ropes down to someone younger.

The education resources were cheap and low risk. Since they were licenced under a creative commons cc-by licence teachers and students were able to build upon the resources, and add to the ever growing commons. Whenever the script activates it first saves the documents. It looks at the increase in wordcount and rewards. save data of changes - date and time, increase by how much, content added. At no point should word count decrease or words deleted. The purpose of these is to write a complete first draft novel. Editing can come later. Spelling is important and it is understandable to correct mistakes the dampan the flow of the story.

Fifteen years had passed since September 11 and the World Trade Centre still stood there. New York was planning a special celbration of the day that the buildings were destined to be destoryed. Not being connected to the network sure makes you type the more productive tasks - exporting png images of gimp paintings, and naming them.

Writing reflective text on the piece. Publishing blog posts. It is a simple, yet complex, series of steps that allows for creation of artwork and writing of text. Everything else is automated. Don't need to bother if it is going to look good or anything. It's using a bootstrap3 theme, it's built for mobile. The API could be improved, or just download the source of the site. It's all in markdown files with meta data attached. The meta data is importrant. This contains the blog posts title, slug, publish date, time, author and so on. The program that opens the file currently being edited, displaying the name of the file, the last word and the wordcount. This is helpful as it stops the file from being saved and a command typed to run the script.

Everything is recorded as a json object and saved to the database. This allows the program to check to see how fast the person is typing. If they are typing fast, they are rewarded. It is important that they typed correctly if they didn't do thos then they mayhavebeen in for a chance to be arrested and may even face prison time. No one wanted that especially if they were innocent. It was posible for him to survive on bare minimin.

Lets create some open writing exercises.

Writing sprints. Amongst a group develop a list of words and then spent a certain amount of time writing those words into a novel.

Distrubite the result as a mobi/epub/text file and make it advable for others to give feedback.

Remix 2 or more other writers pieces. What elements would you take away? Own twist on the two!

Edit and publish someone elses novel. Create cover art or turn it into a graphic novel. Rewrite it as a play or screenplay.

Inspired by a novel. Write being inspired by a recent novel you have read. Or choose a common storyline and retell the story.

Write with prompts such as romance, music, mystery, banned, nature or focusing on certain writing areas such as character development or plot twists.

Write a pirce of software that helps the productivity of a writer? Writers are oftem obsessed for word count! List software features that would help the productivity of a writer.

Planning on building addon for gedit that opens up the last file you had open. The word count for this file should be increasing. It it isn't something is teriibly wrong.

How to write a novel in a month.

Set a daily word count

Attend regular meetups.

Edit a chapter of a book - maybe turning it into flash fiction?

Do more talks. Going to test the one two three. One two three. It's not over till the month is over. And if the wordcount is not achieved then it is game over. Are they even able to read what they use to have. Going to write more words so they don't be punished. Master can be cruel oersonn sometimes. especialaly when he is in a bad mood. When he hasn't gotten his way. When someone upset him.

Open Trade Center. Education resources. Floors of individials that collabrate to create Open Education Resources. They had turned many of the floors in the center into community rooms. Filled with computers people were welcome in 24 hours a day to use the facelty. It was open and free. All the computers were using gnu/linux. Build new and improved software. What the. The song just suddenly stopped and a new song started. The new song is ok but i have heard it so much before i would rather not hear it. Clean. It's funny when a cover album is better than the original album. Strange but true.

What are open education resources that would be helpful to teach creative writing.


A REMIX APPROCH TO CREATIVE WRITING Open Resources. The word count in this file is getting large. That is wonderful. It has been a slow month writing really. More open art. It's going to be an early start and it is going to be cold. It would be nice if the bus was an hour and a half later and not 4.5 hours later. I guess i could of been late but oh well. Off they go in in the morning on the cold bus to the windy city that is Wellington. Once a vertain wordcount is reached they are free to leave and is paid. The bosss makes a 90% markup of the workers outcome. Each worker makes the company alot of money but is not apreachied as much. The ones on Wall Street are the ones you must watch for. They may try to rip


Pepper sat on the couch and weeped. She had never been so upset. Torn in her feelings, she could not decide. The book had taken her several months to finish. She had almost reached the end and couldn't face the idea of the book ending. She had grown attached to the characters and wanted more stories from them. The writer of the book had created a realist world of the time, although it was a work of fiction. Some say it is not a novel, but a poem.


Hi and Welcome to day three of camp. This is usually the last day of a weekend conference. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Isn't that wonderful. Currently Pepper is sitting out the back of her home drinking a tall glass of cider. It is refreshing on a day like this. She is slightly behind on her word count today. This morning she woke early and had breakfast and fed the cat (but not the dog). She got ready for the day and went for a walk. It was a beautiful day and she was going to be leaving the next day so she wanted to make the most of the weather. Her walk was not as long as usual. She returned home and drank cider. For the rest of the day she plans to increase the word count so that she hits the 50,000 words she had planned this morning. Once she has reached a certain word count then she will be rewarded. The biggest problem is the head. It's just far to hot outside and inside will likely be almost worse. Could put the air condition on insights just far too hot in here.

The old man sat on his chair and read the newspaper. Even at his age he was still able to create content and publish. Every since he could remember the drew or wrote everyday. He always thought he was bad at subjects but really it was just the teachers. Able to do anything really. Did a range of projects in his lifetime. Run a art blog where he would publish recent art he had created. This was usually drawings, paintings, and sometimes 3d, street art. Portraits, life drawing, landscapes, city scapes, characters, creatures are just some of the content that is created in the artwork. Content on the site is licensed under a creative commons attribution licence. This is a free licence. The content can be used for any purpose, just give credit. Going to need to get a few word counts today if it is going to hit 1667 words, which is what is needed. Again my biggest excuse for not writing today is the heat. Hard to think when too warm. Easier to get out of the heat than cold. Warm during the day means warm at night also. This is good for people that are living on the street at night and for those that want to be out late. Helps foster a more active night life because people will be out and about at night as it is too hot during the day. If its cold quite easy to warm yourself up. Go for a run. Light fire. Put on more clothes. Warming a home can be harder but is possible. The old man wanted some lunch so he put down his paper and stood up. He cooked two corn cobs. Quarter there and3 quarters to go. Meet nice people at holiday parks. Pepper stayed at holiday park once and meet Prince. She was in love. Pepper knew if she could marry into the bloodline of royalty the chaosah school of magic will conquer all. It will strike down on houses like Magmah and Aqahq. What sort of lame names are they for the houses? They should of just changed them themselves without fighting about it. Many people died when the schools of magic went to war. Pepper sat on her chair and ate bad unhealthy food. It made her feel awful but she did it anyway. Her day had been bad. Soon she got up and made herself some veges. They were very yummy. For dinner that night she had a lamb strew. It was delicious. It was full of meat, carrot, potato, onion, pumpkin, water. It needed to cook for 7 hours then it would be ready to eat. Always good to get the strew on early and wait it for it cook before turning it off and letting it sit. Creates a more tastier stew. It is super warm tonight. Today is the greatest day I've every known. Can't live for tomorrow. Tomorrow is much too long. I will burn my eyes out before. Pepper once got told off in art class for painting herself when the reliever teacher told them to paint themselves - portraits etc. That reliever was no fun. What is Peppers top 100 songs for broom riding. Red light shone off her hair and head. Blue from her white dress. Her long legs stretched out as she. Her high heels bringing her closer to heaven. She switched to a yellow dress. The light didn't reflect so much. For lunch Pepper had . corn. It was OK but nothing special. Looking forward to dinner tonight itshouldbe good. Sweat poured from Peppers forehead as she typed. Today has been very motivational. Once Pepper had taken her medicine she was able to type. Her head was full of stories and ideas. Thinks she needed to get down on the paper.Hello? Can you hear me? My nigger, my nigger. It would be cool to read a novel by good movie directors. Maybe find a David Lynch book? I want a work of fiction though, not nonfiction. Typing from the very bottom sucks. Sometimes I just want a clear button. Keeps the text being written on the top half of the screen. Why not just move the window up? That works and there is not much power left so going to get as much writing done as possible. I feel today hasn't been much about Pepper and Carrot. Maybe the remaining words could be more focused on Pepper and Carrot. It was mid after noon and the day was beginning to cool off. The room wasn't so hot to sit in now.The televise is off. Huge distraction. The old man is reading his kindle. He likes it very much as the text can be made large. New notebook every day for a month. Quick script to do something. Its hard to say I'm going to build this. There are ideas that are built around. Need to self-publish a book. But first need to get a book edited to publish. ebook format and licensed under cc-by. A science fiction novel. Edit together best things from nanowrimo14/15 and camp16. There must be something decent in that to be edited together and published. Just keep writing books and edit later. As long as no words are lost. Yay above the 1000 mark. That's over halfway for Today's goal. Was planning on exporting off gimp drawings to png. Need a script that gets the gimp files and creates png whenever new line layer is created. Basically new layer also equals new layer. Sometimes she goes into a panic. Something is wrong but doesn't know what. Something goes wrong and its worse less than what planned. Pepper stood in front of the crowd. They were packed into the hall, eager to hear what Pepper would announce. Many of the townspeople wanted to go to war and there would be pressure on Pepper for military action. This is something Pepper wants to avoid. Before her there was a great war between two houses. Magmah and Aquah. These schools of magic attacked each other and drove one another to the blink of extension. Billion of souls were killed in the war, billions wounded. Everyone on the planet was affected by the attacks. Even with Pepper in command as a True Witch of Chaoash forces were bring destruction to the world. Sitting on the bench the little boy looked up at the witch standing above from him. She had black hair that went to her shoulders. On top of her head she wore a witches hat. Her robe was long and a dark purple. Her skin was pale white. Not allowed to talk about the novel until the word count is done. If someone asks you what your writing is about say no comment and write until you hit the cap. It's easy to get around this. Wake up early and write those 1667 words. Easy to do before anyone else is awake. Do it everyday at the same time. This novel is being written completely with a raspberry pi 2b. The novel in November was written to begin with on a android tablet then a chrome book. Sometimes it was written using a pi2b and a smaller touch screen. Having the larger screen is an advantage but is more annoying to carry. They only called you when they missed them. The column that has been reached on this line is amazing. Can go an edit later. Will likely go through this and split up the lines as it is out of control currently. Most important that word count is reached. How close do you think I am so far? We are going to load as many words from the servers as possible and announce to the world on how it is going. testing word sprint. The theme is carrot. You have 10 minutes. Then ten minutes later the sprint stops. Everyone announces the word count that was reached. What has been changed now is Gedit is taking up 3/4 of the. Going to use this as a test. Need it to check to see how much words increased. As well as printing word count, print change from previous file. Announces sprints and themes for writing. Going to test to see if I can do this for five minutes and not stop. there is no reason to hit there enter key all you really need to do is sit here and type. Writing a novel is a good way to get your typing skills increased. Too often people don't use their fingers good enough but one you start typing and stop looking at the file. Word is outdated and moved away from the desktop processing move. This is especially bad for schools and not a good idea to teach students how to use and ignoring how to make. I think that's that great think about orbs. Is building upon them. They made say it needs to be cleaned up and fixed but who knows. After 10 minutes of steeping it should auto save Not going to leave it to chance as the battery pack is running extremely low. 5%. Certainly using Bluetooth is consuming a large amount of the battery. Could use wired keyboard, especially small and keys light up. Often type on keyboard when dark. Use battery pack to give light to kindle. I want a kindle that has a build in light feature. Replaced the battery pack on the pi for a new one. It does have 100% charge but that's OK. This Will last a few hours and help get my word count close to 3000. Why not aim high. It's easy to sit here and type for sometime. The old man is watching his rugby. His eyes fixed on the screen. There is no way he is moving until half time. at half time he may get up and do something. What he does is up to him but it will likely be something. They going to look for abstraction. If it hold up the witch will lose. That's a try the people on the television announce..The sport does not interest Pepper. She just wants to type her novel. Lets see what it is getting to today. A little drop of summer. If Pepper is eve. How come the text keeps getting highlighted with blue? IT is annoying. Pepper ate the cookie that had just cooled after being baked in the oven. There was nothing Pepper liked more than a gooey chocolate chip biscuit. Planning on hitting 9000 words no problem..The past two days have made 3000 words. The cat sat on its green sleeping bag. The old man believed the cat was smelly and washed the sleeping bag along with giving the at arose down. The cat didn't mind being hosed. It quite liked water. Need to get another thousand or so wands. That around 3 pages or something. Bang it reached 2000. Isn't that wonderful. Could call it quits for the writing today. What would I do for the evening? Writes a python script? Paint? Draw? Eat dinner. Dum de dum. After Pepper had her dinner she was feeling fall and satasified. She had reached her wordcount for the day so decided to word on it a bit more before heading off and reading in bed before sleeping. The old man has gone off and slept. Leaving Pepper along in the lounge. Carrot would be outside hunting. The dog had gone with the old man. blah blah blah going to make some more words on this file. Pepper worked on her script to help with the wordcount. It has a nicefeature now that allows to check for how much of a wordcount increase happened. This file is saved every minutes so I should be able to tab accross in a few minutes and it would tell me how increased it is. I like to build software is make writing a ok more interesting. wow sometimes the typing is just horrible. Beforebed Pepper wanted ashowed. Other idea is to sleep and wake up early and have a shower.Need a shower tomorrow as I didnt have one today. I guess the autosave doesnt work.Thats annoying. I guess I can time sprint but. Sprints run at 5 past the hour. The first sprint is 10 minutes. That lasts until 15 past the hour. there is then a 5 min rest period before the next sprint. The next spr is a longer 15 minutes sprint that lasts untill. The probgram doesnt seem to be working to report back the changes. Oh well lets see if this helps. The auto save is working but the ncrease in words announcment is not working. Not really sure whats wrong with it. Need to go to bed soon and sleep. Going to need to pack my grear and have a shower when I wake. Ok I think the increase script is working. Good job Pepper. She is a winner and made it work. This is super cool script and aI cant wait to play with it further. What more features need to be added. Auto update nanowrimo wordcount on the site with data from files. It is still a crazy heat. Where Pepper was living was one of the hottest temp in the country. What was worses the old man had hidden the remote for the air con. He was very worried about code and would rather not use the air conditional. Maybe get down to South Island Pepper might do a talk down there n a few months on some of the witch stuff she has been learninOnce there was a l ittle girl named Pepper. She was traiing wwith her Godmothers to become a True Witch of Choeah. I cant belive how people can reach 50,000 words in just 24 hours. It's something that would take lots of prae. Writing a novel is a bit like updating twitter. You just need to put down the imprant bits and make it sound interesting and believable. Get carried ahead of myself and introduce too many chancters. She is only a w hundrad words off reaching theh 3000 mark for the vening. Wasn't going to force self to hit that much but if I dont have anything else to do. Might as well go brush teeth and go have meds before coming back and typing here on the pi gain. I think todays writing has been rubbish. Would like to wake early tomorrow and get a burst of writing done before the travel. Music for the travel. Might be on bus with freewifi. Unlikely. Likely a nakedbus rar than a manabus. WHenere she started to type all she could think about was the damn weather. it was crazy hot and there was nothing she could do about it. Outside was cool. Lets go outside she said. Her car Pepper had came back inside by now. Too much of this novel far has been me complaining about stuff and not focusing on typing the pepper and carrot novel that was planned. Sweat went down his for hea. It was not pleasing. Tweet increase in writing. What time of day is the most amount of words written? Does the deather or location make a difference. Blah blah blah this is going to be a winner isnt it. Once there lived a girl named Pepper. She lived with her Godmothers in Squrrls End. Pepper hadn't always lived here. Before becoming a orphan Pepper had parents. They were both killed in the war between Aquah and Mahmah - along with many other people nd the rest ofPeppers familton. Not sure how well this word count script works. It''s saying that the word has increased but the increase is saying zero. Very strange. Interisting. got the script to print out minutes. jueed to to retrieve tweets. Sadly the keyboard is running low on batery. Need to keep it off when now typing. Also need to type hard on it will it turns off. Wish I could plug in recharagable aaa baterries. When I was younger had bateries that I could recharge. These were helpful and wish I had kept better care of them. The chargers that Ihave for the pi are great but would like ones that pport 2.5 power rather than 2. The new Pi is quite powerful. Not only does it have built in wifi and bluetooth that will work out of the bo on any debian install. This program is really good at keeping track of my speed. Reaching about 40 words per minutes. Turn it into a game. Need to save up archiee of words. Web app that allows to browse and compare other peoples wordcounts. Battle is off word count - keep track of how many words are typed every minuutes. The damn increase isnt showing up. Isnt this terrible. Im a bloody winner. My name is Pepper. Standing in front of the broken mirror her dark hair blew in the gently wind. In her hand she clutched a broomstick. A potion containing a orange liquid was in her other hand. Climbing on the broom was Peppers cat - Carrot. He was a bright ginger playful cat. Goingg to check to see how close getting to new record of words. This line is amazingly large. I don't link I've written something and not formatted it. Oh no thats not true. The formatting that takes place is awful. Pepper stoodn front of the crowd and did her peach with her slides assisting her to the side. Not sure if this is going to work or not. Because it keeps lagging behind. Maybe it shouldnt save backup. Maybe do word count for 5ins auto save. This makes more sence for the 110/20 min. Needs to sync with nanowrimosprints. Make sure its on the god damn right time. Write something in a functional language to output batch processing and rendering. God damn script that opens a gimp file that is being worked on and saves off every layer that ist being woked on. Able to leave notes to paintings and works that will be added to the image once it is published as a blog. Man tatery in this keyboard is getting low and its going to go flat. I guess I should just turn the keyboard off and go to sleep. I ant to git this first.


Today is the second day in writing a novel in April. It's the first time I have given it a go in this month - previously I have only written a novel in November.

Pepper fed Carrot his cat biscuits. He as very hungry that morning. He hadn't been fed since the previous morning. Pepper had put Carrot on a diet as she was told that he was getting fat. Carrot was not impressed by this as he thinks he is a skinny cat. He does not like it when people think he is fat. Carrot is a long pussy cat. Stretching out over the carpet. His front two legs are way out in front of his head. The back legs are stretched back.

Damn a few scratches on the pi tft is annoying. Makes it not look so cool. What can you do about it though? Buy a new monitor? Not worth it yet. I would rather just use it scratched for now. Might buy a new one in the future with How did it get the scratches in the screen anyway? Monitor banging against the wacom pad and keyboard. From falling over onto stuff. General wear and tear. Need to work on this script for keeping track of word count and files. Would like more backup things as part of it. Read online that it was not possible to auto save in nano. Are there alternatives to nano that is simple and allow auto save?

Alright I have switched text editors. No longer am I using nano but instead I am using gedit. It has an auto-save built in and word wrapping. The text is a little smaller than the terminal but it works. This is fine. I can tab every 15 minutes of writing and check what my word count is up to. Maybe display word count inside geddit. Anyway got to get going with the word count today.

Pepper was excited to win the potions contest. The money she won from it would go towards her training as a witch. She was told by her Godmothers that she was to be the next True Witch of Chaosah. She was the last of her bloodline for this left. It was important for her Godmothers that Pepper take the training seriously and not joke around. There is nothing more than Pepper likes more than joking around and having a good time. She does still take her studies seriously though. Carrot slept beside Pepper as she held the feather pen and drew. Cumin was prancing around the room, looking busy. She had told Pepper that they would continue potions training today, that the holidays were over. Pepper had a great holiday. She had a sleepover at one of the witches she met at the potions contest and they had played board games late into the night. The witch lived in a giant old castle. It was flash compared to Peppers home. But Pepper liked her place and would not want to live anywhere else.

Cumin realised that there was no Dragons Teeth left and asked Cayenne and Thyme if they would go and get some. They declines as it was late in the day. The two witches were happy around the fireplace. Thyme painted her toenails and had no intention of leaving anytime soon.

It doesn't take long to get a decent amount written. This editor is fine. It's very minimal but has a few more settings than nano that is needed - especially auto save. I have word wrap turned on also so when I reach the end of the screen it moves down to the next line. This is helpful as it means I do not have to hit enter so much. The only thing I might improve is the colour theme. I would like a blue background and dark red text. Similar to my painting. Though with painting a blue background hasn't been used for sometime - it's been plain white.

Komora City. Market day. The streets of Komona were busy with sellers and buyers. Amongst them were a figure that wore a light coloured witches hat with a dark band going around the hat. Attached to her back was a broom. Her dark hair poked out the back of the hat. She wore a dark purple coat.

"Good morning Sir, I would like eight pumpkinstars, please", Pepper asked the shop keeper. The animal had a bald head with very circular ears and a red earring. His nose and mouth was shaped like a muzzle of a dogs. He must have been a mixture of animal and human as his hands were human-like. "Here you are, that's 60Ko", the shopkeeper handed the pumpkinstars to Pepper.

"...Oh dear", Pepper spoke. She emptied the coins from her purse. There was certainly less than 60Ko. "Uhh sorry, I'll have to take only four..." Pepper apologised to the shop keeper. He looked her angrily and removed two of the Pumpkinstar from the bag.

Just as they completed their exchange a voice could be heard beside Pepper, "Greeting, good Sir. Please prepare two dozen of everything for me. .Premium quality, as usual. It was a blonde witch. She wore a purple hat and matching outfit. In her hand she held a stack of coins - enough to buyout the shop. "It's always a pleasure to serve you, Miss Saffron" the shopkeeper greeted her. His mood had switched an an angry mood with the sale with Pepper to a happy mood as he knew Saffron was always a big spender. Saffron noticed Pepper. "Hey look, it's Pepper" she remarked. Pepper didn't say anything just looked at Saffron annoyed. "Oh. let me guess business is booming in the countryside?", Saffron asked sarcastically. "I guess your preparing the ingredients for tomorrow's potion challenge", Saffron asked. Pepper finally spoke. "A potions challenge? Tomorrow?. Pepper left she had enough of Saffron and her bad attitude. Pepper had found the letter about the potions challenge. It read: Komona Potion Challenge 50,000ko grand prize FOR THE BEST POTION On Azarday, 3 Pinkmoon Grand Plaza of Komona. Pepper was excited. "Lucky me, I still have a full day to prepare! Let's win this challenge", she yelled in confidence from her broomstick.

When she arrived home Carrot was there to greet her. He waved, happy that Pepper was home. Pepper studied through a stack of books for ideas for the potion. "Oh! I know", she clicked her finger and a smile rose on her face. "That's exactly what I need!", Carrot opened one of his eyes. He had been trying to sleep when Pepper was reading but now she had woken him with her chatter. Carrot knew what was coming next. "CARROT!", Peppers voice boomed. "Get ready, we'll hunt the ingredients together". Carrot knew he wouldn't be able to sleep anymore. He had to wake and go with Pepper. It would be fine once they started.

Once loaded on Peppers broomstick the two were ready to leave. Carrot held a large net. the two had rope tired around their waste. The sky was dark but lightning lit up the sky. Heavy black clouds filled the night sky. "First, I need a few pearls of mist from those black clouds", Pepper told Carrot. He knew know what the net was for. It was going to be Carrots job to capture the pearls from the clouds. Tough work.

Next the two had to go he the haunted jungle for red berries. This was not fun for Carrot who got tangled in a spiders web and was attacked by spiders. The next area to visit was for egg shells from the Phoenix valley of the volcanoes. The heat here was too much for Carrot and he sweated.

The next ingredient was a drop of milk from a young DragonCow. This giant flying beast had wings and a body like a dragon but a light colour and dark spots and facial features of that of a cow.

Back home the evening was growing late. The sky was a purple and pink colour and the clouds a bright orange. The sun was setting. It gave Peppers home a gloomy purple look. Inside the home Pepper was busy prepping the potion that she had just gathered the ingredients for. Pepper sat down and tested the potion she made. "mmm. Best. Coffee. Ever", she spoke. Taking another sip of the hot drink she had made. Carrot couldn't take it anymore. All afternoon they had been out to collect ingredients for Peppers potion and it as all for just a coffee. Carrot fell over tired and slept. Pepper was happy with her coffee. "It's everything I'll need to work all night long and make the best potion for tomorrow's challenge".

Pepper spent the night putting together the potion. Finally she came up with the Genius Potion. A potion that makes anyone super smart that consumes it. Pepper got Carrot to test it. It didn't work so Pepper threw it out the window. A group of any came into contact with the potion, causing them to learn advance maths. In the end Pepper ended up falling asleep.

She awoke in the morning in her bed being flown (by her broom) to the city of komona. Carrot had prepared fresh clothes and her witches hat. Pepper fell asleep before making another potion. Carrot had prepared a potion for Pepper. It was Carrots urine from a recent vet visit. Pepper was annoyed. she knew she would not win with the potion. What would she do? There were three other witches entering the competition. Including Saffron who she had met at the Komona markets. The other two witches seemed friendlier. The fair skinned girl was quiet and shy.

wow this is almost the word count for today done. 1667 is the word count daily goal for November. But it is cooler to just say 1666. Number of the devil/Satan. Devout holy novel. litrate. Pepper and Saffron fight over love of the Prince. Both want to marry him. Basically hit my word count for today. Would like to get more done today. It's almost 1100. Beautiful blue sky with white clouds. Slight breeze. Might wear jacket. Take pi and walk. Draw. Sit and do drawing studies of things.

Welcome to Writers Den Hamilton.

An opportunity for writers to develop skills, confidence, and network. Sharing and supporting of others.

Fortnightly at the Hamilton Central Library, Kathleen Glenn room.

5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Pepper sat outside her favourite cafe, eating a camera slice and drinking a hot chocolate. Her witch's hat was perched on the back of a chair. Peppers dark hair blew in the wind. A small child walked past. Eyes were fixed on Pepper. The gentle nature of children.

Whats the next web comic that am i going to write about. I see there were several new posts added to the fan art section of the pepper and carrot site. There was one drawing by a New Zealander which was neat. zomg this is not going to work testing one two. Going to check what the word count will be running at today. Today will be the third cafe that I have been to in 3days. All different. At each one I ordered a hot chocolate and a cameral slice. They were all delicious.

Death thought it was ironic that he was sitting at Heavens Bakery. It was true that Death didn't choose sides. He served both the heavens and hells. He felt more attached to Hell. Following Death where ever he went was Hades. The souls that Death removed from the Earths were tossed into Hades then processed to either heaven or hell.

The blue sky was still visable but much of it had been covered with clouds. Dark gray clouds were forming in the centre. Walking here there was several drops of water. But nothing to worry about much. Wondering to stay here for awhile more then walk home or walk into the city. If I walk into the city I'm worried it's going to rain but if I stay here don't get out as much. There is always tomorrow. That will be the final day to get out. Been busy in the past few days by getting out. Important as don't come here often. This place is nice and it's just good to get away to somewhere you usually don't come. Once there was a secrets.

Pepper can type very fast on her keyboard and doesn't even need to look at any of the keys. How many keys per minutes are you typing. I think they mean characters per minutes. How quick to reach 50,000 words do I need to type? Average out five thousand words every two days. It would take ten days to reach 50,000 words if 5,000 words were typed every.

The Council of Ah made several magic houses sign a peace treaty. Both Aquah and Magmah after much debate signed the treaty. This brought peace to the world of Hevena. The majority of magic houses were neutral but it had been hard for several of houses. Great shortages of food and health supplies had lead some of the houses to lend aid. Peacekeepers were also sent into hot areas.

Today was the first day of Peppers witch school training. For the next 6 years she would live in his home and learn under the direction of Chaosah witches.

It was my birthday and I invited the witches that I competed against at the Potions Contest. Sadly none of them showed up and I was forced to summon demons into Hevena which had the party with me. There were three demons that I summoned. Two which looked similar, one green and hairy. The other was purple and had bigger muscles. Those two demons were both male. The final and third demon was a female spider-like demon. They were friendly demons and enjoyed the party. It was very lowkey. They had cake and tea. The spider demon was a fan of drinking tea - she drank over 20 cups during the evening. She was a friendly spider demon and Pepper had a great time chatting to her.

The Bank of Hevena is teaming together to bring you a service and API to help with writing your novels this month. Everyone here will be writing 50,000 words. If you fail you will die. It will be painful. There is no reason why you can can't write. It's just words on a page. The words can be basic and full of mistakes. The important thing is to sit down everyday and write some words. Set a minimal target of words per day. Writing software and apis to help with wordcount. Keeps tracks of the hours and clients. Auto billing. For version control it uses Git. Does commit every 100 or so words. Spell check before commit.

Find most common words in file. Then finds gifs based off the words. Nginx is able to serve billions of requests per second. Serving only static files. html, css, markdown, rst, txt, png file types. Sites are powered by Nikola a static site generator. Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attubutation 4.0 International licence unless specified otherwise. Copyright and the evils. Journal subscriptions - access to knowledge - becomes "fiscally unsustainable" to the richest university on the planet.

Pepper is an art student. She found some artwork online that she wants to download, print out, and use in her art project. She isn't sure who created the artwork or what that artist might think of her using their work. Does she take a copy? Or look for something else? It can be hard to know. Artists and creators have a problem. Copyright law is getting in the way of realising the potential of the internet in creating and promoting their work. "Why is this" spoke Pepper. "What digital copyright culture should we work towards to best support the arts?". The Witch took a drink of water before continuing, "Copyright is a form of intellectual property that is granted by law automatically upon creation of a work. It prevents people other than the creator from kaing copies of (inc luding adapting, sharing or performing) that work without the creator's express permission. It is unregistered - unlike patents or trademarks, you don't have to apply for it. Don't need to use the copyright symbol. Copyright lasts for life of the creator plus fifty years, copyright then expires and the work enters the public domains". Pepper spoke clearly. Switching through the slides as she talked. Once she started talking she was no l77longer nervous.

"I choose because I like that Attribution-ShareAlike licence gives others the freedom to be able to use my work in any way they wish to, but only if they then allow others to use that work in the same way. By including the ShareAlike restriction in the licence, if someone wishes to use my work commercially then they must open up their own work. This is a positive.

Pepper lay on her couch with her orb computer sitting on a table in front of her. Using a Bluetooth keyboard she typed the novel. Carrot lay on her legs. He wanted loves from Pepper but she shooed him away, wanting to focus on her novel. She has never edited any of the novels she had written in the past. The first time she entering the writing contest was November 2014. Pepper wrote a science fiction story. It was never long enough to be called a novel, but it was a start. The story followed several characters and places they work and the advancement on automatics matters such as food creation and delivery. In 2015 Pepper was a winner of the contest. She managed to write just over 50,000 words during that month. The room was boiling and was hard for Pepper to focus on her writing. She had made her goal for the dat but had written enough and she had. It had been a record few days for her. It is about learning when you have done enough and giving it a rest for the day. It is too hot though trying to think about getting up and going outside. Need to check how much of the battery is left. It is likely not huge. Of course there is a script to run every 60 seconds that prints the information about the file. The script checks to see the most recent edited file in the writersdenhamilton posts folder. This is where Pepper writes her novels. They are saved in here and shared. Pepper allows people to share, remix and adapt her novels. They are licensed under the very free CC BY. Isn't this wonderful for everyone! When writing the novel Pepper was able to get inspiration from a range of sources - public domain and creative common licensed works. This script could be used by anyone who write files. If care about looking at most recent file changed, the word count, and the most recent word. Had confided getting top 5 words and looking for gifs on them. ignore boring 1 or 2 letter words. Filter the top words. Novel generation. How much of that writing can be taken changed and remixed, and then added back to the novel. When does it get repetitive? Does it make for a decent book? Does it even make it faster. Need to save and check words count. It must be getting high now! Very good. The word count is even more today than yesterday. Need to build some software in April to do with writing. Make graphs out of word count data and content data. In all the novels/short stories what is the most common words that are longer than 2? That is the question and we need an answer. I am very happy with the setup. Need something to protect the pi and the screen. concerned that its getting damaged when I transport. Would like easy way to put it in bag. Wrap it in protective plastic? I'm not sure but whatever you do, fix it before the screen cracks more. It's a expensive screen and you need to take care of it. Getting tired and should stop this and go and read. Need to perform the git stuff before I get off it. Can keep the pi running all night since it is plugged into the wall. Usually only run it from the battery pack and have to keep them rotating over. Pi3 is sitting at another place. Looking forward to getting it back.


Dear Saffron,

Thank you for the letter. It's been too long so splendid to hear from you. You certainly have been keeping yourself busy these past few months. Will you show me some of this new magic? The stuff that is created from the orbs. Carrot is good, but always very hungry. I think he is missing your cat. Those two would play together like best buds.

What more to tell you. Cumin has been teaching me potions. Last week she got me to get 'Dragons Teeth'. I thought she meant REAL dragon teeth but she meant the plant. Have you used the plant in any potions? Anyway I have quite a few dragons teeth here that I don't know what do with. Do you have any idea?

In one of my training I had to scare a human. Everything was going fine till I entered the room they were sleeping in. omg, you would not believe it. The most cutest, handsome prince. Our lips were about to touch when BANG he turned into Thyme. Dammmmnnnnn

I went on holiday to a island. It was very chill. just lay on the beach with Carrot and siped juice. Man there was this giant fish that swollowed the two of us up. We were stuck in this fishes stomach. Carrot came up with a good idea and scratched the fishes insides with his long, sharp claws. This caused the fish to vomit us up. Not the most fun day lol.

The other night me and Carrot followed Thyme going to that cave again. She was using that glowing orb. After she left me and Carrot turned it on. I won't tell you what displayed but it was embrassing lol. I figured it out and switched it to a endless runner unicorn game. You remember the one you showed me. The game crashed or something. It must of trigged an alarm or something because the next minute a giant spider was there to help getting the orb fixed. He showed us where their server room is. Super cool, next time you are here I will take you and show you the setup.

How have your classes been going? Cayenne is teaching me spells. I don't think shes doing a very good job at it. Maybe if

Anyway looking forward to your reply.


Pepper (and Carrot x)

Dear Pepper,

Thank you for the return letter. I have been busy with my witch training so slow to reply. I will teach you some of the magic I have been learning. It's mostly stuff to do with earth elements. Quite different to the demon summoning that you are mostly into.

I've heard it's posible to bury dragons teeth and sketeton warriors would rise from the grave. Sounds like something that the people over at Zombiah would be interested in. Have you talked to them about uses for the dragons teeth.

That's funny about the cave. What was it that Thyme was looking at? I once caught one of the workers at the orphanage looking at something they shouldn't of. blah blah blah goes the letter. Those spiders sound cool. I'm looking forward to meeting them. Were they affected by the genius potion like the ant were? They sound smart.

I am happy to hear that Carrot is going well. It's important that he's having fun. Make sure to feed him only once a day! Any more and he will get fat.

The spiders wrote a script that performed analize of the most recent file the author is working on. It looks for files that are changed with the file type rst. Of course this could be set to anything. It also gets the most recent word at the end of the file. Auto retrieved what the user has typed. Keylog the file basically. User doesn't need to save - it saves keystrokes every one minute.

Nikola builds the file if changes have been made. If no changes have been made do not build. Creates new rst file for the day. When the clock hits midnight create new file. Close old file, open new file. Spell check file. commit. push. Tweet the last 100 characters, or tweets the keylogger story.

What makes Saffron evil? She is a manapiftic person that uses others for her own gain. Thinks little of others. Cruel nature. Like Pepper Saffron is also an orphan.

How did Pepper and Saffron become orphans.

Only witch in the group that has parents is Zombiah. She is spoied by her father the king. City currently ruled by him but will be pasted to the girl. After awile they thought nothing of it. People were fighting and killing to become king. There once was a witch that lived in a shoe. There was an old lady that lived in a shoe. That's how its going.

I have a new assignment I thought you might to give it a go also. As part of digital citizenship paper that I have. It's really fun. Basically you about copyright and the law. They teach you this stuff called Creative Commmons. I like to think about it as a hack on copyright. What Creative Commons offers is licences that copyright owners can apply to their work that gives permission in advance for use of the material. All rights reserved. Some rights reserved. No rights reserved. Public domain work falls under the no rights reserved. If something is in the public domain then it's free game to do what you want with the material. It's good and well to learn about creative commons but really you need to apply it. Find a work that is licenced under creative commons or public domain and share, remix, adapt into something new. Be brave and licence the something new under a free licence. Once in a while there tests a person. That this script is working correctly. Everything they do is monitored. Every keystroke on their devices. Spoken words are analized and compared to criminal databases. The sirens don't shut up they just keep blasting and blasting. It's a civil emergeny and the sirens have been blasting for hours. There was an attack on the city by Aquah. They unleashed their most heavy forces. The cities walls did not hold. Magmah archers attacked from a distance. Swordmen attacked enemy forces breaking through, or climbing up the wall. Enemy had ladders that they used to climb the walls.

Do you ever wonder what it was like to fight in the war? All those souls that were lost. They never really discovered what started it. But it was something between Aquah and Magmah houses. Do you have any ideas?

So what do you think of my digital citizenship project? For it I have decided to write a novel. It's based off the web comic Pepper and Carrot. Merge in public domain and other creative commons stuff. Write stories out of Jems comics.

I entered this potion contest there were 3 other witches that entered the contest. The first made a dead bird come alive. She was from the Zombiah school so typical spell. The next was a girl called Saffron. She made the undead bird posh. It had a fancy hairdo and handbag. Ah was too frightened to use her potion but Saffron snatched it from the girl and tossed it on the undead posh bird. This potion caused the bird to become huge. It was out of control. Lucky I saw able to scare the bird off with my potion.

Once I have gotten the last of todays word count done I can go and have fun. I will reward myself. The sun sat to the east. The sound of yelling and screaming was fading. It had been a day of killing. Tomorrow will be a day of mourning. Too many souls were killed today on the battlefield. They will be missed by their wives, mothers, fathers, siblings and children. A roar of thunder could be heard through the plains. The dark night sky flashed with lightning. Rain hailed upon the heads of the men. The woman far away in their homeland. This was the year 1805 and follows the Russians as they faught in wars. Red coats vs blue coats. Red is Russia. Blue is France. Prince is captured by enemy and exchanged for a deal. The deal that the exchance happened is in lock up and only a few select have seen the deal. It was said to be a peace treaty between the two houses but the details were never revealed. The council were accused of withholding important information by not revealing the deatils of the deal. Spys have been sent to break in to the information and release the information. The info can't be harmful now as it is outdated and any information on it. It is said someone within the agency leaked the details then escaped the company. They didn't hide the fact that they released the details, but they didn't want to be the face of it. There was public outcry over the release of the details. From both sides. Those who supported the witch in releasing the detail - it's for the public good. Transparency of public agencies. against - harmful to troops. Allowed to spy and watch everything people do.

She siped her bottle of Isaac's Cider Original, typing the beginning of her novel. It was a young adults novel and the word count goal was 50,000. Challange to do stuff hasn't done alot in past with novel - first person. Follow the story though the eyes of a fourteen year old witch in training called Pepper and her ginger cat - Carrot. Sitting there Carrot purred. He was a happy pussy cat. For the first day wrote letter from Pepper to Saffron and a return letter from Saffron. It was really just a warmup and I'm not sure what to make of anything. I guess just don't worry and look for new content to include. Get better of not saving and checking wordcount so much just spending more time only writing. It's getting dark and cold out there. Soon it will be time to go inside.

Whats top most common words in the novel or daily writes. writersdenhamilton presents. A David Copper production. dem dew dem dew dem boom chucka lala.

Pepper went and attempted to get Dragons Teeth from a range of dragons - fire, air, swamp. This was a fail and instead opened up a service of removing dragons teeth for free. This lead to her having a large stock of dragons teeth due to not needed dragons teeth to begin with. Pepper had gotten it mixed up. It was the plant dragons tooth that Cumin needed not real dragons teeth. Pepper had written to several of her friends and asked them what to do with all these dragons teeth. It was fill of lots of chit-chat but the dragons teeth questions were most important. Pepper had recieved word that one of the best things to do war burry them in her garden and skeleton warriors would rise. She thought this was a great idea by Saffron so did just that. She found the dragons teeth that were most healthy looking and buried it in her garden amongst all her vegetables and herbs. Pepper belived you should only grow what has a use. Food was good to grow as she could make delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinners out of the food produced. Currently the garden caters for %100 of the kitchens needs. Pepper needs not visit the market. She is slective on foods she grows and seeks expert witch advice on the matter. If you don't do something right. Do it again. The black bird flew in the sky. The bright blue background behind it. The bird moved in and out of the Gray clouds. It knew there was going to be a storm still and it needed to get home to it's family. It was too late and the family of the bird perished in the storm. The bird was sad and didn't know what to do. One day it was flying past the majors office in Komana when it dropped to the ground, dead. It had suffered a heart attack. The major found the dead bird and decided to use it in the contest the very next day. The bird is still alive - the giant undead-posh bird. Very much alive. Pepper chased it away from Kormano but it was quite happy to leave and found a new home. It was able to settle down with a family. It lived a very jolly life. The tree branches bent in the wind. Maybe Pepper needs to go and sleep soon I think she has done enough word for tonight. This is a good start for tomorrow. What will happy tomorrow? This is very much of a pantster project. Sure its being based off the pepper and carrot web comic. Ideas have been developing. Before this file there are another 12 based on Pepper Carrot stuff. They are unedited, first drafts for a novel. When it finally comes to editing the three novels together there needs to be a wealth of content to draw from. Of course there is going to be three novels. There has to be three. Not going to focus on the magic heavly. more litery than fantasy. The spiders were really interesting. One of them wore glasses. They sat at the end of his nose. His face looking at the orb in front of him. It was flashing brightly. 1. 2. 3. Drink.

I have drawn you a picture that I drew recently when I was on holiday. I had my Portable Pi Digital Artist Wordstation. Complete with the offical touch screen from Pi Foundation, Wacom drawing tablet and pen, and a Raspberry Pi 2b computer. All this was being powered by the cased battery pack. The Pi, monitor and drawing tablet were attached to the right arm. There was a place to secure the pen also. Was able to draw by holding the pen with left arm and draw with the Wacom tablet, able to see what is being created on the touch screen. Art created is moved to a folder where a blog post is generated. Reflect on the artwork. Give updates to how drawing is going. For example switching from a3 to a4 and reducing brush size 20px to 10px. Switch to larger 16 gig SD card. Need to format current sd card. Plug in new 16gig sd card and pi3. Need to find a screwdriver that would do this for. When I save it need to keep typing for another minute or so. After which how the hell can someone get 50,000 words in the first day. You must start at midnight and just go all night. Stopping only for food and toilet. No sleep and before the clock stricks midnight hit 50,000 words. How many words is that per minute? Get a generater to generate a book with social trends. Twitter trends are prompts. Likely lots about american politics and war. Anyway I wouldn't mind some prompts. They could be helpful to get me through some of the slower days. Today certainly isn't one of those days! It's hard to know when to stop really. It's very peaceful out here to get stuff done. Currently only Carrot is here distracting me. I'm sitting on my chair typing on the keyboard. He jumps up on the table and walks around the table - very carefully. Each paw touchs the same spot as he strives around in a cirle like a model walking out on stage. catwalk. Getting tired and cold out here and want to go read War and Peace. It is a long read. Currently 30% through the book. Enjoying it. Nice mix of romance and action. Well thoughtout and exacuted. This is not going to add more points to your score but it will help by the time you get to the next day. Still push yourself and get that goal done quickly. How quick this time can you hit 50,000. Last time you did it finished with several days free to write more and nothing on two days. Was sick of writing. Have been writing quite a bit in March - warmup. Will hit goal then might get sick of it. See how it goes. The incests are biting my angles. It hurts and is annoying. This makes me want to go inside. I don't even know what the time is and have no way of finding out unless I go inside. Need to go toilet. The lemon trees need it. The light shone behind the armchair. The old man sat in the chair His eyes fixed on the television. A game of rugby was being streamed to his monitor. It was 24 hours of unique spots matches. All live. Able to time switch if it if you want. It was almost half time and the old man would have supper during the break. In his younger days this was a beer and a bucket of potatoes. The Irish was rich in his blood. Never meet the old-old man. Stories told about him and like to tell stories about him. Write a novel about irish coming to new zealand. Fleeing the church. 'Work' trip to nz. No money so shovel fuel for trip. Also has to clean and cook. Has workers/staff dorm. Food and bunked bed room. Pepper ordred a home that she could put together herself. The majority of it was printed with her 3d printer. They are cheap and it's common for homes to have multiply 3d printers. The old man sat with his glass of juice and chewing his choclate chip cookies. They had just been cooled from freshly baked in the oven. The choclate chips were large and gooey. His dog was stretched down in front of him. The fireplace had die out but the warm heat still kept the room cosey. wow and pepper didn't even copy anything from a novel today. Fun doing sketches of same buildings as i did few years ago. Back then had sketchbook wide and clutch pencil. Sat in same seats as last time. This time have pi. Problems with eyes. Feel the need to close one and things arnt clear. For closeup take glasses off and read. The text is more clear with my glasses off. Can read the smallest type from a distance. Would like to read from a greater distance naturally without glasses. Will my vision ever be perfect for distance? The old man missed the 2nd half of the sport. He got himself distracted in the kitchen. What was he making at this hour. The scores had changed in the sports match and the team that was losing is now ahead. This made the old man grumple. The dog had moved now. It was lying on the couch. "Cats and Dogs can sleep on grass but what they really want is a couch", said the old man. "love me, love me, say that you love me", the music playing out of the televion. The music was playing on everyones cellphone. zombie rugby player.


Today is the final day of March. Tomorrow will be April. For the final day of March I thought I might write a synopsis of the novel I am planning to write in April as part of CampNaNoWriMo.

Set in the magical world of Hereva. Magic system or "Chaos and Evolutions". Follows the six main magic schools:

Chaosah. The house of time, gravity, nuclear effects and underground divine forces. Chaosah magic flows and controls all of the magic on Hereva. Practitioners ten to work in closed quarters and are loathe to share their magical secrets. Value practical magic over flashy displays. Alter the shape and size of living beings. Open up portals into worlds outside of Hereva. No official schools, preferring instead to use their own recruiting methods.

Kielbasha (previously known as Magmah). Considered a major school of magic. The house of cooking, baking, grilling, boiling, frying, steaming, toasting. House of alchemy and rare metals. Adepts use a blend of Hippiah and Kielbasha magic to create dishes. Create strong material for other magical schools. Most notable is Zombiah which uses these materials for their animating purposes. Kielbasha is part of daily life on Hereva. Do good by teaching a diluted form of their magic to the people of Hereva. Hold occasional contest for determining who had best mastered the techniques of Kielbasah. Those that pass are considered for deeper studies.


Pepper. Main character and protagonist. Aged 14. Dark brunette hair. Slim figure. Female. Lives in Squirrels End. Studies magic law. Inner paradox between trying to understand the mysteries of Chaosah and accepting whats already there. Particles, galaxies, black-holes, total;-mess, deconstruction, emptiness, fullness, infinity, paradox. She is an orphan. Educated in Squirrels End orphanage

Carrot. Male ginger cat. Always with pepper. curious, looks for fun and entertainment

Saffron. Antagonist. Blonde, female, aged 14. Learning house of magic Kielbashah. Wants to be rich and famous, Urban, metal, gems, forge, glass, mirrors, shining, rocks, caves. Creates a potion of Poshness. Wants to be best witch and restore name of her school to Magmah.

Truffel. Saffrons cat. white angora.

Shichimi. Female aged 14.

Yuzu. Double tailed cat of Shichimi.

Cumin. Witch in her sixties. round figure. witch of chosah. teacher of potions for pepper.

Thyme. Oldest of the witches - in her 100s. Leader of the group. Short and thin.

Caynenne. Tall and skinny. Dark black hair. Spell tutor for Pepper. Yougest - in her 50s.

Mayor of Kormona. Big build eldely man. gray hair, mistage. Wear suits.


War between the magic houses. Seed that grows the great tree and city of komona rises from the ground. counci of ah get peace treaty signed. pepper (baby) is last remaining chaosah witch. Sent to Squirrels End to receive training.

Book follows events of teenager Pepper and cat Carrot. web comic senerials web comic as reference wite what is happening.

Learning digital citizenship is one of the classes Pepper takes. Learns about Copyright and Creative Common licences. As part of the assignment Pepper writes a novel. Part of the NanoWriMo comp. Goal is 50,000 words. Uses social media to motivate herself.

Takes Creative Commons and public domain material and adapts it into her novel. Follows word prompts to help her story progress. She is writing her novel in first person.

Pepper makes genius potion which is then thrown away. Ants are affected by potion and learn advance math.

Peppers first year of witches school. Learn basics of spells and potions. Able to specialise later into areas. Creates her first portal and summons three demons through the portals. Learns about creating portal to Earth world where humans live. Tasked with getting ride of old potions - summons a portal that sucks up the potions. Fails and the potions are returned. Contents are sprayed everywhere. Attends potion contest along the a couple of her witch friends and Saffron. Wins contest. Goes on holiday to sunny island. Gets eaten by giant fish. Carrot claws way out of fish. Attends sleep over at friend witch place. Playing board games where girls are fighting way though indeed cathegeal. Carrot interrupts game by biting end boss, picking toy up in mouth.

Cumin teaches Pepper potions, have her fetch Dragon's Tooth. Pepper attempts to get teeth from hunting down various dragons. Fails and decided to open a dragon dentist - offering free removal of teeth for dragons. Cumin tells Pepper the tooth is a plant.

Potions contest. First potion wakes dead bird. 2nd potion turns bird posh. 3rd potion turns bird giant. Squashes crown. People flee. 4th potion scares giant bird away.

Peppers birthday. Decides to invite witches she met at potions contest. They show up but are caught by Peppers security. Pepper annoyed potion contest witches didn't show. Summons demons and has party with them. Discovers other witches trapped. Releases. They annoyed with Pepper. Animals decide to become sick. Pepper saves them. Hair, fur loss is side effect.

Pepper and Carrot follow Thyme to cave where she uses orb to browse web sites. Looking at questionable content - erotic. Pepper and Carrot switch it to unicorn endless runner video game. Blue screen of death. Spider enters. Gets game working for Pepper again. Pepper and Carrot follow spider to computer room.

Assignment to frighten human. Room Pepper enters Pince sleeping. Falls in love. Attempt to kiss. Prince switches to Thyme. Fail.

Praise the Lord for they have sinned. God strike down on these men today who distise with your teaching.

The monks stood round the girl. Their eyes were fixed. All of these monks had never seen a woman before. When they were born they were taken away from their Mother and trained/served lives in priesthood. They were raised by monks. Only males were allowed in the village. The guards were strick. Any woman entering the town would be killed. None had succeeded till then.

Today they are going to build a church. The last one burnt down. The people need a church.

During the war many people are captured and forced to work in camps

Get high with a little help from my friends.

I am Death, destroyer of worlds.