If you liked Tony Hawk Skateboarding then you would like Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX...

Graphics: 8/10 The graphics are fairly good. The game glitches in places and you would have trouble getting out this is usually on walls or in corners, especially in park editor. The levels have been well made. They are big and have lots of things to do. The videos are amazing, as they are real.

Lifespan: 9.5/10 It is quite a hard game at first but after you have gotten to know all the good moves, gaps, and where everything is the game is lots easier. There are quite a few people to complete it with plus their are some secret ones you can open up. Each player has different special moves that no other player has. Each one is also has different stats. 'The park editor' this is a really cool feature but it is not very good when you have a bunch of friends waiting for a go. It takes a long time to make a good skate park. You would spend a very long time playing two players as it has 3 types of modes: Trick Mode: Two players at the same time battle it out to see who can get the most points in two min's. Graffiti Mode: Two players at the same time do moves to see who gets the most things graffiti. Horse Mode: Two players at different times do the best move they can to try to bet the other person's score.

Sound: 7/10 OK, the music on it is very poor. I usually turn the music off. The bike sound is all right so do the players. I hope in future Mat Hoffman games there is better music.

Gameplay: 8/10 The gameplay is not very good because you do the mostly the same things in each level for example: High Score, Pro Score, Hidden Mag, Collect 'TRICK', Hit 5 or so things such as lights, Bins, Toilets.

Overall: 8.1/10 (round to 8 for game FAQ) A really good game with great lifespan

Buy or Rent: I would have to say rent if you really like the game then buy it. Mat Hoffman's pro BMX 2 is on PS 2 and I have heard it is a better game then the first one if you would like to get it.

Moves: There are heaps of different moves to master. There is also things called manuals. People that have played Tony Hawk's would know what I mean. There is two types of manuals nose manuals and manuals, You can get heaps of points if you do a manual after or before you do a move or grind. Each time you do a move the point value for it decrees.