150 dragon eggs have been stolen from the dragons when they were sleeping after celebrating the year of the dragon. When all the dragons were fast asleep Bianca her evil team of 'rhynocs' came and steal all 150 dragon eggs. Bianca and the rhynocs work for The Sorceress. Just as they are taking the last egg the dragons wake up and see an egg go down a hole, to the forgotten world. None of the dragons could fit down the hole so Spyro the Dragon and friends decide to go down and save all 150 eggs... There are 36 levels and 4 different worlds. I each level there is at least one challenge except the 4 levels that toy are different creatures. The worlds are big and there are lots of things to find and explore. In each level there are different tasks that you must complete to earn dragon eggs. The money in the forgotten world is gems. You can find gems just lying around the place. You need gems to pay Moneybags. If you give gems to Moneybags he will open up travel routes, activate doors, bridges and open up some other playable creatures. Well here is the review....

Sound 8/10: Still has the same music from Spyro one, and two. Spyro’s voice has deepened. The creatures in the different worlds have very funny voices! They will make you laugh!

Gameplay 10/10: It is not just a platform game it's a first person shooter, skateboarding, boxing and more! You would spend hours playing the mini games. Heaps of things to do and explore

Lifespan 7.5/10: Well I finished it in a week and found it quite easy, but I played it for like 4 hours a day! So if you don't rush through it, it will last for a while.

Graphics 9/10: The graphics are very good and colorful. It was fine no glitches or anything. The FMV's were not very good.

Controls 9/10: Spyro has good controls, which are easy to get use to. He doesn't have roll any more like he had on Spyro two. Agent 9 has the worst controls he has a quite good attack but he can't do much, his first person shooting games are quite good they are a bit like Point Blank and games like that!

Overall 8.5/10: (gave it a 9 for game FAQ) A great game with great Gameplay and graphics. A little short and too easy

Rent or Buy: Buy. The mini games will be fun for a very long time