Dear Saffron,

Thank you for the letter. It's been too long so splendid to hear from you. You certainly have been keeping yourself busy these past few months. Will you show me some of this new magic? The stuff that is created from the orbs. Carrot is good, but always very hungry. I think he is missing your cat. Those two would play together like best buds.

What more to tell you. Cumin has been teaching me potions. Last week she got me to get 'Dragons Teeth'. I thought she meant REAL dragon teeth but she meant the plant. Have you used the plant in any potions? Anyway I have quite a few dragons teeth here that I don't know what do with. Do you have any idea?

In one of my training I had to scare a human. Everything was going fine till I entered the room they were sleeping in. omg, you would not believe it. The most cutest, handsome prince. Our lips were about to touch when BANG he turned into Thyme. Dammmmnnnnn

I went on holiday to a island. It was very chill. just lay on the beach with Carrot and siped juice. Man there was this giant fish that swollowed the two of us up. We were stuck in this fishes stomach. Carrot came up with a good idea and scratched the fishes insides with his long, sharp claws. This caused the fish to vomit us up. Not the most fun day lol.

The other night me and Carrot followed Thyme going to that cave again. She was using that glowing orb. After she left me and Carrot turned it on. I won't tell you what displayed but it was embrassing lol. I figured it out and switched it to a endless runner unicorn game. You remember the one you showed me. The game crashed or something. It must of trigged an alarm or something because the next minute a giant spider was there to help getting the orb fixed. He showed us where their server room is. Super cool, next time you are here I will take you and show you the setup.

How have your classes been going? Cayenne is teaching me spells. I don't think shes doing a very good job at it. Maybe if

Anyway looking forward to your reply.


Pepper (and Carrot x)

Dear Pepper,

Thank you for the return letter. I have been busy with my witch training so slow to reply. I will teach you some of the magic I have been learning. It's mostly stuff to do with earth elements. Quite different to the demon summoning that you are mostly into.

I've heard it's posible to bury dragons teeth and sketeton warriors would rise from the grave. Sounds like something that the people over at Zombiah would be interested in. Have you talked to them about uses for the dragons teeth.

That's funny about the cave. What was it that Thyme was looking at? I once caught one of the workers at the orphanage looking at something they shouldn't of. blah blah blah goes the letter. Those spiders sound cool. I'm looking forward to meeting them. Were they affected by the genius potion like the ant were? They sound smart.

I am happy to hear that Carrot is going well. It's important that he's having fun. Make sure to feed him only once a day! Any more and he will get fat.

The spiders wrote a script that performed analize of the most recent file the author is working on. It looks for files that are changed with the file type rst. Of course this could be set to anything. It also gets the most recent word at the end of the file. Auto retrieved what the user has typed. Keylog the file basically. User doesn't need to save - it saves keystrokes every one minute.

Nikola builds the file if changes have been made. If no changes have been made do not build. Creates new rst file for the day. When the clock hits midnight create new file. Close old file, open new file. Spell check file. commit. push. Tweet the last 100 characters, or tweets the keylogger story.

What makes Saffron evil? She is a manapiftic person that uses others for her own gain. Thinks little of others. Cruel nature. Like Pepper Saffron is also an orphan.

How did Pepper and Saffron become orphans.

Only witch in the group that has parents is Zombiah. She is spoied by her father the king. City currently ruled by him but will be pasted to the girl. After awile they thought nothing of it. People were fighting and killing to become king. There once was a witch that lived in a shoe. There was an old lady that lived in a shoe. That's how its going.

I have a new assignment I thought you might to give it a go also. As part of digital citizenship paper that I have. It's really fun. Basically you about copyright and the law. They teach you this stuff called Creative Commmons. I like to think about it as a hack on copyright. What Creative Commons offers is licences that copyright owners can apply to their work that gives permission in advance for use of the material. All rights reserved. Some rights reserved. No rights reserved. Public domain work falls under the no rights reserved. If something is in the public domain then it's free game to do what you want with the material. It's good and well to learn about creative commons but really you need to apply it. Find a work that is licenced under creative commons or public domain and share, remix, adapt into something new. Be brave and licence the something new under a free licence. Once in a while there tests a person. That this script is working correctly. Everything they do is monitored. Every keystroke on their devices. Spoken words are analized and compared to criminal databases. The sirens don't shut up they just keep blasting and blasting. It's a civil emergeny and the sirens have been blasting for hours. There was an attack on the city by Aquah. They unleashed their most heavy forces. The cities walls did not hold. Magmah archers attacked from a distance. Swordmen attacked enemy forces breaking through, or climbing up the wall. Enemy had ladders that they used to climb the walls.

Do you ever wonder what it was like to fight in the war? All those souls that were lost. They never really discovered what started it. But it was something between Aquah and Magmah houses. Do you have any ideas?

So what do you think of my digital citizenship project? For it I have decided to write a novel. It's based off the web comic Pepper and Carrot. Merge in public domain and other creative commons stuff. Write stories out of Jems comics.

I entered this potion contest there were 3 other witches that entered the contest. The first made a dead bird come alive. She was from the Zombiah school so typical spell. The next was a girl called Saffron. She made the undead bird posh. It had a fancy hairdo and handbag. Ah was too frightened to use her potion but Saffron snatched it from the girl and tossed it on the undead posh bird. This potion caused the bird to become huge. It was out of control. Lucky I saw able to scare the bird off with my potion.

Once I have gotten the last of todays word count done I can go and have fun. I will reward myself. The sun sat to the east. The sound of yelling and screaming was fading. It had been a day of killing. Tomorrow will be a day of mourning. Too many souls were killed today on the battlefield. They will be missed by their wives, mothers, fathers, siblings and children. A roar of thunder could be heard through the plains. The dark night sky flashed with lightning. Rain hailed upon the heads of the men. The woman far away in their homeland. This was the year 1805 and follows the Russians as they faught in wars. Red coats vs blue coats. Red is Russia. Blue is France. Prince is captured by enemy and exchanged for a deal. The deal that the exchance happened is in lock up and only a few select have seen the deal. It was said to be a peace treaty between the two houses but the details were never revealed. The council were accused of withholding important information by not revealing the deatils of the deal. Spys have been sent to break in to the information and release the information. The info can't be harmful now as it is outdated and any information on it. It is said someone within the agency leaked the details then escaped the company. They didn't hide the fact that they released the details, but they didn't want to be the face of it. There was public outcry over the release of the details. From both sides. Those who supported the witch in releasing the detail - it's for the public good. Transparency of public agencies. against - harmful to troops. Allowed to spy and watch everything people do.

She siped her bottle of Isaac's Cider Original, typing the beginning of her novel. It was a young adults novel and the word count goal was 50,000. Challange to do stuff hasn't done alot in past with novel - first person. Follow the story though the eyes of a fourteen year old witch in training called Pepper and her ginger cat - Carrot. Sitting there Carrot purred. He was a happy pussy cat. For the first day wrote letter from Pepper to Saffron and a return letter from Saffron. It was really just a warmup and I'm not sure what to make of anything. I guess just don't worry and look for new content to include. Get better of not saving and checking wordcount so much just spending more time only writing. It's getting dark and cold out there. Soon it will be time to go inside.

Whats top most common words in the novel or daily writes. writersdenhamilton presents. A David Copper production. dem dew dem dew dem boom chucka lala.

Pepper went and attempted to get Dragons Teeth from a range of dragons - fire, air, swamp. This was a fail and instead opened up a service of removing dragons teeth for free. This lead to her having a large stock of dragons teeth due to not needed dragons teeth to begin with. Pepper had gotten it mixed up. It was the plant dragons tooth that Cumin needed not real dragons teeth. Pepper had written to several of her friends and asked them what to do with all these dragons teeth. It was fill of lots of chit-chat but the dragons teeth questions were most important. Pepper had recieved word that one of the best things to do war burry them in her garden and skeleton warriors would rise. She thought this was a great idea by Saffron so did just that. She found the dragons teeth that were most healthy looking and buried it in her garden amongst all her vegetables and herbs. Pepper belived you should only grow what has a use. Food was good to grow as she could make delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinners out of the food produced. Currently the garden caters for %100 of the kitchens needs. Pepper needs not visit the market. She is slective on foods she grows and seeks expert witch advice on the matter. If you don't do something right. Do it again. The black bird flew in the sky. The bright blue background behind it. The bird moved in and out of the Gray clouds. It knew there was going to be a storm still and it needed to get home to it's family. It was too late and the family of the bird perished in the storm. The bird was sad and didn't know what to do. One day it was flying past the majors office in Komana when it dropped to the ground, dead. It had suffered a heart attack. The major found the dead bird and decided to use it in the contest the very next day. The bird is still alive - the giant undead-posh bird. Very much alive. Pepper chased it away from Kormano but it was quite happy to leave and found a new home. It was able to settle down with a family. It lived a very jolly life. The tree branches bent in the wind. Maybe Pepper needs to go and sleep soon I think she has done enough word for tonight. This is a good start for tomorrow. What will happy tomorrow? This is very much of a pantster project. Sure its being based off the pepper and carrot web comic. Ideas have been developing. Before this file there are another 12 based on Pepper Carrot stuff. They are unedited, first drafts for a novel. When it finally comes to editing the three novels together there needs to be a wealth of content to draw from. Of course there is going to be three novels. There has to be three. Not going to focus on the magic heavly. more litery than fantasy. The spiders were really interesting. One of them wore glasses. They sat at the end of his nose. His face looking at the orb in front of him. It was flashing brightly. 1. 2. 3. Drink.

I have drawn you a picture that I drew recently when I was on holiday. I had my Portable Pi Digital Artist Wordstation. Complete with the offical touch screen from Pi Foundation, Wacom drawing tablet and pen, and a Raspberry Pi 2b computer. All this was being powered by the cased battery pack. The Pi, monitor and drawing tablet were attached to the right arm. There was a place to secure the pen also. Was able to draw by holding the pen with left arm and draw with the Wacom tablet, able to see what is being created on the touch screen. Art created is moved to a folder where a blog post is generated. Reflect on the artwork. Give updates to how drawing is going. For example switching from a3 to a4 and reducing brush size 20px to 10px. Switch to larger 16 gig SD card. Need to format current sd card. Plug in new 16gig sd card and pi3. Need to find a screwdriver that would do this for. When I save it need to keep typing for another minute or so. After which how the hell can someone get 50,000 words in the first day. You must start at midnight and just go all night. Stopping only for food and toilet. No sleep and before the clock stricks midnight hit 50,000 words. How many words is that per minute? Get a generater to generate a book with social trends. Twitter trends are prompts. Likely lots about american politics and war. Anyway I wouldn't mind some prompts. They could be helpful to get me through some of the slower days. Today certainly isn't one of those days! It's hard to know when to stop really. It's very peaceful out here to get stuff done. Currently only Carrot is here distracting me. I'm sitting on my chair typing on the keyboard. He jumps up on the table and walks around the table - very carefully. Each paw touchs the same spot as he strives around in a cirle like a model walking out on stage. catwalk. Getting tired and cold out here and want to go read War and Peace. It is a long read. Currently 30% through the book. Enjoying it. Nice mix of romance and action. Well thoughtout and exacuted. This is not going to add more points to your score but it will help by the time you get to the next day. Still push yourself and get that goal done quickly. How quick this time can you hit 50,000. Last time you did it finished with several days free to write more and nothing on two days. Was sick of writing. Have been writing quite a bit in March - warmup. Will hit goal then might get sick of it. See how it goes. The incests are biting my angles. It hurts and is annoying. This makes me want to go inside. I don't even know what the time is and have no way of finding out unless I go inside. Need to go toilet. The lemon trees need it. The light shone behind the armchair. The old man sat in the chair His eyes fixed on the television. A game of rugby was being streamed to his monitor. It was 24 hours of unique spots matches. All live. Able to time switch if it if you want. It was almost half time and the old man would have supper during the break. In his younger days this was a beer and a bucket of potatoes. The Irish was rich in his blood. Never meet the old-old man. Stories told about him and like to tell stories about him. Write a novel about irish coming to new zealand. Fleeing the church. 'Work' trip to nz. No money so shovel fuel for trip. Also has to clean and cook. Has workers/staff dorm. Food and bunked bed room. Pepper ordred a home that she could put together herself. The majority of it was printed with her 3d printer. They are cheap and it's common for homes to have multiply 3d printers. The old man sat with his glass of juice and chewing his choclate chip cookies. They had just been cooled from freshly baked in the oven. The choclate chips were large and gooey. His dog was stretched down in front of him. The fireplace had die out but the warm heat still kept the room cosey. wow and pepper didn't even copy anything from a novel today. Fun doing sketches of same buildings as i did few years ago. Back then had sketchbook wide and clutch pencil. Sat in same seats as last time. This time have pi. Problems with eyes. Feel the need to close one and things arnt clear. For closeup take glasses off and read. The text is more clear with my glasses off. Can read the smallest type from a distance. Would like to read from a greater distance naturally without glasses. Will my vision ever be perfect for distance? The old man missed the 2nd half of the sport. He got himself distracted in the kitchen. What was he making at this hour. The scores had changed in the sports match and the team that was losing is now ahead. This made the old man grumple. The dog had moved now. It was lying on the couch. "Cats and Dogs can sleep on grass but what they really want is a couch", said the old man. "love me, love me, say that you love me", the music playing out of the televion. The music was playing on everyones cellphone. zombie rugby player.