Today is the second day in writing a novel in April. It's the first time I have given it a go in this month - previously I have only written a novel in November.

Pepper fed Carrot his cat biscuits. He as very hungry that morning. He hadn't been fed since the previous morning. Pepper had put Carrot on a diet as she was told that he was getting fat. Carrot was not impressed by this as he thinks he is a skinny cat. He does not like it when people think he is fat. Carrot is a long pussy cat. Stretching out over the carpet. His front two legs are way out in front of his head. The back legs are stretched back.

Damn a few scratches on the pi tft is annoying. Makes it not look so cool. What can you do about it though? Buy a new monitor? Not worth it yet. I would rather just use it scratched for now. Might buy a new one in the future with How did it get the scratches in the screen anyway? Monitor banging against the wacom pad and keyboard. From falling over onto stuff. General wear and tear. Need to work on this script for keeping track of word count and files. Would like more backup things as part of it. Read online that it was not possible to auto save in nano. Are there alternatives to nano that is simple and allow auto save?

Alright I have switched text editors. No longer am I using nano but instead I am using gedit. It has an auto-save built in and word wrapping. The text is a little smaller than the terminal but it works. This is fine. I can tab every 15 minutes of writing and check what my word count is up to. Maybe display word count inside geddit. Anyway got to get going with the word count today.

Pepper was excited to win the potions contest. The money she won from it would go towards her training as a witch. She was told by her Godmothers that she was to be the next True Witch of Chaosah. She was the last of her bloodline for this left. It was important for her Godmothers that Pepper take the training seriously and not joke around. There is nothing more than Pepper likes more than joking around and having a good time. She does still take her studies seriously though. Carrot slept beside Pepper as she held the feather pen and drew. Cumin was prancing around the room, looking busy. She had told Pepper that they would continue potions training today, that the holidays were over. Pepper had a great holiday. She had a sleepover at one of the witches she met at the potions contest and they had played board games late into the night. The witch lived in a giant old castle. It was flash compared to Peppers home. But Pepper liked her place and would not want to live anywhere else.

Cumin realised that there was no Dragons Teeth left and asked Cayenne and Thyme if they would go and get some. They declines as it was late in the day. The two witches were happy around the fireplace. Thyme painted her toenails and had no intention of leaving anytime soon.

It doesn't take long to get a decent amount written. This editor is fine. It's very minimal but has a few more settings than nano that is needed - especially auto save. I have word wrap turned on also so when I reach the end of the screen it moves down to the next line. This is helpful as it means I do not have to hit enter so much. The only thing I might improve is the colour theme. I would like a blue background and dark red text. Similar to my painting. Though with painting a blue background hasn't been used for sometime - it's been plain white.

Komora City. Market day. The streets of Komona were busy with sellers and buyers. Amongst them were a figure that wore a light coloured witches hat with a dark band going around the hat. Attached to her back was a broom. Her dark hair poked out the back of the hat. She wore a dark purple coat.

"Good morning Sir, I would like eight pumpkinstars, please", Pepper asked the shop keeper. The animal had a bald head with very circular ears and a red earring. His nose and mouth was shaped like a muzzle of a dogs. He must have been a mixture of animal and human as his hands were human-like. "Here you are, that's 60Ko", the shopkeeper handed the pumpkinstars to Pepper.

"...Oh dear", Pepper spoke. She emptied the coins from her purse. There was certainly less than 60Ko. "Uhh sorry, I'll have to take only four..." Pepper apologised to the shop keeper. He looked her angrily and removed two of the Pumpkinstar from the bag.

Just as they completed their exchange a voice could be heard beside Pepper, "Greeting, good Sir. Please prepare two dozen of everything for me. .Premium quality, as usual. It was a blonde witch. She wore a purple hat and matching outfit. In her hand she held a stack of coins - enough to buyout the shop. "It's always a pleasure to serve you, Miss Saffron" the shopkeeper greeted her. His mood had switched an an angry mood with the sale with Pepper to a happy mood as he knew Saffron was always a big spender. Saffron noticed Pepper. "Hey look, it's Pepper" she remarked. Pepper didn't say anything just looked at Saffron annoyed. "Oh. let me guess business is booming in the countryside?", Saffron asked sarcastically. "I guess your preparing the ingredients for tomorrow's potion challenge", Saffron asked. Pepper finally spoke. "A potions challenge? Tomorrow?. Pepper left she had enough of Saffron and her bad attitude. Pepper had found the letter about the potions challenge. It read: Komona Potion Challenge 50,000ko grand prize FOR THE BEST POTION On Azarday, 3 Pinkmoon Grand Plaza of Komona. Pepper was excited. "Lucky me, I still have a full day to prepare! Let's win this challenge", she yelled in confidence from her broomstick.

When she arrived home Carrot was there to greet her. He waved, happy that Pepper was home. Pepper studied through a stack of books for ideas for the potion. "Oh! I know", she clicked her finger and a smile rose on her face. "That's exactly what I need!", Carrot opened one of his eyes. He had been trying to sleep when Pepper was reading but now she had woken him with her chatter. Carrot knew what was coming next. "CARROT!", Peppers voice boomed. "Get ready, we'll hunt the ingredients together". Carrot knew he wouldn't be able to sleep anymore. He had to wake and go with Pepper. It would be fine once they started.

Once loaded on Peppers broomstick the two were ready to leave. Carrot held a large net. the two had rope tired around their waste. The sky was dark but lightning lit up the sky. Heavy black clouds filled the night sky. "First, I need a few pearls of mist from those black clouds", Pepper told Carrot. He knew know what the net was for. It was going to be Carrots job to capture the pearls from the clouds. Tough work.

Next the two had to go he the haunted jungle for red berries. This was not fun for Carrot who got tangled in a spiders web and was attacked by spiders. The next area to visit was for egg shells from the Phoenix valley of the volcanoes. The heat here was too much for Carrot and he sweated.

The next ingredient was a drop of milk from a young DragonCow. This giant flying beast had wings and a body like a dragon but a light colour and dark spots and facial features of that of a cow.

Back home the evening was growing late. The sky was a purple and pink colour and the clouds a bright orange. The sun was setting. It gave Peppers home a gloomy purple look. Inside the home Pepper was busy prepping the potion that she had just gathered the ingredients for. Pepper sat down and tested the potion she made. "mmm. Best. Coffee. Ever", she spoke. Taking another sip of the hot drink she had made. Carrot couldn't take it anymore. All afternoon they had been out to collect ingredients for Peppers potion and it as all for just a coffee. Carrot fell over tired and slept. Pepper was happy with her coffee. "It's everything I'll need to work all night long and make the best potion for tomorrow's challenge".

Pepper spent the night putting together the potion. Finally she came up with the Genius Potion. A potion that makes anyone super smart that consumes it. Pepper got Carrot to test it. It didn't work so Pepper threw it out the window. A group of any came into contact with the potion, causing them to learn advance maths. In the end Pepper ended up falling asleep.

She awoke in the morning in her bed being flown (by her broom) to the city of komona. Carrot had prepared fresh clothes and her witches hat. Pepper fell asleep before making another potion. Carrot had prepared a potion for Pepper. It was Carrots urine from a recent vet visit. Pepper was annoyed. she knew she would not win with the potion. What would she do? There were three other witches entering the competition. Including Saffron who she had met at the Komona markets. The other two witches seemed friendlier. The fair skinned girl was quiet and shy.

wow this is almost the word count for today done. 1667 is the word count daily goal for November. But it is cooler to just say 1666. Number of the devil/Satan. Devout holy novel. litrate. Pepper and Saffron fight over love of the Prince. Both want to marry him. Basically hit my word count for today. Would like to get more done today. It's almost 1100. Beautiful blue sky with white clouds. Slight breeze. Might wear jacket. Take pi and walk. Draw. Sit and do drawing studies of things.

Welcome to Writers Den Hamilton.

An opportunity for writers to develop skills, confidence, and network. Sharing and supporting of others.

Fortnightly at the Hamilton Central Library, Kathleen Glenn room.

5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Pepper sat outside her favourite cafe, eating a camera slice and drinking a hot chocolate. Her witch's hat was perched on the back of a chair. Peppers dark hair blew in the wind. A small child walked past. Eyes were fixed on Pepper. The gentle nature of children.

Whats the next web comic that am i going to write about. I see there were several new posts added to the fan art section of the pepper and carrot site. There was one drawing by a New Zealander which was neat. zomg this is not going to work testing one two. Going to check what the word count will be running at today. Today will be the third cafe that I have been to in 3days. All different. At each one I ordered a hot chocolate and a cameral slice. They were all delicious.

Death thought it was ironic that he was sitting at Heavens Bakery. It was true that Death didn't choose sides. He served both the heavens and hells. He felt more attached to Hell. Following Death where ever he went was Hades. The souls that Death removed from the Earths were tossed into Hades then processed to either heaven or hell.

The blue sky was still visable but much of it had been covered with clouds. Dark gray clouds were forming in the centre. Walking here there was several drops of water. But nothing to worry about much. Wondering to stay here for awhile more then walk home or walk into the city. If I walk into the city I'm worried it's going to rain but if I stay here don't get out as much. There is always tomorrow. That will be the final day to get out. Been busy in the past few days by getting out. Important as don't come here often. This place is nice and it's just good to get away to somewhere you usually don't come. Once there was a secrets.

Pepper can type very fast on her keyboard and doesn't even need to look at any of the keys. How many keys per minutes are you typing. I think they mean characters per minutes. How quick to reach 50,000 words do I need to type? Average out five thousand words every two days. It would take ten days to reach 50,000 words if 5,000 words were typed every.

The Council of Ah made several magic houses sign a peace treaty. Both Aquah and Magmah after much debate signed the treaty. This brought peace to the world of Hevena. The majority of magic houses were neutral but it had been hard for several of houses. Great shortages of food and health supplies had lead some of the houses to lend aid. Peacekeepers were also sent into hot areas.

Today was the first day of Peppers witch school training. For the next 6 years she would live in his home and learn under the direction of Chaosah witches.

It was my birthday and I invited the witches that I competed against at the Potions Contest. Sadly none of them showed up and I was forced to summon demons into Hevena which had the party with me. There were three demons that I summoned. Two which looked similar, one green and hairy. The other was purple and had bigger muscles. Those two demons were both male. The final and third demon was a female spider-like demon. They were friendly demons and enjoyed the party. It was very lowkey. They had cake and tea. The spider demon was a fan of drinking tea - she drank over 20 cups during the evening. She was a friendly spider demon and Pepper had a great time chatting to her.

The Bank of Hevena is teaming together to bring you a service and API to help with writing your novels this month. Everyone here will be writing 50,000 words. If you fail you will die. It will be painful. There is no reason why you can can't write. It's just words on a page. The words can be basic and full of mistakes. The important thing is to sit down everyday and write some words. Set a minimal target of words per day. Writing software and apis to help with wordcount. Keeps tracks of the hours and clients. Auto billing. For version control it uses Git. Does commit every 100 or so words. Spell check before commit.

Find most common words in file. Then finds gifs based off the words. Nginx is able to serve billions of requests per second. Serving only static files. html, css, markdown, rst, txt, png file types. Sites are powered by Nikola a static site generator. Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attubutation 4.0 International licence unless specified otherwise. Copyright and the evils. Journal subscriptions - access to knowledge - becomes "fiscally unsustainable" to the richest university on the planet.

Pepper is an art student. She found some artwork online that she wants to download, print out, and use in her art project. She isn't sure who created the artwork or what that artist might think of her using their work. Does she take a copy? Or look for something else? It can be hard to know. Artists and creators have a problem. Copyright law is getting in the way of realising the potential of the internet in creating and promoting their work. "Why is this" spoke Pepper. "What digital copyright culture should we work towards to best support the arts?". The Witch took a drink of water before continuing, "Copyright is a form of intellectual property that is granted by law automatically upon creation of a work. It prevents people other than the creator from kaing copies of (inc luding adapting, sharing or performing) that work without the creator's express permission. It is unregistered - unlike patents or trademarks, you don't have to apply for it. Don't need to use the copyright symbol. Copyright lasts for life of the creator plus fifty years, copyright then expires and the work enters the public domains". Pepper spoke clearly. Switching through the slides as she talked. Once she started talking she was no l77longer nervous.

"I choose because I like that Attribution-ShareAlike licence gives others the freedom to be able to use my work in any way they wish to, but only if they then allow others to use that work in the same way. By including the ShareAlike restriction in the licence, if someone wishes to use my work commercially then they must open up their own work. This is a positive.

Pepper lay on her couch with her orb computer sitting on a table in front of her. Using a Bluetooth keyboard she typed the novel. Carrot lay on her legs. He wanted loves from Pepper but she shooed him away, wanting to focus on her novel. She has never edited any of the novels she had written in the past. The first time she entering the writing contest was November 2014. Pepper wrote a science fiction story. It was never long enough to be called a novel, but it was a start. The story followed several characters and places they work and the advancement on automatics matters such as food creation and delivery. In 2015 Pepper was a winner of the contest. She managed to write just over 50,000 words during that month. The room was boiling and was hard for Pepper to focus on her writing. She had made her goal for the dat but had written enough and she had. It had been a record few days for her. It is about learning when you have done enough and giving it a rest for the day. It is too hot though trying to think about getting up and going outside. Need to check how much of the battery is left. It is likely not huge. Of course there is a script to run every 60 seconds that prints the information about the file. The script checks to see the most recent edited file in the writersdenhamilton posts folder. This is where Pepper writes her novels. They are saved in here and shared. Pepper allows people to share, remix and adapt her novels. They are licensed under the very free CC BY. Isn't this wonderful for everyone! When writing the novel Pepper was able to get inspiration from a range of sources - public domain and creative common licensed works. This script could be used by anyone who write files. If care about looking at most recent file changed, the word count, and the most recent word. Had confided getting top 5 words and looking for gifs on them. ignore boring 1 or 2 letter words. Filter the top words. Novel generation. How much of that writing can be taken changed and remixed, and then added back to the novel. When does it get repetitive? Does it make for a decent book? Does it even make it faster. Need to save and check words count. It must be getting high now! Very good. The word count is even more today than yesterday. Need to build some software in April to do with writing. Make graphs out of word count data and content data. In all the novels/short stories what is the most common words that are longer than 2? That is the question and we need an answer. I am very happy with the setup. Need something to protect the pi and the screen. concerned that its getting damaged when I transport. Would like easy way to put it in bag. Wrap it in protective plastic? I'm not sure but whatever you do, fix it before the screen cracks more. It's a expensive screen and you need to take care of it. Getting tired and should stop this and go and read. Need to perform the git stuff before I get off it. Can keep the pi running all night since it is plugged into the wall. Usually only run it from the battery pack and have to keep them rotating over. Pi3 is sitting at another place. Looking forward to getting it back.