Hi and Welcome to day three of camp. This is usually the last day of a weekend conference. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Isn't that wonderful. Currently Pepper is sitting out the back of her home drinking a tall glass of cider. It is refreshing on a day like this. She is slightly behind on her word count today. This morning she woke early and had breakfast and fed the cat (but not the dog). She got ready for the day and went for a walk. It was a beautiful day and she was going to be leaving the next day so she wanted to make the most of the weather. Her walk was not as long as usual. She returned home and drank cider. For the rest of the day she plans to increase the word count so that she hits the 50,000 words she had planned this morning. Once she has reached a certain word count then she will be rewarded. The biggest problem is the head. It's just far to hot outside and inside will likely be almost worse. Could put the air condition on insights just far too hot in here.

The old man sat on his chair and read the newspaper. Even at his age he was still able to create content and publish. Every since he could remember the drew or wrote everyday. He always thought he was bad at subjects but really it was just the teachers. Able to do anything really. Did a range of projects in his lifetime. Run a art blog where he would publish recent art he had created. This was usually drawings, paintings, and sometimes 3d, street art. Portraits, life drawing, landscapes, city scapes, characters, creatures are just some of the content that is created in the artwork. Content on the site is licensed under a creative commons attribution licence. This is a free licence. The content can be used for any purpose, just give credit. Going to need to get a few word counts today if it is going to hit 1667 words, which is what is needed. Again my biggest excuse for not writing today is the heat. Hard to think when too warm. Easier to get out of the heat than cold. Warm during the day means warm at night also. This is good for people that are living on the street at night and for those that want to be out late. Helps foster a more active night life because people will be out and about at night as it is too hot during the day. If its cold quite easy to warm yourself up. Go for a run. Light fire. Put on more clothes. Warming a home can be harder but is possible. The old man wanted some lunch so he put down his paper and stood up. He cooked two corn cobs. Quarter there and3 quarters to go. Meet nice people at holiday parks. Pepper stayed at holiday park once and meet Prince. She was in love. Pepper knew if she could marry into the bloodline of royalty the chaosah school of magic will conquer all. It will strike down on houses like Magmah and Aqahq. What sort of lame names are they for the houses? They should of just changed them themselves without fighting about it. Many people died when the schools of magic went to war. Pepper sat on her chair and ate bad unhealthy food. It made her feel awful but she did it anyway. Her day had been bad. Soon she got up and made herself some veges. They were very yummy. For dinner that night she had a lamb strew. It was delicious. It was full of meat, carrot, potato, onion, pumpkin, water. It needed to cook for 7 hours then it would be ready to eat. Always good to get the strew on early and wait it for it cook before turning it off and letting it sit. Creates a more tastier stew. It is super warm tonight. Today is the greatest day I've every known. Can't live for tomorrow. Tomorrow is much too long. I will burn my eyes out before. Pepper once got told off in art class for painting herself when the reliever teacher told them to paint themselves - portraits etc. That reliever was no fun. What is Peppers top 100 songs for broom riding. Red light shone off her hair and head. Blue from her white dress. Her long legs stretched out as she. Her high heels bringing her closer to heaven. She switched to a yellow dress. The light didn't reflect so much. For lunch Pepper had . corn. It was OK but nothing special. Looking forward to dinner tonight itshouldbe good. Sweat poured from Peppers forehead as she typed. Today has been very motivational. Once Pepper had taken her medicine she was able to type. Her head was full of stories and ideas. Thinks she needed to get down on the paper.Hello? Can you hear me? My nigger, my nigger. It would be cool to read a novel by good movie directors. Maybe find a David Lynch book? I want a work of fiction though, not nonfiction. Typing from the very bottom sucks. Sometimes I just want a clear button. Keeps the text being written on the top half of the screen. Why not just move the window up? That works and there is not much power left so going to get as much writing done as possible. I feel today hasn't been much about Pepper and Carrot. Maybe the remaining words could be more focused on Pepper and Carrot. It was mid after noon and the day was beginning to cool off. The room wasn't so hot to sit in now.The televise is off. Huge distraction. The old man is reading his kindle. He likes it very much as the text can be made large. New notebook every day for a month. Quick script to do something. Its hard to say I'm going to build this. There are ideas that are built around. Need to self-publish a book. But first need to get a book edited to publish. ebook format and licensed under cc-by. A science fiction novel. Edit together best things from nanowrimo14/15 and camp16. There must be something decent in that to be edited together and published. Just keep writing books and edit later. As long as no words are lost. Yay above the 1000 mark. That's over halfway for Today's goal. Was planning on exporting off gimp drawings to png. Need a script that gets the gimp files and creates png whenever new line layer is created. Basically new layer also equals new layer. Sometimes she goes into a panic. Something is wrong but doesn't know what. Something goes wrong and its worse less than what planned. Pepper stood in front of the crowd. They were packed into the hall, eager to hear what Pepper would announce. Many of the townspeople wanted to go to war and there would be pressure on Pepper for military action. This is something Pepper wants to avoid. Before her there was a great war between two houses. Magmah and Aquah. These schools of magic attacked each other and drove one another to the blink of extension. Billion of souls were killed in the war, billions wounded. Everyone on the planet was affected by the attacks. Even with Pepper in command as a True Witch of Chaoash forces were bring destruction to the world. Sitting on the bench the little boy looked up at the witch standing above from him. She had black hair that went to her shoulders. On top of her head she wore a witches hat. Her robe was long and a dark purple. Her skin was pale white. Not allowed to talk about the novel until the word count is done. If someone asks you what your writing is about say no comment and write until you hit the cap. It's easy to get around this. Wake up early and write those 1667 words. Easy to do before anyone else is awake. Do it everyday at the same time. This novel is being written completely with a raspberry pi 2b. The novel in November was written to begin with on a android tablet then a chrome book. Sometimes it was written using a pi2b and a smaller touch screen. Having the larger screen is an advantage but is more annoying to carry. They only called you when they missed them. The column that has been reached on this line is amazing. Can go an edit later. Will likely go through this and split up the lines as it is out of control currently. Most important that word count is reached. How close do you think I am so far? We are going to load as many words from the servers as possible and announce to the world on how it is going. testing word sprint. The theme is carrot. You have 10 minutes. Then ten minutes later the sprint stops. Everyone announces the word count that was reached. What has been changed now is Gedit is taking up 3/4 of the. Going to use this as a test. Need it to check to see how much words increased. As well as printing word count, print change from previous file. Announces sprints and themes for writing. Going to test to see if I can do this for five minutes and not stop. there is no reason to hit there enter key all you really need to do is sit here and type. Writing a novel is a good way to get your typing skills increased. Too often people don't use their fingers good enough but one you start typing and stop looking at the file. Word is outdated and moved away from the desktop processing move. This is especially bad for schools and not a good idea to teach students how to use and ignoring how to make. I think that's that great think about orbs. Is building upon them. They made say it needs to be cleaned up and fixed but who knows. After 10 minutes of steeping it should auto save Not going to leave it to chance as the battery pack is running extremely low. 5%. Certainly using Bluetooth is consuming a large amount of the battery. Could use wired keyboard, especially small and keys light up. Often type on keyboard when dark. Use battery pack to give light to kindle. I want a kindle that has a build in light feature. Replaced the battery pack on the pi for a new one. It does have 100% charge but that's OK. This Will last a few hours and help get my word count close to 3000. Why not aim high. It's easy to sit here and type for sometime. The old man is watching his rugby. His eyes fixed on the screen. There is no way he is moving until half time. at half time he may get up and do something. What he does is up to him but it will likely be something. They going to look for abstraction. If it hold up the witch will lose. That's a try the people on the television announce..The sport does not interest Pepper. She just wants to type her novel. Lets see what it is getting to today. A little drop of summer. If Pepper is eve. How come the text keeps getting highlighted with blue? IT is annoying. Pepper ate the cookie that had just cooled after being baked in the oven. There was nothing Pepper liked more than a gooey chocolate chip biscuit. Planning on hitting 9000 words no problem..The past two days have made 3000 words. The cat sat on its green sleeping bag. The old man believed the cat was smelly and washed the sleeping bag along with giving the at arose down. The cat didn't mind being hosed. It quite liked water. Need to get another thousand or so wands. That around 3 pages or something. Bang it reached 2000. Isn't that wonderful. Could call it quits for the writing today. What would I do for the evening? Writes a python script? Paint? Draw? Eat dinner. Dum de dum. After Pepper had her dinner she was feeling fall and satasified. She had reached her wordcount for the day so decided to word on it a bit more before heading off and reading in bed before sleeping. The old man has gone off and slept. Leaving Pepper along in the lounge. Carrot would be outside hunting. The dog had gone with the old man. blah blah blah going to make some more words on this file. Pepper worked on her script to help with the wordcount. It has a nicefeature now that allows to check for how much of a wordcount increase happened. This file is saved every minutes so I should be able to tab accross in a few minutes and it would tell me how increased it is. I like to build software is make writing a ok more interesting. wow sometimes the typing is just horrible. Beforebed Pepper wanted ashowed. Other idea is to sleep and wake up early and have a shower.Need a shower tomorrow as I didnt have one today. I guess the autosave doesnt work.Thats annoying. I guess I can time sprint but. Sprints run at 5 past the hour. The first sprint is 10 minutes. That lasts until 15 past the hour. there is then a 5 min rest period before the next sprint. The next spr is a longer 15 minutes sprint that lasts untill. The probgram doesnt seem to be working to report back the changes. Oh well lets see if this helps. The auto save is working but the ncrease in words announcment is not working. Not really sure whats wrong with it. Need to go to bed soon and sleep. Going to need to pack my grear and have a shower when I wake. Ok I think the increase script is working. Good job Pepper. She is a winner and made it work. This is super cool script and aI cant wait to play with it further. What more features need to be added. Auto update nanowrimo wordcount on the site with data from files. It is still a crazy heat. Where Pepper was living was one of the hottest temp in the country. What was worses the old man had hidden the remote for the air con. He was very worried about code and would rather not use the air conditional. Maybe get down to South Island Pepper might do a talk down there n a few months on some of the witch stuff she has been learninOnce there was a l ittle girl named Pepper. She was traiing wwith her Godmothers to become a True Witch of Choeah. I cant belive how people can reach 50,000 words in just 24 hours. It's something that would take lots of prae. Writing a novel is a bit like updating twitter. You just need to put down the imprant bits and make it sound interesting and believable. Get carried ahead of myself and introduce too many chancters. She is only a w hundrad words off reaching theh 3000 mark for the vening. Wasn't going to force self to hit that much but if I dont have anything else to do. Might as well go brush teeth and go have meds before coming back and typing here on the pi gain. I think todays writing has been rubbish. Would like to wake early tomorrow and get a burst of writing done before the travel. Music for the travel. Might be on bus with freewifi. Unlikely. Likely a nakedbus rar than a manabus. WHenere she started to type all she could think about was the damn weather. it was crazy hot and there was nothing she could do about it. Outside was cool. Lets go outside she said. Her car Pepper had came back inside by now. Too much of this novel far has been me complaining about stuff and not focusing on typing the pepper and carrot novel that was planned. Sweat went down his for hea. It was not pleasing. Tweet increase in writing. What time of day is the most amount of words written? Does the deather or location make a difference. Blah blah blah this is going to be a winner isnt it. Once there lived a girl named Pepper. She lived with her Godmothers in Squrrls End. Pepper hadn't always lived here. Before becoming a orphan Pepper had parents. They were both killed in the war between Aquah and Mahmah - along with many other people nd the rest ofPeppers familton. Not sure how well this word count script works. It''s saying that the word has increased but the increase is saying zero. Very strange. Interisting. got the script to print out minutes. jueed to to retrieve tweets. Sadly the keyboard is running low on batery. Need to keep it off when now typing. Also need to type hard on it will it turns off. Wish I could plug in recharagable aaa baterries. When I was younger had bateries that I could recharge. These were helpful and wish I had kept better care of them. The chargers that Ihave for the pi are great but would like ones that pport 2.5 power rather than 2. The new Pi is quite powerful. Not only does it have built in wifi and bluetooth that will work out of the bo on any debian install. This program is really good at keeping track of my speed. Reaching about 40 words per minutes. Turn it into a game. Need to save up archiee of words. Web app that allows to browse and compare other peoples wordcounts. Battle is off word count - keep track of how many words are typed every minuutes. The damn increase isnt showing up. Isnt this terrible. Im a bloody winner. My name is Pepper. Standing in front of the broken mirror her dark hair blew in the gently wind. In her hand she clutched a broomstick. A potion containing a orange liquid was in her other hand. Climbing on the broom was Peppers cat - Carrot. He was a bright ginger playful cat. Goingg to check to see how close getting to new record of words. This line is amazingly large. I don't link I've written something and not formatted it. Oh no thats not true. The formatting that takes place is awful. Pepper stoodn front of the crowd and did her peach with her slides assisting her to the side. Not sure if this is going to work or not. Because it keeps lagging behind. Maybe it shouldnt save backup. Maybe do word count for 5ins auto save. This makes more sence for the 110/20 min. Needs to sync with nanowrimosprints. Make sure its on the god damn right time. Write something in a functional language to output batch processing and rendering. God damn script that opens a gimp file that is being worked on and saves off every layer that ist being woked on. Able to leave notes to paintings and works that will be added to the image once it is published as a blog. Man tatery in this keyboard is getting low and its going to go flat. I guess I should just turn the keyboard off and go to sleep. I ant to git this first.