Continue repeating of the bad habits. They never really stop. They don’t change. That’s what he told himself when he thought it was bad. It was never bad. That word was not used. There are far better words to be typing than that. More intelligent and grownup. Let’s not saying he was not grown up. By all accounts he was a well-rounded young man. His schooling had been top notch. Private schools throughout. All that was in the past now. The future was not so clear. The choice to not move state was unusual for those attending collage. But he was different. He decided to stay home and attend collage. Once there was a little girl who every day would attend to her commercial garden. Her back lawn was covered in five glass houses - all filled with vegetation. Automatic sprinklers took care of majority of the work that needed to be done. Drones would fly from house to house clipping the fresh produce and letting it drop into the drones carrier basket. Once this basket was full the drone would return to the main factory where the produce was sorted and shipped out. The goal was to increase the production of the worlds food supply with the help of automaton computers. From the very start people had objected but as the world died due to hunger those that opposed were converted. Supply chain for food was fixed. The glass houses were able to be setup anywhere. They could handle any climate and weather patterns. They could be controlled to grow certain produce. For example bananas would require a higher temp than potatoes or onions. The drones that collected the produce also weeded the garden. Security was an issue and the drones were set to detect any external lifeforms such as snails and slugs - and deal with them. This greatly increased the amount of lost produce due to food being in a abundance.

The drone were feed waste which then turned it back into soil for the garden. You didn’t have to do any gardening in order to get a freshly garden picked meals. It was a dream for everyone. You were most welcome to help the driod out. Some people liked to garden and could be employed to garden and have their actions scanned in order to teach the machines to garden. As humans learnt to garden, machines mimiced their motions. Testing lines were created. Robotic hands and arms would use a shovel to dig into the soil.

The glass houses kept logs on what people consumed and created with the produce. The company was able to then do targeted marketing to the consumers. They had logs on everyone and their full diet information. The company began expanding the areas in which they did business. No longer were they supplying automaton gardeners and software support but they were moving into banking, insurance.

Damn damn damn. Why did it have to go so badly. Everything was going fine until it just got too big. Too big to fail they say. That’s an understatement. Mankind had never seen such a time like it. It was risky but it’s weird that it went so overboard. One day everything was going fine and they next everyone had lost it. I’m not sure if they knew it would get so bad. It’s hard to think back before the events. Before everything changed. There was only a minority that warned us against what might happen. Of course we didn’t listen to them. Some of them were even killed for the views they had. Now we must make sure that people are not punished for the views they hold - only how they act. The extremest views spread. All over the place people were maiming others over small insufficient things. It was a battlefield. For what. For some events that happened years ago. Still every year on the day people get out of bed on weekend and pay their ‘respects’ for those that fell in the events. Really every year. This had been going on for such a long time there were questions that it was only being kept around to keep people loyal and from speaking out over the inhuman treatment that was happening. Unsure how much of this really works. But at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. As long as the machine works when it gets activated is all that really matters.

How to write a novel. One character after another. It is quite simple. If there is a block move onto something else. Start a new line and expand on a area from the previous paragraph. This could be a different view or shift. Whatever you choose to do it doesn’t matter. All that matters is getting down the words for another rough draft novel. Despite all the rage. They still cant believe they can be saved. The glass houses had to be rolled out worldwide. It was able to be used to save the billions around the world that were starving. They were able to create their own food supply with the glass houses.

There is nothing I can do. Wait i am coming now. That may of been the last thing she said. I wonder if she spoke to anyone on her way. A scan of the security footage showed no conversation. The last frame was her walking into an unknown building. She never left the building. A 360 degree search was carried out of the building. It showed no results. There was no body. There was nobody. It was a mystery to what happened to the girl. Most hope that she is safe. That she didn't want the life she had and decided to disappear and change it all. Others are more dark and say she was killed. it is unlikely that another will ever know what happened. Clever they thought but it wasn't going to last. Things changed. As was said before. Things went bad. Then worse. Finally the end happened. That's when everyone died. If they had changed a few of their bad habits it might of not happened. But they cant change it now. With everyone dead the world goes on but there is no activity. Everything is dried up and dead. The cycles of seasons continued like before. Creatures and animals roamed the world. A world with no humans life. Killed out by their own greed. They wanted everything and in the end they got nothing. Cities of empty waste.

Waste was not what the little boy had been taught to do. He was an efficient person and would spend his time on productive activities. One area he focused on was his sleeping patterns. He could get on with a minimal of 5 hours sleep a night. It was important that he avoid caffeine and other drugs. Cannabis is allowed but it is suggested to monitor usage. If use falls behind a certain percent. Most patients decide to get a injection that releases cannabis to the body over a monthly period. Liberty is respected. You do not have to get a injection but its suggested by the medical production. It can also initial you to certain bonuses and perks. The injection is engineered to release certain strains at certain times. It causes a joint smoking simulation. The is fine to be used indoors - the smoke can be adjusted to not visible or remove the smell. If you didn't like the smell you could setup the ability to turn off other peoples smells. This made it great in public - you could smell a beauty of flavors or none at all. It catered for all people. it was inclusive. now that's a trigger word. who am i going to write about next. the first novel had a character in it based on a mod from r/redditgetsdrawn - itwillbemine. I made the character in my novel fat, useless, and has a string of issues. Characters in FallofCopy were inspired from computer conferences and meet ups I attend and the people I meet. Write a novel every year. nanowrimo is a great chance for this. Write regular. Short stories. Novella. Novel. Just write more.

The boy giggled as he walked past the girl. She was sitting there with her notebook and pen. Drawing. Lists and graphs is what she should be doing. Instead she is drawing. Landscapes. Wavy green water, red hills, yellow figures and a blue sky. That is the question. What is the answer? It is hard to picture something different. He walked past her with one eye closed. Vision was always an issue. Surgery would help. It is wrong to be able to see out of one eye better than two eyes. Vision and eyes will always be important research for the boy. The mutations grew quickly. Not long the boy was growing old. Bed ridden and dying. The testing of injection had created deformities in the bodies cells. No longer were they what they were. The human DNA table was remarked. Scientists were fascinated. Never before had something like this happened. It was like the human race had involved over night. All their children were being born with the new strain. Their bodies were able to produce the injections themselves - they did not need to go to the doctors. They were more independent. It was still all the benefits. They were able to consume when they wanted or set it up to do it automate. The system had worked fine with the current vision. Why would anyone want to change things. People did take sides. Some were further than others. There were arguments and fights over how to deal with the changes. But there is only a certain amount of more words that can be applied to the results. If something goes really bad then lets not worry about what happens. If you are going to say one tech is going to make a service outdated then you need information backing up specific reasons why. Be prepared for questions.

Down. Once there was a little boy who every day would go out and look for a little girl. They had lost one another. Attempts were made to unite but all attempts had been a fail.

Lets see how this new setup goes. Everything is clensed. It was a success They said. It is totally posible to just type without glasses on. It’s a bit like typing without seeing what i am typing. It doesnt matter what is written. This is going to turn into a novel at some point. Just not today. How many rough drafts will get written. zIt would be better to write more often so that when it comes to writing the novel in noveember, its not so hard. ok lets tyu ythis again. It’s onluy several more lines untill the green fills up all of the red. it is also better to look awauyy from the keyboard. im looking towards the screen butt it is Tired so tired. The smell of urine. Paants were stained yellow. it was gross but he had no reason to change them until the morning. All these things you hold inside. Lets ty this gaain. The first time it failed but they think the next time it will be better. Attempting to finished a novel in a month is totally posible. It;s just about puttinng the time in every fay. i wonder what conferences will be on this year in novembber. last year the kiwicon conference conflicedted with my writing. I will alwawys blame kiwicon for the reason i didnt finish the novel. everything was going fine will then. once the trip happened i was unable to get into the flow and it was a fail. Still managed to finish 32000 words. I have been given on feedback over the whole novel but i did take the first chapter into my writers group and got some good feedback. Will try this again. It’s hard to read with the current eyesight. Eeverything is slightly burly. If the glasses are taken off everything wiould be much clear. But it blurs due to poor eyesight. I wonder if i will get no email from the recent event. I go to these conferences but never get emails from people. Im quite bad about emeialing. A few in levin need to be sent emails. Was sent emails that mad me smile and i didn’t even reply if you want people to keep sending emails its important to. Oh I can’t stop.

e0k4 0f once in a awhile there was a little girl who fell in love. The boy didnt love her back, He was too young. He just wanted to go outsie and play. He wasnot interested in her. Lets tyy this again oh but its not the same as whenthey were going to change it come on come on lets just get this over and done with. I wonder how much worse the spelling is this time than it was before. at leaast i know where th words go. The ereader screen blasts light into his face. The light is also coming from a Rosebus. Citizen Kne was a film that the little boy had watched many times. It was certainly his favorite. The boy had seen it so much he was able to quote the wholefilm. Its not a book. Everything that it gets written down it needs to be sorted as aa film and not book. That is the most important rule. Lets see if the novel can be finished in under forty eight hourse With both the eyes and the ears gone it was hard to comunacate. The besy option was written coms. People would writet messages on paper and wave them around the place in order to get the atenation of the person that the message is intended for. Its getting to the point where tired is tarting to kick in. It’s been greaat to be reading and wriing again. It’s been a few months since i havebeen able to finish a book. Lets stop writing and put away the glasses. if the reading goes well the writing can begin again sometimes i woory that the text doesnt come out but it does we just need to get to the end of this line quciker. What parts of the previous two / three novels do i want to take and use them in the new nove. too far away from the city can be a large issue. Butt thankfully there are sultions to fixing the issue. Let’s see if this makes sense. He knew she wouldd be at the conference. The boy wasnt interested in the content of the conference. He would attend - make convosation with venfors m network with others there, watch a few speakers. butot over do it. Take it wasy. `
oh weell sy ltsdy there was snot s slot to sort after u do baws is a service that may be used im not even sure if that is the corrrect spelling if it is wrong then i am truely screwed but if it wis working fine then it doesnt even mater. i wish that this place didnt have a tv but its hard to change things like this when there is something wrong with the oh boy there was nothing going on till the man in the mushroom house. came out and started to yell. over and over he screamed. The people on the street didnt know what was going on.

one last time.

it was just quiet. silence

Yellow. Buzzing. The force lifted me up and pushed backwards. Thud on the floor. It seemed to be a life time. Someone had grabbed me under the arms. Dragged towards the exit. The buzzing sound began to calm. Replaced with cries and screaming. Hands on my waist. Someone else was helping lift me. A stream of flashing lights. Blue. Red. Skid to a stop. Medical units sourounded. I was lifted onto a stretcher and into the ambulence. Medical units sourounded me. A mask was placed onto my face. Darkness.

I awoke in a white room. Flowers and cards scatted around me. Beside a nurse sat. I was expecting my Mother. She should be the one sitting with me. I chocked out the words. ‘Where is my Mummy?’. The nurse was strartled. Drifting off into another world. ‘Oh thank god you are awake’ she smiled. She called for a Doctor. Several Doctors rushed towards me. They explained what happened and why my Mother was not there. The news caused me to drift off again into the darkness.