A Quiet Revolution was taking place across the world. It changed the way humans dealt with one-another. Some may say that is a work of fiction. Events like this do not take place.

Copyright is control. That is all it is. It's about saying who can use material and what they can use it for but Pepper liked the idea of giving back. Money made was invested back. Moral. Why are writers often pro copyright? They sob and cry over fair use law changes.

Peppers plot

Historic fiction of generations over several 100 years. Follows copyright battles.

9/11 was a attack on open source.

Characters are transported in

Write every day and give away your work for free and open. Others may make money from it. It can be changed.

Whenever Pepper saw someone wearing a Metallica shirt she would shout, 'Napster, never forgive, never forget'. Majority of the time they had no idea but once anger erupted and Pepper was attacked, knocking her to the ground. The man in the Metallica shirt stood over Pepper, repeatably kicking her. Blood gashed from the body of the girl. "This is for ripping off the best band in the world", the man screamed as he grasped her neck and lifted her up. "No longer will you spread your lies", he spoke, twisting her neck. Letting go, the limp body dropped to the ground. The Metallica fan walked away with a smile.

The capering agency building. Lets create some open writing exercises.

At the entrance a sign read: "Some days I can't get outraged over copyright". Artwork of a stick figure sitting under a tree. The foylar was open and bright. The walls were covered with artwork similar to the entrance - from artists that had openly licensed their work.

A crowd had gathered and approached. They ignored her standing. She could hear the conversation they were having. "There was no explanation as to why allowing people to legally quote, or noncommercial redistribute for educational or review purposes would destabilize the publishing industry,"

Pepper was told she wasn't a creative professional but a content builder. She would take others work that was openly licensed and build upon it. It's building upon something creative

The aftermath of the Metallica file-sharing debate, leading to a total change in tune on file-sharing.

There was no collapse in local publishing after parallel importing restrictions were lifted.

What would be the aftermath of fair use?

Creative Commons: A Quiet

"This is a real 21st-century textbook," Pepper addressed the crowd. She paused steering the individuals in the eyes. "I hesitate to even use that word," that word - that harnesses the power of the web to break out of the print model we've had for the last several hundred years. It's Open Access, which means a lot of different things: it's free; anyone can read it, use it, adapt it; it's also open to wider scrutiny, which helps improve it over time." Richard White.

"quiet revolution taking place in the way we use, generate and transfer knowledge"

"look at these cool projects"

"why aren't these cool projects happening everywhere"