William Mckee is an artist, programmer, early childhood educater, and writer. His artsite is and is available under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence.

During highschool William spend the majority of his time in the Design creating designs in Freehand, after finishing he attended UCOL in Palmerston North. Here he became seriously interested in drawing and gained confidence - many thanks to his drawing tutor Mark Dustin. He worked mostly in a a4 visual diary which became a habbit and still carries a sketchbook whereever he goes with him now. During his time at Palmerston North School of Design he registed the domain and creating the site The Art Of William Mckee. Was created in 2010 as a site to host his artwork. Previously he had used DeviantArt and blogs to host his artwork. The site was originally hosted by GoDaddy the operating system CentOS, and powered by Wordpress. Originally it was licenced under CC NCBY but William later decided that the NC licence was wrong and switched to CC BY. He later swtiched from WordPress to Nikola - a Python static site generater. He later also switched hosting to DigitalOcean with the operating system Debian. The majority of his machines are running Debian. Fedora is on a couple.

At first he choose to licence this under a creative commons nc by licence. Later making the decision for cc by removing the nc licence. He has many problems with the nc licence and would never use it again and don't see many reasons for people to use it. He has a problem with education, govt, and publicly funded works to be under nc. The good thing the majority of govt seems to be under cc by. Certain schools in the county have a nc licence which is troubling - especially when all schools have it.

In 2010 he moved to Wellington and attended The Learning Connexion. It was here that he focused on life drawing which he was only dabbed with in the past. GIMP was used for all the digital paintings created. He painted on a windows desktop and laptop. Later he switched to Fedora and Debian. He painted rarely but enjoys painting with the Raspberry Pi computer and Many of his works from 2012-2014 of portrait and figures were drawn from references on RedditGetsDrawn. He would draw portraits of people and give them the drawing - taking a photo for his own reference. At the bottom of the page he would signit with wcmckee and write cc by on the piece of original artwork. These were mostly completely in pencil and coloured pencil. William is passionate about working with children. In 2014 he volunteered at Whaihanga Early Learning Centre. His Mother - Linda worked there as the head teacher. His favourite activities were the art area and build structures with wooden blocks. He would work collaboratively with kids often on the same piece of art. Oil pastel, pencil, and coloured pencil were the most commons media choices. He was very influenced by the children's drawings - often redrawing elements of their works. A hope was the children learn that art was about sharing and remixing - something Creative Commons has at its core. William took the liberty and licenced these works under a cc by licence - photographing and uploaded the works to He would create large chalk murals on the ground outside. Hulk, Spiderman, Bane, and Batman were common requests of characters to draw from the children. These mural pieces were created on the fenceline of Whaihanga and Knighten Normal School. Swarms of school children would crowd the fenceline - watching and discussing the artwork with him. They were often blown away from how quickly he worked. Some of the collab works were developed further with digital painting. He volunteered at Fairfield Community Centre where he drew with children aged 5 to 12. Felt tip pen was the main media here and he applied much the same techniques with collaboration as at Whaihanga.

From 2012 to 2014 william would draw and paint people from the Reddit subreddit RedditGetsDrawn. Some days he drew up to thirty people. He recived many positive comments from people thanking them for their artwork. Sadly in 2014 William was banned from submitting artwork to the subreddit - being accused from the mods that his artwork is troll artwork. His website features in in the RGD as exams of troll artwork. William created the website that scrapes RedditGetsDrawn for reference images as a response for this. This has enabled him to have an offline version of all the reference images on RedditGetsDrawn. When asked for a unban he gets laughed at by the mods. The mods are a bunch of SJW woman who are talentless - in partical ItWillBeMine. William still draws people on RedditGetsDrawn and sends them artwork but doesn't submit it publicly as it is always deleted by the mods.