This is a reflection post on a DevMob 2015 that I attended in Auckland. DevMob is short for Developers Mobile. This was my first unconference that I attended - there was no official

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schedule but it was created before hand and during the event by those attending. Google spreadsheets were used for this. Sessions were given by

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the organized by time slots. Time slots were strictly enforced but anyone attending the conference could run a session. Tickets to the event was 100 or so dollars with a 20% discount for students. Those that volunteered were able to attend for free. The event was a two day event so I think it was resemble priced. I was able to attend for free as I signed up to volunteer. I wanted to do AV and record talks. The talks were not recorded due to mostly that the topics that people were discussing could be sensitive and they wouldn't want it uploaded to the internet. Next year if I attend DevMob again I will look at recording one of the streams - if people are going to be talking about sensitive topics then they should not have their talk in that stream. Instead of recording talks like I usually do at Linux/Python Conferences I spent the majority of my volunteer duties washing glasses. This may sound lame but I quite enjoyed it - plus I got to hang out with some cool people when doing so. The majority of the sessions I attended were in the Kai room - near the kitchen. This was a mobile developers conference - united all platforms of mobile - ios, android, windows, html5 and even blackberry (lol). The majority of the talks on day 1 were focused on ios with a call on day 2 for more android talks. There were a couple of Microsoft employers attending who gave a session on Windows phone. I attempted to run a session called 'Towards a new website Creative Commons'. Maybe the title was too general because only myself and another volunteer showed up. I thought Tanya a Creative Commons volunteer would show up but she was too tired. Another volunteer would of showed up to it but she was stuck on the front desk with regisation. I discussed Creative Commons a little with the other volunteer - he had heard about it via Wikipedia, then decided to cancel the session. I headed down stairs and sat near the kitchen with my head on the table - resting. I felt quite crap but I got over it after awhile. The location of the event was Hoobsenville Point Secondary School - one of the newest schools in the country. It is one of the newest schools in the country. It was built in 2013 and opened in 2014. I didn't get to explore the whole school (others were using areas of the school during the weekend also). The areas we were in were large open spaces. There were also smaller break off rooms. It felt like something out of a Valve office. Rooms had large televisions mounted on wheels and apple tvs attached (meh to the apple tvs, i would do raspberry pi computers if it was up to me). For DevMob chromecast was also connected to many of the monitors so people could stream android content. The appletv/chrome cast setup worked excellent and there was little to no technique issues over the two days. I had my Raspberry Pi with me connected to my small portable screen and Wacom tablet. Many were interested in the setup and I have gotten good at explaining it. A small room was used as a hackers room where people did more hardware type of stuff. This was really only on the second day. Android Auto was demoed along with head gear to control computers with your eyes. I setup my Raspberry Pi up in here to give people the chance to have a play. This was successful and was better than running a proper session. Overall i really enjoyed DevMob and would do it again next year - perhaps being more involved leading up to it with web and graphics work.