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Mr Dumpty. Head to toe in bandages. Forty Doctors. Lengthy diagnose. Solution agreed. Experimental. Low success. No choice. Never wake up.

Mrs Dumpty. Tears flowed. Tissues wiped. Rumours. Demanding answers. Sitting. Falling. Refused information.

Top secret. The Kings Secret Police controlled access. They guarded. Allowed The Forty Doctors. Signed a contract. Whisleblowers punished.

Local Police. First on scene. The Kings Secret Police removed them. Media were restricted. Several witnesses. Shipped off. An unknown location. Unable to contact.

“They won’t say what happened”, Mrs Dumpty sobbed. “Climbing and the fool fell. Needs keep feet on floor”, tears bursting.

No visitors at hospital over night. Options were motel or home. Her credit cards frozen. Forced to travel home. Husband in hospital. Must return.

Home to a broken door. A note explained that all value has been seized. Signed the Kings Secret Police. Will not be returned. Costs too significant.

The Kings Police gone. The covered window visible. Mrs Dumpty peaked in. Gone. A new patient. Not Husband. Tap. Span. Nurse.

“Can I help you?” Nurse spoke. Mrs Dumpty explained. Nurse order follow to reception. Press keys. Look up. “Your Husbands last name?” Nurse asked. “Dumpty”. “Humpty Dumpty”.