Fall of Copy. A Novel by William McKee rough draft written November 2016 as part of NanoWriMo.

The courtroom was almost completely empty. The doors were locked and crowds of people gathered other side in protest. Milerty police guarded the door and shot anyone with their stun guns that attempted to make their way in. A few tried and were knocked back by the powerful guns. They would wake in a few hours. People held signs that read slogans suchs as 'fair use not brute use', and 'protect our creativity'. People were angry. They knew the laws being changed inside this courtroom would affect the outcome of the human race forever. Once it was passed, there was no going back. Inside the court the judge stood behind her desk with two corporate lawyers in front on either side. Even though they would never admit it both lawyers wanted the law to pass. They were both making a large amount of money from the bill passing. In the past these laws would be passed in a Parliament but the government had broken down and the company had ordered that the bill needed to be passed anyway. Several police were scatted around the courtroom, just in case a protester managed to get into the courtroom. Both the lawyers and the judge had been given numinous death threats and there was a chance that a protester would kill them - more likely outside of court. A stack of papers sat in front of the judge. She looked though it skimming the content as she went. It wasn't the first time she had seen these documents. It had been over 30 years of work from both the private and public sector. The govt had wanted it to pass as they had became corrupt and were getting a large payout. The private sector wanted it to pass due to the control they would have of the people. The people didn't want it to pass because they knew they would be in danger if the dared to ever create anything due to copyright infringement. The protesters knew that the bill might be passing soon and they had grown more aggressive. The police were becoming more worried, lined up in their suits. Looking forward with a neutral look on their face. They were helmets that protected their face. A wiper would automatic wipe the clear material that protected their face if something was detected on it. Many of the protesters spat at the police in disgust. They were automatic given a warning and if they offended three times they would be stunned. The protesters look turns cycling through the waves. Once they reached two warnings they were moved to the back. The software for warning - much like the bill that being passed was still in development and it became confused on the warnings it had given people. This was one of the points that the Resistance to the bill used. Today they were showing how the three strike didn't work. More police troops had arrived and they were preparing to push the protesters back from the doors of the courtroom. Along with protesters media were scatted around the building ready to break any news that would be announced. All the major news agencies were there. Channel 4, 6 and 9. In the past there had been many more but the company had shut them down due to reporting of news that was unfavourable for the company. The three media news agencies that excised now were owned by the company. Though the people didn't know that. Even though they were owned by the company they still reported slanted news, even contradicting to what the other agencies were reporting. This was to keep the people believing that they were free. Channel 4 openly admitted that they were owned by the company. They only reported pro-company news and were accepted by the people for this. The other two channels 6 and 9 were different and didn't admit to who they were owned by. Journalists had attempted to infiltrate the organisation and break the story about who really owned them. These people were killed by the company before they could do this. There had been some close calls and security had to be increased. No longer outside journalists could be hired, they had to be those raised inside of the company. Some had suspected something was wrong with the media when some of agencies started to close their doors over strange reasons - finance, economic, and personal issues. Many of the executives were threatened and if they didn't compile their family were killed. The company grew to have a great influence over the media, and once they had control of them they had the power to control the people. Not everyone believed what was happening around them though. There was a few in the Resistance that wanted to rise up against the company and put a stop to their corrupt and evil ways. The company spent much time and money in attempts to hunt down. They knew very little about the leader of the Resistance. Their intell had revealed that they used the name John Smith. It had been the most common name. Nobody had names anymore though, instead everyone had given a unique ID so that they were able to be identified easily. The company believed that John Smith was not his real name and that it was just a code name - and a ironic one since it had been so common.

John Smith was amongst the protesters. He knew the company would be screening everyone there. That the police and drones would be taking photos of everyone there in order to identify them. Many of the protesters would later experience a visit from the police - likely undercover in order to extract information. Depending on the amount of information surrendered they would be arrested and taken to a company camp or left along with continued security. John had been part of the Resistance for over 30 years now and had grown in the ranks. He joined when he was in school. It started small and insignificant. Back when he first joined there was little reason to protest and resist. That grew as the company grew in power. Now the Resistance was all that stood between the freedom of the people and the company restoring everything. John wore a mask that randomised his features. When someone looked at him he looked like an average 50 something man. If they looked at him seconds later he would look completely different. This was in order to trick the cameras and those surviving him. The technology behind the mask was originally developed by the company to for the police and special forces. But the Resistance had stolen the technology and was using it against them. It had been very useful, especially for infiltrating the media. Several of the Resistance members were very close to getting inside of the media agencies. They had spent their lives undercover - working for the company but secectly they were passing information back to the Resistance. The Resistance had attempted this in the past but the agents had been caught and disappeared. One of Johns old school friends Harris White had been one. It happened so suddenly. One day Harris had reported to John that he was close to getting access to important company documents and at their next meeting Harris didn't show. He had never not shown to a meeting. The Resistance made attempts to find out what happened but nothing was revealed. Several other good people were lost in the hunt to find him. That was 15 years ago. It was assumed that the company discovered that Harris worked for the Resistance and had him shipped off to a company camp. Nobody in the Resistance knew what was inside the company camps. They were tall, metal, gray buildings with excellent security. Anyone that entered the building never returned. When the company camps were first setup - 20 years ago several of the Resistance members volunteered to attempt to sneak into the camp in order to try to discover what the company did inside. None returned and no information was leaked to the outside.

Harris had stepped in for John on the media mission. It really should of been John that had disappeared but Harris had volunteered instead. He knew that John was too important to the Resistance and there was a chance that it would fall apart if John was too fair. Harris knew that there was a high chance that he would never survive. Once Harris left high school he studied Journalism at University. It wasn't a subject often studied due to the low amount of opportunities in it. There were only three media companies left - and there were rumours that they were all owned by the company. Harris knew the dangers of studying Journalism. From the day that he signed up he would be under watch from the company. It would be unfair for him to have a family for fear that they would be killed. He wouldn't want to put that stress on any woman. His own family were all dead, along with Johns. The company had likely killed them. He was raised in a orphanage along with John. That's how they became friends. If the company had not killed their families they would of never meet. In someways attending the brothels as the risk was too high for the reward. For graduation Harris and John both wore the universities blue uniform. John had studied Engineering - something that would be useful against the company. They never had any classes together and generally stayed away from each other in order to not compromise each other. The Resistance they missed out on the meeting for the month. If they were in a meeting needed to go to hey reach the safe spot. If the believe they are they can tap the device under their arm three times it will stop them from being transported to the meeting.

Company spends lots of time trying to discover how the Resistance members meet. Whenever a suspected Resistance member is killed the company performs a autopsy on the body in order discover the device that Resistance members use. Overtime the company performed the autopsy they would find traces of a foreign metal in the blood. They believed this was the left overs of the device. They had even attempted to performed a autopsy on a live captured Residence. Unfortunately this failed and the prisoner died before the device could be extracted. Getting the device was a key step in the company taking infiltrating and taking down the resistance. They were putting the majority of their resources into it.

Once the court had finished the security and police needed to get the judge and lawyers to safety. It was impossible for them to go through the front door without having a confidential with the public. A member of the courts public relations team would brief the media outside the court once the judge and lawyers were at a safe distance. All sensitive documents would be destroyed by the lawyers before they left the courtroom - on the chance that the building would be breached by the protesters. They couldn't risk the chance the documents would be retrieved by the Resistance and used against the company. The judge had heard all the evidence from the lawyers and needed 24 hours to decide on the next step. Resistance had been attempting to find out information about the judge and evidence had been discovered for a plan to abduct the Judge. Security had been beefed up in response. The company knew the Resistance was planning something big but details were scares. Mary Lynch headed the division of company to hunt down the most wanted Resistance members. She had been promised to be made an excelitve if she should succed in capturing John Smith. Like John Smith she was also amongst the protesters outside the courtroom. She was doing survaviance - hunting for any sign of resistence fighters. She knew the majority of the protesters here were not members but just concerns citizens protesting - about an issue that would affect them all. She understood the protesters anger, but know that the company came before them. Mary had been working for the company since they had opened the company camps 20 years ago. Before then she had studied phycology and economics at university. She had passed Univervisty easily and the company were quick to pick her up. They offered her a pay package that she could not resist. Working for the company meant she was protected. There was a war brewing and being on the most powerful side meant she had more of a chance of survival. Like most people her age her parents had been killed by the company. She didn't hold this against this. She knew they were part of the Resistance and knew it was important to purge them from the planet. All they did was offer war and suffering to the planet. The company protected the citizens from the Resistance. Mary had started working for the company just days before the first Company Camp was opened. It was a big deal. Govterment was still active during this time and the local major had been given the honor of opening the building. Little did the major later the company would wipe out his local govt along with the national govt. It had taken over ten years of planning but when it did happen it was swift and painless. Bills and laws were put in charge by the company. They had control over the people. It was a sync attack on all govt officals. Their main structures were attacked wiping the majority of them out. Their houses were visited by the police and they were dragged from their homes and shipped off to Company Camps. The media reported that the resistance was behind the attack on govt. All 3 media agencies reported that John Smith was behind the plan. Channel 4 reported that there had been reports of company employies commiting the crimes, but they later admitted that these people were in fact Resistance members that were discised as the company. Several of the reporters were captured and taken to the company camps due to this reporting. Mary Lynch was one of the company employies that was reported being spotted. It caused the company a headache when one of their leading agents was working for the resistance. They handed it well - attmiting that Mary Lynch was a resistance fighter. They found a lifelike lookalike which they were able to stage a chase and death. The real Mary Lynch was able to continue working for the Company after she had her face and features reconstracted. It was a common name and the company employed so many people so she was able to keep her name. Her husband and son had to be shipped to a Company Camp which was disapointing for her. It took her a number of years to accept it but like what the company had done to her parents she accepted it. She had pled with the company to do the facial constration to her family similar to what they had performed on her. They refused saying that it was punishment for the mistakes she made of the attack on govt - drawing media attention and getting on camera. In the end she finally accepted it and carried on to work for the company like nothing had happened. She knew if she fought the company she would be taken off to the company camp like the rest of her family. It was their way of controlling her. After a long wait she had finally decided that.

John Smith had spotted Mary in the crowd. He knew her true identity. That she had worked for the company during the attack on govt and that the company had pretended that she worked undercover for the Resistance - when really she didn't. Everyone in the knew the Company was lying and coving it up. The media agencies were owned by the Company and never would reveal the truth. John suspected some of the documents that the Judge and Lawyers were discussing had information about Mary Lynchs true identity. This is why it was so important that John got the information and he could reveal her true identity to the world - and show how corrupt they had been. A revolution would take place. And John would lead it.