Mary checked with the Judge. He confirmed with her that he was the real Judge and not the decoy. He was able to give all the information to Mary that John and Harris had extracted from the Judge and the Lawyers. This was good for the Company. They knew now how much information John and Harris had. Mary decided it was time to contact Pepper and give her the good news. When Mary got hold of Pepper she gave her the news that Harris had been at Harris Aunt place all along. Pepper gave Mary the information that an old woman had given her information that she had seen Harris and John walk past her home. Mary doubted that this woman that Pepper was telling truth. Maybe she had dimentur or something. The Company would test her and see the details. The Company had wasted enough time searching around the area that Pepper was and they needed to pour all their resources into Harris Aunt home and the area. Mary knew that John and Harris wouldn’t get far with the specimens.

John sat in the car holding the specimens. They had left the documents behind but the specimens were too important to leave behind. Harris drove the car and his Aunt sat in the front seat beside him. Both Harris and John had to leave the building quickly and sneaky when Mary came knocking. They were not expecting that Mary would come knocking. They thought they were safely away from the Company. John wondered how Mary managed to track down his Aunts address. Harris had reassured him that the Company had no information on the link between him and his Aunt but they must of found something otherwise Mary wouldn’t of showed up. Harris Aunt managed to distract Mary long enough for Harris and John to get out of the building with the specimen and get the car ready for when Harris Aunt would walk out of the house and get into the car. When Mary sneaked upstairs Harris Aunt knew she had to get out of the building. She moved quickly and made it out of the door and into the car where they speed off before Mary came back down stairs and noticed that Harris Aunt was gone. They had nowhere to go. They had left the Judge and Lawyer behind along with the documents. The building would be swarming with the Company. They had bribed a woman near the Company Camp to say that she saw them in the area in order to slow down anyone from finding them at Harris Aunt. Mary had figured it out though and came to Harris Aunt house. They knew that the Company effects would be focused in that area. As they were driving John thought back to the last few days and how crazy and upside down his world had become. From the attempted intercept at the courthouse, the fire and killing at the Resistance base, working for the Company and having an office at a Company Camp, to discovering the room there and smuggling the specimen out with Harris, travelling to Harris Aunt home, and being driven out again. It seemed like everywhere he went he was driven away quickly. He couldn’t seem to say at a place for long without being driven away. John still didn’t understand the specimen and what Harris plan was. It seemed they ha been running in circles and John was worried about the danger that they were in.

Pepper arrived at Harris Aunt several hours after she got the call from Mary that she had located the location of Harris and John. The woman who had told Pepper that she had seen Harris and John was taken into a Company Camp in case she had any information that may turn out to be true on Harris and John. Pepper had a crazy few days. Her life was usually quite plain. It all started in the courthouse. She was there when the Judge and Lawyers were discussing the information. Briefed on what to tell the media and crowd outside. The middle man between the media and the Company. After the courthouse she had to give statements on the Judge and Lawyers being intercepted. Information was very limited - even the Company didn’t have the whole story so it was hard for Pepper to report all the information. She spent many hours working on her perching - getting them checked over by the Company for any information that that not belong or was sensitive. Everything she released was very censored and she had no freedom for her own thoughts on the releases. The Company made this up by paying her well. She had control and considered herself good at her job. She had survived at the Company much longer than any of the public relations workers before her. For the short time that John Smith had worked at the Company Pepper worked allot with him. His work was important for the Company and it disappointed her when Harris broke into the building and convinced John to escape with him. Pepper was involved with setting up the room and she was shocked when John and Harris had broken into the room and removed the Specimens and documents. It was her life's work. Publicly Pepper was seen a public relations spokesperson by really behind the scenes she worked on developing the Specimens in the room. It started when she was in High school and studied science. She started experiments on several organisms. It became increasing volatile and the school became worried that she would harm herself or others - shutting down her experiments. Pepper ended up moving her experiments to her home and dropping out of school. She was accepted into University and studies English and Science. She did well but didn’t continue the experiments she started in high school. It was too dangerous and she contained to only conduct the experiences from home. After leaving University she was hired by the Company. They understood her experiments and allowed her to continue them - along with her own team. This was another reason why Pepper liked working for the Company - they let her do what she wanted with her science. Any other organise would be restricted what she would be allowed to do. And when they found the truth, they would shut her down. The Company was different. They let her do this.

Pepper was able to remotely activate the specimens. Once she had activated them she could control them. They were dangerous creatures. This was the main reason why the High School put a stop to Pepper doing the developments. When she first developed the specimens she was unable to remotely active the specimens. They could only be actives by the persona physically there. The first prototypes were weak and harmless. But the modifications that Pepper did caused them to be more dangerous. The High School had issues when the specimens would attack other students. They would scratch and claw at other students. Pepper was unable to stop them. Pepper promised that she would keep them under control but she couldn’t they would still attack students. Pepper was ordered to remove the specimens from the school or she would be expelled. She had already been given a warning so there was no more chances. Pepper agreed and took the developments home, never to bring them back to high school. This made high school boring for her and she ended up staying at home focusing on the experiments. Her attendance at school was low. The only classes that she would attend were English. She enjoyed public speaker and writing. She dropped out of her Science classes. They didn’t let her do what she wanted. No longer she was allowed to do her developments. It was only writing and research that she was allowed to do. Her marks were dropping in the science class. She was doing well in her English class though. Once she left high school and started at University she had he same issues there. She was not allowed to do her science development due to the danger. Instead of doing Science at University she decided to focus on English full time. She did her specimen developments at home. Money was;t an issue. At her home lab she had a full setup.

Pepper was able to remotely activate and control the specimens. She didn’t know the location of the specimens but she knew they were with Harris, John and Harris Aunt. They were driving along with the activate happened. They jumped out of the boxes that they were kept in. Nobody in the car expected it. They began clawing and attacking Harris, John and Harris Aunt. Harris slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the car along with John. They both had several of the specimens hanging onto their bodies. They ripped and pushed them off their body. Finally free they checked on Harris Aunt. They found her dead. The specimens had killed the woman. Some of the specimens had scatted off but some still hanged around, looking ready to pounce on John and Harris. The two were back to back defensive with these Specimens ready to attack them. They had no idea what to do. The two had been so lucky in their tight situations the only way out way to distract them and get out of their. Harris and John backed up towards the car. They decided to pull the body of Harris Aunt of the car. The specimens crawled closer towards them. They threw the body at them. This caused the specimens to attack the body. They were distracted enough for John and Harris to get into the car and take off. They got away. One or two of the specimens seemed to follow them but the majority seemed to stay behind - feeding off the body of Harris dead Aunt. As they drove John noticed that Harris had tears in his eyes. He was brought up by his Aunt. He never knew his parents. Both John and Harris knew that his parents had been killed in a car crash when Harris was young. John put his arm on Harris shoulder telling him that everything will be OK and that she died to save him. Harris burst out into tears. He could not drive anymore, over come with grief. They parked and John took over the driving. They had nowhere to go but couldn’t stay here. Company would be looking for them in the area.

Mary and Pepper received report that strange specimen creatures in a area were attacked people. It had to be the specimens that Pepper had actives. They were still very experimental and she was unable to remotely reactive. They had to travel to the areas that they were loose and capture them. They told people to put something heavy over the specimens such as a metal bucket and to keep an eye on them. The specimens were lead in the direction that they were located. It was going to take sometime for Pepper and Mary to clean the specimens up and Harris and John and Harris Aunt could get further away from them.