The laws that were being discussing the courtroom between the Judge and the Lawyers was the expansion of specimen development that Pepper had been working on. The Company wanted to take her project worldwide. To build enough of the Specimens to attack the world. They could be powerful and the Company could unless great fury to any that stood in their way. It was slightly puzzling why they needed to be in court for it, but under the bill that the govt had passed to transfer power to the Company should anything happen to the Govt it had details that any law that was pass needed to be argued by two sides. The Company had corrupted both sides. The two Lawyers that argued their points in fact worked for the Company. The Judge was well paid by the Company. It was a corrupt system but it didn’t seem to be going away. People missed the govt and were annoyed at the Resistance for the attack. It left so many without their Family and Friends.

When specimen woke it was surrounded by children. They stood over it in amazement of what Pepper had created. It had no memory before this time. It was the first time that he had been created. It was quite helpless. With it’s two eyes it was able to look around the room. Posters and diagrams covered the walls. Mostly the children work. One of the children poked it’s finger at the specimen. The specimen was helpless to retaliate. It closed it’s eyes and the specimen heard gasps of amazement from the children. The finger moved away from the specimen. It opened it’s eyes again. There was one girl staring at it. The specimen believed this was the Creator. The specimen watched it carefully as they gently picked the specimen up off the table and bringing the specimen close to their face. A smile appeared on the girls face. There were some bangs on the door. Then everything went black for the Specimen. Pepper had deactivated it. When the specimen woke up it knew it had changed. No longer could it only use it’s eyes too look around but it could move around the surface. It’s tiny legs allowed it to scurry around the surface. Looking around there was only one person looking at it. It remembered her face. It would never forget that face. A smile came over her face. It was the same smile as before. She must of been so proud of the Specimen and how it could now move. The specimen continues to walk up and down the surface. Suddenly it felt itself falling. Pepper reached out and caught it before it hit the ground. She had saved it. Not only did she bring it into this world, she saved it from death. The specimen would be forever grateful. Pepper held the specimen in her hands and brought it close to her - similar to the first time. Everything went dark again for the specimen. Pepper had deactivate it. The next time the specimen awoke it knew it had changed. It’s legs had been improved. No longer did it just be able to scurry up and down on the surface it was able to jump and move quickly, dodge. A greater sense of agile. It was able to jump off the table and land on the ground safely. Like last time - Pepper was the only person in the room. Along with the improvement to it’s movement the specimen realised that along with the improved movement it had claws that it was able to open and close. In front of it was a glass test tube. It rushed forward and attacked the glass test tube with it’s claws. Pepper picked it up and moved it close to her. Like the previous two times everything went black for the specimen. Pepper had yet again deactivate it. Again the specimen awoke. Along with all the previous changes the claws were improved. They were sharper and longer. More of a weapon than before. The specimen wanted to get out of the room. It jumped from the surface out of an open window. Behind it could hear Pepper yell and run out of the room. The specimen knew it didn’t have long but it would do as much damage as it could before it was stopped. It saw children sitting eating their food. It rushed towards them and attached itself to a child - clawing their body. The body screamed - trying to rip it off. Pepper rushed up and managed to rip it off the child. Pepper wasn’t smiling this time. Instead a frown formed on it’s face. Pepper brought the specimen close to her face. Once again everything went dark. Pepper had deactivate it. The next time that the specimen woke up it was in a different location. The windows were sealed so it wasn’t able to escape. It realised attacking the child had been too much and it wasn’t going to escape again. This made it sad. Over the years the Specimen was actives many times. It grew in power and training. Every time in the lab at Peppers home. After a few years it was actives in a new room. The Company Camp. This was much like the lab in Peppers home. The only difference to the specimens here was Pepper developed a technique to remotely activate them. She had issues with reactive them remotely. The specimen remembers clearly the say it was removed from the Company Camp. It along with the multiply clones of itself that had been created. It was unable to move but deactivated now put the specimen into a hibernate state. Two figures that specimen had never seen before had came into the room and removed the specimen from it’s cage and moved it into a cardboard box. The specimen knew something was wrong. It was being taken away by someone that wasn't Pepper. The specimen knew that Pepper was the one that was in charge of the specimen and it was awkward and weird having someone else. The specimen could hear sounds around it but not see anything - except for the cardboard box that it was placed in. The specimen could hear the sound of the elevator opening and descending down. Out onto the street the specimen could hear more sounds. Cars and people going up and down the street. When the specimen was finally actives it was driving down the road with three people. The specimen was happy to be activated finally. Pepper must of actives it remotely. It was able to jump out of the cardboard box - attacking the people in the car. The specimen attached itself to the old woman. Blood squirted over the cars internals. The other two figures jumped out of the car The specimen still hanged on to the old woman clawing away. It felt the old woman's heart stop and moved onto the two figures. The other specimens had surrounded the two figures. The specimen decided to stay back. It wasn’t sure attacking these two now was the best option. Instead it decided to hide under the seat. It wanted to see what would happen next. It watched from under the seat as the two figured backed up to the car. They reached for the old woman's body and threw it into the swarm of other specimens. Distracted they attacked it - giving time for the two figures to get into the car and drive away. The specimen knew it was different. It was the first that Pepper had created. It was smarter than the others. It had control of its self. It was able to think and decide for it’s self. The others didn’t have this. The specimen didn’t know if it wanted to go back to Pepper or stay with these new people. Maybe these new people wouldn’t lock it up. Maybe they believed that it could change.

John and Harris decided to stay at a motel. They had been driving for hours - trying to get away from the Company. John had been driving the majority of the ride as Harris was still grieving over his dead Aunt. A sleep might be just what Harris needed. In the morning he might feel better. They pulled the car over and went inside to the reception. They ordered a one bedroom room with twin beds. Harris was able to pay for the room with cash. An electronic transaction might be tracked by the company so they avoided using the cards they had - only cash. John was given the keys for the room and the two made their way over to the room. The sun was setting as they walked through the car park towards the room. Bright red rays shined down on them. A red sunset always meant for a nice day the following day John believed. They reached the door and John put the key in and turned. The door opened and they walked inside. The room was advarge. It had two single beds with a dresser next to it. There was a small kitchen along with a bathroom - shower and toilet. The place would be fine until they sorted out what they were going to do next. After brushing his teeth Harris went straight to bed. He was tired and just wanted to sleep and put the day behind him. John couldn’t sleep and stayed up - reflecting on the Documents and taking notes on what he could remember. He was annoyed that he had left them behind at Harris Aunt home. He had to try to remember what they had said - going over them in his head. As he was writing his notes a noise alerted him. He looked up and saw a specimen walking over the table. It must of been one of the ones that attacked him and Harris that day. This one seemed harmless though - like it didn’t want to attack him. It was moving back and forward on the desk - almost as it was dancing.