John dropped his pen that he had been taking notes with and moved towards the Specimen. It seemed to be calling him. Very slowly he moved his hands towards the Specimen. It stopped dancing and froze for a moment. John stopped moving his hand forward and froze also. To Johns surprise the Specimen jumped into his hands. It didn’t attack him. It wanted to be friends. John realised something was very different about this Specimen. Something all the others didn’t have. He wanted to wake Harris up and show him. He walked into the bedroom still carrying the Specimen. John looked at the sleeping body of Harris and John decided to wait until Harris woke up. He had considered going to sleep but he decided it was best that he stay awake and make sure the Specimen was OK. By the time that Harris woke up he was extremely tired and just wanted to sleep. Harris awoke and John showed him the Specimen. Harris was happy. He knew that it could be used against the Company. The Specimen didn't seem to like Harris as much as John but he was able to tolerate him. Harris looking after the Specimen well Harris slept. Like John he knew that the Specimen was key to their fight back against the Company. With all the bad luck he had had he was happy that he had the Specimen. He missed his Aunt. She had raised him as his own. Nobody knew it but Harris knew that his Father had died on the Attack on the Govt. He was the Prime minister. All connections between Harris and his Father were destroyed. The Resistance and The Company both didn’t know who he was related to. His Aunt was the Sister of his Mother who had died giving birth to Harris. Harris was an only child.

Pepper and Mary arrived at the area where the Specimens were reported. They went house to house and gathered up each Specimen that was on the loose. Police had cornered off an area where a woman's body was located. After Pepper and Mary had gathered all the Specimen into their cages they went to the location of the woman's body. It was hard to recognise the woman but they were sure that it was Harris Aunt. The Specimens had killed and fed off her. It was a mess. Counting the Specimens that they had gathered up they realised that one of missing. Pepper knew straight away which one was missing. It was the first specimen she had created. Her priced position. No one had reported any more so they had to assume that Harris and John had the Specimen. Pepper couldn’t stop thinking about the Specimen. It had never been away from her. It was activated and she wasn’t able to reactive. She wanted more than anything to see the Specimen. Mary reassured her that they would track it down and she would be reunited with her Specimen. They had finished cleaning up the area and able to search for Harris and John. They knew the two would be running out of location to tay. They had been driven out of so many areas already - the Resistance Headquarters, The Company Camp, Harris Aunt Home. They would be getting desperate on locations. Mary decided to check all hotel and motels in the area. No payments were shown on either Harris or Johns credit cards. The Company had not cancel ed the cards on the rare chance that they made a mistake and made a payment. The last payment they made was from an eftpos machine in the area that that the Specials were reported. That was their last chance to use the card and know the could get away with it - because the Company was already looking for them in the area. The amount of cash that was withdrawn was the daily limit. It would last them for sometime. Pepper and Mary had several choices. They could keep looking for Harris and John or they could return to a Company Camp and gather intel - waiting for Harris and John to use their credit cards. It had been setup so if a credit card was used Mary would immediacy be informed - they would have to rush quickly to the location if they wanted to capture them. They may also get lucky an someone might report the Specimen that would be travelling with Harris and John. Mary and Pepper decided the best option was to go back to the Company Camp and wait for the next move. They had spent too much time chasing and needed to step back - waiting and hoping that Harris and John make a mistake.

Mary and Pepper decided to leave the scene with the specimens that they had collected. Out of the choices of heading to the Company Camp or hunt further for Harris and John they decided to go to the Company Camp. They returned to the Company Camp much the same way that they got there. Mary drove her scooter and Pepper rode on the back. They reached the train station and brought two trains tickets. The trip back to the Company Camp was long but they were able to sleep in a private cabin. Once they reached the destination they got off with scooter and rode it back to the Company Camp. Now they just needed for Harris and John to make a mistake.

Mary and Pepper were back at the Company Camp. Pepper was able to draft a statement to the media. She sat in her office and wrote. “Today the Resistance unleaded a weapon known as the Specimen Project. Developed over years the Specimen Project had a goal of creating killing creatures that they would use to harm the People and The Company. This is unacceptable and The Company swiftly took action against the Resistance and the Specimens that they released. Three suspects were involved in the attack - John, Harris and a woman related to Harris. The Company believes that it was his Aunt - his Mothers Sister. The Company is happy to announce one of these criminals has died due to injuries from the unstable Specimens. The victim was Harris Aunt. John and Harris are still on the loose and anyone with any information about their whereabouts must contact The Company. Withholding information is a crime and The Company will punish. We thank the good people for their continued support in the Company.” Pepper put her pen down. It would have to be checked over by The Company quality assurance department but she was happy with what she had written so far. Pepper transferred the file to the department. She would have to wait several hours before it came back to her. Likely changes would be made. If Pepper was happy with the changes they made she could release. If she wanted to make more changes she needed to send it back to quality assurance. This happened rarely. Pepper normally released a media statement once it returned to her. She only ever one or twice disagreed with some of the changes they had made. Pepper decided to catch up with Mary well waiting for quality assurance to get back to her. Pepper found Mary in her office working through the Documents about John and Harris. The majority of Specimens were returned to the Company Camp but there was still one o the loose. This worried Mary almost as much as Pepper. Mary knew she would be the one that would need to attack. Pepper was good at what she does - Science and Public Relations but not fighting. Both Pepper and Mary knew this. This was one of the reasons why they made such as powerful team - they had skills to complement each other. Pepper had made them both a cup of coffee. She knocked on Mary's officer door and walked in. Mary looked up with a smile on her face. Pepper passed Mary her the cup of coffee. Mary thanked Pepper. Pepper took a seat and started to look through the Documents with Mary. Pepper could tell that Mary had been busy sorting through the Documents and information that The Company had on Harris and John when Pepper had been working on the statement to the media. Finally quality assurance got back to Pepper over the media release. To Peppers surprise they had made changes to the release. They had added more details on the locations that Harris and John were last seen along with the fact they might be carrying a dangerous Specimen with them. They were not to be approached. Pepper was annoyed with herself for not thinking to add these details herself. Sometimes she was happy that she had the quality assurance team that would look over her releases. It was much different with her Science developments - she had free Regina. The Company was not happy with her about the Specimens leaving the building. They knew it wasn’t totally her fault though - Harris had came up with a complex plan. Still Pepper worried that her future Science Developments would not be so free and she may be given restrictions similar to what she has with her Public Relation releases. The thought of checking with quality assurance every time she wanted to make a change to the Specimens made Pepper unhappy. That’s not what she wanted. She was prepared to fight for not having the quality assurance. Pepper knew that Mary would back her up also. Mary always did. She was good like that. Pepper was happy with the media statement that quality assurance sent back. She decided to show it to Mary and get her feedback. Mary wasn’t interested in reading the statement. She said that she was sure that it was fine and that she should just release it to the media. Pepper didn’t pester her further - she knew that Mary wasn’t a fan of dealing with the media. That’s what Pepper is for Mary would say.

Harris was watching the news with the Specian in his hands when the news switched to breaking news. Pepper was in front of the company camp and gaves a statement about the events that had happened the previous day involving Harris and John. Harris was suprised how much of the truth they left in to the statment. They did lie about the fact that it was the Resistance that released the Specimans. Harris knew that it would be Pepper that remotly actived it. Aside for this everything else they said was OK. Harris was not worried. Once John awoke he would hear the news and would likely be more worried than Harris. They still didn’t really have a plan. They were stuck in this motel room until the Company busted down the door and killed them - taking back the Speciman or they could go on the offensive - attacking the Company again.