People were angry about the Resistance releasing the Specimens into the public. Marches and Protests increased. Lobby groups and hunting parties were formed in order to track down John and Harris. It was becoming increasing unsafe for them to stay at the motel. They had given fake names and tried to chance appearances - cutting hair, growing beards. The management at the motel was becoming increasing suspicious of John and Harris. Worse yet - they were beginning to run low on cash. They had avoided using their credit cards as they knew that the Company would be watching the transactions. They were gaining tired of hiding and really just wanted to face the Company. They had been training the Specimen. It had became very loyal to John but he still worried about how it would interact against Pepper - would it remember who created it and developed or would the loyally be given to John who had given it freedom and worthiness in life. John hoped that it would choose him.

The reason why The Company attacked the Govt and downfall of it was because they wanted to have control.

John and Harris diverse a plan to lure Pepper and Mary to where they were. They had two choices. They could run and avoid The Company. There were islands offshore that they might be able to travel to. It would be hard for the Company to find them. Being on the mainland meant that Company could easily find them. Decided to buy a boat with the last remaining money that they had left over. They had to buy the boat from the black market. The Company had made it illegal to buy boats in order to stop people from moving away from the mainland. The boat was going to be expensive and they would have little money left afterwards. They had organised to buy the boat. They packed the small amount of gear they had into the car along with the Specimen and drove to the nearby docks where they would buy the boat and leave the mainland. After they had brought the boat and as John and the Specimen were getting into the boat Harris said he had one last task to do and that he would be back soon. John waiting with the boat for Harris to return. Harris made his way up the path away from the water. There was a nearby money machine that he used his card and withdraw his daily limit. Pepper and Mary were immediacy notified of his withdraw. Harris knew this but he had a plan. He hurried back to the boat. When he hanged John the cash John knew straight away that The Company would be on their way. He was annoyed. They had the boat, they could get off this mainland and far away when The Company couldn’t find them. Harris explained that he had unfinished business with The Company and couldn’t come with him. John would have to take the money and leave the mainland - taking the Specimen with him. Harris had given him a large amount of cash - John would be able to survive for a very long time on the islands with it. John and Harris said their goodbyes. They knew it was highly likely that they would never see each other again.

Mary received an alert that Harris Credit Card had been used. She had been given approval to use The Company plane to reach the location quickly. Mary was sleeping at home when the alert went off. The alarm woke her straight away and she got up and dressed - heading straight out the door. She had no time to shower or drink. Mary sent a message to Pepper that she was heading to the helicopter. It was highly likely that Pepper would want to fly there also. Mary couldn’t wait for her to arrive. Pepper told Mary that she would be at the plane and to not leave without her. When Mary arrived at the airport Pepper was already there - ready to fly to the location that the alert of Harris card usage came from. The two boarded the plane. It was a small helicopter and would be able to land on the roof of the building. Mary and Pepper went into the helicopter and it took off. During the trip Mary looked over the data that had been gathered when Harris used the credit card. It had been used at a eftpos machine to withdraw the max amount of cash that he was able that day. Along with the data on the eftpos machine and cash withdrawn Mary received images from the security camera. It clearly showed Harris walking up to the machine and withdrawing the money. He made no effect to hide the fact that it was him. As he walked away from the machine he turned back and gave a wave. Mary gave a slight laugh. He knew she would be looking at this footage. Mary expanded the area around the eftpos machine - looking for key areas that Harris and John could be located. It was a small coastal town that he was located it. No known Resistance members were located there - although it was a hot spot for black market boats. Mary suspected that Harris and John might be trying to get away on a boat. They would of already needed to have received the boat before the cash was withdrawn. Mary and Pepper would arrive to stop them before they go away. Mary was a little worried that she might lose them again if they left the mainland. The Company had little control over some of the smaller offshore islands. It would be very problematic for The Company if the Specimen was taken offshore also.

Harris watched as John and the Specimen sailed off into the distance. He would of liked to be on the boat with them but he wanted to stay behind in order to kill Mary for killing his Father. That’s what it came down to in the end. Overhead he heard the helicopter. He knew that it would be Mary. She had tracked him to the location. Harris was prepared for her. He had with him a Specimen. It wasn’t the original one that had attacked them and followed them to the motel. It was a clone of it. When John had been sleeping Harris spent his time creating a copy of the Specimen. It took him sometime but he managed to successfully copy it. He never told John about it because he wasn’t sure if he would approve or not. The Helicopter landed nearby and two figures jumped out and headed towards Harris. Straight away Harris knew that it was Mary and Pepper. They approached him. They were not carrying any weapons. Harris took a cautious stance. Mary asked him where the Specimen was. Harris told her that it was far away by now and you would never reach it. Harris told Mary that he knew now that it was her that killed his Father. Harris yelled the order to attack and the Specimen rushed at Mary - blood sprayed as it clawed her body. Pepper screamed and rushed towards Mary - attempting to rip the Specimen off her body. She finally ripped it off and Mary collapsed to the ground. Pepper turned towards Harris and charged at him - knocking him to the ground. She begin the punch him. Harris just laughed. The Specimen crawled up on Peppers shoulder and looked down at Harris. It pounced into Harris face.

John and the Specimen were too far out to sea to hear any of the events that had taken place on the shoreline. John had with him a boat, a wallet full of money, and the Specimen. As long as he stayed safe and away from The Company he would be OK. He sailed for several hours before reaching a shoreline. He had never left the mainland so was not really sure what he was going to be facing. He reached the wharf and unlocked himself and the Specimen. He tired the boat up to the dock. The place seemed quiet and empty. He had only ever read about the island outside of the mainland - he hadn’t even seen photographs. He made his way off the shore and towards the nearby town. He was tired and needed to find somewhere to sleep. He walked for sometime around the town looking for anyone that may help him with somewhere to stay. The town was a ghost town. It seemed like no one lived there anymore. John finally came across a building that looked like a hotel. It was run down and looked like it had not had people in for a long time. John knocked on the door. No answer. He tried the door but it was locked. John decided to smash a window and climb in. He needed somewhere to sleep. John climbed through the window. He had entered the lobby of the hotel. There was no sign of a guest book or any information at the regisationion. He carried on. John was hungry and decided to check the kitchen for any food. He found some tinned fruit that he was able to open and eat. It wasn’t a hot meal but it was better than nothing. John washed his plate and headed towards the guest bedrooms. He found a room. The bed was already made and it climbed in and fell off to sleep straight away. John slept peacefully. The bed was better than the beds that he had been sleeping on at the motel. He wondered what had happened to Harris and if he was still alive. When John woke in the morning he got up and had a shower. There was no hot water but the cold water was still running. John was happy with a cold shower. He made his way to the kitchen for some more food. He opened another tin of fruit and started to eat it. He decided he was going to need to find some different types of food. These cans of fruit would not last him long. He had all this cash but nothing to spend it on.