John finished his breakfast and washed his dishes. He headed towards the hotel frontdoor with the Speciman and opened the door. He walked out and closed the door after him. John wanteed to search the town further to try to find what happened to the people or find someone. John was happy that the weather was sunny. Yesterday it had been overcast. Today there was no a dark cloud in the sky. This made John feel positive. Like yesterday the place seemed empty. John started down the road. The hot sun had caused the dust on the road to rise up as John walked along. John walked for sometime but there was still no sign of people. He reached a medical facility that looked much older than some of the other buildings. John decided to investage the building further. All the windows were blocked out so John was not able to see inside. He walked around the building and couldn’t see in. He decided to try te front door. To his suprise it was unlocked - unlike the hotel building. John tried knocking just in case someone answered but there was no answer. John opened the door and walked in. Like the outside inside the medical building was ancient. It was a pre-company faciliety. John hadn’t seen anything quite like it in his life. The Company had destoried all buildings that existed before they came to power in the mainland. They never bothered out here though. Documents were scatted about the area with the govt symbols on. It had been many years since John had seen any govt related material. It was quite fasanating for him. John wondered what the govt got up to in a place like this. He moved through the building with the Speciman following him. He reached a door that said dangerous substances ahead and warned to wear a hazmac suit. John looked around and found a hazmac suit hanging up. It was a perfect fit for him. He slipped it on over his clothes. John wasn’t sure it the substances would still be harmful over all these years but he perfered to be safe. After he got the suit on he made his way through the dangerous door. The Speciman stayed behind. There was a loud noice of the air decompressing as the door closed behind John and sealed. Another door in front of him opened and he walked through. Fully developed human sized specimans were in this room. The Speciman that John had was only small - not much bigger than a cat. The ones in this room were large adult sized. Some of them even had mouths and ears. Almost human like. John continued through the room. At the end of the room there were several tubes that contained the human sized specimans in water. They had breathing tubes attached to them. John went over to the control panel. He pressed buttons that drained the water and reactied the Specimans. Out of the three that were there only one of them was able to be activated. The other two had been daamged and were not able to be . John stood over the actived Speciman. He move the breating tube from it’s face. It had a human mouth. Complete with teeth and a tounge. John picked the Speciman body up from the ground and placed it on the workbench. It had been actived but not fully awake yet. John was curious to find out more about the Speciman. Clerly from all the govt documents around the building that it was the govt that ha develope the speciman. He always thought that it was Pepper from The Company that developed the Speciman. Now John knew there were people before her that had developed Specimans - and far more advance than what Pepper had created. The Speciman on the bench finally started to wake up. John stood over it as it awoke. It seemed confused as to where it was. Maybe it had never een activated before. John was happy that he had found someone in this empty town. Maybe it might know what happened. The Specimans eyes flashed opened and steered at John. John asked what it’s name was. It opened it’s mouth but no sound came out. John hoped that the Speciman wasn’t mute. Finally after several mouth movements the Speciman spoke. Khyati. It spoke. It lifted it’s arm and pointed at itself. John was releaved. It could speak. Khyati pointed at John. It wanted to know Johns name. John told Khyati his name. Khyati smiled and sat up. John had many questioned for Khyati but decided to head back to the hotel. The day was getting on and it would be dark soon. John didn’t want to be out on the streets at night - especially now that he knew there were other lifeforms on the island. He helped Khyati get up from the bench and headed towards the exit door. They both walked through the first exit door. It closed behind them. The same sound happened of the depressure of air. The second exit door opened. They walked out of the dangerous door. John was expecting to see the Speciman there but it was gone. Perhaps it had returned to the hotel or gone exploring. John hoped the Speciman would return. John and Khyati headed towards the building exit. John opened the front door leading outside and the two walke out. The sun was setting so John wanted to hurry back to the hotel. He walked down the dusty road with Khyati following closely behind. The two made it to the hotel. John opened the door and they walked in. John was hungry. He knew he was going to have to have tinned fruit. Tomorrow he would go to the supermarket and get something other than tinned fruit. Khyati followed John into the kitchen. John went into the cubared and got the tinned fruit. He poured the tin of fruit into the bowl. Khyati seemed interested in the tinned fruit. As John ate the fruit Khyati kept looking at him and the fruit. Khyati reached out and grabbed the bowl of fruit and started to eat it. John laughed and went to the cubard and got another two tins of fruit.

Khyati was happy to be activated. She remembered back to the first time that she had been activated. There wasn’t just one person that had been there. There were many. The people were all wearing labcoats and looking at Khyati in amazement. Khyati didn’t think there was anything special about it. It was as she had just woken from a long and deep sleep. She couldn’t remember anything before it. Khyati lifted her arms. They looked similar to the others in the room. Her veins were bulging unlike theirs though. She looked at them. A liquid flowed through her arms. The scientests asked her to stand up and walk around. Khyati obayed. One step after another. The sceientists had notepads and were taking notes about her walking. They seemed to be happy with her progress. Khyati was happy that they were happy. The scientists gave her an obsacule course that Khyati had to nagagate through. Khyati found that she could nagaiate quite easily through the course. The scientists continued to take notes. They had a neutral look on their face. Khyati wasn’t sure if she was doing it right. It was concerning for her. Khyati finished the course and the scientists got Khyati to lie back down where she woke up. Everything went black for Khyati. The scientists moved the deactived Khyati into a tube that they filled with liquid. They connected a breathing tube to her mouth. She needed this for the long term in order to keep the body alive. The scientists knew that it might be a very long time before Khyati was actived again. The scientist all packed up their gear and left the building. They knew they would never returned. They could not.

Pepper attended Marys funeral. The only other people at the funeral were were her other workmates. There was none of Marys family there. Mary never talked about her family to Pepper. Pepper wasn’t sure if any of Marys family was still alive. The Company had killed so many people.