John wondered if the island was post apocalyptic. Why did the scientists leave the island so quickly. It's as they knew something bad was happened. Khyati enjoyed the tinned fruit. John hoped there would be more tinned fruit at the Supermarket. One thing that John was missing was hot meals. He hoped that the Supermarket might have items that were not tinned meat. The island wasn't poisonous or anything. The Company had such control here. Did they make it illegal to buy boats to stop people from getting to the island? john was successfully surviving on the island. There were even life forms on the island that John had discovered. It would of been good for the mainland to have Specimens as advance as Khyati. John wondered what would the people think of Khyati. The Specimen was far from human. It could give them a fresh start. Something to live by. He wasn't sure if Pepper the scientist and public relations person that worked for The Company knew about Khyati. It might of been before her time. She must of discovered some of the same ideas behind Khyati though because her Specimens were similar - just not as advance and developed. The Scientists must have spent a long time working on Khyati. How many years of information did The Company manage to cover up? John tried to talk to Khyati about anything she could remember. Khyati seemed to still have issues with communicating. She could speak basic words and understand what John was saying. She spoke little of herself. It was as the language was a second language for her. The following day John and Khyati went to the supermarket the next day. John wanted something that wasn't tinned fruit. John was sure that Khyati might want to try something that wasn't tinned fruit. The door to the front door of the supermarket was locked but John smashed a window and was able to open the door from the inside and let Khyati in. John grabbed a shopping trolley and started to walk down the isles - throwing any food in that would be useful. After they finished they walked out of the supermarket and back to the hotel. The food that they had collected was long life. Many of the items in the supermarket was old and rotten. Though they were not as old as the science building that John had found Khyati in. It confused him the fact that the building that Khyati was found in was so old - pre Company time but that supermarket food would of been only a few months old. It's like the science building had been abandoned

The Specimen hadn't returned. John wondered where it went after he went into the dangerous door. He had told the Specimen to stay there and he would return soon. When he returned there was no Specimen. It had just disappeared. John wondered if the Specimen knew about Khyati. did the specimen leave because it knew that Khyati was too be activated. They were connected John knew. The Specimen was a later version of Khyati. The govt had closed the program. Something about the project had scared them. They had to get out. Was the specimen scared of Khyati? John asked Khyati many questions but there was little reply. They knew basics of speaking - saying hello. it was hard for them to develop it. Was the world worse when the scientists were there? What went so bad. The Company wanted command. Was there a weapon. They just wanted something. What was lost? What was gained? Show the people who where behind it.

Patrick died before the body of his wife was found. He had remarried. Only once. But just one day he gave up. He knew that she wasn't coming back. Mary went through her life without a Mother. Patrick never gave up. In his will he requested that the grave be deep enough for his wife to be buried above. World that recovered from a cruel world. This did not play it safe. No one wanted to live in the govt controlled area. It deals with the idea of slow death. It was never going to get better. Despair. Struggle. Dying Out. Tackle it out. Destroying the world and rebuilding as the Company. No one could remember how. It was never going to get better. The Company things they would do to keep their power. Create a new place. Seeing what it does. What would it be like have Specimens like Khyati in the world. Would the people find her a monster. Take fear create. Life advice. Everything else. Go all the way. Keep boiling. It will not be safe. Not as bad. Real sense of fear. Things never back to how they go back. Getting much worse. They had the funeral of Patrick and he was buried in the same grave as Suz. The grave next to it was reserved for their daughter - Mary. Gravediggers were out late digging the grave. They used big large flashlights in order to see at night. Normally they did this during the day but The Company said that the body needed to be buried quickly. No media. No public. Nobody showed up to the funeral except for Pepper and several work mates.

Pepper had tracked Johns location to an a small offshore island off the main island. Company data showed that there was no known life forms on the island. There was no record of people that had lived on the island in the past. Pepper scrolled through the data. The more she looked into it the more she began to think that there was something wrong. Why didn't the Company have more information

Harris woke. He was chained to a bed. Had The Company got him. The last thing he remembered was that woman from the company - Pepper. Harris squinted and looked around the room. Something was wrong with his vision. It wasn't the same as before. He was unable to focus. Everything seemed to be a blur. It didn't feel like he was on any drugs though. Harris jerked his arm but was unable to move. The handcuffs around his hand banged against the metal bed frame. Harris called out but there was no reply. He looked around more. Looking down to his legs and he was terrified. His legs had been removed and replaced with the Speciman type legs. They were similar to the Specimen that had came to John and himself. What had happened to him he thought. Had the Company done this? He could see no other exportation. It must have been The Company. What had they done to him he wondered. This must of been the doing of Pepper. She was the one that had created the Specimen. Now she was experimenting on his body. It made him sick. He only every wanted revenge on Mary. Had he killed her? He couldn't remember clearly. He knew that the cloned Specimen that he had attacked Mary. He tried to focus. To remember back to what happened. There were blurs, flashes of events.