John and Khyati made it back to the hotel with the trolley of food. John was finally going to be able to have warm meal. He had found a gas cooker and bottle at the supermarket that he could use to warm up the food. It was mostly tinned food but John was happy that it wasn't only fruit. He could cook the baked beans with the gas cooker. Khyati followed John into the kitchen. John had pushed the trolley all the way from the supermarket to the hotel. The two unloaded it into the cupboard and started to make food. John was very happy to have something other than tinned fruit. He setup the gas cooker and made Khyati and himself baked beans. Like the tinned fruit before Khyati was very interested in the baked beans and how they were cooked. She watched as John made them. Mesmerized by how they warmed up in the heat. It's as she was experiencing it for the first time. Everything that John and Khyati did together was new for Khyati. She had only ever walked around a lab to please a few scientists. Now she was exploring outside. Seeing sights she had never dreamed off. She had been deactivate for a very long time. John had tried to ask her many times about how long she had been deactivate for and why. What had happened to the scientists. Khyati ignored it. She hated to think about it. Khyati knew that she was to blame. Everything started to go wrong once she was developed. Scientists started to die. Funding was cut. Scientists didn't want anything to do with the project. Govt started forcing Scientists to work on the project. They were slaves. Scared and pressured into it. Like the slaves working on the Pyramids before them.

What was going to happen to John. He couldn't just live out his days on the island surrounded by nobody except for Khyati. Weeks went by and he continued to stay at the hotel exploring the town and surrounding areas. He still had the boat. What was the point in going back though? There was nothing left for him in the mainland. He had no idea if Harris was alive or not. His resistance fighters had all been killed by Harris. John thought back to all the messed up events that had taken place. If he had not been at the Resistance headquarters would of they still been killed? He had hardly talked to Harris about the events. He just tried to accept it when he was with Harris but now that he was gone he had so many questions. And it was likely that Harris was dead. Killed by the Company. And if he wasn't dead then he would of been taken by the Company. What would they do with him. They could never trust him again after what he did to them. He tried to take them down. If he had been successful then it would be completely different. John would likely still be in the mainland. John had found out about who Harris father had been. He had known Harris almost his whole life and Harris had never told John. Never told anyone.

Pepper opened the door and entered. Harris had woken up and realized somewhat had happened to him. She had merged Specimen and Harris together. There was no way Pepper and the Company could of saved his life without the operation. Hopefully Harris would learn that. He was under their control now. Everything they told him to do Harris would do. He had no choice. No control. The Company had finally gained everything over him. He had nothing. In the past he had worked for the Company in order to gain information that was returned to the Resistance. This stopped because he was working on something big. Harris never had a chance to reveal what it was that he worked on for such as long time. For over 15 years he spent at the Company without any contact from the Resistance. He was not front line. The Resistance would of seen and heard him if he was. Instead he was behind the scenes. Pulling the strings that directed the future of the Company. The hours were long and Harris didn't have time for anything else except his work. He had no friends and talked to nobody outside of the Company. The only events that he attended were Company events that were a regular event. The hours took their toll on Harris though. He grew tired and sick. It had pushed him to the edge. He needed a break. Something else to do. It could of been anything. A holiday. Somewhere away from the large gray buildings that were Company Camps that just consumed him. There was no color. He dreamed of color. The Company had taken that away. Everything was a mid shade of gray. Harris couldn't remember if the Resistance brought him joy. He had wondered why he worked for them in the first place. Then he was reminded. Because of Harris Father. Because of who he was. The Prime minister. Harris had no memory of him. He didn't know how much was the truth. Both the Company and the Resistance seemed to lie to him. He felt he couldn't trust either. The Company had kept the identity of Harris a secret. Even Mary didn't know his background. She worked it out later. But by then it was too late. Mary was killed by Harris and a Specimen he had developed. The Company was able to analyze the Specimen and realized it was similar to the one that had escaped with John. They worked out that when John, Harris and the Specimen were on the run Harris must of created another version of the Specimen an developed a plan to kill Mary with it. And it worked. The Company came in and removed Mary's body. They talked to Pepper about what had happened. Harris was there. Alive just. Still. The Company knew they were going to have to operate on him. Pepper would be useful. Things would never be the same at the Company without Mary. She was an important part of the Company and she was going to be missed by all. She was a workaholic. She never seemed to have much of a personal or social life. It was always just working on projects and tasks for the Company. It's what she was good at and she enjoyed it. Right up to the moment she died.

Pepper scrolled through the data. The more she looked into it the more she began to think that there was something wrong. Why didn't the Company have more information. The Company only seemed to maintain data about the mainland and nothing about the island surrounding it. Even history on the islands didn't exist. Pepper knew the island where there - there was no drought about it. The Company seemed to pretend they didn't though. It puzzled Pepper why the Company would go into so much effect to hide them. To keep people away from them. It was as the islands contained something that the Company didn't want found. Khyati was a name that seemed to pop up in the data. There was a little amount of information on it. Not Allot but from what Pepper could gather it was a govt experiment. It happened before the Company was formed. Something about Khyati trigger the Company to be formed. It's as the Company formed in order to hide the events that surrounded Khyati. The more Pepper looked into it the more she realized that it was similar to the Specimens that she had developed. Khyati was based on the same principal and ideas. Only Khyati seemed to be far more advance. Pepper wondered if Khyati is what John had discovered. He must of found something on the island. Pepper knew that John wasn't the type of person to just run away and do nothing. He must of been planning something. Pepper realized that Khyati was a very dangerous life form. The Company had been formed to stop Khyati and now John might have activated the creature.

It was Harris that had attacked Suz and locked her away in the room. He had been doing study at the university when it happened. He had started his first assignments with the Company. They had tasked him to follow and capture known Resistant fighters. Harris had been following Patrick believing he might be part of the Resistance. When Suz came and started to follow Patrick also Harris freaked. He made a major mistake capturing Suz thinking that she was the Resistance. He was afraid of letting her go - she might let the Company know that he had messed up. In the end Harris decided to just let Suz die. It would take many years for anyone to find the body. And it worked. Harris got away with it. After speaking to Suz to the first time and realizing that she wasn't part of the Resistance he left her to die. He didn't just kill her or let her go. He left her to die alone in the locked room. She could scream until she was to weak to scream more but no one would hear her. Her calls would go unanswered. Harris tried to not think about it. He just tried to forget what had happened. He had thought about letting her go - telling her she needed to leave the mainland and never return. Harris couldn't trust her though. If she came back and the Company had found out about his mistakes he would be done. Everything he had worked for in the Company and before that - in the Resistance would be for nothing. His cover would be blown. One innocent life lost was worth Harris being able to continue his role in the Company and continue to give information to the Resistance. Harris had thought about telling John. His best friend. But he couldn't. He could never tell John. Harris wondered if this had turned him into a monster. Would he be able to kill other innocent people in the future just as easy? He had done it once there was nothing stopping him from doing it again.