Harris wasn't able to think for himself. Pepper maintained full control over his actions. She had cuffed him to the bed in order to test that the Specimen was fully integrated into his system and that she maintained control of it. It seemed to be working as intended though. Harris would be extremely useful in finding John and Khyati. They might even trust Harris. But Pepper had Harris wrapped around her finger. John and Khyati wouldn't know this though. They would think that he had just been captured by the Company, experimented on and then escaped. Pepper could use Harris to find out the whole story behind the islands and the Companies lack of connection to it. Pepper knew the only way to the island was on boat. The Company helicopters would not get there. It was even hard for the Company to get a boat. Pepper had to go outside of the Company and look into the black market for a boat. That's how John and Harris would of got a boat before. Pepper realized that she could use Harris to tell her and help get a boat.

He would tell her anything. She already got him to tell him all the details about his Father and why the information was wiped. Harris Father was the project manager for Khyati. It was his life. Pepper knew like her Harris Father maintained a secret life behind their public appearance. For Harris Father it was being Prime Minister, for Pepper it was Public Relations. Pepper preferred her cover - it was easier to maintain. This was why the Company had attacked the govt. It was because of their program of developing Khyati. The Company wanted to do it themselves. They wanted to steal the development and do it themselves. Without the govt getting in their way. Pepper got Harris out of the building no problem. He was her toy and nobody questioned it. Pepper had arranged to meet the black market boat dealer that had delt with John and Harris in the past on the waterfront. The same place that Mary had been killed by Harris. Everything looked the same for Pepper. Nothing had changed. It gave her shivers thinking about what had happened there. Right in front of her own face. The Specimens that she had created where turned violent on her and the people around her - like Mary. Pepper guessed that it was only a matter of time before this happened. When you create something to harm others - they can turn it around and use it to harm you. It wasn't what Pepper wanted. She wanted Mary back. But Mary wasn't coming back. She was gone. Forever. And Pepper would just have to move forward. She had Harris - the one that had killed her as her slave. The mixture of Specimen and human. Some people would come out and say that it was wrong that Pepper had mixed the two. That humans and specimens should be kept apart. There is no known long term affects of mixing the two. The Company could do with it liked though, it would just blame the Resistance for any mistakes that it did. There was nothing that people could do then. They just accepted that it was the Resistance and moved on. People were gullible. The same black market boat dealer that sold John and Harris a boat showed up shortly after Pepper and Harris had arrived. Pepper gave one look at him and was instantly disgusted. She just wanted to buy the boat off him and leave to the island. She was getting annoyed with the boat selling talking to her. Pepper hurried him along. She was relieved when he finally handed over the boat and left. Pepper guessed that he didn't get out often. Harris said nothing the whole time the deal was happening. The boat dealer gave Harris a few strange looks. Pepper wondered if the boat dealer had reconsider him from last time Harris had brought a boat from him. Pepper got Harris to help her with getting to boat into the water. It was the same type as the boat that John and Harris had used. The boat was finally setup and the two got in and started saying off - leaving the mainland. It was both of their first times leaving the mainland. Pepper was quite excited to see this island. To see what the Company kept so hidden. She wondered how long it would be until they found out she had left the mainland. The Company didn't like people leaving the mainland. They had laws against it. Pepper had planned to return with good news for them though. With progress for the Company. That's what she was hoping for. It might not come true. But whatever happened Pepper would give it her best. Pepper and Harris sailed for several hours in the boat before reaching the island. Pepper was quite surprised of how different the island looked from the mainland as they sailed into the dock. Quite expertly they did not see someone. There were several small towns in the area that were abandoned that Pepper and Harris would search - looking for signs of John and Khyati. Pepper knew that they would be somewhere on the island. The two got off the boat and walked off the dock towards the town. Harris followed behind Pepper mindlessly.

Khyati enjoyed spending time with John. They would explore the town together and the surrounding areas. Just walking for hours. John had nothing left on the mainland and Khyati never knew anything different. John told Khyati about his past - the Resistance, the Company. Harris. Mary. Pepper. All those that had died. There was little that Khyati could tell John. She told him her first and only memory - of being woken up in the lab where he found her and given instructions such as to walk and climb objects around the lab. The next and only memory Khyati had was being activated by John. Since then she had not be deactivated. Khyati didn't want to be deactivate again. She liked being active. When she was reactive she was not any use. As time went on Khyati saw visions. Other memories. They were terrible visions and Khyati did not like them. She couldn't remember them. It was as they were wiped. It made Khyati wonder if she had her memories wiped. To keep secrets hidden. From the visions that Khyati was having she was not sure if she wanted to get the memories back. But she was curious. Khyati asked John about it but he didn't know of anyway of accessing the memories. He was interested in her finding out about the memories as it might shred some light on what happened to the island.