Mary Lynch was born on a mild Autumn day. She was the first child of Patrick and Suz Lynch. Her parents adored her. Like her Mother she had bright blue eyes but did not have her blonde hair - her hair was a dark brown like her Fathers. Shortly after giving birth Suz was informed that there was complications and that it was unlikely she would ever have another child. This was upsetting for both parents but Patrick took it especially bad - wanted a have a son to carry on the family name. Like Mary, Patrick was also a only child and his parents had been killed in the first govt uprising. Patrick blamed the company for his unfortunate and began to organise a group to fight back. He spent less time at home and Suz became concerned about what he was doing outside of his work hours. He had a steady job as a accountant and they were well off. At first Suz thought that Patrick was having an affair - something that earned people a prison sentence. The affair itself didn't worry Suz who knew their relationship was strained after she gave birth to Mary and was told that she would never have another child. She thought that if he could Patrick would leave her and remarry - in order to have a son. When Suz confronted Patrick about his long hours spent away he promised that he was not having an affair but couldn't reveal what he was up to. This eased Suz but she still wanted to know what Patrick was up to. She began to follow her husband from work in order to find out what he was doing. She followed him several times and he would just go to a pub and sit by himself. 'Is he just avoiding returning home?' Suz wondered. She made the home as welcoming as possible, it wasn't her fault that she wasn't able to have more children. One winter evening something was different about the pub visit. Suz noticed that Patrick began to scratch his arm and seemed to be concerned about something. He moved quickly out of the pub, leaving an almost full glass of beer behind. He exiting the pub he started down the road. Fresh snow flakes crackled under his feet. Suz wanted to follow him but didn't want to be spotted. She followed but kept her distance. Patrick turned down an alleyway. Suz waited at a distance, knowing that he might notice her down the alleyway. She waited. The pressure was too much and she decided to turn down the alleyway also. It was a dark tight fit. A single light on the alleyway flickered. Old boxes and rubbish layed the side. The city was turning into a dump. She squinted looking for her husband. There was no sign. It was long and he could of realised that someone was following him - causing him to run. Suz made her way down the alleyway in search of what Patrick was doing. The smell was gross and she held her nose in order to keep out of the smell. Something or someone had died down here she realised. She continued to search and walk down the alleyway but there was no sign of her husband. He couldn't of gotten away this quickly. Surely he would be somewhere. Suz heard footsteps behind her and before she could turn around she felt something go over to her head. Everything went dark.

John steered at the woman in the crowd. Her brown eyes darted around place. Clearly she was looking for him and other resistance members. Her eyes fixed on her for a moment. John knew this was clearly Mary Lynch, the head of tactic as the company. He knew more about her than she realised. They had even meet once and had lunch. Mary had no idea who he was though - that he was John Smith the leader of the resistance. He needed to get close to her in order to find out more information that would lead to the collapse of the company. Her gazy dropped. John knew that the Judge and Lawyers would be finished soon and it was important to intercept them. He knew the company wouldn't take any chances with them and they would not exit out the front of the building. There were special hidden underground pathways leading out of the courtroom and to various locations. The Resistance had got hold of these old blueprints and were able to map out various exits. There was no way of getting into the tunnels but John had stationed Resistance fighters outside each of the exits. He didn't know if the three would emerge from one or multiply exits. A number of police would be with him and it would be too much for the limited amount of resistance fighters to handle. John was worried that the company would be expecting Resistance fighters at all the exits and send decoys to every exit - causing resistance fighters to sound the alarm that the Judge and lawyers were at all exits. John didn't worry about the lawyers so much, it was more important that they captured the Judge. He was the key to everything. John looked around for Mary. He couldn't spot her. The protesters had grown more angry and violent. Piles of unconscious bodies lay in front of him. These were the ones that had been stunned by police. It was too dangerous for the company to be killing people in public. He knew they killed people but not in public where the three media channels were watching. He dragged a body out of the pile, he needed a change of clothes. Mary had seen him once and he didn't want her to see him again with the same clothes. His face changed, but his clothing stayed the same. The body was similar size to him and the clothes would fit perfectly. He started to unbutton his shirt and remove it. He removed the mans tshirt and slipped it on. He put his own shirt on the man and did the buttons up. He did the same for their jeans. The man was wearing black jeans and Johns were a navy blue. The mans jeans were a little loose on him. He checked his new pockets and found the mans wallet and keys. He slipped these into the mans pocket. John was no thief. Nobody had noticed him changing clothes. Around him protesters were yelling chants. There was no sign of Mary still. John assumed she had gone to the courthouse and was involved in the extraction team to get the Judge out of there. He assumed that she would be the one with the Judge. He radioed his team at each of the exits, giving them an update that Mary had been spotted along with a description of her clothes and look. John suspected the extraction would be happening soon. He didn't want to be outside when it finished. There was nothing for him to see or hear. The media had announced the plan for when the Judge and Lawyers were finished inside. A Public Relations court appointed represation would address the public and media outside the courthouse. No access would be given to the Judge and Lawyers due to security reasons. John didn't hear this. All three media agencies would be fixed on it and he could catch up later. It was more important that he intercept the Judge. John made his way to his parked vehicle. It was several blocks away. Due to security reasons police had blocked off the area and no vehicles were allowed in. Police officers standing near their cars watching the crowd of protesters gave him suspicious looks. Several police approached him and asked to see his papers. John scrambled through his jeans pockets and was able to produce a piece of paper. Billy Jones. The name said. The image looked like him. The identity paper was linked to his identity mask. Whenever his face changed - the paper would also change. Along with a random common name. The identity mask technology had been stolen from the company but John had developed the identity paper himself along with other engineers at the Resistance. It had helped greatly over the years. The police officers looked over the document muttering several words to each other. One got out a device and started to type. John knew they would be looking him up in the database. It would come back clean. It always did. That's how he built it, So that when Resistance fights were stopped at these checkpoints they would get away - rather than arrested and shipped off to a company camp. The police officer holding Johns identity paper smiled and handed back his paper. Saying he was free to go but warning him to stay out of trouble. John nodded and placed his identity paper back into his jeans pocket. These police officers had made him late and the PR talk would be starting an moment now. He couldn't run yet - in case the police that just spoke with him suspected something, He walked quickly, glancing over his shoulder at the officers. They were crowding together talking to each other and watching the crowd of protesters. None of them were watching him. He increased his speed. Once he was out of view he would be able to run towards his car. Looking over his shoulder several times as he ran to check if he was being followed. There was no sign of anyone. The streets and shops were empty. Everyone was at home watching the news or at the courthouse. He spotted his car ahead. It was a dark red colour. He didn't choose the colour. It had belonged to a restiance member that had been killed by the company and John had acquired the car after their death. John had reached the red car. He fumbled in his jeans pocket - feeling the identity papers. Finally he found the keys and pulled them out. Inserting them into the car and unlocking it. John opened the drivers door and climbed into the car. The smell of hot leather engulfed him. It had been sitting in the hot sun when John was attending the protest. He turned on the air condition to help rid the car of the stink. The engine started and John started to drive. He needed to make it one of the courtrooms tunnel exits quickly. John put his foot down and sped down the road.

Inside the courtroom the Judge and Lawyers were finishing up. A public relations woman - Pepper had joined them and was briefed on the media statement. Several of the high ranking police officers gathered around they were finalising the details for how to get the Judge and Lawyers out of the building safely. More police officers emerged into the courtroom - dressed the same as the Judge and Lawyers. These were the decoys. The company knew that Resistance fighters might be waiting for them on the exits and they needed to make it as hard as possible for the Resistance to capture the Judge and Lawyers. The group started to make their way to the back of the courtroom, towards the secret exits. Two of the police officers stayed behind with Pepper. They were getting ready to walk out the front doors of the court building and speak to the media. One of the police officer held open the hatch which the police offices ducked their heads as they climbed in. Followed was the real Judge and Lawyers and the decoys. These police officers had switched their weapons from stun mode to kill. There was no playing games with any Resistance they might encounter. The Resistance had shields that made the stun guns useless. Kill mode was the only option. The Police were advised to disable any Resistance as it was helpful for the Company to capture an in order to extract information. The group made their way down the hallway until it split. The decoys went the left and the real to the right. The Police were split evenly with each group.