Khayati had a dream of visiting the hotel. It was unlike it was now. People would be coming and going. Workers would be helping guests with their bags and assisting. People seemed happy. There was no Company. People just did what they wanted. They didn’t have the Company breathing down their neck giving them grief if they did something that the Company did not approve. The restronot where John and Khayata ate food was filled with people. They area was filled with people eating food. The waiters were taking peoples orders - and bringing them dishes of food. The food was beatiful, unlike anything that John had made. Rich meats and vegetables. Sauces. The deserts. Choclate and creams. The scene switched. John sat in front of Khayati. He poured a can of tinned fruit into a bowl. There was going to be no choclate and cream for them. Khayati asked John about leaving the island. She wanted to go to the mainland. Tried to vision what Company occupied area looked like. Khayati wondered if the Company would accept her. John had explained everything. The whole timeline that had lead him to finding her. She felt bad that so many people had died. She didn’t want people to die. That wasn’t her way. She wanted peace for the world. The Company confused her. She didn’t understand why they attacked the govt but thought the Resistance had attacked the Company in the same ways. Khayati wanted to talk to something that wasn’t John. To get a perspective on the Company that wasn’t John. She knew he was biased because he had always been on the other side.

The house that Pepper had broken into wasn’t as nice as the hotel that John had been staying in. Pepper checked the hotel one morning once John and Khayati had left to explore the area. She walked through the foyal. It was similar to the science lab she had visited. Everything had been left as it was - like the people that lived here needed to leave the building quickly. Pepper decided that it would be best for her to talk to Khayati on her own. She needed to come up with a plan to seperate John and Khayati. It wasn’t often that they were far apart. Pepper needed to distract John. The convosation would not take long with Khayati but it was important that John didn’t know they talked. Pepper felt she could trust Khayati to not talk to John about their trust. The more that Pepper watched Khayati the more she thought that Khayati didn’t fully trust John. She seemed annoyed that she was stuck on the island and John didn’t seem to want to leave. It was a dangerous task and it could risk everything. Pepper didn’t even know where her loyalaties stood anymore.

Patrick stood on the shore where John, Harris, Pepper, and the Speciman had left and traveled to the island. There was no way that he was going to travel but he was putting pressure on The Company to do something about these tratiors that had left the mainland. Every one of them had put the people in danger but leaving the island. There was no knowing what had happened to them being exposed to such danger. The Company had their best interest at heart. All Patrick wanted to do was talk to Harris. To find out in his words why his wife had been killed. And now Mary. All of them had been there when Mary was killed. He had lost his wife to these monsters and his daughter. Did they have no morals? He knew Mary was a good person. She worked for the Company to keep everybody safe. She didn’t want to hurt anybody. Unlike this Pepper who had developed Specimans similar to the Govt had in the past. The Company had stopped working on Specimans as it was too dangerous for mankind. The Govt had insisted and pushed the agenda forward. The Resistance was a spinoff of the Govt after the collabse. Everyone was confused over the time line. Dates were moved and timelines were mixed up. Patrick guessed that was why they were so confused. If the island was infected then the Company couldn’t had any of them returning to the mainland in danger of affecting the people in the mainland. Would they guess that something was terribly wrong with the island since there was nobody there. Even the Company didn’t have a presence there.

After the govt building was considered safe it was turned into a Company Camp. Many of the govt officals that were not killed during the attack were rounded up and shipped off the the Company Camp where they were experimented on with the technology that the Company had stolen from the Govt. The Speciman project. Originally developed by the govt the Company found out about the project and wanted it for themselves. They devised a plan to take out the govt and get the tech. To cover up the govt attack they blamed it on the Resistance. The few govt employaies that were left joined the Resistance.

Harris looked through the documents on the laws that had been passed by the judge and lawyers. The media was still talking about it. They never mentioned the Specimans and the islands. Khyati was never talked about on the media. The media was reporting still on the court events but nothing on the island. The Company wanted to keep it blacked out. It was important for the Company to protect the people from the island.

The scientists left Khyati. Together they decided it was too dangerous to take her to the main island. They were all rushed off the island quickly. The sirens blasted warning of people to leave. The scientists were told that the govt had came under attack and that the Company were requesting all personal to leave the island and head towards the mainland - reporting to the Company. They gave a message to leave everything behind - to deactive Khyati and all other Specimans. Some of the scientists were upset about leaving the island. It had been their lifes work and they didn't trust the Company. They had worked for the Govt and enjoyed the work. The Company blamed the Resistance on the attacks but not all the scientists believed them.

Pepper finally came up with a plan to seprate John and Khyati. One day when the two was entering the science lab danger room. Pepper was able to set the door to close after John had walked through the door - locking it for a short time. This locked Khyati out the door and gave Pepper a chance to talk to Khyati. Pepper had both the Speciman and Harris with her in order to show Khyati the creations that Pepper had created. The plan worked fine. Khyati was locked out and John was inside. There was no way that John would be able to get out until Pepper actived the door again. On the otherside of the door John banged the door and pressed the buttons. It would not open for him. On the outside of the door Pepper was able to approach Khyati with her followed Speciman and Harris. She explained quickly why she was on the island and the danger that Khyati was assested as. Khyati was able to meet Speciman and Harris - the later developments of herself. This was something that Khayti didn’t relized had happened. She thought that she was the only one. Having others like her changed things. It meant that she wanted to learn more about them, to spend time with them. John continued to bang on the door. Pepper gave Khyati the choice. She could open up the door and John would come out. Pepper and the others could leave first. John wouldn’t know about them. Another option was to let John out and see how he would interact with Pepper and everyone standing outside. There was enough of them to overpower him but then he would know everything. The final and most brutal option was to leave John. Everyone could go back to the hotel and just leave John locked in the room. Going back to the mainland could also be done but it’s unknown how the Company would react to the Specimans being brought back to the mainland after being on the island. Everyone stood around Khayti waiting for an answer. It was a hard decision for Khayti to come up with. She felt loyality to John since he had been the one that had actived her. But he felt that he was using her for something. He was looking for something. Khayti thought that it might be the Speciman that he was looking for. She found out that John had lost contact with the Speciman when he activated Khayti. One thing about leaving John in the room is it would be the end of the Resistance. He was the ring leader. There would be nothing standing in the way of the Company. Except for Pepper. Her loyalities had changed. After everything she learnt she no longer trusted the Company so much. She felt they had manapilited her into a way of thinking. She didn’t want to be on their side during their downfall. She had already done so much hard in the name of the Company. Pepper pestered Kahyti for an answer but no reply was given. Kahyti went over all the options in her head. Forcing Pepper and other others to leave now - she might never see them again. John would then come out of the room. He wouldn’t know that Pepper was here. John and Kahyti would continue searching to island. It would be somewhat pointless. Kahyti would have no idea how John would react to just letting him out of the room and letting him see Pepper and the others. He could be angry, or he might not care. Leaving John was the final answer. John would be able to only survive for several days in the room. Then he would die. Kahyti could go with Pepper and the others. They could stay on the island and be happy together or they could leave the island and head back to the mainland where they may clash with the Company. Kahyti had made up her mind.

The door shut suddenly behind John as he walked into the lab. It had trapped Khyati on the outside. He banged on the door trying to get Khayti to open it from the otherside. It seemed the door was jammed and John was unable to open it from the inside. Khyati might not be able to open it from the outside either. John was quite frightened to be locked in the room. He needed to find a way to unjam the door or another exit. He continued to look around the room for any clues on how to get out. There was nothing. The room was a forturse. No windows. No exit doors. Where he had found Kahyti were other prototypes. These were the ones that had failed. John wasn't able to active them.