John was growing worried. He was concerned that the door had been shut and locked from te outside. Khyati would’t answer when he banged on the door.

When John returned to the mainland everything had changed. No longer was the Company in control. There had been an uprising and the Resistance had taken control. They glorified John. Considered him a hero for activating Khyati. John tried to find out what had happened since he had gone. The media stations were completely different. Tehere was still 3 but they were controlled by the Resistance. Specimens similar to Khyati walked amongst everyone. John had to question whether he had done the right thing activating Khyati. He had made it off the island on the boat he had arrived in. Losing track of time but he knew it had been many years since he had left the mainland. He expected it to be different. A govt still hadn't’t been setup. There were no elections like there was before the attack on the govt. The Resistance had control now. John was offered a seat on the table of decision makers. They knew he had gone through allot and wanted to reward him. The Resistance had taken control of the Company Camps. The experiments that they had been doing to create Specimens were shutdown. Those that worked for the Company were arrested by the police

There was nothing that could be done for Harris. Any attempt to separate the Specimen from him would cause him to die. He had to live the rest of his life being controlled by to Specimen. Pepper stayed with him. Assisted him in getting through it. It was her development and she felt that she was the one that needed to oversee everything. Pepper had been working on giving Harris more control but attempts had failed and only made the Specimen want more control. It had started infecting his mind. Taking over his thoughts.