Khyati decided to just leave locked away in the room. She had had enough of being around him and wanted to get spend time with her own kind and someone that understood her more. Khyati took Pepper, Harris and the Speciman back to the hotel where they ate tinned fruit. Khyati was excited that there were others in the world similar to her. It was interesting for her to find out that Pepper had created others like Khyati after the govt program had shut down. It confused Khyati why the program was shutdown. Pepper told her that it was because the world considered Khyati to be dangerous. Khyati did not feel dangerous though. She didn’t want to harm anyone. Khyati leant about Mary and how she worked for the company. How Mary had been killed by Harris when John had left for the island.

Fall of Copy is a novel written by William Mckee as part of the National Novel Writing Month in November 2016. It was his third attempt at writing a novel for the event. The first year only 9,000 words were written. In 2015 William successfully wrote 53,000 words and ‘won’ the event. 2016 started off steady keeping ahead of the wordcount for the first 15 days. Then he went to a conference in Wellington and didn’t write for several days. Time went on and he felt blocked and sick of the novel. He felt he needed feedback in order to procide with it. After bening misrable he wrote some code instead. Behind on the wordcount it is unlikely that the novel will be finished for the event but see how it goes. A sudden burst of inspiration may happen.

Improvement on last year. No weird time or character things. Focus on a few but consistent characters. Tried for more realism but didn’t last when the idea of Specimans were introduced. Idea of mainland vs island. Company dominates the mainland and the island is abandand. Kill off few major characters. Work with and develop families more.

Khyati felt sick. She felt bad that she had left John locked in the room. She decided once Pepper was asleep to go back to the lab and let him out. When Khyati returned to the lab to let him out she noticed that he wasn’t in the room. He had been locked in there but he had gotten out somehow. Khyati had no idea how it happened. She was confussed and missed John. Had he left the island or was he hurt. She wanted to go to the mainland and search for him. The boat that Pepper had arrived on was still docked in the water. Khyati prepped it to go to the mainland. She always wanted to see the mainland. John had told her what it was like. Khyati had finished prepping the boat and was ready to take off. As she took off she looked back on the island and reflected on the time she had spent there. She was ready for something bigger. She had spent her whole life there being ordered around by others and now she had decided to be free. To escape. Khyati wasn’t sure what the mainland would bring her. She knew that it would be much different to the island. She was worried that people might not accept her because she was different to everyone else. She was a development of the Speciman program.

Pepper noticed that Khyati was missing when she woke up. Straight away Pepper went to the science lab. Pepper knew that would be the first place that Khyati would of gone. She likely would of changed her mind in leaving John. Pepper entered the lab and yelled through the door that she was going to enter. John might still be there - Khyati might of taken off by herself. There was no reply from John. Pepper entered the lab. There was no sign on Khyati or John. Pepper knew that Khyati must of came and escaped with John. She rushed towards the dock. A boat was missing. They would of gone to the mainland. Pepper paniced. Khyati going to the mainland would be extremely dangerous. Khyati or John didn’t know how bad it could be if she made it to the mainland. Pepper rushed back to the hotel to get Harris and the Speciman. She couldn’t return to the mainland without them. Once Pepper had collected Harris and the Speciman she rushed back to the dock and prepped the boat to take off. She moved quickly and swiftly. Once the boat was ready she took off, not looking back.

The infection from the Speciman had spread quickly amongst the people. It overpowered the Company and the Resistance took rise. John lead them to victory. Some of the people were imune to the infection but many were infected and the result was a hybrid human and speciman creature similar to what had happened to Harris. Some of the effects were worse on some - they lost control of themselves and the Speciman took full control. These were the ones that the Resistance had to hunt down and kill. Others it didn’t affect so much - the human was still able to maintain control. The Resistance spend a long time attempting to find Pepper. They sent troops to the island to find her and bring her to the island. There was no luck. They couldn’t find Pepper on the mainland or the island. The Resistance knew if they had Pepper she might be able to help with the hybrids that lost control of their bodies. The Resistance searched the hotel where Pepper had stayed after John had left the island. Empty fruit tins were everywhere. The ga