The doors to the courtroom swung open and Pepper along with two police officers walked out. There was yells from the protesters. The police called for silence, aiming their weapons as the crowd. Ready to shoot anyone that continued to yell. Pepper stood in front of the speaker and tapped it twice. The noise erupted around her. Clearly the sound was working. All three media agencies had cameras and microphones in front of her - broadcasting live the speech she was about to give. Pepper looking around at the crowd. Hundreds of people holding signs watched her. Police officers were in rows facing the crowd all with their weapons pointed at the crowd, ready to shoot anyone that yelled. Company agents were scatted around the area. It was impossible to tell the difference between some of the protesters and company. Most of the company agents were wearing black suits with a red power tie. It was company standard. Even the woman wore these outfits - though they were modified to fit their bodies and they had an option for a skirt. Pepper had been briefed on what to say. This was one of her most important public talks and was slightly nervous to address so many people. She didn’t let it show. This was what she was trained for. Pepper opened her mouth and began her speech. “My fellow citizens. My name is Pepper and I will be briefing you today on the events that just concluded in the courtroom. As you are all aware it was a closed session due to the sensitivity of the laws being passed. Security was of grave concern. I trust you understand this need”. She paused. A few yells erupted from the crowd. Police in the crowd grabbed those yelling and threw them to the ground - giving them a final warning that they would be shot if they were to yell anymore. Pepper continued her speech. “Over the years a group known as The Resistance has attempted to put a stop to the good work that the Company has made. They were behind the attack on Govt leading to the disappearance - and we assume death of many govt officials. This is unacceptable. Citizens in this world need protected. After the Govt was taken down by The Resistance the company stepped in instead - passing laws to protect you from the harm that the Resistance will bring you”. Pepper paused and took a sip from the glass of water in front of her. Behind her a massive monitor appeared with slides for the rest of her talk. It showed images, diagrams and text. I will now explain the law that was passed today. It is the trade restriction. This law puts a stop to some of the loop holes that was allowing the Resistance to profit. Passing this law weakens their power and gives company more power to take down any of their now illegal operations. Many of you may of heard of this bill - I see many of you in the crowd holding signs opposing this new law. I can assume you that you have nothing to worry about - unless you are working with the Resistance. The company is not out to hurt the average citizen, only those working with the Resistance. I ask you to please stop protesting and report any Resistance activity.

John tuned his radio in. There was only three public radio stations. One of each of the media agencies. Each one was just as bad as the other. All three of the stations were broadcasting the speech being given from some woman named Pepper. John had never heard of her, but he noted down her name. He would research into her later and see if the Resistance had any information on her. The Judge and lawyers must of been in the tunnels now. They could be emerging from the exits at an moment. John had no idea what exit they would emerge from. He just had to guess and hope he was right. Several of his Resistance agents were waiting for him as he pulled up. He parked the car around the corner in order to not arouse suspicion from the Judge when he emerged from the tunnel. John parked the car and made his way towards the tunnel exit. The resistance fighters came up to him and shook his hand. They were pleased to have such as veteran fighter with them. The other resistance groups might not be so lucky. The group of reliance fighters held their weapons ready. The settings were set to stun. The police officers didn’t matter but it was important not to kill the Judge or Lawyers. They had important information that the Resistance would want to extract from them. It happened quickly. John heard the sound of a pin being removed and a clink as it was thrown towards them. Thick green smoke started emerging. John quickly changed settings on his mask to stop himself breathing in the harmful gas. His resistance fighters were not so lucky. They were rolling around on the ground chocking from inhaling the gas. It might not kill them - but they were out of action for this fight. John radioed that their group was under attack and requested backup. He got a report back that their other group was also under attack. John was annoyed. They needed more soldiers. John took deep breath and hide behind the crates. His breathing seemed normal. The mask was feeding him normal oxygen and he had ingested the nasty green gas. With his fellow Resistance fighters down and backup on the way he was the one that could capture the Judge and Lawyers. He looked up from over the crates. The hidden hatch was open and he saw bodies scrumping up. They all worse masks similar to his in order to protect themselves from the green gas. It was hard to see if the Judge and Lawyers were the ones that were coming out. John squinted and noticed it was just police officers. Had he gone to the wrong tunnel exit? he thought. Would the Judge and Lawyers be exiting the other tunnel exit. And then he saw it. Someone dressed in Judges robes and two men wearing suits. These had to be the ones. He had made the right decision. John emerged from behind the crates and opened fire on the police officers. They were not expecting him to fire - they assumed that the gas would of paralysed any Resistance fighter waiting for them. He took them off guard and Managed to take down five police officers before they noticed and started to open fire on him. John took cover under crates. Reloading his weapon he emerged again. There were only 2 police officers left and they were protecting the Judge and Lawyers. John opened fire again and took down the two officers. He felt a sharp pain in his right arm and noticed a bullet from an officer had him. Blood squirted from his arm. He moved towards the fallen officers and removed one of their shirts in order to wrap around his arm to ease the bleeding. John noticed the Judge and Lawyers were trying to get away. With his good arm he took and fired. He missed. He needed to keep up and follow the Judge and Lawyers. They were moving quickly and John found it hard to keep up. He had had to decide between staying behind and helping his Resistance fighters who were still squirming around on the ground and coughing. He radioed for backup again. It was taking too long. John made the decision to follow the Judge and Lawyers - they were too important to let escape.

Mary had left the courthouse once Pepper had started her speech. She travelled towards a tunnel exit. She drove an electric scooter. It was standard company issue. Not only did it save on have to fuel which was a rarity but it was speedy, able to zip in between traffic quickly. The lack of protection was always a concern when riding the scooter. It was impossible to protect ones self from enemy fire. As she approached the exit tunnel she noticed green gas still hoovering in the area. She switched on her oxygen supply in order to protect herself. Two bodies were squirming around on the ground. These were Resistance fighters. She smiled, happy that the police hadn’t killed them. Along with the two resistance bodies there was a pile of bodies wearing police uniforms. She checked the identities of the bodies. They all were just standard police officers. Nothing to be too concerned. ‘What had happened to the Judge and Lawyers?’, Mary wondered. Had they escaped or been captured by the Resistance. There was a trail of blood leading away from the scene. Mary went back to her scooter and radioed in to company to bring in an extraction team to clean up the mess and arrest the Resistance fighters. They were not going anywhere soon. Mary wanted to follow this blood trail. It might lead her to the Judge and Lawyer.

It didn’t take John long to catch up to the Judge and Lawyers. They had no way of escape, no one to lead them to safely. ‘Freeze’, he spoke. The three figures stopped running and turned around to face him. John couldn’t see the face of the judge which was covered up under a hood. One of the lawyers made a sudden move for Johns weapon but he reacted quickly, knocking the lawyer to the ground. He heard footsteps behind him and turned around to see his backup Resistance fighters had finally arrived. The judge and lawyers were surrounded. There was no escape for them. The Judge and Lawyers co-obrated with Johns orders as he loaded them into the transport that the Resistance fighters had arrived in. They needed to get out of here quickly and return to base - Company backup would be arriving at any moment.

When Suz woke she was handcuffed to a metal chair. The room she sat in looked like an intergration room. It might of been used to condact interviews. She looked around at the suppoundings. A woodern table that looked like it was falling apart was in the room. A camera in the roofs corner was covered in a plastic shield. The red light on the camera blinked. It was clearly on and watching her. The steel metal door was very reinforced. The ground looked like it hadn’t been washed in sometime. The carpet was dusty. She thought back to remember how she got here. The last thing she remembered was following her husband down the alleyway. Footsteps behind her. But she never got a look at her attacker at they placed something over her head that made everything dark. It must of been a mask of some sort. Suz heard voices outside the room. She jerked her hands but was unable to move from the handcuffs around her back. Looking around the room for anything that could be used as a weapon or to lockpick the cuffs off.