Suz heard the door unlock. She was still cuffed to the chair. There was no defence. All she could hope for would be those that came into the room would not hurt her. The door swung open. A figure wearing a black suit walked in. Their face was covered by a hood. They were male but Suz was unable to see their face features. It was not her husband. He would never do anything like this to her. Another figure followed the first man into the room - carrying a chair. He placed this on the floor the ground near the desk facing Mary and exited the room. The man was still silence but took a seat. Suz was too frightened to speak. She was trembling. The man behind the hood finally spoke. “Do you know why you are here Suz?” he asked her. “I have no idea. I was minding my own business and then you captured me” Suz replied. A frown appeared on the mans face. “We know you are lying Suz. We know you are part of this Resistance uprising”. “I have no idea what you are talking about” Suz spoke, her voice trembling. “You were seen entering a known Resistance area. You can’t keep lying to us Suz. We will find out”. “I’m not lying” Suz screamed at the man. With that the man stood up from the chair and headed towards the door. “We know you are covering something up” the man spoke as he opened the door and walked out. The door locked as he closed it behind him. Suz was still helplessly cuffed to the chair.

When Patrick returned home that evening he found his teenage daughter - Mary home along. It was unusual for his wife to be out this late. He was concerned. He asked Mary if he had seen her Mother since she returned from school. She hadn’t been home all afternoon. He gave her work a call and they told him that she had left work early and didn’t know her whereabouts. Patrick was concerned. This was very much out of character of Suz. He rang the local police station but they said she would have to be missing for 48 hours before they would do anything about it. He could either go out and look for her, or stay home and look after his daughter. He decided to stay home and prepare dinner for himself and his daughter. Once she had gone to bed he would leave the house and search for his wife. He tried to act like everything was fine in order to not frighten Mary in the sudden disappearance of her Mother. They sat at the kitchen table and ate in silence. Patrick had cooked pasta for dinner. It wasn’t as nice as Suzs meals but it was OK. Mary kept asking where her Mother was which didn’t help. Patrick lied and told her that she was working late. He could tell that Mary didn’t believe him. After they finished their food Mary went to her room to study and Patrick cleaned up the table. Washing the dishes he looked out the window into the nights sky. The view was always breathtaking for him. For miles he could see tall skyscrapers. Lots of constriction was taking place. Old buildings where being tored down and replaced by tall gray complex.

Once in the car and driving one of the Resistance members who was a trained medic was able to take a look at Johns arm. The bullet was still in his arm so it was important to extract it out. He gave John a glass of whisky before he started to dig. John held a cloth in his mouth in order to muffle the screaming. They didn’t want to draw any attention to themselves with the Judge and Lawyers in the car. Finally the bullet was removed and the medic threw the bullet out the window. The bleeding continued but the medic wrapped Johns arm in a bandage in order to stop the bleeding. It wouldn’t be long and they would reach the Resistance headquarters. It was rare that any of the Resistance members visited - it was often too dangerous. Today was an exception. They had the Judge and Lawyers and needed to extract information from the about the company. The car pulled up in front of a tall gray building. It looked similar to the companies camp buildings in order to blend it into the enviorment. A voice on the intercom spoke - asking for the password and Identification papers. The medic passed the driver Johns ID papers. The intercom machine scanned the identity paper. The driver also spoke the password. “There is a Pirate in every one of us.” The gates leading into the building and the car drove in. They were safe from the company for now and had the Judge and Lawyer. It had been a successful day. John wanted reports from the other group. The team of Resistance fighters that had been at the other tunnel exit. To his surprise he received intel that a similar tactic was used at the other exit. A green gas bomb was used causing Resistance agents to be temporary paralysed, coughing and squirming similar to the Resistance members at Johns exit tunnel. Looking over the surveillance footage captured by the helpless team he saw the police rise from the tunnel. What shocked John even more was the Judge and Lawyers also followed the police up. Unopposed they were transported off. The finally footage recording was of the company arriving. He watched as one of the people from the company stood over his resistance members. The footage ended. They must of disabled the camera. There was no point sending a team to the 2nd exit tunnel. The Judge and Lawyers would of long gone. John knew now that either the Judges and Lawyer that he had captured were fakes or real. He had no way of knowing. His only option was to take to them and see what information they would give him.

The blood trail had finished. To Mary it looked like vehicle tracks had left the area. Resistance fighters backup must of arrived here. She ordered company troops to search the area for any information. Mary would look around herself for any evidence. She got back onto her scooter and began to scout the area. Out of the corner of her eye she saw something sparkle on the ground. She pulled her scooter over the invested closer. It looked like a standard company bullet covered in blood. These were not usually used. Mary wondered how it got all the way out here. It must of been extracted from the Resistance members body when they were driving away. She thought how it was careless of whoever threw it out the window. It was good for the company though. This was a lead. She pulled a plastic bag from her pocket and bagged the evidence, also noting the location of where it was found. The sun was setting and it was growing late. It was dangerous for company employees to be out after day so she left the scene and drove to a company camp to report and process the information she had gathered.

John looked at the three prisoners behind a glass window. They were unable to see him but he had a view of all of them. They had been separated in order to make it easier to extract the correct information from them. It didn’t bother him that they knew where the Resistance Headquarters was not. If they were decoys or fakes they would be killed and bodies deposed of. If they were the real Judge and lawyers then they would extract the information from them they needed. Once the Resistance had this information they were ready to broadcast their story. It was time for John to have a talk to the prisoners. He would start with one of the lawyers. They would be easier to extract information from - and he needed the less from them. Within minutes of entering the room and speaking to the lawyer he walked out with a smile on his face. It had been a breeze. The same happened with the other lawyer. He handed in his notes that he had taken from each. His team would check the details and get back to him. He was on a roll but the Judge would not be so easy to extract information from. John spent much longer in the room with the Judge but still emerged happy with the information that he had received. It was as it was too easy. He had a growing concern that they may of captured the decoys. He handed the final evidence that he had gathered to his team for processing. It was growing late and he decided to retire to the sleeping quarters. His team would work later tonight processing the information. John would decide in the morning the fate of the prisoners.

When Mary got to the company camp she went straight to the laps and handed in the bullet for processing. She was eager to hear reports from the other tunnel exit. It was highly likely the Resistance managed to get away with capturing both the decoy and real Judge and Lawyers. To Mary's shock she found out that the other team had not returned either. Both the decoy and real Judge and Lawyers had disappeared. This was not good for the Company. Had the Resistance managed to capture both the decoys and real ones? Mary was impressed if they did but disappointed by the actions that would put the company into a compromising position.

Harris was discussed as a police officer. For fifteen years he had no communication with the Resistance. He had gone deep undercover. At some point he forgot he was really working for the Resistance. He loved his job. He loved the company. But he knew that he was really working for the Resistance. That he would be key to exposing the corruption. He had managed to keep his identity hidden. The resistance thought that he had been taken away and his cover blown. This was wrong.

John woke with the screech of police sirens. He sat up suddenly. It took him a moment to realise where he we. The Resistance headquarters. Outside police lights were blazing. He knew something was wrong. He got out of bed and put on his jeans and jacket. He grabbed his car keys and exited the room. If they had came to arrest him he would try to escape. In the main hallway John walked past lines of dead bodies. They were all his Resistance fighters. What had happened here? Looking into the room where the prisoners had been kept brought a frown to his face. The Judge and both Lawyers were dead. Who had done this? The company wouldn't want to kill their own people. This must of been someone else. John couldn't think about who would do this. He heard voices at the main door. Police were yelling, asking to open the door. John had no escape. That was the only exit and his resistance fighters had all been killed. John decided to just open the door and let them in. Cooperating was his only chance of success. He pressed the button that opened the door. He got on the floor and placed his hands over his head. No weapons were nearby so prayed that these police would not just shoot him. Once there was enough room the police burst into the room. Aiming their weapons at John but did not shoot. They cuffed him and read him his rights. Dragging him out of the building he was placed in a police car and taken to the local station for processing. As he was being taken away in the police car John looked out the back window and saw flames and smoke erupting from the Resistances building. Tears flowed down his face. He had came so close to exposing the company but now it was up in flames. The Judge and Lawyer were dead. His only hope was that they were the decoys and that the real ones could still be found. That was looking grim though. All his Resistance fighters had been wiped out, and now the building was on fire. Resistance fighters in hiding would be scared to come out.

John sat in a jail cell alone. He had a view of a television set that was above the police front desk. He was in holding still waiting for be processed. The news was set to channel four. A reporter in his early 20s was outside the courthouse. He was talking about the days events - the laws that was passed, how aggressive the protesters were, how the Judge and Lawyers escaped successfully. There was no mention of the decoys or the fire fight that both the decoys and real Judge and Lawyers were involved with. John guessed that the company got the media to cover this up. He was annoyed that there was no such thing as a free media anymore. They were all under control from the company. The media cut away from reporting the courthouse story and switched to a video of the burning building. John recognised it as the Resistances building. The reporter voice over was saying that the building that was on fire was a company camp that had been attacked by Resistance fighters and burnt. It ended with reports that nobody was found alive in the building and that if anyone had information on the attack and arson to report to their local police station. The channel cut for a short ad break before switching to sports news followed by the weather. Rain.