Mary arrived at the burning building as the firefighters were putting out the blaze. She wanted to hear from the police officer who was in charge of the operation. There was some confusion over what happened and if it was a Resistance mission then it was Mary's duty to investigate what happened. Mary watched as the firefighters dragged the charcoal bodies from the building. Looking closely at the bodies she could tell that it wasn’t the fire that had killed them. Someone had murdered these people. Mary noticed that the next three bodies dragged from the building were not wearing the same uniform as the others. Taking a closer look she noticed that they were wearing Judge robes and the other two a suit. Mary wondered if these bodies belonged to the Judge and Lawyers or they were the decoys used. She had no way of knowing there and the bodies would need to be taken back to a company camp and analysed. If they came back as decoys then the real ones might still be out there. If they were the real ones then she would have to investigate what information the Resistance gained from them before they were killed. If the real ones were killed then it would delay company plans to go ahead with the laws. That Judge was meant to make a decision within 24 hours. Years of work would of been lost. Mary didn’t want to think about it. She just hoped that these bodies were the decoys and the real Judge and Lawyers were still out there - and they haven't been compromised by the Resistance. Mary asked if anyone was found alive and a police officer told her that they found one male who was arrested and taken to a local police station. This was progress. Mary would ahead to the station soon and question this man that the police had arrested. Was he the one that had committed these murders and caused the arson? There was little more for Mary to complete at the scene so she got on her scooter and headed towards the police station where the man was being held.

Patrick stepped out onto the street. His daughter Mary was asleep. He had just said goodnight but she had already fallen asleep. Patrick had to be careful out alone. There had been reports on the news of people going missing. He wondered if Suz was one of them. Patrick carried with him a flashlight. Many of the cities street lights had stopped working and no body had bothered to fix them. There was much focus on building these new gray tall buildings. Patrick thought they were a waste. They ruined the cities skyline and they were not needed. He had no say over them though. All he could do was go to his job and provide for his family. He remembered why he was out here. Suz. The streets were basically empty. There was a stray dog here and there. They did their best to avoid Patrick - likely worried that they would be hurt or captured. Patrick ignored them. A group of youths walked down the road in front of him. They were not much older than his Daughter. He showed them a photo of his wife. They took a quick look at the photo and rudely remarked “Haven't seen her but I’d bang her if I did”. Patrick frowned and put the photo away. The group was drunk and no use. He carried on down the road. Patrick spent the whole night out, walking the streets asking anyone that he came access if they had seen his wife. He had no luck. It was getting close to sunrise. Mary would be waking soon and he wanted to be home when she woke. Patrick started to walk toward home.

Harris reached the transport with the other police officers and the Judge and Lawyers. It was planned to take the Judge to company camp in order to keep them safe. Harris had other plans. He didn’t want the company or the resistance to get their hands on the lawyer. He was quite sure that this Judge and Lawyers were not fake. He had to get rid of the police officers and make it look like it like it wasn’t him. He had organised for one of his old contacts to attack the vehicle. Harris would injury the attacker - leaving the Judge and Lawyer in Harris dept. It was important that the attacker took out the police officers before being killed himself. Harris had arranged a suitable pay package for the plan that would mean the attackers family would always be safe. The attacker had struggled to keep his family safe so he was happy to agree. Harris knew when it was going to happen. He braced himself for impact and undid the belts of the police officers. The Judge and Lawyers didn’t notice. Seconds later a car smashed into their transport. The police officers cars went flying out of the car. Killing them all. The attacker got out of their car and started firing - missing every time. He was ordered to miss. Harris grabbed his weapon and fired his weapon. Twice both shots hit and the attacker dropped to the ground dead. The Judge and Lawyers were tempting. They were safe though. Everything had gone to plan for Harris. The police had been deposed of and the Judge and Lawyers fully trusted him. Both of the cars wouldn’t start. They would have to walk. Harris helped the Judge and Lawyers out of the car. He had a hideout nearby that he would take them to. All four of them had not been badly injured in the attack. A few cuts and bruises. Harris had arranged another team to come in and take away the mess once he had gotten away from the scene. He would take them to safely then he had other plans. Harris stood outside the Resistance headquarters. It was late so it was likely not many would be up. He had left the Judge and Lawyer behind for this. He couldn’t have them here to mess up his plans. He had discovered a secret entrance into the Resistance headquarters that even John Smith didn’t know about. It was created long before the Resistance had taken over the building. Harris made his way though the hidden tunnel. It lead to a hidden hatch in the sleeping quarters. His plan was to kill everyone except for John Smith. He needed John to stay alive. Quietly he crept around the sleeping quarters, slitting the throats of those sleeping. He got to the final room. He was about to slit the mans throat but noticed that it was John Smith. He stopped and moved back. John was too important in his plans to kill. He might come in some use. He moved out of the sleeping quarters. He switched from his knife to a weapon - changing the settings to silent. He didn’t want to wake John. Several resistance fighters were sitting over computer. Harris raised his gun and fired before they could react. Through the glass windows he could see the Judge and Lawyers. He wasn’t sure if these were the decoys or not so decided to switch his weapon to stun and remove take them with him. He switched their clothes with three of the Resistance fighters. When the bodies were found they would just think that the Judge and Lawyers were killed. He needed to do more though. Fiddling with the electricity system he set the place to explode. It was on a timer. Harris would detonate the building once John was removed from the building. He placed the three unconscious bodies of the Judge and Lawyers on a cart and wheeled it towards the sleeping quarters and out the secret tunnel exit. Once he had gotten to a safe distance he gave the police a ring with an anon tip of the location and that there had been an attack. Within minutes he could hear sirens. Harris was at a safe distance and was able to observe the events taking place. He watched as the police banged on the door and access was granted to them. Within minutes of entering the building several of the officers exiting the building with John Smith in cuffs. Harris waiting several more moments before hitting the switch which caused the explosions to explode. A few blocks in front of him he observed the police car whizzing past him - taking John to the police station. Now that Harris had the other two people that could be the Judge and Lawyers and the building had been destroyed, with John arrested he could return to the other Judge and Lawyers. Once Harris returned to his base he placed the unconscious bodies of the Judge and Lawyers in separate rooms. He had six rooms, each two with a judge and judge, and four with lawyer 1, lawyer 2 and lawyer 1, lawyer 2. Three of these people were decoys. It was up to Harris now to sort out who was who.

Patrick sat at the kitchen table. He hadn’t slept. Walking the streets all night in search of his wife. He heard the shower turn off and several minutes later Mary walked into the kitchen. She already had her school uniform on. Patrick had placed several types of cereal on the table along with fresh milk. An two empty bowls sat on the table. Patrick had already eaten, but he had left the dishes to make it seem like Suz had breakfast. “Where’s Mother?”, Mary asked her Father. “She had to leave for work early”, Patrick continued to lie to Mary. “She had breakfast and left her dishes”, he explained to Mary. Patrick pointed to the dishes by the sink. Mary nodded. Patrick was finding it hard to cover how tired he was. Mary picked up on this quickly. “Why are you so tired? Did you not sleep?”, she asked. Patrick replied by telling the truth somewhat. “I couldn’t get to sleep so I went for a walk. Ended up being later than expected”. Mary nodded again but Patrick was sure that she knew he wasn’t telling her everything. Mary stood up from the chair and said goodbye to her Father. Patrick jumped up and opened the front door for her. “Let me drive you” he said. She agreed and they both left the house. Patrick closed the door behind him and the locked the door. His and Mary's cereal sat on the table. Half finished.

John sat in the cell for what seemed like hours. He just steered at the television. The same news reports were repeated over and over again. Police officer were bringing other prisoners in and processing them. But they were just leaving John alone. He had considered yelling out but he thought it might not be best to draw attention to himself. Just after a repeat of the news report of the courthouse finished a woman walked in that he recognised from the courthouse. It was Mary Lynch. She had with her the public relation woman who had given the speech. Pepper he recalled her name was. They both wore the same uniform. Standard issue company outfit, with skirts. John started to panic as they walked towards him. ‘Mr John Smith’, Mary spoke. John stood up. He was speechless. She knew who he was. He was doomed. The company knew who he was. “You are John Smith, leader the Resistance?” Mary asked. She knew that he was the leader. There was no point lying to her. It would only make matter works. John still couldn’t speak. He gave a nod. “Very good”, Mary said. A smile formed on her face. “The Company needs your help. We would like to offer you a partnership”.. John was shocked. The Company coming to him for help after all these years of fighting. Mary held out a folder to John. He snatched it from her hands and opened it up. The images and information that he was looking at was unbelievable. “It seems an old friend of yours has returned”, Mary continued. John flicked though the folder. He knew the man in the photo. He was much older than when John last saw him but it was him. “Harris”. John passed out from shock.