John awoke in a white room. He had been sleeping on a hospital bed. Everything around him was white except for a few metal objects. He knew that this was a company camp. Even though no one from the resistance had every escaped they had managed to send photos of the company camps. He had seen photos of this exact room. He was no longer handcuffed. They had been removed. He examined his wrists. A mark was still present where the cuffs had dug into his arm. John noticed that Mary was sitting next to him. She was holding a clipboard. “Ahh Mr Smith. You are finally awake” she spoke. “Hello Mary” John finally spoke. He had send nothing to her at the police cells. Mary was happy that he was finally talking. They could now discuss the issues at hand. The Company was prepared to offer John and all members of the Resistance immunity of all previous crimes committed. Mary gave John a contract to sign. If he didn’t agree to help the company he would be tortured and killed. He was given no choice and ended up agreeing to the contract. Mary gave him a black ink pen which he used to sign. She thanked him and walk out the room with the document. A smile grew on Mary's face as she closed the door behind herself. It had been too easy to get John to sign the document. She thought he might ask to get a lawyer to look over the document before he signed it. But no. He signed it on the spot. It was a great success for herself and for the company. She would be given a large pay rise for the work she had done to bring in John Smith. No longer would the Company criticise her for the mistakes she made in the past. For being captured on camera during the attack on the govt. She remembered back to that horrible night. How everything had been going so well for her then a single mistake had caused her to be broadcast on television and the Companies future at risk. They hired the top public relations team in order to calm the situation. Pepper was part of that team. Pepper had stayed on after the attack on govt issues were over. She had became loyal to the Company and Mary enjoyed working with her. They made a good team. Pepper was good with the people. Mary was good at the action and behind the scenes. Mary wondered what she ever would do if Pepper left the Company. Not many people left the Company once they started working for it. They were usually too scared. That the Company would come after them and their families and harm them. Sometimes the Company did. Especially if the Company believed that information was being leaked from them. Sometimes the Company got it wrong but they never apologised or tried to correct their mistakes. They were too powerful and large to fail. There were times when Mary had considered leaving the agency. Taking Pepper with her. They would never be able to return if they did. The Company would hunt them down. In the end Mary decided against it. It would be too much of an issue and their lives would be in too much danger. She was better to live out her live working for the Company. Working her way up the ladder.

The Company had their best doctors work on Johns arm. Within days it was as good as new. John had read through all the reports on Harris. It was still somewhat unbelievable for him that he had been around these 15 years and not made contact with him. The Company had even lost control of him. Now they had came to him to track him down and put a stop to his plans. Looking at the evidence showed that Harris had been in the courthouse when the laws were being passed. He had gone with one of the groups - the Judge and Lawyer that wasn’t intercepted by John. He had helped the Company kill the Resistance fighters waiting for them and then killed the police officers with the hand of someone. He wouldn’t of been able to kill all these police officers by himself. He needed a hand with it. John made a note that they needed to find out who helped him kill the police officers. John continued to look through the evidence file. It showed surveillance photos taken by The Company of the Resistance Headquarters. It showed Harris killing Johns fellow Resistance members. John was shocked. What had happened to this man. He was killing people that he had previously worked with. The photos showed Harris setting the explosives and once John was out of the building the explosions happened. It was as Harris had wanted John to survive. The two had been through so much together in their lives. University, Resistance fighters - and growing into powerful leaders.

After several months Patrick had given up hope of finding his wife. The police had opened up an investigation several days after she went missing. Mary suffered at school with the lose of her Mother. She was a bright student but her grade were falling and she was getting into trouble. Everything Patrick did didn’t help. He tried but it didn’t work. In the end the two ended up moving cities. Everything about the city reminded Patrick about his wife. A fresh start. along with a fresh start he got a new haircut. His hair was long and blonde. But with the new haircut it was short and brown. Mary had started at a new school. Like Patrick it was a fresh start for her. She had made new friends at her school and her grades were improving. She was no longer getting into trouble like she was at her old school. Patrick was happy with his decision to move.

Mary began to brief John on the plan. The Company had received information that Harris had been working for the Resistance. They had considering revealing to him that they knew but they didn’t. Keeping everything as normal meant they were able to track the information that he was going to be give the Resistance.

Suz was thirsty. She hadn’t seen the man again that first came into the room. The security camera in the corner was still recording. She was worried that they had forgotten about her. Her clothes were soiled and she was embarrassed. Why had she followed her husband? She wished she just had stayed home and not followed him. She regretted so much. She would yell for hours but no one would come. She had tried to escape - hooping around the room on the chair.

Harris interviewed each of the Judges and Lawyers in order to try to find out if they were the real ones or decoy. Every one of them told him that they was the correct one. They even gave evidence that showed that they were. This frustrated Harris. He had got all the Judge and Lawyers and now he didn’t know who was who. Harris ended up having to resort to more desperate measures to find out if the judge/lawyers were real or decoys. He tortured them. He started small. Electric shocks and beating them. The torture grew. He started to cut body parts off. Fingers. Toes. All six men were to be mutated for life. There was nothing the Company could do to repair these scares. Harris made sure that he didn’t kill the men. If he was to kill the Judge and Lawyers then his plan would fail. Finally one of them admitted it. They they were really police officers decided as the judge and lawyers. With that he was able to kill the decoys and keep the real ones alive. They were in a bad shape but over time they would heal and improve.